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6 weeks post op today!!
I am back in the aero position on my bike!
I am back in my office treating all patients!
I am back in training!! 🚴🏻 🏃🏽‍♀️

I look forward to highlighting all the things that I have done that I believe have led to my recovery exceeding and smashing my Surgeon and PT’s expectations thus far.

However, I also want to emphasize that I was not perfect. I struggled. Especially at night and especially in the beginning when I couldn’t do the two things I enjoy the most…my work and training. I didn’t always make the best choices but I did most of the time. I was consistent. I never gave up believing that I could do better.

I leaned on my friends, my doctors, and my family, but at the end of the day, I leaned on me. I am freaking resilient and strong and so are you! Erase doubt and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I am so glad to see everyone back in the office. If you are ready to come back in for care, you can schedule through my site:


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Boards 1. Demetra 0.
A couple weeks ago on a weekend trip to Colorado, I was skating full speed on an outdoor ice rink when I went to stop I hit a hole in the ice and flipped into the boards. With no pads on, I dislocated the shoulder. MRI revealed a torn labrum, a fracture where the labrum attached to the bone, and I dented the Humerus (ball part of the shoulder bone) pretty significantly.

Unfortunately, I have to have surgery. I want to be able to treat 100% as well as return to my active, competitive, lifestyle. My surgery is set for Wednesday, February 16th and I feel I am in great hands with @kevinkruseshoulderdoc

I will NOT be adjusting/seeing Chiropractic patients from February 16th until March 1st. I will be continuing Functional Health appointments from February 21st onward.

Upon my return, I will be seeing patients at my normal location on Tuesday afternoons from 2:30-5:30 with the help of Dr. Stephanie Berry of @mothermechiro. We will also do Saturday March 5th and 19th, 9-noon. Dr. Stephanie is an amazing Prenatal and Pediatric focused Chiropractor. You may have seen her at the office as we adjust each other weekly!

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 9:30-12:30, I will see my Chiropractic patients at @kinetikchain with the help of legendary Dr. Landan Webster and his staff. This is where I come for my sports care!! Again, I will be here starting March 1st.

I will continue to update you as I heal and progress. My hope is to be full time back at our normal location by April 🤞

I am super grateful for the help of these great Doctors and all the love and support received so far. 🙏

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A teammate of mine used to say she would eat dirt if it made her fast. Point is, when you are an athlete looking for an edge, you will do anything. That’s how I came to the idea of finally making this superfood a regular part of my diet.

In 1951 a study was done on rats to assess the benefits of liver.
Group 1 was given a basic diet with 11 vitamins considered foundational at the time.
Group 2 was given the same diet plus B vitamins
Group 3 was given the same diet but instead of vitamins they were given powdered liver.

Group 1 swam 13.3 minutes
Group 2 swam 13.4 minutes
Group 3 swam 77 minutes 🤩 😮

Liver has a unique nutrient profile like no other food. Choline, Folate, Ribloflavin, Vitamin A, Copper, etc, and these nutrients are in their most absorbable form.

Liver is nature’s multivitamin and if you eat it regularly you know!

I started with freeze dried desiccated supplements from @ancestralsupplements and @heartandsoilsupplements. This year I started eating the real thing every day and the results are like no dietary change I have ever made. More on that to come!

PMID: 14864635


My @wholefoods trip and orders from @dailyharvest and @forceofnaturemeats.

This is what I eat to keep me 💯% at my best! Meat, eggs, fish, rice, fruit, veggies,raw cheese, and some pastured organ meats


Do you have a Morning Routine? If you have followed my stories this last week, then you saw I read @robinsharma’s book “The 5AM Club,” and have been started rising at 5am myself.

Now I have to admit, this isn’t a huge change for me as I was getting up at 5:30 daily and have always been a big proponent of a Morning routine. However, I had mostly just been sipping on coffee and working out.

Getting up 30 minutes earlier has guaranteed my “work in” time. Cracking open my journal, reflecting on the good, the bad, gratitude, and making plans for success has made its way back into my morning as well as 5-10 minutes of Meditation or breath work. I cap it off reading something that will help me grow.

The outcome? I feel bulletproof starting my day. I feel incredibly joyful, positive, and hopeful and that carries over into my interactions when the rest of the house wakes up as well the entire rest of my day.

I highly recommend the book. It explains the neuroscience of why implementing these routines in the morning are more effective but it’s also told like a story which makes it quite enjoyable.

If you want to maximize your Morning and your life in every way, then grab the book. Stay tuned here as I share my experience and what I think are the most important steps to nail your morning routine.

“All change is hard at first, messy in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.”


Yes you, your baby and your dog can get adjusted! You don’t have to wait for something to go wrong. Prevention is the best medicine! Thank you Dr. Katie @instridechiropractic for Gordie’s Wellness adjustment!


Happy National ☕️ Day! I never need an excuse to drink coffee but thought it’s a perfect opportunity to tell you how you can score a FREE cup of the best coffee in Dallas!

