True Counseling Services

True Counseling Services is operated by Melissa True, LCSW, specializing in infertility counseling, surrogate, egg donor & IP assessments and support.

Providing consultation and support services to all. Specialty in Infertility and Surrogacy/Egg Donation. Providing Supervision in group setting to individuals desiring independent Clinical Licensure.

[03/13/18]   Today I have been practicing for three years in private practice! To say I couldn’t have done it without all of you is an understatement. I am grateful to share in the journeys of those in their most vulnerable times. Thank you for trusting me with your deepest thoughts and sharing your life stories with me. I am looking forward to many more years of following my clients and their journeys! 09/09/2017

Melissa True, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Dallas, TX 75201 | Psychology Today Melissa True, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Dallas, TX 75201, (817) 896-9668, My name is Melissa True, LCSW-S. I live in the DFW Metroplex in Texas with my family. I have been in the field of Social Work for 10 years and I love what I do.I am licensed in Texas, Maine and Florida as an LCSW (Licens...

[06/01/17]   Change in availability will be effective 6/26. There will be appointment times between 10am-5pm Monday-Friday CST. Evenings available Monday, Tuesday and Friday after 5pm if needed. I'm excited to be able to expand my hours!

[04/05/17]   Now providing in-home assessments as part of the clearance process for potential Surrogates and Intended Parents. Continuing to provide Skype assessments and monthly consultations, as well as in person assessments and consultations to those located in the DFW surrounding areas. Also able to provide assessments and support directly in clinic if preferred. Contact me by phone, email or Facebook messenger.

[01/10/17]   Thank you Marla and Family Creations for the opportunity to work with your surrogates! I'm looking forward to our continued relationship!

[08/26/15]   We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls. – Winston Churchill

[03/28/15]   Tips to get past the winter depression that's hit most of us this season.

1. Give back. Believe that a sense of purpose–committing oneself to a noble mission–and acts of altruism are strong antidotes to depression.
2. Join the gym. Make an effort to move
3. Force a smile. If we smile enough, our wood will start to go with our outer appearance.
4. Wear bright colors. There is no research supporting this theory, but I’m quite convinced there is a link between feeling optimistic and sporting bright colors. It’s in line with “faking it ’til you make it,” desperate attempts to trick your brain into thinking that it’s sunny and beautiful outside–time to celebrate Spring
5. Force yourself outside. I realize that the last thing you want to do when it’s cold or rainy is to head outside for a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. It’s much more fun to cuddle up with a good novel or make chocolate chip cookies and enjoy them with a hot cup of joe. On many winter days–especially in late January and early February when my brain is done with the darkness–I have to literally force myself outside, however brief. Because even on cloudy and overcast days, your mood can benefit from exposure to sunlight. Midday light, especially, provides Vitamin D to help boost your limbic system, the emotional center of the brain. And there is something so healing about connecting with nature, even if it’s covered in snow.
6. Hang out with friends. This seems like an obvious depression buster. Of course you get together with your buddies when your mood starts to go south. But that’s exactly when many of us tend to isolate. I believe that it takes a village to keep a person sane and happy. That’s why we need so many support groups today. People need to be validated and encouraged and inspired by persons on the same journey.
7. Take up a project. There’s no time like now to start a home project, like decluttering the house or purging all the old clothes in your kids’ closets. Projects like organizing bookshelves, shredding old tax returns, and cleaning out the garage are the perfect go-to for “feeling accomplished” tasks.
8. Challenge yourself. Try something new
9. Light a candle with a spring or summer scent




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