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Our inpatient rehabilitation hospital is the leading provider of rehabilitation after illness or injury. We are committed to helping you regain independence and achieve your goals.

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It can be hard to tell what is season allergies and what is COVID-19. Do you know what symptoms they share and what symptoms are different?

Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for our Stroke Champion Q&A video series coming early 2021. We sit down with our Stroke Champion team to answer questions about stroke including prevention, risk factors and rehabilitation.

Happy holidays from Encompass Health. Wishing you health, happiness and peace this season.


Jim's story: Overcoming COVID-19 | Encompass Health

When Jim Capicotto fell ill with COVID-19, it was a double whammy because he also has Parkinson’s disease. See how his rehabilitation team customized his therapy to help him regain his independence after being hospitalized with COVID-19.

blog.encompasshealth.com U.S. Navy veteran Joe Capicotto successfully beat COVID-19 while also battling the effects of Parkinson's disease.


Learning to sit, stand and walk again after COVID-19 | Encompass Health

Veronica Brown was sent to Encompass Health after a month on a ventilator battling COVID-19. However, after arriving, her limited mobility prompted her doctor to send her back to the hospital for neurological testing.

The testing revealed a new, post-COVID-19 diagnosis for Brown, Guillain-Barre syndrome, an inflammatory disorder of the nerves that may cause temporary paralysis and is often triggered by a viral infection. See how our team helped Veronica get back on her feet.

blog.encompasshealth.com It started with a pounding headache, but within a matter of days it developed into much more. Veronica Brown was diagnosed with COVID-19 on July...


Physical Therapy Treatments for Stroke Recovery

Watch Director of Therapy Operations Erin Sinkfield, DPT, explain how physical therapy can help patients regain strength and movement after a stroke.

choosept.com Erin Sinkfield, PT, DPT, explains physical therapy treatment to help people with stroke regain their strength and movement. Contact a physical therapist to get an evaluation and treatment that’s speci


Advice for caregivers from caregivers | Encompass Health

Are you a caregiver looking for resources? Encompass Health and the American Stroke Association recently hosted a panel providing tips for caregivers including self-care, finding balance and preventing burnout. Read a recap of the tips and view the full presentation recording.

blog.encompasshealth.com Longtime caregivers share their tips for others in a Facebook caregiver panel event hosted by the American Heart Association

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from Encompass Health.


Eating well after stroke | Encompass Health

We are excited to announce the launch of the free cookbook, “Simply Good: A cookbook for stroke survivors and their families.”

Encompass Health supported the creation of this cookbook with the American Heart Association to be a resource for stroke survivors, people with swallowing difficulties and those interested in healthy eating.

blog.encompasshealth.com A free new cookbook helps stroke survivors maintain a healthy diet and modify everyday foods to reduce the risk of a second stroke


Gift guide for older adults | Encompass Health

Coming up with gift ideas for grandparents or older adults can be challenging. Here are some practical gift ideas to help your loved one or simply bring a smile to their face this holiday season.

blog.encompasshealth.com Find useful gifts for for the older adults in your life that they will love while also keeping them safe and secure


Why it's more important than ever to get your flu shot | Encompass Health

Are you more likely to contract COVID-19 if you get the flu? Can the flu vaccine give you the flu? Answers to these questions and more about why it’s more important than ever to get a flu shot this year.

blog.encompasshealth.com COVID-19 continues to be a major national health concern, and influenza season is fast approaching. Unfortunately, the flu won’t take a year off just because…

According to the CDC, “Someone in the United States has a stroke every 40 seconds. Every 4 minutes, someone dies of stroke,” but, according to American Heart Association, “up to 80% can be prevented”.

Here are five ways to reduce your personal risk:
1. Keep blood pressure in check. With your doctor's help, try for readings of 120/80 or lower.

2. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and minerals found in these foods improve brain function and heart health. Aim for four or five servings of each every day.

3. Get enough sleep. Set your goal as seven to nine hours per night, which helps improve brain function. Stick with the same bedtime routine every night, and turn off screens at least a half-hour before turning out the lights.

4. Meditate. Studies show focusing on your breath can increase blood flow to the brain. You don't need to do this for hours on end; whenever you feel stressed, just focus on breathing slowly through your nose to the count of five, and out your nose to the count of five.

5. Move more. To get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, you can start small: A walk around the block can work wonders.


What is a case manager? | Encompass Health

Last week was National Case Manager Week. Learn what an inpatient rehabilitation case manager does and the vital role they play in our patient care.

blog.encompasshealth.com A inpatient rehabiltiation case manager manages all aspects of a patient's case through every step of their rehabilitation journey and beyond.


