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Timeline Photos 10/29/2021

Timeline Photos

That's right! Breastmilk is a living fluid!

It contains living cells - probiotic bacteria, lactocytes, myoepithelial cells, progenitor cells, stem cells, hematopoietic stem cells, and immunological cells like monocytes, T cells, B cells, NK cells, neutrophils, eosinophils, and immature granulocytes.

Incredible, amazing human milk!


The Naked Truth

Breast Milk Is Medicine for Babies 08/09/2021

Breast Milk Is Medicine for Babies

Breast Milk Is Medicine for Babies An infant’s microbiome influences motor, social and cognitive development.

Photos from Shel Banks IBCLC Lactation Consultant's post 08/05/2021

Photos from Shel Banks IBCLC Lactation Consultant's post


It’s World Breastfeeding Week 2021….

It’s World Breastfeeding Week 2021….

Watch this reel by thejennytamas on Instagram 07/31/2021

Watch this reel by thejennytamas on Instagram


Watch this reel by thejennytamas on Instagram 7,025 Likes, 204 Comments - Jenny Tamas (@thejennytamas) on Instagram: “Mamas always DO YOU! Say hi to the neighbors or your barista 🤣 because @haakaanz generation 3 pump…”

Athletes Now Allowed to Bring Breastfeeding Babies to Tokyo Olympics After Moms Speak Out 07/01/2021

Athletes Now Allowed to Bring Breastfeeding Babies to Tokyo Olympics After Moms Speak Out

Athletes Now Allowed to Bring Breastfeeding Babies to Tokyo Olympics After Moms Speak Out "When necessary, nursing children will be able to accompany athletes," Tokyo Olympics organizers said Wednesday, making an exception to strict COVID policies


My current situation 🔥🔥



When we take a look at mammals, which humans are, we see different types of mothering and we can see how their species-specific milk is designed to mother that way.

We have the nest and cache mammals. These mammals can nurse their babies and leave them in a nest or safe place from anywhere from 4-15 hours before their babies need to feed again. Their milk is high in fat and protein and lower in water. They are able to space out feeds throughout the day.

We have the carry, follow, hibernate mammals. These mammals need to nurse their babies continuously. Their milk is low in fat and protein and high in water. They keep their babies close to them at all times and need to feed them continuously throughout the day.

Guess what the composition of human milk most closely resembles? Here’s a clue, human milk is amongst the lowest in fat and protein and highest in water.

Humans by design are carriers. That’s why our babies want to constantly nurse and be close to us. So often mothers nurse their baby’s and feel that since their baby wants to nurse again, before that stretch we were aiming for them to hold off to, they must not be making enough milk. Or they fear their baby has a sleeping issue because they wake often to be fed and held close. The fact is, your baby and your milk are genetically created to breastfeed and be kept close continuously.

We are carrying mammals living in a nesting mammals world. Society sets us up and supports us to be nesters. From spreading the message that your baby should be sleeping and not feeding throughout the night, that your baby should only eat in designated intervals, the thousand dollar gadgets they try to sell with the promise of long stretches, to the minuscule amount of maternity leave. But our babies aren’t programmed this way and neither are we. This is one reason why parents are so exhausted, we have very little support from our society and our health care system to be the carrying mammals we are born to be.

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Timeline Photos 06/02/2021

Timeline Photos

Eating enough breastfeeding 🤱🏻 is a thing so I present....

The Supply Smoothie!

Be Well by Kelly Vanilla Protein
1/2 Avocado
Handful of spinach
1 cup brewed mother’s milk tea
1 cup cashew or @malibumylk flax milk
2 tbsp flax seeds
2 tbsp h**p hearts
2 tbsp organic oats or 1/4 cup steamed 🍠 if you’re grain free - it’s the slow carbs you want, just enough but not too much to cause a crash.
1 tsp cinnamon

Blend the protein, avocado and spinach with the tea and milk until smooth. Add flax, h**p, oats and cinnamon and pulse to incorporate. You want a chunky spoon friendly smoothie that could be eaten out of a bowl. If you like your smoothies cold add ice during your first blend.

