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Don’t Delay Emergency Care: Hospitals Are Safe | Premier Health Premier Health doctors encourage patients to go to the emergency department for medical emergencies. Rigorous protocols are in place to keep all patients safe. Learn more.

Getting Tested For COVID-19 | Premier Health Premier Health’s drive-thru COVID-19 testing site is only for patients with a physician’s order. Find out who is being tested and what the test involves.

Coronavirus COVID-19: Let’s Review the Basics | Premier Health As coronavirus COVID-19 reaches Ohio, Premier Health’s Roberto Colon, MD, reviews the basics: symptoms, how it spreads, what you can do, how to get medical advice.

Death index: Top 50 ways Americans die The CDC tracks causes of death each year.

Smokers Should Quit at Least 4 Weeks Before Surgery, W.H.O. says In a new study, the health agency urges hospitals and surgeons to play a bigger role to help the world’s 1 billion smokers kick the habit.

Here Is What Happens The Moment You Stop Smoking Your risk of experiencing a heart attack will lower two days of finishing your last cigarette.

Your Tiny (but Mighty) Thyroid Learn how your thyroid releases hormones that regulate your metabolism, and how an underactive or overactive thyroid can affect your overall health.

Premier Health

When you take a new antibiotic, it’s important to know the difference between side effects and allergy symptoms. An allergic reaction to a medication can become dangerous. If you’re aware of allergy symptoms and notice any, it’s important to seek medical help. Certified Nurse Practitioner Karin Benner talks more about antibiotic allergies. --> #PPN

5 Signs That You Might Need Gallbladder Surgery Unless you’ve felt the stabbing pain of gallstones, most likely you’ve never given your gallbladder a second thought. But this small organ can trigger big problems. Learn the signs and symptoms of gallbladder trouble, and when it’s time to seek a surgeon’s advice.              ....

Hair Dyes, Chemical Straighteners: Weighing the Breast Cancer Risk A study connecting hair dyes and chemical straighteners with breast cancer risk shouldn’t make women abandon these products, says Dr. Nkeiruka Okoye. Read more!

Help Fight the Rise Of the Superbugs Drug-resistant infections affect more than previously thought, the CDC reports. A Premier Health physician says you can help fight the problem. Learn how!

Advances in Diabetes Care Make a Life-Changing Difference Learn how advances in diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diabetes are helping doctors identify the growing numbers of at-risk Americans and guide them to master effective treatment strategies.

Premier Health

Watch for warning signs that tell you that you may be in danger of developing diabetes. Symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, extreme thirst or hunger, changes in weight, sudden vision changes, and frequent fatigue. If you think you have symptoms of diabetes, talk to your doctor about steps to improve your health. Learn more symptoms of #diabetes --> #WorldDiabetesDay

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People can be contagious with the #flu even before they know they are infected with the virus. For most healthy adults, they are able to infect other people one day before flu symptoms start. Symptoms can start between one and four days after the virus enters your body. To learn more about the flu -->

Five Ways to Fight Breast Cancer Know the five main treatment options for breast cancer so you can create a strong plan of attack.

Breast Wishes Foundation

Hello, I am a single mother of three beautiful children. Life was going good, I had three jobs I enjoyed working but when this hit I had to quit two of them. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer April 2019. It was a shock considering I do not have a history of cancer in my family and I am only 33. I had an ultrasound and mammogram April 2nd, April 4th a biopsy, results April 8th, first appt. with both my surgical oncologist and my chemo oncologist April 11th, April 17th a port was placed and April 29th I started chemo. At the moment I have gone through four rounds with two chemo medications and now I am on the third round of a third chemo medication, which I will have 12 altogether with this medication. Basically got smacked with this in April and there's been no break for myself or my children.

We needed a break

I had planned to take my kids on a trip this summer but when we got the news that was out of the question. I know losing my jobs I should have asked for help with bills but I believe that this vacation was much needed. We all got to forget that I had cancer, the kids got to be kids again. Breast wishes was able to provide a fun filled two days at COSI and the Columbus Zoo. We were able to have a bucket full of fun and make memories this summer that didn't include something that had to do with my cancer treatment. I will never forget that they were able to provide the first time my two girls got to sleep in a hotel room. Honestly, I think that was my youngest favorite part :)


Am I at Risk for Breast Cancer? You can control some of the risk factors for breast cancer, but others are beyond your control. Learn what puts you at higher risk of possibly getting breast cancer.

