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Sara Laughinghouse, PLLC offers counseling and coaching services. Call today for a more information 479-308-5495!

Sara Laughinghouse, PLLC emerged from the concept of promoting both the mental and physical wellness of individuals seeking support. The desire of the practice is to facilitate growth and exploration so individuals can gain access to happier, healthier lives. Realizing there are various avenues to attain this goal, Sara offers individual, couples, or family counseling, as well as coaching and training. Contact her today 479-308-5495!

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Though today is labeled as #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, this is a topic that deserves our attention all the time. Supporting mental health is just as important as any other area of the body. I encourage you to reach out to friends, family members, and mental health services if you’re struggling with feelings of depression, hopelessness, or loneliness. There is help out there.

When you use a phrase 10X’s in one day, you decide it maybe useful to share!
“Clarifying conversations” has been something I’ve caught myself saying a lot this week to my clients. Whether it’s a tiff with your spouse, a miscommunication with a friend, or a thought that spiraled after a conversation with someone...clarifying can be an extremely useful tool! Explain what went thru your brain or how you felt in that moment so that you and that person can have a discussion and work through it. So many of us are walking around over analyzing or not expressing how we feel in certain situations and a quick news flash for you, people can’t read your mind! You have to tell them what’s going on in there! That’s why clarifying convos are needed. They help clear the water so we don’t spiral down the crazy thought tunnel that leads us to things like “I bet they meant this or she must be meaning that or I’m not talking to them b/c they said this...” If those things come to mind stop yourself, take a moment, and then take the hard, but needed next step to have a clarifying convo with that person about what’s going on. Clarifying convos can help reduce a lot of the inner and outward conflict that comes up in our life 😊

It’s #nationalworkoutbuddyday and there’s no one I’d rather be at the gym with than these ladies! Find a system that keeps you motivated, encouraged, & constantly supported like these girls do!
It makes moving your body everyday that much better!This is Girl Power💥💪🏻🏋🏻‍♀️💕🏃‍♀️
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Join us Monday, Feb 26 @ 6 pm in front of @gppbikesfayetteville for @lululemon sweat party NWA!! Gina, Morgan, & I will be co-leading a boot camp and would love to see you there! Nothing like an end of the day sweat session and connecting with your community to kick your week off right! 💪🏻 #sweatlife

Geeking out on finding strategies to help clients better meet their goals! How do you meet inner & outer expectations? Does that affect your everyday life? The Four Tendencies by @gretchenrubin is a super enlightening take on how we all respond differently to expectations! Go take her free online quiz and read up on your tendency. It’s a good day to learn something new about yourself and let me know if I can help you apply this to your daily life 📘💛!!!

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Self-talk is that jibber jabber we create in our heads everyday. A common issue I come across is when individuals tell themselves things they wouldn’t tell their best friend or heck even a stranger! Think about often would you tell your bf they’re dumb for getting a C, or that they’re not enough bc their tummy isn’t flat, or they are stupid for trying something new that didn’t work! The thing is we wouldn’t say those things to them. We would encourage and motivate them to see a different perspective. So, why then would we not do this for ourselves? Try it, look at a situation and if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, then don’t say it to yourself.

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Starting off 2018 with a little reintroduction on here! Self promotion is hard for me but I believe in what I have to offer so here’s to stepping out and trying. First, I’m a licensed professional counselor(LPC), life coach, and group fitness instructor. I have 7 years experience in the mental health field and decided to start a business that incorporates both mental & physical health. When I was working in with high school students I started to notice some trends. Trend #1: We aren’t overtly taught healthy self-care skills, how to emotionally express our feelings, or how to communicate our emotions & thoughts that run rapid in our mind. (I mean did you have emotional expression 101 @ your high school?!) Trend #2: Mental health & physical health are connected. Not taking care of the physical body can wreak havoc on our emotional body and vice versa. (This is by no means saying that individuals who workout and eat greens don’t get depressed FYI!) I just noticed when individuals were using self care strategies and physical wellness strategies their moods improved! So, that’s my vision, to provide a space that utilizes self care strategies from counseling, promotes emotional awareness, and incorporates physical movement and wellness. Self care, self love, or whatever you consider it to be is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, it gets weak! Practice helps us get stronger and I hope I can encourage individuals to get stronger 💪🏻I think our whole self will thank us if we try!

2018 is quickly approaching and I felt it necessary to remind myself that while setting new goals is amazing that actual change is hard! Yet, have you ever noticed that hard things happen almost everyday? Therefore, I have to believe that everyday small changes can happen too! Change occurs in time with practice and effort! Hence, why it can be hard! Maybe you want to lose weight, maybe you want to communicate more effectively, feel less stress, be happier, get organized, start a new project, whatever it is, you can do it but change occurs in the everyday small practices! So, I hope going into 2018 you remember that change is hard but that hard happens every single day!
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Listen loudly! Give it a try!👂🏻Communication is not always clear, try active listening vs active talking, and see where your conversations go! Also, if you need support with active listening, call me for an appointment☺️

Movement matters for our overall mental mindset! Come move with me tonight @clubhausfitness Dickson @ 5:45 pm for BrickHaus!!

