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More great opportunities to speak to more great people! ✨ Looking forward to presenting (x2!) this week at the re:con! 🗣🎤 Headed to beautiful Traverse City 🍒☀️🍁


More great opportunities to speak to more great people! ✨ Looking forward to presenting (x2!) this week at the re:con! 🗣🎤 Headed to beautiful Traverse City 🍒☀️🍁


Wow 🤩 Feeling beyond honored to have been asked to present for the Department of Defense at the “Regional Health Command - Europe, 2022 Case Management Workshop” in Germany on Monday! 🇩🇪 Thank you, case managers across the globe! 🌍 for all that you do 🤗


Headed to Jackson today to speak to some awesome healthcare heroes ⛑💪 on moving beyond burnout, self-care, wellness & resilience! Honored, as always ✨ You are appreciated!🙏❤️


If you’re looking for a Virtual Ethics Course that is not 😴 🥱 ? My goal is to keep BOTH of us awake! 😂 (Luckily, I’ve been told I’ve been pretty successful at this! 🙌 ) Join us for an engaging course that fulfills the required 6.0 Ethics CEUs for Social Workers & others 🙌 (Link & more info in comments)!


I’m thrilled and honored to be presenting to another awesome group of professionals tomorrow on ➡️ Building Resilience, Self-Care, Overcoming Burnout, Reclaiming Our Wellness & More! 🌟 @ St. Clair County Health Department - (Side note…. the views here!!! 🤩🤩🤩 The Blue Water Bridge is 😍😍🤩🌉🌉)


Myself & Dr. King are thrilled to be onstage again! 🎤 🤩 We will be presenting 2️⃣ seminars at NAFC’s Annual Conference next week in Las Vegas!🌟
National Association of Forensic Counselors


I am honored to present this week at TheBrain Injury Association of Michigan - BIAMI’s Annual Conference! Myself & Dr Colin King will be discussing: Cooccurring Diagnoses, Acquired Brain Injury, Substance Use Disorders & Mental Health, as well as new data & research coming out on cannabis use(s)!

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I had an awesome time up north presenting for an amazing group of public health professionals on health, wellness, resilience, overcoming burnout, self-care & more! Amazing people, amazing time 🤩 Plus i got to see the beginning of some beautiful Fall colors! 🍂🍁🍃🍂🍁🍃


I am humbled for the opportunity to speak to these healthcare heros as the keynote speaker at "Michigan's Premier Public Health Conference" next month in Grand Rapids 🌟 I will be speaking on Pandemic-related trauma, burnout & anxiety as well as post-traumatic resilience, healing, coping and growth! 🌟 More info in comments!


I am honored to present at the National Conference for the Case Management Society of America (CMSA) this week, on, "The Value of the Therapeutic Relationship in the Practice of Case Management" 🌟 More info in comments! Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries! 🙂


Give yourself time to sit with this. 💕

(Edited to add that these are not my words. I don’t know whose they are, I just came upon an image of them.)


Trauma reactions look like… fear, withdrawal, aggression, self harm, anxiety, perfectionism, people pleasing, addiction, passivity, poor boundaries… to name a few…


Affirming words may not be our cultures’ strong suit, but that’s also why it’s so powerful when we do actually receive a verbal affirmation.

For those who are new to receiving and giving affirmation, ease into it. Speak it over yourself, to your inner child, and see what resonates. Choose a few that you can say to your child sincerely. See what hits home for them.

Expressing connection and validation may feel cringey and awkward at first—just like learning any new thing—but it’s so worth it when we see the safety and bond that it creates with our children.

HT Chanelle Sowden Counselling

Photos from Nedra Tawwab's post 12/22/2021

Photos from Nedra Tawwab's post

Photos from Stephanie M Huhn Psychotherapist, Speaker, Trauma Specialist's post 10/22/2021

Very excited to speak next week with my wonderful colleague, Dr. Colin King, at the Association for Addiction Professionals (NAADAC) National Conference! We will be speaking on Understanding & Treatment of Co-Occurring Diagnoses: Substance Use Disorders, Brain Injury, and Mental Helath Diagnoses. More info here:

EVENTS 10/19/2021


I am very grateful for the honor and opportunities to present & speak lately - especially during these difficult times. I have updated my website with my recent and upcoming presentations. Please reach out if you are interested in a presentation for your team, company or group 🌟

EVENTS Pandemic-Fatigue, Burnout & Trauma: Understanding, Managing & Healing the Physiological and Psychological Consequences of Covid-19 for Healthcare Professionals


Part of why I love speaking/presenting so much is the opportunity I get to broaden my own knowledge, awareness, empathy and connections with others. I had the opportunity today to present on "Pain Management," for a great group of professionals. I will be presenting this same seminar again on Nov 12th of this year, as well as next year on Jan 25th, March 24th and April 27th. More info here:


I had the awesome opportunity last week to present for a great group of mental health professionals. I love speaking, in part, becuase I always learn so much and connect with other people in the process. I will be presenting this seminar, via CMHAM, throughout this year and next. More info, if interested, here:


I wonder if a lot of our parenting struggles arise because we’ve got the wrong job description.
Let’s remember what our job really is!

