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Good Afternoon! Hope everyone is feeling well today...(cough, cough!) Speaking of that, (Or in most people's cases lately,) DEALING with a cough, practice good germ control! Wash your hands frequently and drink plenty of fluids! Your body will appreciate your efforts!


Happy Tuesday! How was everyone's Labor Day? For those of you that have indulged over much this past holiday weekend, a couple of tips....(and yes, that includes myself as well)
First, drink lots of water! (Yep, I'm back on that again!) Water helps to fill you up, plus, if you drank alcohol over the weekend, which dehydrates, water will help with the headache and other aches and pains.
Walk a little more than you have been. This isn't anything new...park further away from your destination, take a walking break, just get up and walk!
Take the stairs as opposed to the elevator....lubricate your joints with exercise.....Your body will thank you for it!


Good Morning! It's Monday! Have you smiled today? A smile is always one of your best investments, because it is usually returned in full!


Good Morning Everyone! This is Jane Winker, Office Manager for Amigos Therapy Services.

Summer is here, so be sure to drink plenty of water, ESPECIALLY if you also indulge in drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. (1 serving coffee/alcohol = additional serving of water!) (Double up on the water with alcohol, before and after, your body will thank you!)
Stay hydrated, y'all!


Amigos Therapy Services is looking for a Speech Therapist to service the Oak Cliff and surrounding areas. If you would be interested in joining our team, please call me at 469-366-4877.


Amigos Therapy Services is looking for an OT to cover West Dallas and surrounding areas. Please call us at 469-366-4877 to get more information. I'll appreciate any suggestion from my network .
Thank you!

May the New Year transform your:Your tears into joyYour plans into actionYour dreams into realityYour savings into asset...

May the New Year transform your:
Your tears into joy
Your plans into action
Your dreams into reality
Your savings into assets
Your love into togetherness
And your milestones into destinations!
A very Happy New Year


My page for Amigos Therapy has been sleeping/hibernating for almost 7 years. Is about time to wake up!!!

We really have a great time!!

We really have a great time!!

Amigos Therapy Mascot "Darwin" is wishing a Merry Christmas to all our Friends.

Amigos Therapy Mascot "Darwin" is wishing a Merry Christmas to all our Friends.


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