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The New England Journal of Medicine

This week’s Insights post on the [email protected] blog looks at a study of obese patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes who were randomly assigned to receive intensive medical therapy with or without bariatric surgery. At 3 years of follow-up, significantly more patients in the surgery groups achieved glycemic control. Click through for free access to the article.

How you set up your kitchen can have a surprising effect on your diet.

If you’re trying to slim down or maintain a trim figure, you probably already know it’s important to eat a healthy diet (think: lean protein, whole grains and plenty of produce), mind your portions and be active. But you might be surprised to learn that how you set up your kitchen can help—or hinder—your efforts too.
Here are six ways to subtly organize your kitchen to naturally help you make diet-friendly choices.

—Brierley Wright, M.S., R.D.

1. Give produce center stage
Research shows that the proximity and visibility of food increases your chance of eating that food. “Visibility is extremely important,” says David Just, Ph.D., an associate professor of behavioral economics at Cornell University. “Whatever you see first is what you’re likely to start thinking about.” So make the healthier, lower-calorie fare the first thing you see: fill the center shelf of your fridge with loads of fresh veggies (prewash and cut them so there’s one less “barrier” to digging in) or leave a stocked fruit bowl out on your counter.

2. Make sweets and unhealthy snacks hard to find
Just as healthier foods should be easy to spot, less healthy ones should be stashed out of sight. One study—led by Brian Wansink of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab (and an EatingWell advisor)—found people wolf down more than twice as many chocolates when they’re right in front of them compared to when they’re farther away (six feet) and covered. Stash snacks like chips, cookies or cereal in a cabinet. People who do this tend to weigh 15 to 20 pounds less than people who store snacks on their kitchen counters, says David Just. And for good measure, you could tuck them away in opaque containers. The easiest way to avoid temptation: don’t bring sweets or unhealthy snacks home—or do it only on occasion.

3. Swap out dinner plates for salad plates
Studies by Brian Wansink and others have shown that people eat more when they’re served food in or on larger dishes. Even nutrition experts—people trained in food and calories—overdo it. One of Wansink’s studies involved his nutrition students and colleagues at an ice cream social. When the nutritionists used larger bowls, they served and ate 31 percent more ice cream than those with smaller bowls. Try serving your ice cream in a small bowl (or maybe even a ramekin) to avoid an ice cream overload. You can apply this concept to your main meals, too, and use a 7-inch plate, which is about the size of a salad plate or child-size plate.

4. Put away the large serving utensils
In the same ice cream social study, nutritionists who used the larger serving spoon served and ate 15 percent more ice cream. And—a double whammy—those who received a large bowl and a large serving spoon ate the most: 57% more than those with the smaller spoon and bowl combo. So dish up dinner (or breakfast or lunch) with your everyday silverware in place of over sized serving utensils.

5. Use tall, skinny glassware
Your preference for short, wide tumblers may also be sabotaging your diet. Here’s why: In a recent study of college students, as much as 30 percent more liquor was poured into tumblers than into highball glasses. Although this study looked only at alcoholic beverages, the concept could, in theory, apply to any drink that delivers calories—which is basically anything but water, club soda or diet drinks.

6. Infuse some Zen into your kitchen
A new study published in Psychological Reports found that a relaxed environment increases satisfaction and decreases consumption by around 18 percent, or roughly 175 calories. Try softening the lights or put on a little background music—whatever helps melt away your anxiety or stress before you sit down to eat.

connect: the official news magazine of ASMBS

Treating Diabetes through Bariatric Surgery…

Below is an excerpt from a Cleveland Clinic study (STAMPEDE) published in 2012 that shows the effects of weight loss surgery on the remission of type-2 diabetes. The study offers evidence that bariatric surgery is a potential strategy for controlling diabetes in patients who do not respond to conventional treatment or medications.

“The study followed 150 patients with diabetes: one-third was treated with medication and lifestyle changes; one-third also had gastric bypass; and the other third had
sleeve gastrectomy.