The role pharmacists play in patient safety in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals | Encompass Health

Pharmacists do much more than fill prescriptions. See the behind the scene roles they play in keeping patients safe in our hospitals.

blog.encompasshealth.com A new illness or injury may bring physical or emotional challenges, but it often comes with new medications and treatments too. In order to help…


Being at PT at Encompass Health| Encompass Health

October is National Physical Therapy Month. Melissa Andhor, physical therapist, shares what it is like to work at an Encompass Health rehabilitation hospital and her favorite part of coming to work.

blog.encompasshealth.com We interviewed Melissa Andhor on a typical day in her life as a PT and why she enjoys working at Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Petersburg.


What is inpatient rehabilitation? | Encompass Health

After experiencing a life-changing stroke or other illness, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation as the next step on the journey to recovery—but what does that mean, and where should rehabilitation take place?

blog.encompasshealth.com After experiencing a life-changing stroke or other illness, your doctor may recommend rehabilitation as the next step on the journey to recovery—but what does that…


Recovering from COVID-19 patient story | Encompass Health

After beating COVID-19, musician Steve Barlotta had two goals for rehabilitation: to play saxophone again and be strong enough to walk out unassisted.

Read Steve's amazing story and how he is one step closer to being able to bring his musical talent to crowds again.

blog.encompasshealth.com After recovering from COVID-19, Steve Barlotta went to Encompass Health Tinton Falls to regain his indepence both physically and cognitively


Did you have a stroke and not know it? | Encompass Health

Do you know what a Transient Ishcemic Attack or TIA is? More than 20 percent of those who have a major stroke experience one day before. However, the symptoms only last a few minutes causing many to ignore this early warning sign. Learn more about what a TIAs is and why it should not be ignored.

blog.encompasshealth.com Carl was settled into his favorite recliner to watch a replay of the 2019 World Series. The COVID-19 pandemic placed him in front of his…

At The Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio, we provide rehabilitation for patients recovering from life-changing illnesses and injuries including strokes, amputations, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and complex orthopedic conditions. Click the images below to see inside our hospital.

Gayle Fisk

After developing sepsis, Gayle Fisk lost both of her legs, her left hand and part of her right hand. An endless source of hope and optimism, she discovered a new family at Encompass Health and lives life to the fullest.


Treatment options for multiple sclerosis | Encompass Health

MS is a chronic disease that impacts the central nervous system, disrupting the flow of information in the brain. Learn how inpatient rehabilitation can benefit some MS patients by helping build strength and regain independence.

blog.encompasshealth.com Learn how inpatient rehabilitation can be a good treatment opton for multiple sclerosis and help them regain their indpenedence after a relapse


Lisa's story: The rehabilitation and answers she needed | Encompass Health

When rehabilitation after knee replacement surgery wasn't going as it should, see how Lisa Sprague's occupational therapist helped her identify a surprising underlying condition.

“I was scared; I was relieved; there was so much going on in my mind,” Sprague said. “If I wouldn’t have gone to Encompass, I’d probably still be getting shots in my back for pain and wouldn’t be on the medicine I’m on to stop the progression of it. I thank God that I got in there, and they got answers, and I got the right treatment.”

blog.encompasshealth.com How inpatient rehabilitation helped Lisa Sprague regain her independence following a knee replacement and multiple sclerosis diagnosis.


Keeping COVID-19 precautions | Encompass Health

Early on in the COVID-19 pandemic most of our hands were raw from obsessive washing, and social distancing meant holing up in your home and facetiming friends. However, as many shelter-in-place orders have been lifted and businesses are reopening, you may be yearning to get out and get back to some of those pre-pandemic routines.

So, if these practices haven’t been top of mind lately, here’s a reminder on how to protect yourself and others.

blog.encompasshealth.com Even though much of the world has opened back up, now is not the time to leg your guard down in taking precautions to combat the spread of COVID-19


Where to recover from a stroke | Encompass Health

Learn why a recent study concluded that inpatient rehabilitation is the superior setting of care for patients recovering from a stroke. The study included more than 99,000 stroke patients who received treatment at a skilled nursing facility or an inpatient rehabilitation hospital between January 2013 and November 2014.

blog.encompasshealth.com Studies continue to show that inpatient rehabilitation facilities are a better setting for care than a skilled nursing home


Combating the effects of mask wearing | Encompass Health

As Americans become more accustomed to wearing face masks in public, the ability to breathe normally has become a common concern. By taking the time to focus on how we breathe, there are ways we can actually maintain and improve our respiratory health while following mask guidance to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

blog.encompasshealth.com As Americans become more accustomed to wearing face masks in public, the ability to breathe normally has become a common concern. Many people have reported…


Recovering from COVID-19 | Encompass Health

Even though she appeared to be at low-risk of developing complications from COVID-19, Lynn Schaefer describes herself as “one of those people.” She wore a mask in public well before it was the norm, and even wiped down groceries before bringing them into her home. However, when her husband—who was deemed essential—was sent home with a fever, all those precautionary measures wouldn’t matter.

