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Before I purchase a Groupon coupon for a discount, I need to be sure you treat "SMOKING CENSATION". I checked your website and it is NOT listed, but I liked the information I read about other treatments. Please advise if you can help me with stopping smoking (A worked for stopping me from smoking many years ago). Please and thanks. Best wishes for the success of your business future! Walt ([email protected]). MUCH THANKS!
Spend some time with our favorite acupuncturist at Beachside Community Acupuncture. 🌱
Welcome to Beachside Community Acupuncture who recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary!
We had a great time seeing good friends and meeting new friends at VIP Coffee this morning. Thanks to our host University of Phoenix, emcee Ed Morgan, photographer Dwight Smith Photography and attendees, including Children's Health, Ability Connection, JE Dunn Construction, Faith Family Academy, Xpedia Printing, Adams Office Furniture, Weber's Computer Services, Pioneer Bank, Ann Forsberg Sattar, Wellness Institute, ReachLocal, Foster Financial Group, Pinot's Palette, Granny Nannies Dallas Metroplex, FirstLight HomeCare - North Dallas, Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Katie Cummings, Neil Riddick, Beachside Community Acupuncture, Celebration Marketing Group, Martinizing Dry Cleaning, Passman & Jones, A Professional Corporation, Bolds Travel & Tours, LLC & everyone else we couldn't find to tag on Facebook (sorry!). Please feel free to tag yourself!
Thank you for another great consultation today...and for not laughing at me when I self-diagnose (broken toe) 😜
Looking forward to meeting our new neighbor across the hall--and booking my first appointment. Welcome to the neighborhood!
Good! I like what you did.
Learn how to give your eyes some love and relieve stress with acupressure tips from Kathleen Ellerie, L.Ac. on today's Daily Reset Break!

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How Expensive Is an Acupuncture Treatment? 03/23/2023

How Expensive Is an Acupuncture Treatment?

The cost of an acupuncture treatment will vary greatly by region, but if you’re looking for a less expensive option, community acupuncture will almost always be your best bet!

Community clinics strive to keep their business expenses low to maintain affordable pricing. Some are non-profits that fund part of their enterprise with donations, but even those that are set up as traditional corporations tend to offer services at a much lower cost than private practice.

Almost every major city has at least one community clinic – simply run an online search to check yours! – and many patients begin to love the relaxed feel of group acupuncture in addition to its budget-friendly approach.

Watch our full video for more of an explanation and check out our Acupuncture FAQ series on YouTube for more answers to commonly asked questions.

How Expensive Is an Acupuncture Treatment? A Licensed Acupuncturist explains acupuncture treatment costs in our latest "Acu FAQ" video. Each short video in this series will give simple answers to freq...


We gave over 2500 treatments in 2022 and are always open to helping new patients!

Community clinics often operate on a 'high volume, low cost' business model, which means acupuncturists in these settings get A LOT of practice in treating patients and see almost everything.

If you're on the fence about acupuncture, read all about us on our website and let us know if you have any other questions. It's very likely we've treated your health conditions many, many times in other patients.


Dry brushing is a simple practice that has a host of health benefits, including lymphatic circulation and skin exfoliation. You can read all about it in our blog (link below), but adding it to your health routine is very easy:

1. Buy a body brush with natural bristles.

2. Drag it gently across your skin in long strokes toward your trunk.

3. That's it!

Photos from Beachside Community Acupuncture's post 03/16/2023

Technology is arguably necessary in today's society, but it comes with negative health impacts as well. We believe that it's possible to have the best of both worlds, though, if you set guidelines for yourself.

📴 Update your "do not disturb" settings: Most phones have a mode that lets you filter which messages and calls produce a notification and which do not. If you're conditioned to check your phone any time you hear a ding or vibration, updating this mode to only notify you only about important people can help.

📴 Delete apps that you never use: In addition to increasing storage space and battery life, deleting apps is a digital decluttering that makes it easier to find the apps that you actually need.

📴 Turn off unnecessary notifications and reminders: Seeing a screen full of notifications can be stressful, so turn off any that don't serve a purpose. This will make it easier to see the ones that truly require attention.

