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Mission: Our mission is to help people understand how to live both a lifestyle of personal freedom by learning to work for themselves and to live healthier through natural nutrition.

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The Lost Ways

That should last the whole night.

Refrigerators, cars, phones, supermarkets…

What will happen tomorrow if they don’t work?

Learn the most important survival skills our great-grandparents knew (that we have forgotten):


Zeit im Bild

Thanks Greta Thunberg you are a life saver!

„Es ist mir egal, ob ich beliebt bin. Ich will einen Planeten, auf dem wir leben können.”

Die 15-jährige Schülerin Greta Thunberg rechnet in einer mutigen Rede beim Weltklimagipfel mit der Politik ab.


Ruby Bridges!

Escorted by federal marshals, Ruby Bridges, walked through a mob of people who wanted her dead each day just to go to school. White teachers refused to let her in their class, white parents hid their children and children refused to play with her. At only 6 years old, Ruby had the devastating realization that all the anger and hatred she was witnessing was directed at her because of the color of her skin. Years later, she speaks out about her traumatic experience in effort to change the system.

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What can we do for you?

Sunnyside Health Center

Listen to this and share.


Looking good.

I’ve seen a few posts about people getting this form in the mail from some group called the Center for Voter Information.

First, it’s important to know that this form will work as a proper ballot request. Some groups and campaigns like to proactively send them to voters.

Second, it’s a good sign that voters are naturally skeptical of unfamiliar election mail. Keep asking questions! You can send us an email at [email protected].

The good news is that around Labor Day we will be sending out absentee ballot requests to every registered voter so they can easily vote absentee if they choose. You can also print your own right now at

Robert Reich

Great business for individuals to spread the wealth.

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich sits down (virtually) with Dan Price, the one moral CEO in America. Price made headlines when he raised his company's minimum wage to $70,000 a year, and slashed his own compensation from $1.1 million down to $70,000. When companies across the country furloughed workers in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Price went a different route: he cut his own pay to $0 and committed to not laying off a single employee. Reich and Price discuss his humane approach to running a company (especially in the middle of a pandemic), how companies are failing to support and protect their workers right now, what the economy must look like once we make it through this crisis, and what it's like to try and reform capitalism from the inside out. Tune in:

Shaun King

What is wrong with honor in the US Congress ?

I need you to see this.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez details how she was accosted and called a "f**king bitch" by Republican Congressman Ted Yoho.

She doesn't hold back.

I am furious that she had to deal with this - not from online trolls, but from a sitting congressman.

Temple of the Muses

Sleep, pain, restoration in the palm of your hand.

Mount Olympus Presents: TEMPLE OF THE MUSES: Mythic Tales Produced and Hosted by Hercules Invictus, Guest: Ryan Foley, Review: Perseus: Destiny's Call Recording Tuesday 6/30/20, 9-10 PM EDT/ 6-7 PM PST AN OLYMPIAN DISCLAIMER: Aristotle suggested that entertaining new thoughts without feeling obliged...

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Guuuuuten Morgen ihr Lieben!😍😍 ES GIBT NOCH EIN PAAR UNBESETZTE PLÄTZE! 💃🕺Die #BEERENAKADEMIE hat am 20. Juli, 27.Juli und 03. August noch Plätze zu vergeben!😊🌻
Wie gesagt- an den Tagen dreht sich alles bei uns um die Erdbeere! Wir laden alle Kinder im Alter von 9-12 Jahren herzlich dazu ein in den Sommerferien einen halben Tag auf unserem Hof zu verbringen und mit uns eine kleine #Erlebnisreise 💃 zu machen!! 😍😍
Wir wollen die jungen #Entdecker an den Tagen in die spannende Welt der Erdbeere entführen! Mit eigenen Tests, Proben und Zubereitungen wollen wir Ihnen genau zeigen, WO und WIE die Erdbeere am besten wächst, was sie so lecker macht und wie wir verführerische und gesunde Erdbeerleckereien zubereiten (und essen) können! 🙊😎😍Das Programm variiert natürlich ein bisschen je nach Wetter.😊👌
Treffpunkt ist die neu errichtete Beerenakademie neben dem Spielplatz. Pro Kind kostet es nur 5 Euro.😊 Die Anmeldungen und weitere Infos sind auf verfügbar. 😊🌻🎉
Am Ende des dreistündigen Ferienspaßes wird es eine kleine leckere Überraschung für die Kinder geben. Perfekt für eine Abwechslung in der Ferienzeit! Wir freuen uns auf die #JUNGENHELDEN! 🕵😍😍
🙈😍 Love it!

Danke @vinoma_marketingagentur für die Fotos❣
#lecker #gesund #erdbeeren #gehen #steil
#besserdirektvombauern #regional #hessen #wetterau #badsodenamtaunus #langgöns #badnauheim #watzenborn #nachhaltigkeit #Hofladen #familienbetrieb #gutelaune

Happy 4th of July 2020,

To our Customers, IBPs and staff member we are very grateful for you and all you do. Enjoy the festivities with your families. With much love from all of us at #NuLifeVentures Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸 🎇 🍔. 

