Queen Ekobena, Licensed Professional Counselor

I provide individual,couples & family therapy. I specialize in treating trauma, sexual abuse, anxiety related disorders as well as post divorce recovery.

Queen Ekobena is the owner of Queen-Tessesntial Counseling, a private practice in Dallas, TX. Queen-Tessesntial Counseling provides individual, couples and family therapy. Specialties include grief and trauma recovery,overcoming sexual abuse, sexual disorders, depression treatment, treatment of all anxiety related disorders, self-esteem improvement and post-divorce / break-up recovery.

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psychologytoday.com 08/22/2018

I Love You and I’m Cheating. Why?

psychologytoday.com Even people who are happy in their relationships can cheat.

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Anxiety Disorders and Depression

krcu.org From time to time we all feel worried or unhappy, but when those feelings begin to interfere with our daily living, we might wonder why we can’t snap out


12 Things Others Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because Of Your High Functioning Anxiety

Experiencing that feeling of nervousness and worriedness is a normal part of everyday life. Everybody frets or feels anxious from time to time. Whether it’

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The Roots of Anxiety and How to Escape It » IAI TV

iainews.iai.tv What exactly is anxiety and how might we transcend it?

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Six simple ways to eliminate exam anxiety

tcnjsignal.net As I was struggling with the impending thought of failure, I realized that the worst feeling was yet to come — the feeling that after studying for hours on end, I wouldn’t remember anything when th…

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Surviving College With Severe Anxiety - The Spectrum

"Mental disorders are not something we can see. They aren’t some sort of physical abnormality that can be fixed by someone with an MD and a scalpel. This isn’t a phase. I will not just “Get over it.”"

ndsuspectrum.com Society us to dreading a disease that, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, is the most common mental illness in the US.

goodmenproject.com 09/11/2017

6 Ways to Handle Anxiety and Stress -

goodmenproject.com Living with acute levels of anxiety can be ruinous to the state of your physical and mental health.


I am providing free therapy sessions for those that have been relocated to the DFW area from places
directly impacted by the hurricane. We've all seen the devastation and there are many that are coming up to our area who have lost homes,items, and potentially loved ones. Please share and pass on to anyone who may need my services.

inc.com 08/30/2017

6 Simple Strategies to Instantly Reduce Stress and Anxiety

inc.com Teaching you how to live a more inspired life.

southernafrican.news 08/28/2017

Teen Depression in Action

"Ask for help."

southernafrican.news “Things have no meaning, At least not anymore. She was not how she was, How she was once before.” (Anonymous) Have you heard someone say; “I’m feeling so depressed today”? It has become everyday talk amongst teens. Depression is the new word to describe when we’re feeling sad or down. However, clini...


Love What Matters

"This man is a local pastor in the Houston area checking every car to make sure no one was inside. The water came up to his chest in some parts. It was such a powerful visual that shows how we can all do something to look out for each other."

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Credit: Brian K. Roberson II

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How To Combat Back-To-School Anxiety

huffingtonpost.com With the days get shorter and schedules getting fuller, August isn’t just about mourning the end of another summer; it’s also the time to prep for a new ...

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I Thought I Was Turning Into A Rage Monster. Then I Was Diagnosed With Anxiety.

scarymommy.com Sometimes anxiety manifests as stress, which manifests as anger. You aren’t angry at your kids. You’re terrified.

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10 Simple Ways To Show Yourself Love

powerofpositivity.com As simple of a concept as self-love may sound, many still ask "what's the next step?" Here are 10 simple ways to show yourself love that you can start today

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My CNY Sisters

My CNY sisters

brokenblessingsweb.wordpress.com So you guys will find out a lot about me as time goes on. My CNY sisters are very special to me. Declan, Dalton and Daxton have were conceived via IVF and CNY is the clinic that gave Lenny sweet bo…

scarymommy.com 08/12/2017

Hairstylist Helps Teen With Depression Feel Like Herself Again

scarymommy.com “When she walked in, she told us ‘Just cut it all off I can’t deal with the pain of combing it out.'”

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How to Be Better at Stress

nytimes.com Stress is unavoidable in modern life, but it doesn’t have to get you down. Here are ways to deal with stress, reduce its harm and even use your daily stress to make you stronger.

