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Hey all! I am going to switch to a group page set up vs this biz page. So don’t be surprised when I send you group info 🙂 I will stop using this one once it is all set up :)


New products being released at convention today!!! Radiant Defense and makeup removing wipes and eye makeup remover! Yeesssss


Yep! Your skin may be overcompensating with oil trying to rid it of dryness! Hydrate that skin people!


Wooaahhhhh. I haven’t posted since around Thanksgiving?! Yikes! Don’t worry, I’m still here and available to answer questions and help you with your skin care needs 🙂


Cyber Monday!!!! 3 fantastic personally sponsored promos!

💥Enroll as a new PC (Preferred Customer) with the purchase of a Regimen or bundle, and you a FREE travel regimen from me!!

💥New Consultants who join me: Receive Cash back or lash boost! (Contact for details!)

💥Existing Customers who make a purchase today (any dollar amt)....get my wholesale pricing on that purchase! I personally refund the difference!

Here is a link to our Solution Tool to check out which Regimen is best for you or someone as a gift!


Give yourself or a friend the gift of amazing eyes this year this great gift set of Bright Eye Complex, Lash Boost, lash curler and a cute bag! Arrives packaged in a box and ready to gift! Save 10% and get free shipping as a preferred customer.


Saw this one photo so I had to try it for myself! Don't mind the dirty feet! 😮 All I did was apply the Active Hydration Serum, no exfoliation, no follow up moisturizer!

Layering our body lotion after the serum would be even better, since it is a layering serum, but I wanted to try the AHS on its own. And what can I say, it works!


Think you are too busy to add in a "Side gig" with an awesome company? Take a listen if you have a few minutes. Then shoot me a message so we can chat!


Skincare isn't just a "girl thing". Boys have it even harder sometimes because they cannot cover and hide what bothers them with makeup.

What can I say, the photos speak for themselves. This teen was struggling with acne, and now 3 mos later, check it out. He has asked his mom to please refill his products for him. :) Do you know someone who is struggling with acne that would like to start the school year off with clearer skin? Let's get them started now. Save 10% and get free shipping as a preferred customer, and as always, 60 day empty bottle guarantee.

The biggest beauty brand in the US is making its way to Australia

All of my Australians and Australia dwellers! Do you or someone you know have an interest in being one of the first to launch THE #1 beauty brand in the US in Australia in May?! #1 means we have beaten out Lancôme, Clinique, Neutrogena, and any other brand selling skincare- not just direct sales arena. Over $1 Billion in sales. This isn't your average direct sales company. I would LOVE to be there at the beginning of this brand taking over the same title down the road one day in Australia! Message me if you have a referral or are interested in seeing what this company is about.

And get ready - because this one is set to disrupt the status quo.


Whhaaatttt?!? Read entire post :)

Just released: Our skincare brand is the #1 skincare brand in the US, across all price points and categories- not just direct sales but EVERY skin care channel! AND we are officially a BILLION DOLLAR BRAND, AND the #1 premium skincare brand in ALL of North is a REALLY good day and time to get on board with using or selling. This stuff is legit.

💥💥💥💥In honor of this all happening, I am running the following personally sponsored specials for the month of April:💥💥💥💥

⭐️Join this company on our team and be a part of the little direct sales company that beat all of the big name brands in stores and I will give you $75-$100 back in your pocket (towards the product kit purchases)💰💰💰

⭐️Become a preferred customer and start seeing what this brand is all about and get a free self tanner.

⭐️EVERYONE, new customer (retail or preferred) or old customer, that purchases anything this month will be entered to win a full size microdermabrasion paste!


Rodan & Fields Dermatologists - Sara Anderson's cover photo


My personal results! Lash boost is not a Mascara. It is a serum applied to the upper Lash line, once a day, before bed. These photos are taken with me wearing Mascara.


Today!!! Read entire post! Nov 2, Lash BOOST becomes available for purchase (no longer for consultants only :))! They are expecting high demand so please message me if you need help placing an order. The Lash Boost will be bundled in a holiday bundle...lash boost, mini Redefine eye cream, and a cute little makeup case :) In honor of this new product, I am doing a few giveaways this month for the launch and those that order LASH Boost today (Nov 2) will get 3 entries into the drawing instead of only one!