At the three-year mark, more patients in the gastric bypass group (37.5 percent) achieved blood sugar control without the use of any diabetic medications compared with the other two groups -- 5 percent of the patients in the medical therapy group and 24.5 percent of the patients in the sleeve gastrectomy group. This correlates with a weight loss five to six times greater on average for patients who had bariatric surgery compared with those in the intensive medical therapy group.” Major news media including USA Today, Reuters, LA Times and CBS News are today covering a new study from Cleveland Clinic that shows bariatric surgery is a highly effective and durable treatment for type 2 diabetes in patients with moderate and severe obesity, enabling nearly all surgical patients t...

Knee Pain by the Numbers…

Knee pain is a frequent issue that continues to increase as people age. One factor that compounds this issue is weight. Fortunately, small changes in weight can have significant effects on knee pressure, according to a study conducted by Dr. Stephen Messier.

Messier's study concluded that for every 1 lb. of weight loss that occurred, there was a resulting 4-lb. reduction in knee joint load or knee pressure.

Furthermore, it was suggested that individuals who lost 10 lbs. would be subject to a total of 48,000 less pounds of pressure for every mile walked. Multiply this change in workload over an average lifespan and you get a compelling case for weight loss as an approach to alleviate knee pain in individuals who are overweight or obese.

Congratulations to Dr. Josh Roller! Keep up the great work :)

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Congratulations to two of our physicians, Dr. Josh Roller of Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery and Dr. Mark Powell of Powell Orthopedics. They were chosen by the readers of "Celebrate Arkansas" as being the "Very Best of the Best for 2013!" Dr. Roller was in the category "Weight Loss Center" and Dr. Powell was in the category "Sports Medicine." Physicians' Specialty Hospital is proud to have them at our hospital!

A recent study published in the December issue of "Obesity" indicates that eating more of our calories and carbohydrates for breakfast and eating a smaller dinner is beneficial and might be a useful alternative for the management of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

The study followed overweight and obese women with metabolic syndrome for 12 weeks. This regimen resulted in greater weight loss and waist circumference reduction, as well as improved fasting glucose levels and insulin resistance. Triglyceride levels were reduced and feelings of satiety were improved as well.

These women were split into 2 groups – one was told to eat a 700 kcal breakfast, 500 kcal lunch, and 200 kcal dinner, while the other group was asked to swap the breakfast and dinner kcal requirements.

Although fasting glucose, insulin, and ghrelin were reduced in both groups, they were significantly more improved in the 700 kcal breakfast group.

Northwest Health

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We are so proud of our Patient of the Week: Mr. Ken Resta!

"I started my journey in 2013. I was experiencing issues with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and other heart related issues. This caused me to to be very inactive with no energy. I had surgery in April 2013 and have since lost 126lbs, have no signs or symptoms of sleep apnea, im off all meds for BP and go the the gym 5 days a week. I now enjoy hiking and have a new found love for the outdoors. I will be participating in my first 5k of my life in early may. It truly has been a life changing experience thanks to the help of Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery!"

Call those Hogs!

Cheering on the Hogs! WPS!!

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Seminars-Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery.

Join Dr. Roller and Dr. Kwon of Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery for a FREE weight loss seminar this Thursday! It will be held at their Fayetteville office at 6pm.

Registration is required for all seminars, so make sure you click the link below and see how you can sign up! :) Schedule to attend one of our seminars at Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery.

Community Blood Center of the Ozarks

Feb. 13, 2014 -- Community Blood Center of the Ozarks has issued a Code Yellow Alert for ALL NEGATIVE BLOOD TYPES.
There is less than a 2-day reserve supply of blood for use by area patients. Eligible donors are urged to give this week at a CBCO Donor Center or blood drive in your area.
Donor Center locations and hours:
Find a blood drive near you:
Thank you, Lifesavers!

Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery

Dr. Roller of Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery and PSH Weight Loss Surgery discusses the different types of weight loss and the benefits of each.

Curious about what weight loss surgery is all about? See Dr. Josh Roller discuss the the different types of weight loss and the benefits of each in the video below!

Share your happiness and success with us! :)

If you have had weight loss surgery by Dr. Roller or Dr. Kwon at Physicians' Specialty Hospital, send us your before/after photos and tell us your story. Message us @ PSH Weight Loss Surgery if you would like to be featured!

