Jamy Hunter, Licensed Professional Counselor

There is no better time than the present to begin taking the steps toward making positive changes for a more fulfilling life. Hi! My name is Jamy Hunter.

I began my journey into becoming a therapist in 2002. I received my Master of Science in Community Counseling and Marriage and Family Counseling in 2013. I have clinical experience with individuals and families on presenting problems, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relational issues. As a trained mental health professional, I utilize an integrative approach, providing quality therapy to individuals, families, and couples who are experiencing mental, emotional, relational, and/or behavioral issues that are having a negative impact on quality of life. You have the power to make the change. I am here to facilitate that change. I enjoy helping others and am ready to help you!

Who will help me spread some positive vibes and self-love? Tell me something nice about yourself!

This 👇🏻 Right. On. Point. #somuchtruth #imanintrovert #rechargebysolititude

Please forgive me.

Please forgive me when I don't answer my phone or return your text right away.

Please forgive me when I walk into church and go directly to my seat without stopping to talk.

Please forgive me when I see you in the pick-up line at school and just wave as I pass by, instead of stopping.

Please forgive me when we run into each other at the store and I say a quick, "hi, how are you?" but don't really stop to hear your answer.

Please forgive me when I don't come to your party, join your club, or volunteer to be on your committee.

I'm so glad to know you, and I love our friendship, I really do. But sometimes it takes a lot of energy for me to be around people. I'm an introvert. You might not think that when you first meet me, because I do love people. I love talking to you and getting to know you, making deep connections.

But being an introvert is not about being shy or a wallflower, it's about where I draw my energy. While extroverts draw their energy from being with other people, I need solitude and quiet to recharge my battery. For as much as I love engaging with people, the truth is it also drains me. Just one hour in a large group of people may require three hours of solitude to refuel. And because I have kids, and I work with people, and I volunteer at my church, and I have lots of wonderful friends and family I desire to be with, I don't always have the ability to fully recharge or refuel each day.

So when you pass me in Target on Friday night, I'm probably feeling pretty depleted. And when I walk into church Sunday morning, after a busy Saturday, I'm on half a tank. And when you ask me to join your committee that meets every Thursday, I know that since I already have commitments Monday-Wednesday I just can't give more, even if in my heart I really want to.

If you are an introvert yourself, I know you will understand, and you'll be OK with a nod and a wave at the grocery store. But if you're not like me, I ask that you forgive me when I appear to be rude, anti-social, withdrawn, or in a hurry. Being your friend and spending time with you is a joy, but I just need to refill my cup first so I can give you the energy our friendship deserves.

First off...I love me some Tupac! Secondly...yesssss...so much truth to this!!! We don’t have to spread hate. Period.

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos


Health clinics help families cope mid-pandemic

Our clinic, Wellness & Courage, was featured on the news for a second time. It's such a blessing to own a mental health clinic with my cousin, Wendy Johnson Poole, work with such great health care professionals- Melissa Nelson, Maryam Mardanbigi-Grimwood, Ashley George, Stephanie Bohannon, and Tammy Callahan-and be able to help so many people in our community!


nwahomepage.com FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The mental toll from the COVID-19 pandemic hasleft many feeling anxious, stressed and depressed. Wellness and Courage is a counseling and psychiatric center in Faye…

Nothing else needs to be said except...SO. MUCH. TRUTH!

#anchoredhopecounseling #repost #healthyboundaries

Past traumatic experiences create triggers in your environment that elicit a trauma response within your body. Your mind may have suppressed the memory or experience, but your body does not forget.

This creates anxiety or depressive symptoms that seem to “come out of nowhere”, making you feel “crazy”.

The truth is, you have been triggered by something, even though it may seem to “come out of nowhere”. Your body is reacting with anxiety or depressive symptoms in an attempt to protect you from re-experiencing that trauma.

Pay attention to your somatic responses. Pay attention to your body. What is it trying to tell you? What is trying to protect you from?

Codependency is neither helpful for you or the person that you are enabling.

If your “help” for someone causes you anxiety or puts you in a bad spot financially, emotionally, physically, etc. then you may be involved in a codependent relationship.

If you find yourself putting in more than your getting in the relationship, that is codependency.

If you find that you’re working harder to help someone than they are, then you are experiencing codependency.

Codependent relationships are toxic and never end well for either person. Resentment is a common side effect.

Re-evaluate the give-and-take in your relationship. If you find that you might be in a codependent situation, set boundaries for yourself. It will not be easy, but it’s necessary (and well worth it) for a healthy relationship.

#stopcodependency #youareworthit #healthyboundaries #healthyrelationships

Happy 4th of July y’all! Stay safe and have fun!

