Gulley Park Pets Clinic

Gulley Park Pets Clinic


Just wanted to share some of our latest pics of Cheeks with you Gulley Park Pets Clinic. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt him! He’s definitely won our hearts and fits right in! ❤️
please share with family and friends, it do not matter what state you are in, she could be anywhere, thank you

reward increased ,no questions asked
$5000.00 reward
reward also applies to anyone who has information that leads to Izzie being found safe and getting back home , she is chipped and chip company notified ,
could be anywhere, last seen in Iron Station NC on July 12th.
but if picked up could be anywhere
if found please call or text
Someone is back to his old self and resting comfortably in an Amazon box thanks to a goody bag of cystitis meds!
Please help share this let’s try get #statesrepresentatives #whitehouse attention # tag your representative When you share
Representatives can reach me to talk about adoption of this bill [email protected] 614-928-5519
Hi everyone! Just a quick little brag on Ziggy! Smart little dude. (Or maybe just loves treats)

Thanks for introducing me to this sweet boy and taking such good care of him and Griffin. Y’all are the best!
I’ve been bringing my pup here since he was 8 weeks old (almost 1 year now). They take such good care of my dude and he loves going to the vet!
Thank you, everyone for today. Thank you for taking such good care of my Maddy Sue.
The whole crew was today and has always been so good to her.
Dr Wallace went above and beyond for her during her current health problems and Dr Fry saved her eye.
Losing her today sucks but the kindness and effort you put in today was so much appreciated. Thank you just isnt enough.
Lena and Trisha.. I will always love you both for taking care of my babies from the very beginning. I just wanted you all to know that what you do and how you do it, means so much to your clients and their families.
MISSING DOG. Big white male American Bulldog named Mathias (Math-EE-us) with brown dots on ears. Missing from Hall Rd & Strickler Rd in West Fork, AR on Sat, Feb. 9 Microchip #0A01536348, neutered, olive-colored Kong collar with tags (Texas – we recently moved here). He’s our baby and we’re devastated. Mathias went out with his sister. She came back and he didn’t. PLEASE HELP! Share with everyone you know.
Kathryn 479-761-2722
Tucker and Toby love the Gulley Park Pet Staff! ❤️
Toby says thanks for keeping him flu free!
Tucker says thanks for his flu shot!
Our sweet Tillie is missing in East Fayetteville. She’s chipped. Would you mind sharing?

Gulley Park Pets Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic taking care of all of your needs from vaccinations and health checks to acute illnesses.

Gulley Park Pets Clinic is owned by Dr Romy Wallace. Dr Wallace is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. The clinic opened in March 2009. While Dr Wallace is the primary vet at Gulley Park, in the last year she has been joined by the great Dr Rachel Myers We also have so many great vet techs who keep the clinic running everyday!

Operating as usual

[02/11/21]   PSA FRIENDS - We will be CLOSED this coming Saturday February 13th & will resume normal business hours Monday the 15th!


“And 86 the f***l test, please”

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We’re in FULL SWING here at Gulley for Pet Dental Health Month❗️

Remember, dental care is just as important for your furry friends as it is for us humans - it goes FAR beyond bad breath!

Do you have any questions about your pet’s dental health? Do you need recommendations on the best oral care treats/toys? Would you like to set up an appointment to assess your pet’s current dental state? Give us a call anytime at 479-966-4929 and we’ll get ya taken care of 🦷 🐶🐱

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This little guy weathered the ice like a pro - puppy swaddle and all! ❄️

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Cooper and Snowflake are quite the handfuls 😉
Can you guess how old these floof puppies are?!


This stinker is still here. Waiting to meet someone who wants to take him home. New discovery this weekend—he loves to play ball!! Old dog still has good life left in him. Come meet him!!
Detail reminder:
Border collie mix maybe
Senior—9y/o or so
Potty trained
Quiet-only barks to come in.
Does fine with other dogs and cats


I see you Monday... and I’m ready for you!


Oh happy day when Romer comes in to visit! 🖤


The Dodo

33-year-old bat loves to curl around his mom's arm and fall asleep 💕


This sweet senior boy is still waiting for his forever home!! His name is Cheech and he is around 9 and weighs -50 lbs. I took him home for the weekend and found him very easy to live with. He is fine with my other 2 dogs and 2 cats. Let’s you know what he needs when he needs it. Sleeps well. Eats well. Goes outside to potty. He’s a walk in ready pet for someone who has the space and heart for him. For now he is back at the clinic because I didn’t want to think this was his home and get too attached. Bet he’d love it at YOUR house. Any interest??


More than 100 dogs have died after eating recalled pet food

Many dogs becoming sick and dying from this food sold at many common retailers and TSC! Worth reading!

FDA updates canine death toll as it probes toxins found in Midwestern Pet Food products from a plant in Oklahoma.

[01/29/21]   PSA - We will be closed tomorrow January 30th. We will resume normal business hours Monday February 1st!