Breast Wishes Foundation

Created in memory of Kelli James, we're a charity that gives women with breast cancer the gift of joy through dinner dates, spa days and vacations.

Nationwide Children's Hospital

An awesome post about the flu vaccine from one of our Urgent Care doctors: The evening after getting my flu shot, I felt chilly and achy. Took my temperature and found it to be 101.1 F. It topped out at 102.4 F.

The flu shot did NOT make me sick. It did not cause the flu. This fever is my immune system in action. My body “thinks” I have the flu and is responding as it should. I’m making antibodies so when the real flu comes around later this year, I’m ready to fight it off quickly and effectively.

This common and short-lived inconvenience is much preferred over the real flu. Influenza kills about 1 in 1000 infected persons each year. The flu vaccine is our best shot at preventing this life-threatening illness!

For more information about common flu myths, check out this blog post from our experts:

Premier Health

Though there are other treatment options, a minimally invasive laparoscopic appendectomy has been the well-established standard #appendicitis treatment for decades. Scott Wilcher, MD, explains more. --> #PPN

Premier Health

Low-dose aspirin can help prevent blood clots for people at risk of heart attacks and strokes. But, it has risks associated with it, too. To learn more --> #PPN

Premier Health

Head and neck cancers can affect your tongue, jaw, vocal cords, esophagus, and more. But there are ways you can reduce your risk of getting these types of cancer, like eliminating tobacco and limiting alcohol. To learn more --> #PPN

Premier Health

Though there are other treatment options, a minimally invasive laparoscopic appendectomy has been the well-established standard #appendicitis treatment for decades. Scott Wilcher, MD, explains more. --> #PPN

Premier Health

Nearly all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV. Through vaccination of young adolescents and screening of women, we have the tools to eliminate cervical cancer. Learn more about HPV and cervical cancer --> #HPVCancerFree

Premier Health

J. Scott Wilcher, MD, a surgeon with Premier Physician Network, discusses the symptoms of #appendicitis in this week’s Dayton Daily News, Springfield News Sun and Journal News. Once it is diagnosed, physicians almost always elect to remove the appendix from the colon by utilizing a procedure known as a laparoscopic appendectomy. Read more about it here --> #PPN

Premier Health

According to the CDC, a healthy diet can help reduce your risk of getting cancer. Learn some ways to help lower your risk by tuning into this PSA from students at the The Dayton Regional STEM School. Members of Premier Health had the pleasure of working with these students on a project involving cancer prevention and education. The students created PSAs on various types of #cancer, and over the next couple of weeks, we'll be airing each PSA for your view. Learn more about cancer prevention -->

Premier Health

An easy way to remember the symptoms and warning signs of a stroke is the FAST acronym. Face. Arm. Speech. Time. Learn more about the signs and symptoms of #stroke --> #StrokeMonth

Premier Health

Early detection of #breastcancer is a woman's best chance of surviving breast cancer — and a mammogram is the best means for early detection. Join us for the #BreastFriendsForever challenge by getting your mammogram and challenging your friends to get theirs, too. Use the hashtag #BreastFriendsForever to share your story on social media and to inspire more friends to get their mammograms! Or, send an email reminder to your friends here -->

Premier Health

An individual can experience a transient ischemic attack (TIA) without actually knowing what's happening. Symptoms of a TIA can be similar to a #stroke, including numbness, tingling and weakness that go away. To learn more --> #StrokeMonth

Nicotine Is Brain Poison Learn how to protect our kids.

The Carcinogen Of Excess Weight If we heed this message, we can make a difference. If we don’t, we cannot say we were not forewarned.

Premier Health

Melanoma can be the most dangerous form of skin cancer, but is easily treatable if detected early. Take the Melanoma Risk Assessment to learn about your risk of developing #melanoma, and talk with your doctor about your results. --> #MelanomaMonday #SkinCancerAwarenessMonth

Premier Health

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is cut off. Brain cells are deprived of oxygen and begin to die. When brain cells die, abilities controlled by that area of the brain such as memory and muscle control are lost. Check out these tips on controllable risk factors and how to spot a #stroke. --> #StrokeMonth

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