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Services include LASER, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, tPEMF, therapeutic ultra

Roaring Fork Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness is looking to serve you and your pet’s needs by providing a through evaluation, a diagnosis of your pet’s condition, a home exercise program, post-operative therapy, management of existing conditions, and/or weight loss management.

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June playing in the treadmill

June is playing in the treadmill during her therapy session. Good job learning how to walk again!

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Bruiser loves the underwater treadmill.

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Sunny loves to play in the snow!

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Shiloh is an inspiration to older dogs!

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Best Wishes to All

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Two Bernese Mountain Dogs saying "hello" to eachother through the underwater treadmill glass. Do they think its a mirror?

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Congratulations go out to Mollee and her handler Terry who together earned a total of 3 firsts, 2 seconds, 3 thirds & a fourth place two weeks ago at the AKC agility weekend in Denver, Colorado. Terry explains, "It was a dream weekend! I'd like to thank Dr. Mandel from Roaring Fork Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness plus the Docs at Alpine Animal Hospital for helping her get Miss Mollee ready to run! " Congratulations again Mollee and Terry; great job!!

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Zelda is recovering from cervical spinal surgery and is getting accupuncture, laser, and pulsed electro magnetic field therapy, all at the same time. And lost of lovin!

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Rehabilitation for Hip-Dysplasia is beneficial for dogs in all stages of the disease. Rehabilitation entails decreasing inflammation, strengthening the muscles around the hip joint itself, and thereby reducing pain. The disease progression varies by individual but the problems arise when the head of the femur continues to gradually slip in/out of the hip socket causing the hip-socket to become more shallow and the femoral head to flatten; which in turn causes more slipping of the head of the femur in/out of the hip socket. This is a vicious cycle that will not get better on its own.
Hip-dysplasia syndrome is diagnosed by radiographs (X ray pictures) and by manipulation of the hip joints themselves.

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Info For Vets:
Roaring Fork Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness is a facility designed to offer state of the art small animal physical rehabilitation. We are NOT a veterinary medical clinic looking to perform the veterinary services that you traditionally provide for your patients. We offer rehabilitation services, which mimics “physical therapy” for humans, but we work with animal patients suffering from lameness, injuries, and/or post-op surgical intervention. Therefore, we want to colaborate with you to improve your patient’s quality of life and provide a written guarantee that records and patients will be returned to you.

Benefits for your patients and practice include faster recovery time following surgical procedures or injury plus local access to state of the art rehabilitation equipment and professional personnel. Together we can enhance patient outcome and client satisfaction. Your input, feedback, and suggestions will always be welcome because communication between Roaring Fork Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness and your veterinary clinic is imperative to ensure quality of care for your patients.

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Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation uses a gentle electrical current to stimulate nerves and muscle tissue to respond post injury. The electrodes are placed to facilitate muscle contractions of a specific muscle or muscle group.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation is used to treat muscle spasm, muscle atrophy, pain, joint swelling, fractures, tendon strains, muscle strains, muscle timing, neurologic atrophy, and circulatory disorders.

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Acupuncture is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine which uses fine needle insertion into the body at specific points with the goal of creating a beneficial response within the body, such as pain relief, muscle relaxation, change in organ metabolism, and neurological stimulation. Acupuncture may stimulate an immune response to induce anti-inflammatory properties to result in pain-relief and physical healing. The acupuncturist uses combinations of acupuncture points to elicit the desired effects.

Acupuncture is beneficial when treating pain, inflammation, muscle tension, muscle spasm, neurologic injuries, anxiety, chronic injury to joints, chronic muscle and tendon strain, post-operative, and physiologic imbalances.

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Hydrotherapy uses the benefits of warm water (80°F-90°F) which helps muscles relax to decrease pain and muscle spasm. The hydrostatic pressure of the water reduces swelling by adding pressure to the body and thereby reducing edema in the limbs. Water resistance promotes maximum muscle use and minimum pain during exercise, plus it can intensify the workout because heart rate and oxygen consumption increases when working in water compared to land. The water also decreases concussion on joints and bones during exercise plus it helps the animal balance since they are only carrying 60-80% of their total weight.

Roaring Fork Animal Rehabilitation & Fitness uses the Ferno AQUA Paws Under Water Treadmill. It has easy access to exercise chamber, clear doors and windows for excellent viewing. The water height is regulated to accommodate different breeds and to adjust for stages of weight bearing for different patients. It has a digital wall display for treadmill speed, time, and distance travelled.

Hydrotherapy is used to treat muscle injury, tendon injury, ligament injury, arthritis, orthopaedic surgery post-operatively, neurologic conditions both pre and post-operatively, muscle weakness, weight loss, weight management, and aerobic conditioning.

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Therapeutics are treatments, tools, or machines commonly utilized by “Physical Therapists” for humans. These include therapeutic ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation (LASER), and acupuncture. To learn more about these go to our website at


Ricky using the Underwater Treadmill to help strengthen his hips.

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Fitness is an important component of your pets health, where strength training and weight loss may be useful for your pet, especially as they age. Our fitness evaluations are for dogs that are not performing as well as they used to but they are not lame, nor have they been injured, or had surgery. Dogs can be very hard on their bodies, and minor injuries can lead to a life time of problems. The therapist will work to identify minor spinal, pelvic, rib, or muscular tension/dysfunctions, as well as co-ordination issues. Manual therapy and exercise programs are prescribed to address these concerns as early as possible.

*It is important to note that our fitness evaluations are not intended to replace your regular veterinary check-up and care. If your animal is lame, has been injured, has had surgery, please see your regular veterinarian before scheduling a fitness appointment with us as our services are intended to complement regular veterinary care. We want to work with your veterinarian to maximally benefit your pet’s health.

Rehabilitation Center 03/28/2013

Rehabilitation Center

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June playing in the treadmill





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