Society of Eclective Consciousness

Society of Eclective Consciousness


Hey, Don Don! I am starting a mentoring program for young men with a few strikes against them. Nothing​ big, just aggressive guys who never heard "I love you" growing up. I schedule the selected "Silver Backs" to talk with a young man twice a year for an hour. Hey, we know boys who have 5 chances to fail, run whole corporations into the ground, and get a sixth chance. Let me know if any one is interested.

The Society is an educational and supportive network of CCA Behavioral Health PLLC. Provides social networking, coaching, and community resources.

It is the academic and social network of CCA Behavioral Health, PLLC. It is organized and founded by Donald S, Chandler, Jr., Ph.D.

Operating as usual

[04/16/20]   Hello to all....

In my reflections of COVID-19,

I have witnessed people are now like human chess pieces, while placing themselves firmly on squares and lines of duct tape 6 feet apart....

The question now is if you are a pawn of some grand scheme of human weakness...

There is nothing more contagious than scapegoating for the lack of regard for the next man...

This contagion I speak of penetrates any mask or 6 foot distance.

So I have decided to do more for you before doing for me...

This I see is the only cure.

See you around soon.

-D.S. Chandler Jr Ph.D. 10/12/2019

The Essentials of Forensic Family Psychotherapy: A Brief Guide to Investigative Narrative Analysis by Donald Chandler, Jr., Ph.D. (eBook) - Lulu Buy The Essentials of Forensic Family Psychotherapy: A Brief Guide to Investigative Narrative Analysis by Donald Chandler, Jr., Ph.D. (eBook) online at Lulu. Visit the Lulu Marketplace for product details, ratings, and reviews.


In memory of Gwendolyn Chandler, educator, scientist, painter, and poet are the prose and poetry of her second book “Like Rain Falling”. This book of love, spirit, and empowerment is an inspiration for all. For more information, please call Dr. Chandler at 214-694-5834.


In memory of Gwendolyn Chandler, the Society will host a monthly expressive group (e.g. Paint & Sip) for children and adults at Chandler Plaza. For those interested, you should checkout the SEC’s calendar of events or contact Donald S. Chandler, Jr., Ph.D. at 214-694-5834.


Exploring the Expressions of Women from a Multicutural Perspective ...

The Society this month will attend the Dallas Museum of Art to have discussions on the archetype "The Great Mother". Our discussions will reflect on the strength of this archetype in today's times of the "Me 2" Movement. For local members, feel free to checkout the Society of Eclective Consciousness on to learn more about our activities and events.


Society of Eclective Consciousness

A meditation track...

The Society is an educational and supportive network of CCA Behavioral Health PLLC.

[08/30/18]   The Society of Eclective Consciousness provides trading certificates in life coaching and other related areas for individuals, professionals, and companies. The Society is endorsed by the World Metaphysical Association and the Accreditation Council for Holistic Healers.


A spotlight from the Sarah Hatfield-Chandler Forum. This book contains the collective works of various contemporary African American writers (previously known as the Phillis Wheatley Literary Society). There are many different works including poems and meditations from the Chandler family. Feel free to contact us about selected readings from this now out of print book.


In today's times, many families are affected by sociopolitical issues, violence, and natural disasters. These issues are not new but have existed throughout generations. The question is how can we use your compassion. Compassion is our greatest weapon against human suffering. Compassion does not have one face, race, sexual orientation, faith, or geographical boundary. We are the descendants of John Hatfield, the abolitionist who outpaced a system of legalized slavery during the 1800's. And now, after 150 years, the Sarah Hatfield-Chandler Psychohistory Forum, as a part of the Society of Eclective Consciousness was established last week. The mission is to continue our scholarly exchanges on the psychodynamic aspects of communities affected by war, slavery, natural disasters, oppression, and violence. This forum will provide an avenue for providing education and healing for at-risk families in needed communities. Seminars, literature, arts and other crafts representing the humanities and compassion are welcomed for the development of our programs.


Expressing Our Darkside and Collective Fear:

At the Society, expressive arts is provided to assist children and families affected by abuse, violence, and family displacement. We provide social networkers on the analysis of art and healing. Join us in supporting the community.


I want to thank all who came to the "Mindfulness versus Archetypes" social event. I look forward to see you all soon.


Enjoyed hiking and meditating last weekend...

[12/16/17]   I pray that you find your truest form. I pray that you enter into a light that I have seen stronger than the sun; and when you do, your physical form will fall wayside; and you will have Peace.

Donald Chandler., Jr., Ph.D.


I created this meditation music and video after completing a mindful meditation at the Dallas Meditation Center. In hearing the jays outside of the center, my reflections centered on what a jay does... it is a small bird but stands alert and warns others. In creating the track, I envisioned the the perfect circle of the jay (marhemarically symbolized as tau). Out of all my college courses at UNT, music was the only class I failed and the "F" is still on my transcript. If this video and music track provides some level of joy, release, or happiness, then I have come full circle. Thank you and may you have Peace. 12/04/2017

The Society of Eclective Consciousness (Dallas, TX)

Hello Members and Beyond,

SEC is now recognized by the World Metaphysical Association (WPA) and Accreditation Council for Holistic Healers (ACHH). With this, we are providing training in Introspective Coaching and registration as a Registered Metaphysician. We also have the Society's Repository for educational materials and learning related to Metaphysics and related fields. Please review About Us section and the calender to learn more.

Donald S, Chandler, Jr., Ph.D. I. Overview & MissionWelcome to the Society of Eclective Consciousness (SEC). For those who are curious, the word "eclective' is derived from two defintion sources: The English Dictionary

[12/04/17]   Introspective Coaching and Registered Metaphysician Offerings!

Dear Members & Beyond,

I'm pleased to announce the training in Introspective Coaching and Registered Metaphysician, offered by the Society of Eclective Consciousness. You can find training and registration on Meetup.

The focus of the training and registration is based on the philosophy of the mind which includes teaching, research, and practices related to consciousness.

I look forward to talking with you soon.


Donald S. Chandler, Jr., Ph.D.
Society of Eclective Consciousness

12/02/2017 12/01/2017

Welcome to CCA Behavioral Health PLLC

I'm honored to be recognized by the World Metaphysical Association. Counseling, psychology, meditation, therapy, Donald, Chandler, Eclective, Consciousness, ADHD, forensic, PTSD, music, food, Depression, children, families, behavioral, court, abuse


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Something for Society Members & Beyond.....
This is a new meditation track for lunch breaks and dining. I hope you enjoy.


Society of Eclective Consciousness


Zig Ziglar


Heidi Dellaire


Curejoy Inspirations

Look forward to seeing you at the next Society if Eclective Consciousness meetup at the Joule. We also have some.opportunities at Bishop Arts. Keep in touch.

WORRY is a Total Waste Of Time 07/18/2017

The Society of Eclective Consciousness Hello Members & Beyond, Come join us at the CBD at the Joule Hotel as a brief introduction on the Psychology of Self Employment, Leadership and Financial Planning with Financial Expert, Corey Lawson. 07/18/2017

The Society of Eclective Consciousness If you enjoy the eclectic music of blues, jazz, R&B and more, join us at the Balcony Club to enjoy the open mic of local artists in the DFW area. You can also sign up and perform live. You can listen


Hala's Box: by D.S.Chandler PhD


The Eclective Consciousness Radio
It has finally arrived. The Eclective Consciousness Radio!

Feel free to listen to a diverse cultural experience of ambient, lounge, and more...

Come join our small and private life coaching support group for stress/anger management. Contact us for more details for participation. Dr. Chandler 214-946-3676.


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Hala's Box: by D.S.Chandler PhD




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