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Dating With Depression Sucks, But It's Not Impossible

glamour.com One writer on how she manages what sometimes feels impossible—and actually enjoys it.

thegrieftoolbox.com 06/07/2017

I’m not really crazy - I'm just grieving…

thegrieftoolbox.com I have not given up, even though I want to most days. Those who call my grief complicated or morbid are wrong.  It's just grief.  For some, perhaps, it goes away.  From what I have read and heard, for most it quietens down, the contours of grief change.  But does it end?  No...

sciencedaily.com 06/04/2017

Half of adults with anxiety or depression report chronic pain

sciencedaily.com In a survey of adults with anxiety or a mood disorder like depression or bipolar disorder, about half reported experiencing chronic pain, according to researchers.

miamiherald.com 05/23/2017

Five steps to help your child cope with anxiety

miamiherald.com Children need help to understand the difference between safe things that should be experienced — despite the anxiety they provoke — and things that are truly dangerous. When your child experiences fear and anxiety more frequently or intensely than other youth, helping them can be confusing or challe...

Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live 05/20/2017

Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live

"Scientists say they have found where fear and anxiety reside in the brain.

The findings could lead to new ways to diagnose and treat people at higher risk for anxiety-related conditions, the researchers suggest."

Brain Scans Spot Where Fear and Anxiety Live Unusually large 'striatum' is linked to inability to cope with uncertainty, research shows


Motivational, Successful and Inspirational Pictures and Quotes


Stephanie Okereke

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing women out there !


Sweet story.

"A young man came up to our truck today because he was getting ready for his high school prom and didn't know how to tie his tie. My heart was pretty full watching my partner step in to help him out. This is what it's all about!" — with Jared Bryer at Pennsylvania Ambulance.

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Credit: Mary Terrinoni


Love What Matters

Ray Burrow fell in love with Christy when they were just teenagers. High school sweethearts rarely survive the test of time, but Ray and Christy are the exception. They were married June 1, 1997 and had 3 children: Zaidee, 15, Ava, 13 and Nathan, 9. Ray has been battling throat cancer for several years and is nearing the end of his difficult journey. In April 2017, they made the difficult decision to stop all treatments. Ray and his amazing family are now doing all they can to enjoy every moment they still have. Ray will not be around to see his children walk across the stage on graduation day. He will not be able to walk his daughters down the aisle and give them away on their wedding days. He won't see them turn 16 and get their driver’s license and their first car. These are the moments that Christy wanted to make sure were captured for her children. She wanted photos of the girls in a wedding dress with their Daddy so it could be displayed proudly on the day of their nuptials. She wanted photos of each of the children in a cap and gown with their proud father smiling down at them, happy for their achievements. She wanted photos of Daddy handing over the keys to an amazing classic car for their upcoming 16th birthdays. She wanted photos of this strong family she and Ray worked so hard to create and nurture, standing together, always.

Credit: Southern Fried Photography

huffingtonpost.com 04/27/2017

Family Creates Blockbuster At Home For Son With Autism After Store Closes

huffingtonpost.com And it was a hit.


Love What Matters

"Well, this wonderful soul turned my son's day around. He was in a real "funk" about his new glasses. One of Drew's cancer meds that he took during treatment requires his eyes to be closely monitored, and his lens prescriptions change frequently. We had just picked his new pair up, and the stronger prescription made him feel woozy and they didn't "feel" like his old ones. He was pretty down and out. On our way home, I decided to make a quick stop to The Home Depot in Mt Pleasant, MI to get some paint for my new chicken coop. A nice woman named Debbie helped me with my selections and asked me if Drew could help her mix the paint. His eyes lit up! He walked around the counter and Debbie showed him how the paint mixing machine works. He watched all the colors pour into the gallon of white paint. 'That is SO cool! Mind BLOWN!' he said.

Then Debbie showed him the paint shaker, and she let him seal the gallon of paint with a rubber mallet. She even offered him a job when he is 18, and said she'd work around his college schedule. ☺️ Drew said 'OK!'

All the while, I'm smiling from ear to ear and got teary eyed, watching Debbie help turn my son's day around. I thanked her a dozen times over. When he's happy...I'm happy...and she totally made our day. Please share!"

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Credit: Leigh Erin

huffingtonpost.com 04/20/2017

5 Truths For Parents Grieving The Death Of A Child

huffingtonpost.com It goes against life's natural order.




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