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Stygian Tarot features Tarot readings by an experienced reader and spirit worker as well as tips and insights into divination, witchcraft, and raising little witchlings!

I’ve been reading the Tarot for over 15 years and pride myself in a down-to-earth therapeutic approach. I want the cards to speak to you directly as much as possible rather than layering them behind mysterious and vague language. I’m also a mom of a wee witch that has me exploring combining divination and witchcraft with early education (we homeschool!). You’ll likely see ideas related to that on my page as well! There are two sides to every coin, hence why Charon the ferryman doesn’t take bills.

Operating as usual

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! We took a social media break to enjoy our time with family. 🥰

Wee witch and I both made out well with witchy supplies and nature based play! Can’t wait to incorporate all these goodies into our daily practice and homeschooling! She calls her flower garden her “watchtower” and says it helps protect her from monsters ☺️ #magicofflowers #outofthemouthsofbabes #futuregreenwitch

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Happy Yule and Solstice everyone! This spread is about the magic and tools of The Magician, perfect for this holiday season. There’s magic everywhere, you just have to keep an eye out! 👁✨❄️

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Much fun was had today thanks to the clever project idea of @hamma_grandma and our library haul of winter books! 🎄📚

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The theme this week is Pets! The World ties to this; the whole picture viewpoint and also the caretaking and cycles meanings that are so important with our non-human family members.

I cheated a bit this week and let wee witch pick an Oracle deck (it has animals and bones, two of her favorite things 😆) since all my Tarot decks feature people or plants. We did a standard four card pull rather than a find the card version described. Feel free to do either!

I also set up a Pet Park sensory bin with a bathtub and “obstacle course” like we’ve seen at our local dog park. Wee witch was quite into it. So much so that breakfast was delayed over a half hour while she played 😂. There are further plans related to pets this week, including going over what is needed to take care of our own reddog to keep her happy and healthy.

What a great way to start our week! Do you have pets in your household?

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Hanukkah sameach! Happy Hanukkah! It is the first day of the Festival of Lights today (well, tonight, but my kiddo is not a night owl 😆) 🕎

Though I am not Jewish, one of our multi-faith household is, so it is extra important to me to expose kiddo to the concepts and holiday. We made the popsicle stick hanukkiyah (menorah) yesterday as a visual aid to the story of the miracle of the Temple lamps staying lit for eight nights and the shamash (helper) candle.

We have some exciting plans for this next week! Hanukkah playdough and real cutout cookies, making latkes and sufganiyot from scratch, and some oil sensory play! We also plan to encourage the giving/charity ideals by selecting toys and clothes to donate together.

Do you expose yourself or family to multiple faiths in some manner?

This week’s theme is Family! It is tied to The Hierophant with its traditions and morals.

Our pull was focused on coping with the pandemic during this holiday season. When it comes to how we handle seeing less family, Temperance reminds us that this too shall pass. It won’t be like this forever. We balance solitude with safety to keep our loved ones healthy.

The Page of Swords step forward for Morals, how to be our authentic self. The Page encourages running with ideas and creativity. Don’t hold back! This is the time for projects and hobbies to get through the season!

We placed the spread on a holiday tree cutout (kiddo is obsessed with decorating trees right now 😆) and used the laminated family photos my dear mom, @hamma_grandma created, to talk about different family members and “decorate” with.
I only included ones with immediate family on here to protect privacy, but we have many more she’s enjoying- hence no video. They have little magnets glued to the back!

How does your family holiday look different this year?

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A stack of my favorite witchy related books. They are more specialized than witchcraft 101 stuff- I borrow most of those from the library 😆 I tossed in some fiction than influenced me as well!

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Prickling breath, snowy kissed
Cold-eyed Khione shakes her skirt
Winter thickens, autumn missed
Spring awaits deep in the dirt

First snow of the year! I pulled The Farm from my Postcards deck and it reflected how I feel about this first snowfall. A safe and secure place. A quiet place. A comfortable place, though it could be temporary. It is a good omen- a healing omen. I decided to double down on good energy by wearing two of my favorite pieces from @intuitionandlore!

