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Striving to create balance and harmony for the body, mind and spirit. I specialize in stress and pain relief through the use of natural healing techniques.

I’m certain I can aid in your path to a healthy and happy life.

Operating as usual

To every single person out there who has “liked”and shared my business posts. To all of you who have supported me by spreading the word and/or bought GCs for loved ones or yourselves, THANK YOU!!!!

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“Good” sounds like an understatement. I’ld say more like, incredible. Add some hot stones and what do you get? Perfection 👌

Tee-hee ☺️ Had to ❤️🤍💙

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Does anyone hear in full dramatics, “These are the days of our lives” sometimes in their head? 🤣 I do. Those days add up and 2020 has had no shortage of them.

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[08/31/20]   Unexpected opening for tomorrow at 2:30pm! I can fit up to a 90minute (duration can be shorter) in the slot.
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I’m getting mine in 4 days! 🥳

Tension headaches have put me down a few times this year. When I get this way I have my LMT focus mainly on my neck, shoulders and feet. To say I’m ready for Friday would be understatement! 🙌

So, do YOU need a massage?!?!

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Bethany Kennedy in Dayton, OH

Extended hours have now been added to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays! Check them out here... Licensed Massage Therapist

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[06/11/20]   Exciting news everyone!

We as LMTs were having to wear gloves during massages because of covid19.

The state says we do NOT have to during sessions now! 🙌 Only when I sanitize my room between clients.


Everyone’s intake forms these days 🤣

I am so excited to announce, “@peace massage and wellness” will be opening our doors, June 1st! 😃
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Mother’s Day special starts today!

We as licensed, medical massage professionals are not able to see clients just yet... However, you can still get a gift certificate for a loving mother of your choice! So when we do, she’s ready to go!

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Sciatic pain is easily in my top 3 of, “most common problem areas” to see in the office. So, this one’s a doozy and deserves a shout out too!

Let’s talk about WHY this big guy gets so irritated... A degenerating or herniated disc in your vertebrae, stenosis, or simply just being out of alignment. Pregnancy has a major affect on this one too! (I know that from clients and my own personal experience 😟) A tight Piriformis muscle is another BIG culprit.

If you notice pain in this area, in your knee or especially if it’s radiating down your leg. You will want to start stretching and doing exercises ASAP! See your Chiro and LMT when you can and stay on top of the rehab! This one sadly has a reputation of hanging on for awhile if you don’t.

So, if you are having pain with your sciatic nerve feel free to message me and I can send you videos and stretches I have found to help myself and others! Much love to you all! 💞✌️

Your psoas muscle is one of the most important in the whole body. So important that without this group of muscles (hip flexors) you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning! From walking and riding your bike to just sitting on the couch, your psoas is involved. It helps with posture and to stabilize your spine. (That’s huge!) Also, this group of muscles are the deepest muscles to your core. Geeez, it even has an influence on your fight of flight system!

So needless to say, it’s important...

Low back pain is often misdiagnosed when coming to psoas. Driving or just sitting for long periods of time can make this area tight and begin to spasm. For an active person, it can become over stretched and have just as much strain on your back and legs.

For this particular injury, resistance flexibility exercises are key. (I can send you some virtually if needed) Also, if you dare 😂, while using a small ball and finding just under your hip bone; lay on your belly with the ball in place and begin to move. Gently move up, down, back and forth. This will get the end of that muscle to release tension. If you’re doing it right it should be a “good hurt” 😂 (Again, I can send videos!)

I hope all of you are well! Can’t wait to get back into the office to see all of you 💞✌️ Happy Monday!

Missing all my clients dearly! I hope you and your families are all staying healthy and in good spirits through this 💚

This is my reminder to you to make sure you stay up on your PT at home as best as you can! Please feel free to message me for tips or tricks. I would love to continue to help as we get through this.

After all, they do go hand-in-hand! ❣️ Give me a shout! You can buy gift certificates online or in person!

I am so grateful for all of you who have continued to support my journey 🙌 This was an awesome year and a wonderful holiday season indeed! I look forward to meeting new clients and seeing lots of returning faces! With my entire heart, THANK YOU!

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Two, 90 minute sessions for ONLY $135

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I had the privilege of working with some seriously-talented athletes this week! The Celtic Academy of Irish dance is gearing up for the mid-America Oireachtas and their muscles needed some kneading 🙌 Talk about some serious nostalgia for myself! All that heart pulsing through each one of you is so inspiring! GOOD LUCK to all of you!!! 💚 #sportsmassage

I cannot think of anything better on a cold day than a hot stone massage! Someone sure is starting their day off right 😍

Give me a shout! You know you want one!! Text or call 396-9019 ALSO, online booking is available 24-7 just click the link below...

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[09/19/19]   🍁🌻 Autumn Equinox FLASH SALE time! 🌻🍁

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We are entering my favorite time of year after all so I would like to give back!

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😂 The accuracy!

[09/10/19]   Sometimes I hear from new clients they're looking for a massage that will actually, "do something", not just a relaxing one. In truth, relaxation provides plenty of health benefits. When you activate the "rest and digest" process of the parasympathetic nervous system, relaxation allows the body to recover from the stress of daily life. If you don't deal with the affect stress has on your body it CAN and WILL culminate into chronic issues; high blood pressure, a weak immune system, depression, anxiety, etc. SO, having a quiet moment to check in with yourself can do wonders for gaining fresh perspectives on a problem and/or worries. Even if your main reason for wanting a massage is for muscular relief, if you're in a relaxed state it allows blood in and out of tissues to flow much easier. That makes muscle tissue more palpable and gets you closer to your goal of healed muscle and structure!

Book your appointment today, you know you want to feel better! This isn't a luxury, it's a necessity! Text, call or instant message me 💚
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Bethany Kennedy in Dayton, OH

Online booking makes it so easy to browse and book your next appointment!

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Completely accurate!

This LMT got a new deep tissue massage tool delivered yesterday!
Percussion massage brings blood to the surface which softens tissue. Getting to those deep layered muscles with ease 🙌 I can’t wait to use it today!

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