[04/24/20]   Work from home for us all!


Excellent presentation very enjoyable highly recommended. Thank you for sharing.

The Healing Frequency Music Project was created by author/musician Michael S. Tyrrell to promote positive, healthy change.

McDonald's employees claim they were forced to continue to work and were kept in the dark when a coworker caught COVID-19, according to a new OSHA complaint

What would you want? McDonald's workers plan to strike after filing a complaint saying the conditions in one Chicago location pose "an imminent danger to our health."

What an act of Kindness !

BlackOxygen Organics – The missing link in the optimal health

Black Oxygen Organics Plants derive nourishment and trace minerals from the soil. We in turn get these vital nutrients from plants and animals that eat plants. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. At the esteemed Rio Earth Summit hosted by the United Nations, it was presented that soil measured across all conti...

Steve Harvey’s Wife Loses It After He Confesses Secret He’s Kept Hidden For 9 Years

Who could believe? Steve Harvey is known to be a very funny person and he always make other people happy. He is an American comedian, a television host and producer, a radio personality, and also an actor and an author and he is one of the most successful men in this industry. He has been married three times and he ha...

Be all you can be!


Can we make this work?

This is "Bal-A-Vis-X" by OSDE on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

[11/08/19]   Timeless !

Actor Edward James Olmos honored by city of Los Angeles for his contributions to Latin culture

Congratulations !!! The city of Los Angeles honored actor Edward James Olmos for his contributions in Hollywood and his humanitarian work.

Female soldier becomes the first black woman GENERAL in history of the US Marine Corps

You Go General (Madam) We honor you! Thank you for your service we appreciate you! The U.S. Marine Corps has seen some historic milestones for female soldiers during the Trump administration. Among these, ...

NowThis Politics

View this full speech and learn more about.

Trump was torched by General James Mattis during this roast delivered at a charity dinner

One for each day!

[08/28/19]   My Son is a Biker, so please understand a few things.....

The two-car lengths I leave between the car in front of me isn't for you to cut me off! Contrary to popular belief, I cannot stop my bike on a dime!

I speed up when in your blind spot, not to race, but so you can see me.

When in the left lane, I ride in the right track (close to the yellow line) and usually 5-10 mph over the speed limit. This way I only have to worry about people on my right side, and I have somewhere to go when you decide to crowd into my lane!

Please put your phone down and stop texting, because the life you save may be mine or yours.

Remember to share the road.
When making a lane change, please use the little space/time imaging devices on your vehicle known as MIRRORS and the blinky things called turn signals

I recommend utilizing them and the neck the good Lord gave you instead of just taking position in the very lane I possess.

Some of us ride with high-beams on at all times, this is so you can see me day or night!

If you think my exhaust pipes are too loud, ask yourself if you saw me first or heard me first?

So please watch out for this Biker and all my Brothers and Sisters during this riding season. We are all someone’s husband, mother, wife, grandparent, son, daughter, uncle,aunt, sister, brother, niece, nephew, neighbor or best friend. We will all be better off, and we will be alive to come home to our loved ones.

It doesn’t matter who has the right of way because either way, we lose.

Might as well get the word out

Drive safe all my friends and let's all live to see our great grandchildren grow.

*(If You agree, copy & paste with your picture).

NowThis Politics

Is this true?

‘Ain’t nobody protecting sh*t in this country.’ — This combat veteran made a desperate plea for gun reform


Jump In the Mud with Black Oxygen Organics

Get into the mud with us!

What are Fulvic Minerals and Why NuWTR

NuLife Ventures – Redefining Health From the Inside Out

Help everyone get more out of their nutrition using the avacen-100 as your vehicle. NuLife Ventures is a research development, marketing and distribution company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to redefine health and longevity. We achieve this by increasing understanding of the biology that controls lifespan and anti-aging in the human body. We represent best in c...

Audit: Pentagon Cannot Account for $6.5 Trillion Dollars in Taxpayer Money

Dod is missing organization where it matters. Adding to the appearance of impropriety is the fact that thousands of documents that should be on file have been removed and disappeared without any reasonable explanation., Department of Defense, Pentagon, The Defense Finance and Accounting Service,

[06/15/19]   Shaklee cleans without injury to Nature! Get Clean!

ClickFunnels™ - Marketing Funnels and Landing Pages that Convert

Join me to win a car and grow your business using click funnels. Have friends join you to see who can do the best job getting a car or some other prize while doing something for your business. ClickFunnels™ - Marketing Funnels and Landing Pages that Convert

Robert Reich

Wonderful !

While millions of Americans have seen their tax refunds shrink, some of the largest corporations in the country are paying nothing in federal taxes, and claiming millions in refunds. It's time to make our tax code work for working families. Our new video explains a bold new way to boost wages. Help spread the idea.

Tony Robbins - 30 years of stuttering, cured in 7 minutes!

Thanks for sharing.

Open minded people take advantage of great opportunities all the time. Are you making money with Bitcoin? Get Free Bitcoin here Tony Rob...

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