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Kwivik Therapeutics a. O2fast: a lightweight, portable emergency oxygen device that works with a turn of a k**b. This is the oxygen version of as fire extinguisher. b. c. d.

Kwivik is a medtech leader that develops, manufactures and markets products that allow family, co-workers or bystanders to safely and easily aid the rescue of anyone in a medical or respiratory emergency, with little to no training. It will provide 6 liters per minute of medical oxygen for up to 20 minutes, long enough until the paramedics arrive on the scene. In essence, it bridges the gap betwee

n the onset of any medical emergency and the time first responders arrive on the scene. O2Fast has a single use, disposable cartridge which you can simple throw away in household trash after use. And, the low hanging fruit is that it is the perfect companion product to an AED. InRespi: What is the standard of care if an asthma patient had an attack in hospital or a doctor’s office? They will provide you high flow oxygen, simultaneously with a beta agonist (like albuterol or epinephrin). The problem though, is that asthma attacks don’t conveniently happen when you’re sitting in a doctor’s office or in hospital. They happen at home, at work, at play. InRespi brings this SOC for an asthma attack and makes it simple and safe for asthma patients to use whenever they need it in their daily lives. O2Ventilate: Most of us remember the worldwide shortage of ventilators at the start of COVID. Governments, hospitals, emergency organizations were competing for limited supplies. Most importantly, professional ventilators are just not affordable (up to $70,000 for ICU level) and need highly trained professionals to operate. There is a need for a simple, manually operated ventilator that is affordable, easy to use and safe. O2Ventilate is just that. Valinin: Cluster headache and Migraine sufferers can now get relief. High flow oxygen taken at or before the onset is the Number 1 abortive treatment of cluster headaches and migraine. Oxygen as a vasodilator will ameliorate the episode if treated early, especially at high flow rates.


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