I am always torn on snow. I love seeing it or standing in it, but I hate walking or driving through it 😂

My dog has no such ambivalence. Zoe the reddog adores that soft precipitation. She runs and rolls and licks and snuffles. Kiddo is still unsure but preferred to snuggle today and have me comb her gold silken hair soothingly. Perhaps tonight is a good nice for brownie baking, warm and rich 🤔

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The Devil card gets such a bad rap due to the connotations in Christian beliefs. But it’s far from one of the more “negative” cards to pull from a deck.

This week’s theme is Fairy Tales and The Devil perfectly ties to it with adventures of magic, mayhem, and finding your dreams and desires.

We didn’t have much of a rigid homeschool week with the holiday, but we did find learning through play with decorating, baking, and playing with balloons! I think magic is frequently in the simple things.

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Finally found a storage setup I’m happy with for my collection! The smaller boxes are for rotating my “active” decks out for use. What’s your storage method for decks?

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Tarot for Tots, Week Two! This week is Dinosaurs for us! Rawr!!

Wee witch picked out the Deviant Moon deck for this week’s spread and we laid it out on her sensory table with some of her dino friends. There is strength in numbers. I outlined the spread in marker so wee witch can draw her own versions of the cards in.

We’ve had much fun doing some color matching, scissor skills practice, and jumping on dino tracks in the driveway! The week can only go uphill from here!

#tarotfortots #preschoolathome #preschoolhomeschool #paganhomeschool #divination #cartomancy #teachingtarot #homeschoolpreschool #homeschoolcurriculum

Tarot for Tots! In my previous post I shared my idea to do a simple three card pull around a signifier related to my daughter’s weekly homeschool themes.

Springboarding off of that I present this list of themes we’ll be hitting this year and a corresponding signifier card to go with! If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be sharing our pulls at the beginning of each week and how I interpret them. In this post I’ve included the spread for the Space theme using The Star! I’m looking forward to exploring Tarot through new eyes and using it as a teaching and bonding tool with my wee witch.

Feel free to be inspired or use these for your own curriculum and if you share, use the tag #tarotfortots 😊

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My new plan is to tie in our weekly reading with our homeschool theme for the week! I think the best way to do that is to figure out a card or two that best matches our theme and pick it out after shuffling. 💫🌎🎴

We then use the cards behind and in front of the signifier card (swipe through the pictures to see instructions!) to create our spread.

Wee witch picked which deck we used this week and she chose Marigold- a dear favorite of mine! I’m looking forward to determining the best signifier cards for our weekly themes.

Would there be any interest in me posting that list one I’m finished? I know not everyone is doing the same themes (or even homeschooling kiddos), but it could help inspire us for spreads in general!

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Thanks to my amazing mother @hamma_grandma for growing these beautiful Jarrahdale pumpkins🎃! A harvest was ready just in time for me and wee kiddo to make full moon pumpkin cookies and roast seeds!

Happy full moon! 🌕🍪

#fullmoon #fullmooncookies #pumpkins #jarrahdalepumpkin #pumpkinseeds #fullmooncelebration #witchmom #kitchenwitchery

Wee Witch has some very important interpretations to share.

Today we explored object associations and storymaking with cards from some of my favorite oracle decks!

She helped me pick the couple cards from each deck based on images she recognized so it wouldn’t be too frustrating for a 3 year old. That’s also why I stuck to my oracle decks rather than the more complex symbolism of most Tarot. We shall build on this game as she grows though!

I love how this game not only helps my daughter learn, but also helps us bond AND inspires me with new associations for divining.
Out of the mouths of babes, right? 👶🏼🎴🔮
• • •
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I’m absolutely in love with this necklace I got from @intuitionandlore! And as you can tell from that wee hand in the bottom corner, so is my kiddo 😆

#witchyfeels #deathwitch #witchstyle #witchyjewelry #graveyardwitch

A new spread as the second half of the year and Spooky Time approaches!

The Thinning Veil Spread. This is used primarily to communicate with a local non-corporeal entity but could be modified for deity or companion communication.

👻The Ghost: a snapshot of the entity you’re dealing with. Their personality, identity, focus, etc.

🌫 The Veil: The ethereal fog that floats about and allows this connection. Their desires; what they want to communicate to you or have you help with.

🌲The Tree: rooted in reality, this is the ghost’s needs, as well as any secrets or hidden motivations it could be hiding. What needs to happen in this exchange versus what is desired. It could match with the previous card, but often it doesn’t.