Let me know if you want in! :)


Interested in finding out more about the products or the business in a no pressure environment, AND have the chance to win some free products??? Tomorrow night, our team is hosting a live Facebook event to do just that. If you would like me to add you to the private group, please message me, or comment below and I'll get you in :)


Agh, dry skin weather is fast approaching. Here are 10 tips to beat dry winter skin from Beauty Editor:
9. BEAT DRY SKIN STRAIGHT OUT OF THE SHOWER (apply lotion to damp skin)
Whether for your face, lips, body, or all of the above, R&F has products for all skin types to help nix this pesky winter problem and address the points listed above!


Winter is on the way! Are your lips ready for the cold and wind?


Rodan & Fields Dermatologists - Sara Anderson's cover photo


Rodan & Fields Dermatologists - Sara Anderson


$200-450 for eyelash extensions (yes guys, this is a thing 💁🏼), and then coming back 1-2 times a month for maintenance to keep them looking as good as day 1...look at these prices in pics I just took from legit websites. One is from a place in Ashburn, VA, one in GA, TX and AZ... prices are pretty consistent. Why not try to grow your own (and with a product that does not contain an ingredient that can change your eye color as a side effect 😬) first that will be longer and thicker without mascara clumped on??? And with a product and company that backs that you will like it with a 60 day guarantee (and 5 years of clinical trial effort)! Seems like a no brainer. If you have extensions, or are considering them, or know someone who is, message me. This is a consultant only product until early November, but I will be sure you get one when available, or we can talk about how you can get it before Nov 2. Invest in the health of your eyelashes, vs glue and fibers!


Wow, I have been TERRIBLE at updating this page lately! So let's start with a couple Before and Afters and a little referral incentive for everyone who can see this!

Network marketing relies on word of mouth...well if you can refer someone to me that becomes a preferred customer, I will send you a crisp $20! If you refer someone to me that becomes a consultant with one of the business kits, I will send you a crisp $50. Referral fees for each person you send my way that does one of the two things above! :) Very good pay for what may take you 2 minutes out of your day.

Rodan + Fields - Australia

Australia! It's almost time! Imagine being one of the first to launch a new brand in a country. I know from my Pharma days that launch time is exciting, you are the newest and coolest thing out, and money is always good then. If you, or any friends in the country have interest, shoot me a message. Or if you see US based but have lots of Australian connections, we can get you running here and you can launch your own team there, virtually!

Rodan + Fields® is redefining the future of anti-aging skincare. Founded by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, world-renowned dermatologists and creators of Proactiv® Solution, we are a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology-based skincare products backed by clinically...


Benefits of exfoliation a few times a week from "The Doctors" TV:

• Detoxification of the skin
• Brightens the complexion
• Gets rid of dead, dull skin cells
• Reveals healthy, younger skin
• Reduces fine lines and sun damage
• Improves skin tone
• Kills bacteria and prevents breakouts
• Improves product pe*******on and treatment results

Let me help you find an exfoliating product that is right for your skin!


Transformation Tuesday: Focus on Soothe!

Sensitive skin? Redness? Dry and itchy? Look at some of the photos below and see if they hit home with you or a loved one. If so, please shoot me a message and we can discuss if Soothe may help. If your current skincare isn't helping, or you are contemplating a trip to the dermatologist, it is worth a 60 day trial! (60 day $ back guarantee)


Wedding season is upon us...that means photos, sometimes insanely close up ones. June weddings, summer beach weddings, early Fall weddings, you have time to get your skin looking its' best ! You are cleaning your skin now, but is that enough? Enhance your features with wedding makeup vs caking on coverup and thick foundations that will melt off or settle in fine lines...


Want $100 right now AND a business to call your own?

In honor of now being the #2 (up from #4 last year!) Premium Skincare brand in the US, I am looking to bring on 2 new consultants to my team that are looking to start their own businesses marketing/selling/using/sharing these awesome products! AND will give you $100 back in cash when you join with a business builder kit!!!

Think if someone gave you access to sell products that compete with Clinique or Lancome from your couch/phone/just recommending them?? That's what I am doing!

Message me for information. You won't regret it.