United, we stand. Divided, we fall.

#proudtobeanamerican #independenceday #staysafeeveryone #unitedwestand #dividedwefall

Wellness & Courage is currently hiring for a full or part time clinician to join our amazing team of clinicians.

Candidates must be
-a fully licensed LPC, LMFT, or LCSW
-have at least 5 years of experience as a mental health counselor
-preferably have a specialty in the field.
Examples of this could be a grief specialist, addiction specialist, trauma specialist, marriage and family specialist, etc.

The Wellness & Courage Clinic is located on the historic Fayetteville square, in a newly renovated building. This exciting opportunity includes a newly renovated space with a beautiful lobby, fully furnished office, scheduling, billing, utilities, marketing, and cleaning services. In addition, you will be part of a network of other like-minded clinicians.

If you are interested please email your resume to [email protected].

Anger is “easier” to express than what usually lies underneath the anger. It’s more vulnerable to say that we’re sad, anxious, scared (and the list goes on).

But when you dig deep and ask yourself “What am I REALLY feeling?”, you can get to the root cause and process through it more quickly.

So next time you have an anger explosion, ask yourself “What am I REALLY feeling?”

Loving yourself doesn’t mean that you think that you’re better than others. It means you understand, accept, and embrace the fact that you’re different from others.

Sometimes it means understanding that you just can’t be everyones’s cup of tea...and that’s ok.

Sometimes it means putting up boundaries and saying no to people.

Sometimes that means being able to acknowledge that you’ve made a mistake, apologize, and learn from the mistake.

Love yourself enough to always be working toward a positive self-narrative.

As humans, we are imperfect....and that’s ok.

*Disclaimer-this doesn’t mean you can be an asshole to people and blame it on your imperfections* 🤷🏻‍♀️🤓

Feeling scared, anxious, angry, and confused is a normal reaction to what’s going on in our world right now. But when those feelings become overwhelming, acknowledge the feelings and do something [healthy] to ease the discomfort.

🏃🏻‍♀️Go for a jog or walk
🐶Play with your fur baby
🌞Go outside and list what you’re thankful for in nature
⭐️Lay out and gaze at the stars
🎣Go fishing
🧘🏻‍♀️Do some yoga
📱Call a friend

Don’t hesitate to reach out and set up a counseling appointment. There are many in our area that are ready to help.

💻[email protected]
Wellness & Courage

June is PTSD Awareness Month. PTSD is a REAL THING and can be debilitating. Symptoms include (but are not limited to) nightmares, flashbacks, heightened agitation, anxiety, and/or depression, and avoidance.

Many times, external stimuli can subconsciously trigger the fight or flight reaction, causing the body to react in a way similar to when the trauma was occurring.

We ALL know someone who is struggling with PTSD. Have compassion. Be kind. Be patient. Ask if you can help. Sometimes people are struggling with things that you know nothing about.

#ptsd #havecompassion #ptsdawarenessmonth #internalbattlesarethehardest



I tell my clients this all the time. I hope you hear this and let it sink in. You are NOT your diagnosis or symptoms. They are part of your story, but they do NOT define you.**Please watch the video-it takes 2 minutes**

Sorry, but somebody had to say it. This video focuses on mood depression, not clinical depression. Furthermore, this is not a purported “cure” for depression...

Due to the increasing spread of COVID-19 in our area, we have updated our policies:

😷 A face mask is now required, rather than recommended, in order to enter the clinic.
**All clinicians will also be wearing masks.**

🚗 Please continue to wait in your car until right before your appointment in order to reduce the number of people in the waiting room.

🧍🏻‍♀️We ask that you continue the policy that only the client (and 1 parent, if a minor) comes into the clinic.

✅ Please continue to take the required COVID-19 assessment immediately before your appointment and take your temperature upon entering the office.

↔️ Please continue to practice social distancing while in the clinic.

We would like to thank you for your help in reducing the spread. We will get through this together 💪🏻

#wellnessandcourage #covid19 #inthistogether2020 #staysafeeveryone #socialdistancing2020 #weloveourpeople❤️

Cat & Nat

Mom guilt is a real thing. I don't know who needs to hear this today, but YOU'RE DOING A GOOD JOB MOMMA!

Why do moms ALWAYS feel guilty about EVERYTHING??!
Let us know what you're feeling guilty about so we can all see that we're in this together and basically just say f*ck it to the mom guilt ✌🏼

Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more #MOMTRUTHS: http://bit.ly/1MgVHuk

Wellness & Courage

We are helping you live the life you deserve.
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India.Arie - I Am Light (Lyric Video)

I thought it was an appropriate time to share this beautiful song. Please take 3 minutes to listen ❤️ Let’s bring unity to our nation. The racism, judgment, and hate has to stop.


