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Heather Janis, CMHt
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Creating a personalized hypnotherapy experien It is my mission to offer each client a secure, effective, and inspiring environment to guide them toward internal exploration using personalized hypnotherapy processes which allow each client to locate their own personal resources to facilitate the utmost change they desire.

Operating as usual


A very dear friend of mine mentioned how amazing my life looks in my IG posts. I do post a lot of the neato things that happen throughout my days and I think I probably share more emotion and hard truths than the average folk too. Now everything I go through isn’t exactly mine to share and there’s just no way for us to know everything any single person is experiencing. Each person has a story and those people connected to that person also have their own stories and entangled stories too. These stories go way beyond any fun social media post.

The struggle with the idea of sharing only the exciting moments has reeled in me for years. I once thought about different randomized ways of sharing whatever was going on in my life at certain times vs only picking out the seemingly “best” moments.

Hence this mushroom. And just another basic moment in the life of a basic girl. I opened my mailbox last night after arriving home from a session and there it was. Like, why though? I may never know 😆

And we may never know all the ins and outs of any pictured or non-pictured moment… although I personally enjoy using my creative mind to fill in the blanks with some pretty wild and fun scenarios.

and just keep these basic and non-exciting moments coming.


I love you and this Universe loves you 🙌💗🔥


It’s a good thing I like spiders because they have been ALL around me the past couple weeks. I really can’t deny the message they offer.

Spiders are such creative creatures. They spin such incredible masterpieces. Yet, the work of art they create is not for our eyes to adore but to capture it’s prey. What a beautiful example of duality.

All aspects of you make you who you are. The things we label “good”, the things we label “bad”, and everything between. I am personally embracing more of myself than ever before and it’s the most liberating experience. I know I’m not alone with this either. I can feel major shifts happening all around me and it’s wonderful!

Honoring and accepting myself exactly as I am has helped me to shed all kinds of things that don’t serve me and create space for change. Accepting and loving myself in each moment has allowed barriers to crumble and disintegrate.

I honor and love you EXACTLY as you are in this moment and beyond. If I can honor and love you in this way, maybe you can do that for yourself too. I’m always here 💗


Do you know just how beautiful you are? I do. You are incredible and perfectly made. You are a pure miracle exactly as you are in this moment and every moment of your existence. Whatever is going on, whatever the circumstance - I see you 👁I love you 💗 and the Universe is blessed by your presence.

Speaking of miracles - this heart formed out of what appeared to be nothing and then completely dissipated all while I laid in the middle of a labyrinth. I was pretty blown away.

I love you more than you know 💗



And I’m so glad you were born and are here to live this life so perfectly imperfectly.

I will never be perfect. I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing but if does exist, I’d probably be far from it. 😆 Now “real” on the other hand, I’m not sure I can help but be real at this point in my life. Will it turn some people off? It most certainly will. I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea. You can’t either. It would be absolutely exhausting!

It was! And I tried and tried. For years and years I consciously and subconsciously attempted to be everything to everyone. Where did I find myself? So tired from trying to wear tons costumes and hats that weren’t even close to mine.

Who am I really? Well I’m still getting to know who I am myself. I’m not the same today as I was yesterday. None of us are. I don’t generally think about laws and rules but I am right now 😆 the law of change. Everything is always changing. Whoa! That’s a big thought and what I actually want to do is keep this simple. So...

Who are you right now? Whatever it is, shamelessly be that! You need no permission from anyone in your life to be who you are right now and do what you want! How you are right now might be different from tonight and how you are tonight might be different than you are tomorrow morning! Rock it! Rock all the real-ness of you in each moment.

Here’s to loving your real-ness, loving who you really are and who you choose to be in each exact moment. Here’s to also loving what you choose to do with your days and nights. It’s your time!

Love, Heather 💖⚡️🔥


So this is my splurge, or one of them 🤣 I have this sign that’s kinda followed me with each move we’ve made. I found it years ago. It says, “too much of a good thing is wonderful” and tbh I’ve had mixed feelings about it over the years but I don’t anymore.

I think it represents diving so deeply into life and thoroughly enjoying what’s in front of you. As I’m writing, an affirmation notification just popped on my screen - “I deserve good things to come to me.” And I do!! And you do too!!! All the good things!!!

From this past December 23rd I’ve been eating a really tight diet including only a pretty short list of ingredients and experiencing some really incredible health improvements. I somehow was able to get a last minute appointment with a natural healer while visiting family downstate for Christmas. That one “random” open slot changed my life really. She’s usually super booked and I only had a small window of time I could make it happen. I am forever grateful for that eye opening appointment!

Since that day my diving deep into life has looked a little different and so deeply rewarding in different, really meaningful ways. But right now I am going to surface dive into this wheat-free vegan cookie that used to be one of my favorites. 🤣 This cookie represents so much and I’m diving all in! The feelings I have about eating it are filled with love and all kinds of goodness! How we feel about anything we’re doing matters! I’m living life to the max these days, adventuring, doing all the things I’ve been wanting to do!! There’s so much opportunity and fun just waiting for us!!

But I want to know, what does diving all in look like for you right now?

ps... a song just came on rn that came to me the night of the 23rd. It will always be incredibly precious to me - A Reminder by Trevor Hall

And another affirmation - “I am unstoppable” truth!! And you are too!!


so wispy



yet fierce

So filled with
all the feeling

to the

where they

love exudes

those tiny


by the wind
floating down


until one

unique one


winding down
a very different path


the most

to so


kinda like

a queen
top a mountain

I somehow know
All really is

how did
i get to
be the

to breathe in
This kind
of presence

now you
can too

heather rose
5/10/2021 and 5/17/2021


I absolutely adore my clients!!! 💝 A precious one made these earrings especially for me 🥰 My heart just about completely melted. Seriously. These are so special and made with local chicken feathers, copper and labradorite. She is so incredibly talented!! You can just feel the love in her work. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested in her art! I have a few other pairs including hearts with fuschite!! This is just a sneak peak, future pics to come!

I’ve been attracting all kinds of sky energy in the form of birds. On Mother’s Day I was kind of blown away by the honor of two separate bald eagle sightings - morning and afternoon. They were both flying pretty low, right over me. I’ve seen tons of sparrows flying right at me. The loons have been talking almost every morning while I’m teaching. A random duck was walking on my front lawn and just staring at me so adorably. These chicken feather earrings are extra precious and dear. I take care of my neighbors’ chickens every morning. They are so sweet and honestly their language makes me laugh.

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