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24/7 help is available in Cecil County!💜

We’re hiring an evening LPN! Join our growing team!

We’re hiring an evening LPN! Join our growing team!

Brantwood Family Services


Ultimately, the Powers of Conscious Discipline help us shift from “Do as I say, not as I do,” to “Be the change you want to see in the world” by doing our own internal work first. The goal is to increase our resiliency, examine our barriers to equity, and begin to see and do things differently, creating positive change for ourselves, our children, our communities and our world.

Learn more in our e-course, "Handling Upset: The Adult-First Model here:


We are in need of a full-time nurse! Duties include nurse case management, care coordination, and health education. Must have experience with SUD/Behavioral Health. Email resumes to [email protected].


We have two immediate hiring needs!
-Residential Program Assistant
Ideal for someone entering the SUD treatment and recovery field who is professional, able to follow directions and healthcare protocols.

-Childcare Provider - Toddler Room
Ideal for someone with at least one year of childcare experience.

Please inquire at [email protected]


When you talk, read, and sing with your child – even before they can use words – you’re helping them become both smarter and happier. Research shows that talking, reading, and singing with your child every day from birth helps build their brains as well as important language, math, and reading skills for use in school and beyond.

🎶Hold your baby close during bedtime and sing a favorite song again and again. Singing the same song can help your baby feel calm and safe.

🎶Sing silly songs about your day to help get your baby’s attention during diaper changing.

🎶Your baby loves to hear your voice even if you think you can’t sing! The sound of your voice is comforting to your baby.

Talking is Teaching.


When was the last time you had a good cry and how did it feel?


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Love Doesn't Hurt - Stop Domestic Violence

Do you, a friend, or a loved one have unexplained cuts or bruises? Avoiding friends, family, and favorite activities or making excuses for a partner’s behavior? These could be signs of domestic violence. Here are ways to get help:

Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233) or 800-787-3224 (TTY)
If you are in Cecil County, contact the Bridge 24/7 at 410.996.0333
Call 911 if you are in immediate danger
Talk to someone you trust
Make a safety plan to leave
Get medical care if you have been injured or sexually assaulted
Save any evidence of your abuse (texts, photos, etc.)


We are in need of a housekeeper! Position will require evening hours. Open to discussing part-time and full-time options. Comment if interested and we will reach out!


Repost • ➡️ This week is Black Baby Loss Awareness Week, launched by as a social media campaign to inform, encourage, and equip families with information to break the silence, get support, and lessen the number of Black babies dying in pregnancy and infancy.

Did you know that:
🔹 The risk of miscarriage is over 40% for Black women?
🔹 Black women are 2 times more likely to experience stillbirth in comparison to white and Hispanic women?
🔹 Black infants are 4 times more likely to die from complications related to low birth weight in comparison to white infants?
🔹 Black infants have twice the risk of dying from SIDs than white infants?

Please show your support for and sign the petition show that we can raise awareness of Black pregnancy & infant loss and implement change:

Source: Shades of Becoming a Mom, Inc.


We are urgently hiring for evening shift Residential Program Assistant! Must be professional, have good judgement/boundaries, able to follow healthcare protocols, and open to professional development!


October is . Help us to keep the babies in our community safe by placing infants on their Back to sleep every time (at naps and night/bed time). Alone in a crib, bassinet, pack n play, or playpen/yard. Not with siblings, adults, or animals. Use a firm flat mattress, covered by only a tight fitted sheet. No pillows, bumper pads, blankets, stuffed animals, toys, or other soft items in the sleep area. Share your room, not your bed. Don’t smoke or let others smoke around your baby. Keep the room at a comfortable temperature and do not put too many layers on the baby so they get overheated. Breastfeed if possible to reduce the risk of . Offer a pacifier once breastfeeding is established to help reduce the risk of SIDS. Share a picture of the baby in your life in a safe sleep environment with the hashtag . Always Remember the ABCs of Safe Sleep - Alone, on their Back, in a Crib.

We love the Consicous Discipline model!

We love the Consicous Discipline model!



Just a reminder our virtual support group will be held tomorrow at 6:30pm! Email [email protected] for more info.

Fun, local event today to celebrate recovery!

Fun, local event today to celebrate recovery!

Recovery Kickball Tournament is this Sunday, Sept. 4th at Elkton Little League Fields from 12 pm - 5 pm. Join us in celebrating Recovery month!
Voices of Hope is kicking off Recovery month with a Kickball Tournament! Bring your team and let’s see who wins the trophy. This is a family friendly free event. To register your team, please go to



Repost from The Postpartum Stress Center

Here's how you can help parents who may be struggling, and how you can sit with their suffering and let them know that, while this is really hard right now, they can get better 💙

Need help or support?
📲 HelpLine: Call or text 800-944-4773
💻 Website:


Shout out to Brittany C. and Amanda B. from Voices of Hope for being amazing partners and helping us locate an immediate treatment resource for someone!