Hey guys! R&F products aren't just for girls…Skin changes do not discriminate: aging, sun damage, acne, sensitive skin. There is nothing wrong with putting down that bar of soap and picking up some skin care!


I was in pharma sales for 8 years and my personal coverage and coverage for brand medications were awesome. Simple co-pays. Not a lot of red tape. Insurance costs and what is covered and deductibles have all gone to crap. And now I hear that insurances aren't covering prescrip acne meds or if they do it is at the highest tier bc it is more "cosmetic". If you, or your child, or someone you know is in this predicament, talk to me about Unblemish. Unlike prescriptions, if it doesn't work, you get your $$$ back! Don't let insurance companies say you can't have clear skin without a gigantic price tag. End rant.


Do you want to represent something that actually helps people? That can change their opinions about themselves and about how they "think" other people see them? That allows those you are helping to return products if they aren't seeing the promised results?

I am going to be very up front and say that I was skeptical about the products and the whole consultant thing when I was approached about selling as a "back up plan" for my pharmaceutical sales job (the industry is notorious for layoffs). I had never heard of the line of products, and was like oh no, it's a party company (it is not, and you don't carry inventory), and even so, I decided to go for it, and try the products myself before recommending them to anyone…why would I do that if i was so skeptical??? Well, because even as a consultant, I had 60 days to decide if it was right for me, or I could return the entire kit I chose!

I have been in sales and sales management for YEARS (13 years since JMU…wow, i'm getting old ;)) and I refuse to sell/promote a product that is sub par and that I do not believe in bc you are a representation of what you sell. Well, needless to say, these products do work. People who are using them are seeing results. I have received messages about how much better their skin feels, how their acne is under control, how their brown spots have faded or are fading, etc. How the products feel good on their skin. If I did not get the positive feedback about the products that I get regularly, and the repeat orders because they are happy with them, I would not continue to recommend these products. And to answer the first thing that I hear, NO you do NOT have to be a sales person to be a consultant. You simply have to be someone that believes in the products, wants to get them to others, and is willing to recommend something to someone (think about how often you recommend a restaurant, or a movie, etc…you do so because you really think it's a good place to go).

So if you want to not only receive a discount on products for yourself, but also be able to help get these products to people who can benefit from them (as developed by the same 2 practicing dermatologists that created proactiv - the acne line is different that proactiv, personally i was not a fan of Proactiv), and help them have great skin without paying an arm and a leg to get derm treatments done (especially with how insurances are not paying for things anymore), then shoot me a message. If you are interested in finding out how these products can help your skin, but you don't want to promote them, shoot me a message as well. I am here to help.


Rodan & Fields Dermatologists - Sara Anderson


A few more before and afters!


I know I post a lot of pretty dramatic before and afters….well, that's to show just how well the products can work. HOWEVER, mild acne, mild discoloration, beginning stages of aging, etc, can all also benefit from these products. And frankly it is better to catch and correct early on before it gets bad! Here is an example:


Mini regimen! R&F Microdermabrasion paste and the Unblemish wash used as a mask. 2-3 times a week. Blackhead buster!

Rodan + Fields

HEY ALL! I have noticed that many of you silently watch my posts but are shy to actually message me about it or comment…that is, until I run into you in person and then you tell me you have wanted to talk with me about a skin concern/product! No need to wait to see me :) SO, let's help each other out, I want you to feel comfortable sending me messages and telling me your concerns at any time, and I want to be able to help you find the combination of products to best help these concerns and share these products with you. The solutions tool posted below is a very easy thing to use to break the ice and start getting you thinking about what concerns you may have…if you have these results emailed to me, I can see what the tool recommends and then we can pair it down or up depending on what you truly want (yes, I will shoot you an email back to discuss, pressure free) and work with your wants and budget. If you take this step (do tool and email results) for yourself and for me to help share these products, I will enter you in a drawing for a full size Redefine Eye Cream to be drawn on 2/7/2016, and everyone that completes it, and emails it, will also automatically get a mini facial (samples of eye serum, lip serum and microdermabrasion paste)! Let's share the love this February!

Founded in 2002, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists ® is a skincare company committed to connecting people with the products, the knowledge, the resources and the opportunities to change skin and to change lives.


Edinburg, VA


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