Lynn started inpatient rehabilitation after over a month in the acute care hospital and two weeks on a ventilator. See how rehabilitation helped her go from not being able to stand or walk to getting up and walking around on her own in just eight days.

blog.encompasshealth.com An eight-day stay in a rehabilitation hospitals helped Lynn Shaefer regain her indenepence after battling COVID-19 for more than two months


Kenny Santos' brain injury success story | Encompass Health

After complications from a routine surgery left him unresponsive and without a heartbeat for more than 15 minutes, Kenny Santos arrived at rehabilitation unable even to sit on his own. Read Kenny's amazing story of overcoming adversity to accomplish goals many thought he never would.

blog.encompasshealth.com How in patient rehabilitation helped Kenny Santos recover from a non-traumatic brain injury


How inpatient rehabilitation benefits patients with brain injury | Encompass Health

See how our hospitals are helping brain injury patients through therapy, technology and an interdisciplinary care team.

blog.encompasshealth.com Inpatient physical rehabilitation can help make the most of recovery following a brain injury.

Encompass Health wishes you and your family a happy, fun and safe 4th of July holiday!


What is intermittent fasting? | Encompass Health

Intermittent fasting has recently become a popular method to lose weight and improve health. But what exactly are the health benefits, and what’s the science behind this new trend?

blog.encompasshealth.com Learn about the health benefits, and what’s the science behind intermittent fasting


Having a stroke after giving birth | Encompass Health

Two weeks after having a baby, Terra Norris had a stroke. It would take weeks to recover and return home, which meant she couldn't see children due to visitor restrictions surrounding COVID-19.

When she arrived for rehabilitation, she was highly motivated—she wanted to hold her newborn daughter and hug her 3-year-old son. After two weeks, she was able to do just that.

blog.encompasshealth.com Two weeks after giving birth, Terra Norris had a storke. Learn how inpatient rehabilitation helped her care for yoru newboarn again


Why inpatient rehabilitation can’t wait, even during a pandemic | Encompass Health

While COVID-19 has changed many things about our daily lives, the need for inpatient rehabilitation remains. That’s because despite this pandemic, people will still have strokes and other debilitating conditions or injuries that can benefit from the intense therapy and around-the-clock nursing that inpatient rehabilitation provides.

blog.encompasshealth.com So much has changed during this pandemic. Schools and business have closed, and no longer are we offering handshakes and hugs. Instead we’re donning masks…


Being in inpatient rehabilitatioin during COVID-19 pandemic | Encompass Health

Brenda Stover was halfway through chemo treatments for pancreatic cancer, when she had an embolic stroke. See how she isn't letting a stroke or COVID-19 get in the way of her pancreatic cancer battle and getting back home.

blog.encompasshealth.com One patient shares her story of rehabilitation while battleing cancer and recovering from a stroke during the COVID-19 pandemic


Being a patient during a global pandemic | Encompass Health

In Bill and Loraine Manry’s 60 years of marriage, they’ve rarely spent a night apart. When a recent fall sent him to the hospital, that changed. “I cried when it happened, and said ‘we don’t need to go to the hospital now,’” Lorraine recalled. “We didn’t have a choice, though. I was so nervous with this virus and knowing I couldn’t be with him. I didn’t know what to expect.”

See how we are helping patients and their loved ones stay connected and informed during these times.

blog.encompasshealth.com What it's like to be a non-COVID patient in the hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic and how hospital teams are keeping patients connected to loved ones

Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Dayton

We’re excited to continue serving your community under our new name, Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital of Dayton. We are committed to delivering the highest quality care to our patients. Our clinical collaboration and cutting-edge technologies ensure patients receive the best care for their needs at all times. We’re proud to say our approach helps patients achieve better outcomes. For more information about our post-acute services or to set up a tour of our hospital, please call (937) 424-8200 or visit: encompasshealth.com/daytonrehab.

Be sure to like our main page to receive additional insight, tips and news about Encompass Health!

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