You all know I love my ☕️ and my local favorite here in is @ldu.coffee. Most importantly, it’s great tasting organic coffee, but what makes LDU the best is the highest quality service and really cool humans. It’s the kind of place where you walk in and they know your name and your order.

Sunday October 10th, I want to invite you all to join me and my family at the newest location for fellowship and coffee. The first 10 people that come in next Sunday October 10th, between 10:30 and 11:30am get coffee on me. Just let them know you are with Dr. Deme or Whole Hearted Functional Health, and come hang!


What are these puffy black boots you have seen in my stories the last few weeks? @hyperice’s Normatec Recovery boots.

The mechanism is a dynamic, pulsed compression that mimics the muscle pump of leg movements to greatly enhance the movement of fluid and metabolites out of the legs after an intense workout.

You don’t have to be a hard core athlete to benefit. Anyone can benefit from improved circulation. Some other benefits are:

• Enhanced Lymphatic drainage
• removal of lactic acid and other waste metabolites
• improved joint range of motion
• faster recovery
• it feels really damn good 😊

Our pregnant Mommas can also benefit with reducing swelling and varicose veins. 🤰

It especially feels good after an adjustment. Taking time to relax after treatment can allow the body to hold the benefits longer.

Reach out if you want to add a compression therapy session to your next treatment!


Mom took this pic after I adjusted her and the L’il man upstairs in the office. Grandma couldn’t make it up the stairs with her broken foot so we went to her. First parking lot adjustment!

Keep in mind if you are in a cast or even a walking boot, you are putting undue stress on your spine constantly! Go see your Chiropractor for instant relief and to help stop the abnormal patterns that are being created by the cast/boot.

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A few weeks ago I got Covid. I debated posting this because everything surrounding this virus is so controversial. However, I also thought hearing a positive experience and some ways I quickly got over it would ease some fears and hopefully benefit others. In no way am I offering Medical advice, just sharing my experience.

My symptoms were mild. So mild that I didn’t think I was sick but merely overtrained. When my HRV on my @ouraring took a 40 point dive, I knew something was up.

I immediately started following the supplement protocol recommended by the @instituteforfxmed. Symptoms progressed to a mild fever, some fatigue, a bit of a sore throat and I lost my smell/taste.
Remember, never suppress a mild fever because that is your immune system fighting for you.

Now I’ve had a plan from day 1. So when my friends @regen_iv_wellness opened up Monday morning I was there ready to give my body everything it needed to get back to normal ASAP. We discussed a lot of options. At Regen they have been successfully treating Covid from the very beginning. When I tested positive I discussed options with the Nurse Practitioner. They have everything from Regeneron to Ivermectin, and no, not the horse kind. I got a high dose vitamin IV with 25 g of Vitamin C to ramp up my Th1, innate immune response. I also got a couple other recommended IV’s and my favorite, Ozone!!!

I woke up the next day completely symptom free except the loss of smell/taste. That took a week. I went back for another ozone treatment and at that point felt like Superwoman!!!

Any time I feel poorly I will be giving myself a boost at Regen.
Who has time to get sick?! I’m a Mom, a business owner, and more than anything, I hate missing workouts and not being able to do my job.

I will say, I gave this virus some respect and took 10 complete days off exercise. I eased back into activity for another week. Although I felt completely fine from day 4. My biggest pain point from Covid was the 4 lb loss of muscle mass 😩 from taking time off.

I am glad I have always made health my number one priority and also grateful for my people at Regen IV! Check them out!


I am so sick of mold. I was literally and now figuratively 😉 So I’m wrapping up the conversation with some important tips you need to know to protect yourself.

There are 2 main ways you can be exposed:

1) Ingestion - Molds and Mycotoxins are high in grains (especially corn, wheat, barley and rye), wine, beer, Nuts (especially peanuts, Brazil nuts, Postachios and Cashews), hard cheeses, chocolate, dried fruit and coffee.

You all know I love my coffee which is why I found @lifeboostcoffee. They are one of only a few coffee companies that actually test for mycotoxins.

2) Inhalation - If you have ever had water damage or leaks you can guarantee a mold problem. However even if you haven’t, it just takes a little moisture for mold to grow on anything except metal. If your house is over 30 years old I would test. Also don’t forget about your work environment.

So the most important step to take is to stop or remove yourself from the exposure.

My 2 recommendations are to have an environmental testing done. You want to have the air tested (because the molds release spores into the air) and dust. I recommend calling a local mold testing company and/or ordering an ERMI test. This Environmental Mold Index test will test for 36 different species.

In my opinion, fix it, or move. Go back to my last post if you forgot how badly Mold can wreck your health.

Aside from home remediation, find someone who can help you safely detox and not crash your immune system doing it. Every case is individualized and not simply take this supplement for Mold.

Lastly, I highly recommend a couple @airdoctorpro air filters in the house.

I’m done talking about mold friends. I’m ready to get back to things like maximizing Mitochondria fortitude next PR!

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