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Reiki and Himalayan Singing Bowls Sound Bath. Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also Sneha has been practicing Reiki for the past eight years.

Sneha Agrawal is a certified Usui/Holy Fire III ® Reiki Practitioner, Certified Himalayan Singing Bowl Practitioner, Certified Angel Guide and Narayan Reiki Master. She was introduced to Reiki when she was a child by her mother, who is also a Narayan Reiki Master. Sneha was born and brought up in India and moved to Columbus a little over four years ago. She incorporates crystals, and sound healing

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Cleansing and balancing chakras with a guided meditation, soothing sound of the bowls and affirmations at dh.crystal.company on Friday, October 28, 6:30- 8 pm. See you there!

CHAKRA ALIGNEMENT WITH SINGING BOWLS Friday October 28th : 6.30pm - 8:00pm EST : Cost: $30 In this workshop, we will be focusing on aligning the major energy centers (chakras) of the body so that energy flows optimally throughout the body, thereby helping the body to function at the most optimum level. You will be guided with a chakra....

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What a great start to the weekend! Thank you for attending Deep Relaxation Sound Bath!😇✨☯️🧘‍♀️

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A simple full moon release exercise!

Timeline photos 05/10/2022

Timeline photos

Today’s Doodle: Courage ♥

Image description: A person with long purple hair is diving into the sea. There are little hearts all around them. The caption says, “It takes courage to dive into the deep sea of healing.” The artwork is by Mollycules.

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Happy Monday! :)

Today’s Doodle: Compassion Connects ♥

Image Description: Two little monks are facing each other. Each is holding up one-half of a heart puzzle piece. Both of the pieces are interlocked, creating a whole heart. The caption says, “Compassion Connects.” The artwork is by Mollycules.


Thought is energy, and your Mind’s job is to move that energy into motion (E+motion). If you can change your Thought about something, you can create a different Emotion around it—which will produce a different Experience of it.

Timeline photos 04/06/2022

Timeline photos

Today’s Doodle: Simple Things ♥

Image description: Ooty is sitting in a reading chair, sipping his tea. Zed is mindfully arranging a bouquet. The curtains are open, and the morning sun is shining in, lighting up the entire room. The caption says, “Simple things bring great joy.” The artwork is by Mollycules.

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Today’s Doodle: Shine your light ♥

Image description: Ooty and Zed are standing at the top of a hill, and each has their hands in namaste. They look peaceful. The sun is rising, and the sky is a pink and golden color. The caption says, “Fill the world with your light.” The artwork is by Mollycules.

Daily Affirmations by Louise Hay 10/18/2021

Daily Affirmations by Louise Hay

Our thoughts are commands to the universe!

Daily Affirmations by Louise Hay Everything in my life works now and forevermore.

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A team that meditates together! Thank you Beautiful by Tashalynn for inviting me into your space and letting me play for you! 🧘‍♀️✨💖


We are magicians! We create our own reality. When we vibrate at a high frequency and command the universe it responds to our wishes instantaneously. Happy manifesting!


Birthday Sound Bath

Birthday Sound Bath for Jessica L. Carbetta

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What a fun way to celebrate a birthday! Ladies, thank you so much for inviting me into your space and letting me play for you!


It’s time to announce our GIVEAWAY WINNERS!!! 🥳Thank you for participating and showing us so much love!❤

1st Prize - Reiki charged Carribean Blue Calcite tower and a 60 min Reiki session - Mariah Bordenet

2nd Prize - Reiki charged Lapis Lazuli sphere and a 45 min Reiki session - Susan Manning

3rd Prize - A 45 min Reiki session - Cyndle Lyn Reed

Congratulations!!! 🤩 Please DM us to claim your prizes and set up Reiki appointments by September 10, 2021.

As a token of appreciation, I am offering everyone who participated in the giveaway and has never tried Reiki a free 30 min Reiki session. Please DM me if you are interested.😊

Love & Blessings,


I needed this reminder today to get myself out of the negative thinking abyss that my ego/mind sometimes puts me into. We are powerful beings and we can command our reality only if we truly trust ourselves and the universe. Happy creating! Lots of love and hugs!❤

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Emerald Energies Wellness is turning ONE this month! Woo hoo! 🥳 I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your immense love and support during this past year. ❤️ I am both humbled and honored to be able to assist you on this journey. 🙏 This past year has given me so much joy and satisfaction to see you grow with me and Emerald Energies. I am really happy to announce a giveaway to celebrate our anniversary! 😀

🎊 1st Prize - Reiki charged Caribbean Blue Calcite tower and a 60 min Reiki session
🎊 2nd Prize - Reiki charged Lapis Lazuli sphere and a 45 min Reiki session
🎊 3rd Prize - A 45 min Reiki session

To enter -
🌟 Follow Emerald Energies Wellness www.instagram.com/emeraldenergieswellness/
🌟 Like this post
🌟 Tag a friend in comments

🌟 For an extra entry, share this post to your stories and let us know in the comments when you do, extra entry only valid if the above 3 steps are completed.