Meet CHEECH! This cool dude is laid back and sweet. He is a 9 year old lab/border collie mix that is looking for a home. He has been hanging out with us for a week and is a pretty easy guest. He does well with other dogs, doesn’t seem to mind cats or kids and is trained and sweet. Likes to follow his folks around and appreciates a nice bed, a good cuddle, and a strong chew toy. Message us if you are looking for a low key awesome housemate! We’ll tell you all about him.


Who’s ready to tackle this Monday?!

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Flash thought we could use some help updating his exam notes 🖊 01/22/2021

How to Read Your Cat's Tail Language

Can you decode your cat’s tail movements??????? 🐈 Why do cats wag their tails? What does a swishing tail or a tail in a question mark mean? Find out the meaning behind your cat’s tail language.


This is Buddy - he is 100pounds full of sunshine and kisses, would do anything for a belly rub and even sticks his tongue out when you pet him 🤎

Does it get any cuter?
I’m not sure 🥰

#Buddy #gulleyparkpets


Mr. Spike dropped by for his laser therapy session today - and brought goodies with him! You’re always such a treat, Spike (get it🥰)
We say it all the time, we are SO lucky to have such wonderful patients and their humans!

#spike #gulleyparkpets #lasertherapy


This precious pup Moose is here to get his Proheart injection 🐶

Proheart is an injection form of heart worm prevention - in either 6 or 12 month doses!
Since a mosquito can infect your dog with heart worms anytime, anywhere, that means just 1 missed or late dose of prevention can put your dog at risk for infection.
And let’s face it ... life happens - we all forget things sometimes.

Proheart (6 or 12) means :
1. Simplicity - You don’t have to worry about keeping up with a monthly dose of a heartworm product
2. Convenience- Proheart only needs to be administered either ONCE or TWICE a year
3. Assured Protection - Only Proheart provides your dog with 100% protection from heart worms for 6 or 12 months with 1 shot

(disclaimer *Proheart does not protect from all intestinal parasites*)

Let’s make sure we protect our fur babies ❤️’s!


PSA❗️ February is PET DENTAL MONTH ❗️

Here at Gulley Park, we are offering 15% off of dental cleanings for the whole month of February! Book your appointment now, these fill up fast! 🦷🐶🐱


Gulley Park needs YOU! Looking for two fosters right now if anyone has the heart and space for it.
**One foster needed for a loving two year old kitty who has nice manners but may be nervous about dogs.
**One foster needed for a Senior dog (not super senior)!!

Who wants to be a HERO????


Dozer’s first appointment with us and boy did he win all of our hearts!

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When you see a cute boxer face, sometimes you just gotta smush it.

Izzy seems to agree.

#Izzy #Boxer #gulleyparkpets


Did you know January is National Train Your Dog month?!??!

National Train Your Dog month was established six years ago by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, to remind new owners that, like children, dogs need socialization and schooling to become well behaved companions.

❗️DO : Be consistent with training
❗️DO : Allow time for your dog to take in the command and act
❗️DO : Use positive reinforcement for following commands
🚫DONT : Overuse a command and continuously repeat it
🚫DONT : Lose your temper
🚫DONT : Train somewhere with a lot of distractions
🚫DONT : Have very long training sessions (10-15 minutes works)

You can find more information, as well as videos & trainer references here :


“If I fit, I sit” - Nellie


Arlo & his mini me Taro!


BIG smiles for Clyde 🖤



Loki says “Let’s get this show on the road” - Happy Monday! 🐶


“I’m not needy.... you’re needy. “
—Oliver Wallace


Princess Nora and her people drove 4 hours to us for her appointment today! We’re pretty lucky to have such loyal clients (and cute patients, too) 😸



Raphael & his stuffed animal twin - he’s very proud of it 🐱

#gulleyparkpets 01/07/2021

Get Your Jog on With Your Dog Want to take up running with your dog? Experts share tips for making the run fun and injury-free for both of you. Here's what you should know.


Did someone say ....

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Melvin here to wish you all a happy Wednesday - who can resist this sweet old face!


🐈 If only it were that easy ....

Cats are particularly good at masking signs of pain and sometimes the signs are subtle and easy to miss. This is especially true of chronic pain, which is often, mistakenly, put down due to old age.
Cats in the wild who are suffering from any type of pain or injury will try to hide it in attempt to dupe predators into thinking they’re not vulnerable. It’s most likely that domestic cats have adopted a similar trait.

Some signs that your cat may be in pain include:

Agitation (unsettled, trembling)
More aggressive
Change in urinary/defecation habits
Change in posture or gait
Rapid, shallow breathing
Tail flicking
Eyes closed or involuntary blinking

Also❗️ Please do not use popular human drugs such as ibuprofen or paracetamol as these are HIGHLY toxic to cats. If you notice any of these signs please call us & let us help advise you through different options!

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Cat VS Youtube Fish




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