If it’s socially acceptable to be thoughtful to others why is it selfish to consider our own needs from time to time? If we go above and beyond to meet the needs of others bc were ‘thoughtful’ of those relationships, is it so strange to be thoughtful towards our own self? Give yourself some grace and consider your own needs a little bit! Stop saying it’s selfish, instead, acknowledge the power that self-care has...when you take care of you, others benefit too!
#selfcare #mentalhealth

I'm so encouraged to have met the fine folks at ArtFeeds who have developed a program that feeds creative development and facilitates emotional expression in children! They make this world a better place to explore, create, and express!💜🌈✏️✂️💛👋🏻🖌❤️

#artfeedsday #mentalhealth

Congratulations to a fellow therapist and friend who just received the P to her LPC! Morgan is a great therapist who is also working on her PhD and I'm excited she can finally check off all the supervision requirements! Therapists work hard to get over 3000 hours of supervision to become "fully" licensed, it's no joke!! Proud of you, Morgan 💯💥✔️👏🏻check her out @ Soul Purpose Fayetteville 💛

Join Gina and I this Saturday @ 9 am in the parking lot next to Fayetteville @lululemon! We and @clubhausfitness are offering a FREE community bootcamp class to start the Saturday off right! We love the Fayetteville community and the concept of moving together to encourage overall well being! Hope to see you there 💪🏻🎉!!

Today, I will > Today, I didn't...

Today, I will > Today, I didn't...talking about inspiration behind unchecked lists and unaccomplished tasks Does anyone else ever get overwhelmed by things they were not able to accomplish?

Excited to be apart of this event! Come enjoy a great start to your Saturday morning!!!
Breathe in some fresh air and take it outside for a sweat sesh at the Fayetteville lululemon, Saturday, August 12 at 9 am. Our vision is to create space for our community to move together, outside, and motivate each other to be our best! We can't wait! This workout will require minimal equipment and provide maximum return. Grab some friends, a water bottle and join us. No sign up required. We hope to see you there! @clubhausfitness @lululemon

There is love in life's unexpected paths ❤️

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New Gym to Open in SOMA - The Arkansas 100

Glenn McCracken was basically born for this! If you're in the Little Rock area or even close check him out! I think wellness seeps from his pores so it's bound to seep onto anyone he is around or helping! Way to go, Glenn! A new fitness facility is coming to SOMA in Little Rock! SparkFit, opening this summer, will offer group classes along with experienced personal trainers to help members reach their wellness goals.

It's time to recognize mental health as essential to physical health

Mental Health Matters Mental health must be recognized as essential to physical health, not an extraneous element of it, before we have truly complete modern medicine.

My Big Little Voice

Being vulnerable is hard. Even as a therapist, I still struggle with listening to my own little voice...Click the link to read a piece I wrote about it. Would love to see/hear your comments on the issue #mybiglittlevoice if you've felt this! Don't forget to reach out for support and you are worthy! #mentalhealth #hereforyou #breakthestigma #wholeheartedwellness #gratitude #vulnerability My Big Little Voice My little voice says all kinds of things; some of it is nice but a lot of it is mean

Feeling official finally 👍🏻 👍🏻
If you're looking for a counselor in the Northwest Arkansas area give me a call! My office is near the square which gives all the Fayetteville feels ❤️I offer free phone consultations to discuss if this would be a good fit😃479-308-5495!

What if I told you there’s something that impacts every aspect of your daily functioning. It impacts your thinking, feeling, communicating, and learning. It can influence how you react to stress, relate to others, and make choices. It encompasses your emotional, social, and psychological states of well-being. Would you say that something is important? Maybe something worth investing in?
Mental health is not a problem it’s a state of being. It can become a problem if you don’t take care of it. That’s why Mental Health Matters! Mental health fluctuates just like physical health and at times this may lead to more severe mental health problems. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge the role mental health plays in everyday life. May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Let’s encourage ourselves and others to reach out and seek support for mental health matters!
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#motivationmonday meet Margaret! New blog about goal setting & motivation. Link in bio
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Wholehearted wellness is proud of these two wholehearted people! Gina & Hannah completed their first half marathon last weekend in Nashville! Both of these girls amaze me ! Not only did they train for a half this year, Gina started teaching Barre and Hannah completely uprooted herself to a new city! Talk about the definition of healthy, happy, and wholeheartedly courageous individuals💥#wholeheartedwellness #mentalandphysicalhealth

My own mental health blog: check out why green balloons are happy & wholehearted 🎈👇🏼

Hi 👋🏻Sara Laughinghouse, PLLC is officially launching!
I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) starting a business in the NWA area. My hope is to provide a platform for growth and exploration through counseling, coaching, and even some training! Wholehearted wellness is kind of my thing 💚
Check out my website or give me a call sometime. I'd love to hear your story!

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