During last weeks Employee Spotlight, I interviewed our CNO Kelley Oliver about her involvement with the PSH Weight Loss Surgery program. We follow up this week with her and her husbands success story! :)

"This month celebrates 4 years since my husband, Bill, had weight loss surgery. Dr. Roller performed his surgery right here at Physicians' Specialty Hospital. Since the sugery, he has completed an adventure race, a 100 mile bike ride, and five half marathons.

He is a father to four beautiful children, and being 100 pounds lighter has sure made a huge difference in his life and the lives of his family. I am proud to be married to such a wonderful person and a weight loss surgery success story!

As the featured person last week in the Employee Spotlight, you asked me why I am so committed to the weight loss surgery program at PSH. Now you can see why with your own eyes."

-Kelley Oliver

Augmenting Weight Loss Using Technology

iPhone, Android, PC, or even Excel. Monitor your progress!

"Comparison studies have shown a significant association between the practice of self-monitoring and increased weight loss in patients with obesity. A self-monitoring strategy includes any activity that makes an individual pay closer attention to their behaviors, specifically eating and exercise."

(Bariatric Times. 2014; 11 [1]: 9-11)

Below is a list of food tracking Apps and websites that can help you monitor your weight loss progress. Some are FREE and some you have to pay (prices per Apple App store) or subscribe to. Capabilities range from counting calories, food diaries, GPS to track distances walked, and various exercises. Choose which ever suits your needs best and start monitoring your progress! :)

-MyFitnessPal (Free) or
-MyNetDiary Calorie Counter (Free) or
-MyNetDiary Pro ($3.99)
-MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker ($9.99)
-ControlMyWeight by Calorie King ($4.99) or
-Calorie Tracker Lite by Livestrong (Free) or
-Diet Assistant - Weight Loss (Free) or
-Lose It! (Free) or
-Diet & Food Tracker - Spark People ($3.99) or
-Tap & Track - Calorie Counter ($3.99) or
-Fit Day ($1.99) or
-iAwaken ($0.99)

**Disclaimer: Physicians' Specialty Hospital did not review or rate any of these services nor accept funding for advertising**

Get ready Fort Smith!

The best bariatric surgeons are coming to Fort Smith soon!!

The fat cost of fast food: Each fast food meal bumps up BMI by .03, study says - NBC

Wow! Everyone knows fast food isn’t healthy, and it’s been linked to weight gain and the obesity epidemic. After all, most fast food is laden...

Question of the week:

Is my high blood pressure and sleep apnea related?

Yes, sleep apnea has been linked to high blood pressure. When our bodies are exposed to stress they release special chemicals to help us adapt. These chemicals are known as “natural steroids”.

When people have sleep apnea, they have episodes of apnea (not breathing) while sleeping. The body perceives this period of “Not Breathing” as stressful. The body then releases it’s “natural steroids” to respond to the stress. A negative effect of these “natural steroids” is an increase in blood pressure. Over time the increase in blood pressure can lead to the diagnosis of “high blood pressure”.

Will my sleep apnea and high blood pressure go away after weight loss surgery?

It is very possible. Several people have reported resolution of both high blood pressure and sleep apnea after weight loss surgery.

[01/30/14]   Employee Spotlight

This just in from ASMBS - The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery :D Congrats to the PSH weight loss surgery team!!

January 30, 2014

On behalf of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence (ASMBS BSCOE) program, we would like to congratulate you and your team at Physicians’ Specialty Hospital on achieving renewal as an ASMBS BSCOE center. Your center has renewed its accreditation designation for another three year term through August 16, 2016.

ASMBS BSCOE accreditation for Physicians’ Specialty Hospital formally acknowledges your commitment to providing quality improvement and patient safety for bariatric surgery patients. As an accredited program you have demonstrated that your center meets the needs of bariatric surgery patients by providing multidisciplinary, high-quality, patient-centered care.

We want to thank you for all that you do to meet the needs of the bariatric community. Once again, congratulations on this achievement.

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