Photos from Beachside Community Acupuncture's post 03/14/2023

It's easy to forget how much power you have as a consumer while you're buying groceries and running errands, but each dollar you spend is a vote for the type of product that you want to see in the marketplace. For your health and the health of the greater community, it's worth paying attention to what you're buying.

We dive into this a bit more in our latest blog, but here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to products:

💰️ Ingredients - If the ingredient list is full of words that you can't pronounce, it's probably not good for you!

💲 Claims - Advertisers will do whatever it takes to convince you to buy a product, and unfortunately some claims that sound great - like those about being "natural" - don't actually mean much.

💵 Owner values: Small companies that start with honest intentions are often bought by large companies that you normally would not support. Run a quick online search for "[brand name] parent company" to check the current owners, and then research their values. For instance, a few big conglomerates actively lobby Congress to loosen the guidelines for organic labeling.


Just a reminder to make the most of the weekend! We always recommend a jaunt to the beach if you have one nearby 😎

Can I See Other Practitioners While Undergoing Acupuncture Treatments? 03/09/2023

Can I See Other Practitioners While Undergoing Acupuncture Treatments?

Patients sometimes ask us if they should stop seeing their other healthcare practitioners while receiving acupuncture treatments. We believe that the various therapies within holistic medicine all work together very well! In particular:

👉🏻 Acupuncture can loosen tight muscles so that massage therapists do their work more effectively.

👉🏻 Acupuncture helps the body hold chiropractic adjustments for longer periods of time.

👉🏻 Acupuncture can “unstick” blocked emotions so that therapists and coaches can progress more quickly with their clients.

👉🏻 Acupuncture can decrease soreness associated with physical therapy.

Watch our full video for more of an explanation and check out our Acupuncture FAQ series on YouTube for more answers to commonly asked questions.

Can I See Other Practitioners While Undergoing Acupuncture Treatments? A Licensed Acupuncturist how other holistic therapies work with acupuncture treatments in our latest "Acu FAQ" video. Each short video in this series will gi...


Natural health comes easily on a beach vacation, and with a little intentionality you can incorporate that effortless wellness into your daily life.

This book covers ten principles of holistic health and offers three ways to add each to your day-to-day routine. It keeps things simple so that you can feel healthier without becoming overwhelmed! Find it on Amazon and Kindle:


It's easy to feel happy after an acupuncture treatment because the needles put the body into the "rest and digest" state. Many people in today's fast-paced society operate in "fight or flight" day in and day out, so feeling calm can be a new experience!

A few key physiological changes happen in the parasympathetic state (the technical name for "rest and digest"):

❤️ Heart rate slows down
🥗 Digestion optimizes
🫁 Breathing rate decreases
💪🏻 Muscles relax

If you can't get to an acupuncture clinic in the near future, you can practice switching your state through other activities such as meditation. Ideally you would also lower your stress to provide a better balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. (Step One might be to stop trying to please everyone…)


We'll be closing early today due to the expected severe storms. Stay safe!


When we wrote our mission statement in 2015, we had three key pieces that we wanted to include.

☯️ Quality acupuncture: Although we are a community clinic, we still engage in a full TCM review of systems to really understand each patient's health status. We use this information to customize our treatments for each patient's specific needs.

💸 Affordable rates: We believe that everyone should have access to Traditional Chinese Medicine regardless of his or her socioeconomic background.

🏖️ Relaxing and refreshing environment: Our clinic is meant to be an oasis where our patients can escape their day-to-day stresses and feel like they are on a vacation, even if they're only with us for an hour.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our energy comes from the air we breathe and the food we eat. Most people know that diet has a direct effect in how they feel, but many don't even think about their breathing patterns.

The respiratory system is fun because it's always working whether or not we're focusing on it…but we can control it if we choose (unlike our heart rate). We can therefore train our bodies to breathe more deeply to bring in more air and increase our energy.

In our blog we cover simple breathing exercises that you can incorporate into your wellness routine, but even stopping every once in a while to take a few long, slow breaths can calm the body down and keep you feeling great throughout your day.


Our bodies are made of millions of tiny cells, almost all of which are constantly regenerating. New cells don't come from thin air; they require specific building blocks to put themselves together. Those building blocks come from food.

If you want your body to feel its best, to make sure all of those little cells are working as well as they can, you need to feed it nutritious foods filled with everything it needs.