(Caveat: I don’t think it’s my job to “meet my own needs.” We are social and interdependent beings and some needs can only be met in relationship with others. But it IS my job to recognize my needs, communicate them, and seek ways to have them met.)

Image: on IG

[IMAGE DESCRIPTION: two columns of teal text on white background. Left column says,
“not MY JOB
Meet everyone’s needs
Make others happy
To be liked by everyone
Apologize for boundaries
To save/fix other people
Be hard on myself
Take care of the reactions of others
Do everything on my own”

Right column says,
Meet my own needs
Find my own happiness
To like myself
Create clear boundaries
Be of support to others
Give myself gentleness
Be responsible for and tend to my own feelings
Learn how to ask for help”

happy whole way logo at top of image.]


Rethink the “norms” 👏

Photos from Untigering's post 07/17/2021

Photos from Untigering's post


I am super excited to be working with the Community Mental Health Association of Michigan as a trainer for their professional CE/ continuing education courses on Ethics & Pain Management! For more info, brochures & registration see links in comments below 😃


I don't need help. - I don't need others. - I'll do it all myself!

Sound familiar??

That was me, and it kept me sick in my addiction and suffering for years. I never understood it was a trauma response. I was afraid of being rejected, and toxic shame had my number.

I learned early on not to trust my parents, especially my father, who I feared. Remember, as children; we must attach and throw out our authenticity. So I learned not to ask for support because I could be hurt and not trust others - even loved ones.

Children are geniuses at surviving by creating stories about the situation as a way to stay safe, even if that means throwing themselves under the bus. Today, if I am triggered ‘not to trust’ I remind myself - to honor little Paul, and it brings me great compassion for adult me. I then recognize its past programming and not who I am.

My distrust came from losing connection to our authentic self because the essential parent-child trust bond was never well established. I became a little boy who believed that it must be my fault if something went wrong. I continued to distrust adulthood, not realizing it was a coping mechanism to shield my heart from abuse, neglect, betrayal, and disappointment from those who could not or would not be there for me.

We can also learn not to trust from the following experiences:
Lovers who offered sexual intimacy but never provided a haven that honoured your heart.

From situations when someone told you "we're in this together" or "I got you" then left you, leaving you to pick up the pieces when s**t got real, leaving you to handle your part and their part, too.

We learned along the way that we just couldn't trust people. Or that we could trust people, but only up to a certain point.
Extreme independence, sorry to say, is a trust issue coming from some unhealed (possible unknown) trauma.

Trauma healing is still in its infancy. We are the pioneers in the recovery of multiple generations of trauma. Our parents, grandparents, etc., would have no insight on the importance of the effects of trauma on children and themselves.

We can all be pioneers in the healing of the world.

Remember: No one is born with the belief - I am not worthy or said, "give me some trauma with a side of addiction.'

Compassion – More Compassion – Deeper Compassion.

The good news is that trauma that can be acknowledged is trauma that can be healed. In fact we can then thrive and help many others do the same.

Have a wonderful weekend
Paul Noiles


We can’t always see what we (and others) are carrying ❤️

Support my work and see many comics like these ahead of time:

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I have several openings for individual psychotherapy clients via telehealth (must be in Michigan) ☺️
If interested, the link to schedule will be in the comments ⤵️




The MBIPC - Michigan Brain Injury Provider Council hosts a monthly educational series where experts in the field of brain injury speak on various clinical topics 🗣 I’m thrilled for the opportunity to speak at their May 11th virtual event ⭐️ (See Links Below for More ⤵️⤵️)
⭐️ To REGISTER click here 👉
⭐️ For MORE INFO click here 👉


I just cherish the Michigan School of Psychology, (aka MSP) ✨ I have such fond memories there as a grad student & I deeply value their humanistic approach, mission & values 🙏🌱 I am honored and excited to be speaking at MSP this month (virtually) on May 28th ⭐️ To Register & for more info see link here 👉

Timeline photos 04/25/2021


Timeline photos 04/25/2021

Dysfunctional behaviors were once functional solutions to very dysfunctional circumstances you had to endure 😞 Be kind to yourself 🙏🌱❤️

Timeline photos 04/25/2021

Preserve your peace🌱❤️

Timeline photos 04/25/2021

This is manipulation, control and mental & emotional ABUSE.

Timeline photos 04/25/2021

Also codependency, constant apologizing, low self-confidence, poor boundaries, trouble saying “no,” obsessive and/or compulsive behaviors and others 🌱🙏 (look under resources) ❤️

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