Entries close midnight (EST) on 30th of August. Winner will be announced on August 31st around 6 PM (EST) in our stories. Must be a United States resident and 18+ yr to enter. Facebook/Instagram is in no way affiliated nor do they endorse this giveaway.

🌈 Goodluck!!!

💖 Bonus: All in person sessions in August come with a special Reiki charged crystal just for you! 🤩


So happy to be presenting an experiential sound healing workshop (Aug 7, 4pm) at the Gift of lIght Expo this weekend! Click the link below for details! ✨✨✨

This weekend at Gift of Light Expo SUMMER Hilliard!
PDF: www.giftoflightexpo.com


"Peace is this moment without thinking that it should be some other way, that you should feel some other thing, that your life should unfold according to your plans." --- Peace is inside you, always. :)

7 Simple Tools To Clear Negative Energy From Your Space 07/14/2021

7 Simple Tools To Clear Negative Energy From Your Space

Feeling drained? Try these simple tools to clear your energy and the energy of the space around you and notice the difference. Good energy hygiene is crucial for the optimum functioning of your mind, body and soul :)

7 Simple Tools To Clear Negative Energy From Your Space Good vibes only

What Is the Big Deal about Vibrations? 07/01/2021

What Is the Big Deal about Vibrations?

What we send out to the universe comes back to us in multiples, so let's focus on keeping our vibrations high! :)

What Is the Big Deal about Vibrations? What are the vibrations, how do they work, what influences them and what can you do to keep your vibrations on a higher level.

What the heck is Reiki and should you try it? - Metro Philadelphia 06/28/2021

What the heck is Reiki and should you try it? - Metro Philadelphia

A simple explanation of what a Reiki session entails :)

What the heck is Reiki and should you try it? - Metro Philadelphia I walked into my first Reiki session not knowing much. While I’ve always been a proponent of alternative therapies, like yoga and acupuncture, the practice of Reiki just s...

Instagram Photos 06/24/2021

The first full moon of summer 2021, also known as the Strawberry Moon arrives Thursday (June 24) at 2:40 p.m. EDT :) It's a great time to release that no longer serves you. ✨✨✨



Hey lovely people! Still wanting to get your energy tune up for the month of June? I have a few openings this weekend and next week. Please message me to set up your appointments :) Love & Blessings! 💖


Let nature heal you! 💚💚💚


The key to prayer is knowing what you are asking for is possible 😚

Thank you angels 👼


When we are in joy and loving life, we are in that vortex of energy where we manifest our wishes effortlessly. Are you in the vortex? Do things that bring you joy and life will become easy and abundant. :)


What have you secretly dreamt of doing but are afraid to act because of fear of failure? The universe always has your back, follow your dreams!


Are you choosing to be the most authentic YOU? :)




Looking for a unique gift this Mother's Day? Gift your mom a Reiki healing session or even better attend a private sound bath session with her 🙂 Both sessions are extremely relaxing so you and mom will love it! All Mother's Day purshases are 10% off! Happy Mother's Day! :)


This is where your True Self or Divine Self resides, and you can access it whenever you want💖

Today's doodle ❤

Image description: A little monk in a purple robe is sitting and meditating. She looks joyful and has one hand on her beautiful glowing pink heart. She is holding a jewel to her heart. The caption says: “Deep within each of us is a magical jewel that cannot be scratched, no matter the difficulties. It is the source of healing, joy, and wisdom.” Caption and art created by Mollycules.


Happy Friday! :)


What you put out is what comes back to you! So let's radiate pure divine love and feel it coming back to us in the form of love, joy, abundance and so much more






🌕 Charge em if you got em! ✨💜


May you open your hearts to heal, grow and inspire more this Spring!🙂


New Moon is a great time for new beginnings and setting intentions! What do you desire? Create a list of things today that you would like to manifest in the future, visualize them happening, feel the emotions you would feel when it manifested and then surrender your wishes with complete faith to the universe :)

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Birthday Sound Bath
Some weekend inspiration! :)





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