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Saadia Z. Yunus, licensed marriage and family therapist and motivational speaker, offers individual, Yunus, MA, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist and motivational speaker who offers individual, couple, and family therapy, as well as group therapy and workshops.

She also offers mentorship opportunities and is available for speaking engagements throughout the U.S. Yunus, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat offers motivation, tips, tricks, tidbits, articles, quotes, statements, questions, and reflections for the individual, couple, and family striving to change for the better. Along with motivating the individual, she tackles the stigma that exis

Operating as usual


We are better people, better in relationships, better us when we are in tune with our inner selves. Listen in. Pay attention. What are you noticing? In your mind, body, soul.

True personal power lies in hearing the inner world, using strategies to calm, love, heal, strengthen the inner self. Then enter into spaces, in relationships, friendships, etc with intention and purpose.

Have you listened in lately? What are you noticing?

How do you show up in the world? How do you show up for yourself?


I am enough.

And you are enough. You are worthy. You are incredible. You are loved. You shine bright and I see it in you. You are absolutely enough.


Give. It means so many different things to each of us. You get to define what it means and who you give to. Be sure to make space for yourself to discover what it is, what you are comfortable with, and who you are comfortable giving to.

Posts are not therapy. If it applies to you, great. If not, please carry on.

For all my posts, I’m speaking from the heart. From my own personal experience, my experience as a therapist, and as a mom, friend, sister, human, etc.

It’s something that has meaning to me. If it means something to you, I’m glad I was able to put it into words.

Sending love and light. To me and to you. ❤️🌟 We all need it in this painful world.


The inner dialogue is where it’s at. That inner critic runs wild and wreaks havoc on our emotions, our relationships, our lives. Fear often rules the day.

Let’s do the work with a trauma therapist to take back our personal power and lean into love, hope, joy, and compassion.

In the meantime, set boundaries with that inner opinionated voice and pause, breathe, relax the body, and choose your next thought. Make it a good one. One full of self-love, compassion, joy, and complete acceptance of you.



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In any organization, disagreement among coworkers is inevitable and, in many cases, healthy. Even questioning the leadership has its place, as long as the discussion is respectful.

The most effective teams and organizations regularly disagree. Still, traditional work cultures have conditioned us to think that everyone should agree with everything, and the ones with any opposing viewpoint are labeled as troublemakers or disruptors. But if everyone’s always agreeing, how do you know what people are actually thinking?

The worst thing for any company is a leader who surrounds themselves with a sea of yes men or women who agree with everything. To build a great company, you must have some sense of respectful disagreements among your team. As a leader, according to Tori Utley, you will be passionate about your ideas. Even though it can be disheartening to hear a board member, team member, or employee disagree with your idea or strategy, listen to what they have to say.

We need to create safe work cultures that honor differences of opinion. The key is developing the right environment for civil, productive debate to take place and allowing employees to feel safe opening up. No one will ever have all of the right answers, and it’s only through conversation, debate, and yes, even argument that those real ideas come out, and better decisions are made.


Yeah, we’ve worked long and hard to shed those labels. If you’re going to bring them up, it may be time for you to go too. Or at the very least, please expect more boundaries and less contact.

We have been on a growth journey for far too long to allow anyone to pull us back down. We are surrounding ourselves with love, acceptance, encouragement, joy, and peace.

No more nonsense.




What is your foundation? What keeps you grounded when the world is swirling around you?

For me, it’s faith, family, and the work I’m doing in therapy with my therapist. It grounds me to know I’m continuously working on my healing.

What about you?


THIS: Kathy McPherson’s words 🌟

Salvador Ramos was a child with special needs. A stutter. A lisp. Bullied for both, and his clothes and looks. Living in blight below the poverty line. Kids told him he would become a school shooter. And he did.

Yesterday my phone and email inbox were full of messages about "WHAT DO WE DO?" Offers from venues to host a town hall. TV Zoom interviews in Phoenix, Atlanta, Los Angeles.

