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Operating as usual


Time to heal💞


One day, it will all make sense💞


Ready or not, here we are. What will 2023 bring? This is your story. Choose your next chapter💞


Change takes time - part of growing is the process. Be thankful for the victories and progress along the way - big or small💞


How are you showing up for yourself during this busy time of year?


Sometimes one of the biggest challenges is owning our own story. Life is what we make it. You are the author, go ahead and take the pen💓






Healing and growing is nowhere near a linear process. The growth often happens in the journey itself.


It's an extremely hard time of year for many. If you are struggling, please reach out for help. There are so many options for you to get support. You are never alone💓


It can be a very hard time of year. Check in with yourself and see how you are doing. Could you use some extra support right now? It's okay to not be okay and it's okay to ask for help💞


Mindset is huge - if you believe you are stuck, you might not look for solutions. If you believe you are broken, you aren't looking to heal. The sooner you realize the control lies within you, the sooner you can make the choice to change things, seek support, etc.


Sometimes it's scary or intimidating to know you are in control, but once you realize the power you have, things start to feel easier💞


Whatever your views, whatever you believe, today is the day to use your voice. Every vote counts!


"Your life is continuously being built out of tiny pieces of time." Want to make changes? Does something need to be different? Start small. You are in control. Choose to change - you deserve the best!



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Practicing gratitude is an evidenced based technique to reduce depression and help us focus more on positivity.
Each night I write in a notebook specifically for gratitude. I dig deep and think of things that are unique to that day - this helps me pick out the positive parts of my day and see how my days each differ from each other, when sometimes they feel the same!
Challenge: Try it! Try to set some time aside at night to reflect on your day and find things to be grateful for.


I hope this weekend left some time for you to recharge in ways that feel good for you 💕


Don't underestimate the power of a good deep breath💓


Shout-out to my daughter for finding this gem!


It's not always rainbow and sunshines, but the power of positivity is real!


Nothing changes if nothing changes!


This right here might be gold! Start small. Set a goal and figure out what stands in your way to reach it. Big or small, you've got this. You are the creator of change💕


When you do look back, do it lovingly💞


A peaceful morning to enjoy my coffee today. Some simple moments of mindfulness to start your day can make a huge difference for the path of your day💞


At the end of the day, you always have you💕


At the end of the day is a great time to practice gratitude or speak compassionately to ourselves. What a great gift to ourselves to reflect on our day, look for the positives, and remind ourselves of everything we accomplished or what we are working towards. Maybe coming up with a couple positive affirmations to say to yourself before you go to sleep. You always deserve the best!


Having an outlet is crucial. Using therapy as a safe space to express yourself can be a game changer.


Hello, October🍂🍁


Your feelings are always valid💞


At the end of the day, you always have you!




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