We are growing and adding another Counselor to our Team!

We are growing and adding another Counselor to our Team!

Brantwood Family Services


Happy ❤️

This day celebrates the bond between parents or caregivers and their children.

The assignment is simple: Give your kid/s a bear hug!

Research indicates that the more undistracted, quality time spent together, the less likely children are to struggle socially, emotionally, and academically, and the less likely they are to turn to drugs and alcohol or become involved in criminal activity later in life.

Are you a new parent and feeling sad, worried, overwhelmed, or concerned that you aren’t goodenough? Call or text, 1-833...

Are you a new parent and feeling sad, worried, overwhelmed, or concerned that you aren’t good
enough? Call or text, 1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746) to connect with counselors at the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline.

Pregnancy and a new baby can bring a range of emotions. In fact, many women feel overwhelmed, sad, or anxious at different times during their pregnancy and even after the baby is born. For many women, these feelings go away on their own. But for some women, these emotions are more serious and may stay for months.

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline’s counselors provide real-time emotional support, encouragement, information, and referrals. Pregnant and postpartum individuals and families can get the help and resources they need, when they need it.

Are you a pregnant or new parent and feeling sad, worried, overwhelmed, or concerned that you aren’t good enough? You aren’t alone. You aren’t to blame. With help, you can feel better. Call or text, 1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746) to connect with counselors at the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline.

Support for Breastfeeding Mamas

Support for Breastfeeding Mamas

SUPER EXCITED to announce a BREASTFEEDING support group that will begin in our ELKTON office every other FRIDAY beginning June 3rd!!!

This group is open to all nursing mamas!!
Come out and learn and grow with other breastfeeding Mamas!!


The new National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides 24/7, free, confidential support, resources and referrals to any pregnant or postpartum individual facing mental health challenges and their loved ones. The service is available via phone and text in English or Spanish, and other languages by request.

Call or text 1-833-943-5746 to connect with counselors at the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline.

*Share with your networks to spread the word of this new resource*


Join us every Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST / 5:30 PM PST for Perinatal OCD Support For Moms!

Our perinatal (pregnancy & postpartum) OCD group for moms is here to help those dealing with symptoms of OCD; like intrusive thoughts, obsessions and compulsions. Our online groups are here to help you connect with other moms, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. You do not have to have an official diagnosis to attend the group.

Held in partnership with the International OCD Foundation, these groups are led by PSI-trained support group leaders who have lived experience. They understand the emotional challenges of pregnancy and postpartum as a mom with OCD. You are not alone. We are here to help.

Register at 💙

We’re hiring!

We’re hiring!

Brantwood Family Services


When I’m triggered, my heart races + so does my mind.

When I’m triggered energy runs through my whole body + the emotions feel bigger than I am.

When I’m triggered, I’m experiencing my past in the present moment.

When I’m triggered— I’m afraid.

When I’m triggered the emotional activation changes how I relate to myself + everyone around me.

When I’m triggered, I’m learning to pause.

I’m learning to witness the reaction because that reaction is not who I am.

That reaction is looking for love.

That reaction is looking for kindness.

That reaction doesn’t want to be shamed, or judged— I’ve lived that since childhood.

That reaction is looking for curiosity.

That reaction is looking for the wise, highest version of myself to see it + say “I love that part of you, too.”


This Friday (3/18) is the last day to get tickets to our Bowling Fundraiser! Tickets are $25 a person, which includes 3 games, shoe rental, pizza and a drink.

We will have a raffle and other goodies as well. Also we will be giving the team with the highest score a PRIZE! Get your family or get a team together and come have some fun with us! To purchase your ticket(s) please go to the Events page on our website.


In search of women who are willing to share about postpartum mental health challenges for our postpartum support group at Brantwood.


Did you one we have a support group for Black mothers?

Every Tuesday 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT
Every Sunday 6:00 pm ET/3:00 pm PT
This group is for Black mothers who are seeking peer support during the perinatal period up to 2 years postpartum. Our online groups are here to help you connect with other moms, talk about your experience, and learn about helpful tools and resources. Whether you are going through stress, adjustment to parenting, baby blues, or pregnancy or postpartum depression/anxiety, our groups are here for you.

Seek more information at

Repost: Postpartum Support International-SC

We had a special guest today!

We had a special guest today!


We are growing! Looking for professional and compassionate individuals for evening and overnight shifts. We offer a supportive team environment with opportunities for growth. If you want to be a part of helping women with children in their recovery process, contact us today!
[email protected]

Peer support 24/7! 443-993-7055

Peer support 24/7! 443-993-7055

Merry Christmas from Voices of Hope! There are 235 years, 9 months and 10 days of recovery in this photo of our staff! Trust us to support you on your recovery path. You are worth it!


Elkton, MD


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