🌬The Wind: whispering all around us, through the trees, blowing the fog about, the Wind helps show the path forward. What should your relationship with this entity be beyond this reading? What is the focus of this connection?

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My little #futurewitch practicing shapes and colors with her Tarot deck and some little objects (her own casting bag in the making?) 😍🔮🎴
#tarotcards #witchmom #witchythings #witchypreschool

This is an important time and not one to stay silent.

I have been away from my business social media due to personal reasons for the past couple months. But while reading all the #BLM posts on my personal account yesterday I realized it’s time to push past my personal issues and do more. Recognize my privilege in being able to turn off social media for mental health. Examine my internalized biases and try to overcome them.

Stand for Justice for Black Lives. Donate. Speak up. Support. Share. Amplify their voices and stories. Vote. Remember this time.

All of this was my focus in composing a focused spell for support. Please remember that magic alone is NOT enough- action is vital at this time. That doesn’t necessarily mean front line protesting; there are many forms.

Safe crossings to all we’ve lost, support and love to this action of change and protest, and may Stygian waters consume the system and enactors of violence and oppression. Oathbreakers beware.

During this turbulent time we are all going through right now, I wanted to drop a line saying I am still doing readings by video and phone!
This can be a time of uncertainly and decisions and I’m happy to help navigate them as best I can. Stay safe and try to remember to be gentle with yourselves and compassionate to others.

🕯Lighted Path Spread🕯

🪔First Guide: The primary guide, entity, deity, or person in your life as your transition. Their energy is expanded upon by the Clarifier card laid atop the first card to help you truly pin down who this might be.

🪔 Second Guide: Your secondary guide in your transition over these next couple weeks. Another Clarifier card is placed to help determine who this could be.

🪔Goal: This is what your transition is working towards, what your guides want to help you achieve.

🪔Roadblock: Something to beware of in working towards your goal. Knowing is half the battle so be prepared- your guides are there to help you overcome this conflict!

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Happy 2020 everyone! I took a long holiday hiatus but I’m back and will have some fun things coming this year!

Let’s start with my personal take on a new year’s spread. The Fireworks Spread is meant to show what shall be bursting forth in this new year. Almost like a mini-new year spread, although I like to it monthly or seasonally since it’s more of a snapshot than a large picture.

💥Card 1: What to launch/send away from you in order to spark your fireworks this season. The seeds of change, so to speak.

💥Card 2: Your first firework, this is what will grab your attention this year and make you realize what you need to focus on. The inspiration of the year.

💥Card 3: You second firework, this is the one that’ll make you stay to see the whole show. It’s who or what will give you support and purpose this year.

💥Card 4: Your third firework is a really loud one but not the most beautiful. It can distract beyond what it’s suppose to. This isn’t necessarily a negative but it is something you shouldn’t give more attention that it truly deserves. Beware focusing on this task, project, or person too much this year.

💥Card 5: The finale! It’s bright, beautiful, and makes the whole show worth it. The culmination of your sweat and tears this year. What you’re reaching for.

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Today I am overcoming some heartbreak. I will not be able to attend #thebabykrampus this Saturday at @tendandflourishdayton. I shall miss all of you and be wishing everyone a happy event and holiday season in spirit 💜 My deepest apologies for the short notice.

We are here and ready to share the Krampus spirit! The whole space is looking amazing! Come see for yourselves!

#tarotreader #fortuneteller #tarotdecks #divination #cartomancy #shopsmall #smallbusiness #witchcraft #witchesofinstagram #tarotreadings @ Strongwater Food and Spirits

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends from Stygian Tarot! As I come off the holiday food high I decided to share a thankfulness spread with y’all that I created! I’m also very much looking forward to seeing many of you at Merry Krampus on Sunday!

This isn’t specifically a “Thanksgiving” spread; so please do feel free to use it regardless of your location or feelings on the problematic American holiday.

The Slice of Pie Spread:
🥧 1.) The Pie: What is here for you to be grateful for. The bigger picture of what makes you happy.
🍽 2.) The Plate: What your happiness and comfort rests upon; a foundation on how to move forward in peace and pleasure.
🍰 3.) The Slice: The nugget of golden deliciousness in the midst of this. What you need to carry with you and pass on to others to share the happiness and keeping giving.

May you all have something, however small, keeping you thankful in your life 💜

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