Respect how much your body does for you by giving it the little it asks for, and it'll thank you with vibrant health.

What Should I Feel After an Acupuncture Treatment? 02/23/2023

What Should I Feel After an Acupuncture Treatment?

Everyone reacts to acupuncture differently, and the same patient may notice different sensations after any given treatment.

The goal of acupuncture is to help the body heal itself. Sometimes it's an easy process of simply feeling better as it gets back on track. Other times it can be less comfortable as circulation wakes up, emotions get released, or other processes restart.

Watch our full video for more of an explanation and check out our Acupuncture FAQ series on YouTube for more answers to commonly asked questions.

What Should I Feel After an Acupuncture Treatment? A Licensed Acupuncturist explains what to expect to feel after an acupuncture treatment in our latest "Acu FAQ" video. Each short video in this series will g...


Acupuncture treats almost everything, but some of the most common conditions we see are:

✔️ Low back pain (and accompanying symptoms like sciatica and neuropathy)

✔️ Neck pain (and accompanying symptoms like shoulder pain, headaches, and migraines)

✔️ Other joint pain (knee pain, ankle pain, wrist pain, you name it!)

✔️ Allergies or other respiratory issues

✔️ Stress (and accompanying symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, and depression)

✔️ Pregnancy complications and infertility (natural or with the aid of medical intervention like IUI or IVF)

✔️ Hormonal issues like PMS or hot flashes associated with menopause

✔️ Long-term illnesses like Parkinson's Disease or fibromyalgia

✔️ "Mystery conditions" where Western medicine can't provide a diagnosis or conventional treatments aren't working


Everything is connected in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so we like to be VERY thorough when discussing health histories with our patients.

Even when someone comes in with a straightforward chief concern, such as a sprained ankle or low back pain, we still dive into energy level, sleep quality, digestion, and every other aspect of wellness.


If your Valentine's Day wasn't perfect, remember that you can celebrate love in all its forms on any given day. Every day has the potential to be special, regardless of whether it's a celebrated holiday or not.


We are not the biggest fans of winter, but over the years we've learned to appreciate it for what it is: a time to rest!

If you feel energized by the cold and the New Year, by all means use that momentum to do great things.

However, if you've been less productive in the winter weather, keep in mind that you're following what everything else in nature does this time of the year. Plants go dormant and animals hibernate; why shouldn't humans also use this time to recharge?

Winter is the perfect time to slow down all of the busyness and focus on prepping for growth in spring. Plan projects, reorganize your space, or do whatever else you need to do so that you're ready to go when warmer weather hits in the next couple months.


When a woman comes to see us for help with fertility, the first step is to correct any imbalances that are affecting her overall health. The body's top priority is protecting itself, and if it thinks it's not doing well, it's not going to want to take on the physical stress of carrying and delivering a baby!

Once her body is balanced - meaning she sleeps restfully, has plenty of energy, digests food well, manages stress, etc. - then we follow her cycle.

Every month the female cycle follows a set pattern of menstruation, follicular phase, ovulation, and luteal phase. Acupuncture can help the body transition through each of these, leading to the improvements noted in this image. If you're not sure how to tell your phases apart, check out our blog 4 Ways to Track Fertility.

Our Story

Beachside Community Acupuncture offers acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale of $30-$50 (plus a one-time initial consultation fee of $15), so patients choose how much they’d like to pay based on their personal health budgets each time they come in. We suggest patients stay a full hour to really get the most out of their treatments, and because we have one big treatment room, people can book back-to-back appointments with their parents, siblings, friends, or co-workers so that they can enjoy their hour of relaxation together.

Outside of the benefits of community acupuncture, our clinic also stands out because of its atmosphere. From the tropical furniture to the ocean waves playing on repeat to the “windows” overlooking beachscapes, everything about Beachside Community Acupuncture is designed to simulate a beach oasis. We’ve had patients wake up after their treatments – many are so relaxed that they end up falling asleep! – saying they thought they were in their favorite vacation spot, which can be a nice change in landlocked Dallas.

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Beachside Community Acupuncture offers a unique spin on acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Watch this short v...
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Quality Acupuncture at Affordable Rates in A Relaxing Beach Setting






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