Music video by India.Arie performing I Am Light.

So much truth. TRAUMA is the gateway.

Remembering our fallen heroes and their families today. We are thankful for and celebrate your selflessness and heroism. May God be with you today and everyday.

It’s a longer read than I typically post, but worth the read. #puttheglassdown

There is no success without failure. Failure is just a bump in the road on your way to your journey to success. It’s just part of the process. Try to view your failures as opportunities for growth.

But whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP!! You’ve worked too hard! No one can make your dreams happen except for YOU!

When you fall, stand back up and knock the dirt off. Figure out what you tripped on and learn from it. Move forward. You may fail again. But you’ll get there. It won’t come overnight. But you’ll get there.

As Bobby Bones-Bobby Bones Show says, “Fail until you don’t.”

#believeinyourself #dontgiveup #failuntilyoudont #bobbybonesshow #yougotthis #wellnessjourney #journeytosuccess #wellnessandcourage #mentalhealth

During this quarantine period in our lives, it’s easy to get trapped in our thoughts. Try some decompression activities, like journaling, deep belly breathing, grounding, talking to someone, going outside.....and list goes on.

It may not work the first go around. But don’t give up. #justkeepswimming

#reframeyourthinking #quarentine2020 #copingskills #mindfullness #wellnessjourney #wellnessandcourage

Timeline Photos

Timeline Photos

***If you know a 2020 graduate, post their picture in the comments so they can be seen! Today is for them!!!***

Congratulations 2020 high school and college graduates!!!!

This week, you were supposed to be having the day that you’ve worked so hard for...commencement day. I can only imagine how heartbreaking that must be.

I know it’s so hard, but rather than focusing on the things that were unfairly taken away from you this year (as I know there are many), try to focus on the things for which you are grateful. The future holds so much for you....grab it! Chase your dreams, no matter what they are.

You got this!!! I see you!! I’m cheering for you, as so many others are too!

#congratulations🎉 #yougotthis #theonewherewewerequarantined #2020graduates🎓 #wellnessandcourage

Timeline Photos

Today, we celebrate those mommas that have babies/children to hold here on Earth, who have lost babies in their bellies, who have held their babies/child(ren) but had to say goodbye entirely too soon, and mommas who are celebrating in Heaven. Celebrate your mommas today and mommas celebrate yourself...even if it’s not your typical way to celebrate this day ❤️

#iseeyou #happymothersday❤️ #celebrateyourself #youareloved

Take the time that you need and deserve. Healing is not a quick process. There are mountains and valleys throughout the entire process. No one gets to decide how long it takes you to heal except for you!

Just sending a little positivity your way! #notetoself #todaywillbeagoodday #positivevibes #wellnessandcourage

#traumaresponse #slowdown #feelyourfeelings #copingskills

[05/02/20]   While at Lowe’s, I was being checked out by a sweet young lady. I was wearing my Wellness & Courage shirt and she said “Hey! I go to Wellness & Courage! It’s been such a great experience there.” This girl doesn’t know it but she made my day! That was such a proud moment. #proudsmallbusinessowner #wellnessandcourage #weloveourpeople

I was introduced to Brené Brown
by Wendy J Poole Licensed Professional Counselor a few years ago when I took her group centered around the teachings of Brene. This was one of the best decisions I could’ve made because it introduced me to a love for all things Brene and all things vulnerability.

Vulnerability is no easy task. It’s not something that most of us just do naturally. Vulnerability is scary but the outcome is so rewarding.

Practicing vulnerability requires a journey through self reflection and self actualization, authenticity, and self compassion. During this journey, you begin to understand your own value and not allow others to take up space in your arena who don’t also see your value.

The world is not so scary when you learn how to love yourself and surround yourself with those who see your value.

“To all the critics on the sidelines; If you’re not fighting in the arena with me, I’m not interested in your feedback.”

#vulnerabilityisstrength #selflove #selfvalue #brenébrown #grateful #wellnessjourney #wellnessandcourage #goodbyecritics

My Story

Hi! My name is Jamy Hunter. I began my journey into becoming a therapist in 2002. I received my Master of Science in Community Counseling and Marriage and Family Counseling in 2013. I have clinical experience with individuals and families on presenting problems, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relational issues. As a trained mental health professional and certified clinical trauma professional, I utilize an integrative approach, providing quality therapy to individuals, families, and couples who are experiencing mental, emotional, relational, and/or behavioral issues that are having a negative impact on quality of life. You have the power to make the change. I am here to facilitate that change. I enjoy helping others and am ready to help you!

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