This is not rocket science and none of us should be shocked one bit.

We should be self-reflective and honest with ourselves.

We have 3 fundamental problems:

1. We have a boy crisis

It is 2022 and we still have not figured out how to teach and support our boys. Their energy is denied in our classrooms, our playgrounds, hallways and some of our homes. If they move, blurt out, or rock their chair, they must have ADHD, hence the tripling of our prescriptions of mood managing drugs for them. Help seeking is still not promoted and they are internally combusting. Some of them are desperate, depressed, and willing to take their lives to get out of their incredible emotional pain.

2. We have little to no coordinated care

Kids need integrated care. A pathway to access care when they're feeling sad, anxious, depressed. School counselors are not clinicians and many of our kids are in acute crisis and well beyond the reach of the school. Our systems cannot handle the massive amounts of stress disorders that have developed from a host of sources, two of the obvious being domestic abuse and neglect, or the opposite, the academic and athletic race to nowhere.

3. Guns
You know that story. Accessible. Promoted. Unchecked.

Kids are after 3 things.

1) A sense of belonging. A place where they don't just fit in, they actually BELONG.

2) Listening without judgment. Actively listening to them and not dismissing or minimizing their truth.

3) A sense of control over their own lives. A voice in their own conflicts. A voice at the table in their kitchen and classrooms. Research has proven children with a low sense of control over their lives are prone to develop chronic mental health issues.

As parents, communities, schools must see this for what it is and get really crystal clear on how well they do the above.

Salvador wanted desperately to belong. For every awful comment that was made about him starting at age 5, it changed his brain, a brain that was already living in a chaotic, tenuous, drug addicted household.

As stated by my colleague, Dr. Aaron Krasnow, "locking doors and staging cops at the front of the school is super, "feels good". But true violence prevention is a function of HEALTHY relationships between children and adults".

I believe Salvador went back to the place it all started. The first place he was made to feel unwanted, unsafe, and invisible. And that, makes unfortunate sense to me.

There are other kids that feel this way. Who have a grievance, an injustice to right. There are guns in our schools. Don't kid yourself, there are.

The questions remain:

What actionable things are you and I doing to create a sense of belonging in our communities?

How do our kids feel heard?

And are we truly allowing them to have a sense of control over their own lives?

Salvador showed up to work at Wendy's every day.

He didn't show up to school.

I hope my local community will join me in answering the questions above. I can't do it alone. It WILL happen here, the ingredients are present. We must act NOW.


Speaking up for yourself is not an easy task. It may take years in therapy, hard work focused in on your inner world, and tons of support from all around you. And then some.

When you have been silenced for so long, you may be unable to use your voice. Rationally, you may think, “Why can’t I say anything?” The answer isn’t so simple. It is a complex one rooted in history, circumstance, and individual nuances.

Trauma therapy is a place to uncover and discover the answer to that question and life is the place to conquer all that holds you back.

Speaking up for yourself builds self-trust because you prove to yourself you have your back no matter what.

The impact is indescribable.

It’s time to step away from the shadows of silence and into the light of self-trust.

The entire staircase can get overwhelming. What’s the next step you’ve got to take to get you where you want to be?


As a therapist, I see financial stress, worries about financial security, and arguments with loved ones about money way too often.

This is why this partnership with Personal Finance | Budgeting l Dan & Kay] is so important to me. I believe in the wisdom and the tools they are providing.

If you want to build wealth, feel confident about your money plan, and actually budget successfully, take a look at this class that will help you shift to actually achieving your financial goals.

To start actually saving money towards your biggest financial goal without getting held back by unexpected expenses, or budgets that just don’t work, sign up for the free class I am promoting for Dan and Kay from Personal Finance | Budgeting l Dan & Kay].

There are way too many relationships that suffer because of arguments about money. Make sure yours isn’t one of them.

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