#fab4smoothie #breastfeeding #milksupply #smoothie 🎨

10 Things You Might Not Know About Breastfeeding 04/23/2021

10 Things You Might Not Know About Breastfeeding

10 Things You Might Not Know About Breastfeeding Go beyond the basics of breastfeeding. We've compiled a list of 10 facts you may not have known about the practice of breastfeeding, and the info needs to be out there! Thankfully, breastfeeding is increasingly promoted these days. More and more evidence shows the importance of feeding babies...


Breastmilk doesn’t lose its benefits with age. In fact “human milk in the second year postpartum contained significantly higher concentrations of total protein, lactoferrin, lysozyme, and Immunoglobulin A.” (Perrin, 2016). In the second year (12-23 months), 448 mL of breastmilk provides:
* 29% of energy requirements
* 43% of protein requirements
* 36% of calcium requirements
* 75% of vitamin A requirements
* 76% of folate requirements
* 94% of vitamin B12 requirements
* 60% of vitamin C requirements (Dewey, 2001)

“Human milk expressed by mothers who have been lactating for >1 year has significantly increased fat and energy contents, compared with milk expressed by women who have been lactating for shorter periods. During prolonged lactation, the fat energy contribution of breast milk to the infant diet might be significant.”
(Mandel, 2005)

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding until 2 and beyond for broth developed and developing countries. The American Academy of Family Physicians notes that children weaned before two years of age are at increased risk of illness (AAFP 2008).

“Antibodies are abundant in human milk throughout lactation” (Nutrition During Lactation 1991; p. 134). In fact, some of the immune factors in breastmilk increase in concentration during the second year and also during the weaning process. (Lawrence & Lawrence 2011, Goldman 1983, Goldman & Goldblum 1983, Institute of Medicine 1991)

Scientific research by Katherine A. Dettwyler, PhD shows that 2.5 to 7.0 years of nursing is what our children have been designed to expect (KellyMom, Dettwyler 1995).

"It's the lucky baby, I feel, who continues to nurse until he's two." US Surgeon General Coello-Novello (1990).

She’s 3.5 and yes we are breastfeeding. Not still, not extended, it’s not an extension of anything with a time limit or expiration, it’s just breastfeeding.

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[09/28/19]   What a horrible portrayal of lactation consultants on this weeks This Is Us episode. I hope this is not what moms are experiencing in the hospital.


All About Babies

nltimes.nl 03/08/2019

Giant b***s floating in Amsterdam canals to celebrate Women's Day


nltimes.nl On Friday a flock of giant breasts are floating down Amsterdam's canals for International Women's Day. This action is "to celebrate the fact that b***s are just b***s", organizer 72andSunny Amsterdam said in a press release. "Like the noses on our faces, they're simply part of the body, part of what...

sciencealert.com 02/12/2019

Babies Who Get Cuddled More Seem to Have Their Genetics Changed For Years Afterwards


sciencealert.com The amount of close and comforting contact that young infants get doesn't just keep them warm, snug, and loved.


Bien Vivre Sa Grossesse


Holdin' Holden

Good luck!

huffingtonpost.co.uk 12/26/2018

Donor Human Milk Should Become The First Option For Babies Who Need Supplementation

huffingtonpost.co.uk Case studies show that using small amounts of DHM instead of formula reduces hospital stay and supports breastfeeding, by feeling like a bridge for mums to establishing their own supply.

forestlanepediatrics.com 12/07/2018

Employment Opportunities | Forest Lane Pediatrics LLP

forestlanepediatrics.com Employment Opportunities Forest Lane Pediatrics in Dallas and Plano have excellent employment opportunities in a friendly, fast-paced, pediatric office for and hard working personnel. We are looking for cheerful, outgoing,... Read More


Nationwide Nurse-In - Breastfeeding Laws

😂 This speaks to me on a spiritual level.


Photo from Kaycee Barnes Carr, thank you!

mother.ly 11/16/2018

Breast milk is basically magical, science says✨

mother.ly Even when you firmly believe “fed is best”—as we all should—it’s undeniable that breast milk is downright incredible. From the way it adapts to feed different infants at different times to its immune-boosting qualities, breast milk may very well be the most super food of all.“It is incre...

today.com 11/15/2018

Don't feel bad if your baby doesn't sleep all night long. Most don't.


today.com It's one of the most common questions parents of new babies get asked: "Is he sleeping through the night yet?"


Breastfeeding Basics

The struggle is real.


Breastfeeding Basics





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