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Gaur Gopal Das

Do you know how powerful you are?

Being encaged in our comfort zone, often we tend to forget the potential we are blessed with. This bird had been in a cage for a long time and thus had forgotten its ability to fly high. But no captivity and not even the power of time can take our potential away from us. Yes, it may be hard and may take a lot of effort. But most certainly we can fly high (based on our individual capacities of course) because that’s what we are meant to do.

And our greatest fortune is when we have those whose words, example and inspiration can free us from the cage of our complacency (like the people in the video who freed the bird from the cage).

After that, it’s our journey. We have to keep flapping our wings until we realise the magical power we have been given. Keep flapping, keep trying! You can fly. Try, try, try and one day you will be able to fly.

Isn’t it amazing also to be surrounded by those who want us to fly and celebrate when we can than by those who don’t want us to and feel insecure by our progress. Choose your company wisely.

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For those of you working at home who are not used to it: don’t minimize the importance of being able to separate work from home. The commute is important for that separation. The commute allows you to leave work at work and home at home. It allows you to process what happened at each place and then leave it there. It allows time to think, to come up with solutions, to be alone, to be mindful. It may be helpful to somehow give yourself back that boundary. Before and after work go for a drive, go for a walk, do something that gives you back that work/home separation.


You. Can. Do. It.


The future is not inevitable. It’s down to you.


Do you remember when the worst thing in the world was forgetting to take your shoes to school and having to wear your snow boots all day?


The purpose of exploring is not to find what’s out there but to find yourself.


Peace Be The Journey.


If you stress too much about something before it happens you basically put yourself through it twice.




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