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Massage for Women's Health, specializing in Stephenson's Creative Healing. Gentle effective massage for fertility, prenatal, menopause, PMS and more.

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Chapter 2 Sinus Guide

I am so grateful for the Sinus treatment this Spring. As I've gotten older I seem to be more prone to allergens. Thankfully the sinus treatment is fairly easy to do for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuwA-rnQVyw


Gentle😊 to Strong💪 CE's for 2019

Gentle😊 to Strong💪 CE's for 2019 -
Upcoming Continuing Education Classes


Institute of Creative Healing

Then general treatment is my go to beginning when working with any client with headaches, sinus problems and areas where jump starting the lymphatic system is helpful like edema, digestive, heart and lung issues.


Birth Guru To The Stars - Yummy Mummy Beauty

Prenatal and fertility massage is available with Brenda L. Messling, Gentle Birth Method Practitioner.

yummymummybeauty.com DR GOWRI MOTHA Dr Gowri Motha is the ultimate A list pregnancy guru. Her clientele reads like the guest list at the hottest celebrity bash. Elle McPherson, Madonna, Stella McCartney, Sam Taylor Wood, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss have all worked with Gowri to either get pregnant and or enjoy a happy...


The Gentle Birth Method | with Gowri Motha

Gentle Birth Method USA uses the work of Dr. Gowri Motha ObGyn in the UK.
To learn more you can check out her website


A few years ago I taught a head, neck and sinus class for a group of women at the Mount Judea school. This weekend I have the opportunity to do it again as part of the Creative Healing for Women class. Simple movements can not only be relaxing and soothing to a busy mind but can help with sinus problems and headaches.

We are looking forward to the Creative Healing for Women's class coming up this weekend. Saturday is all about head and neck in the morning and then we will be learning about low back pain in the afternoon. Sunday is the belly day!

Black Brook School of Massage

I am honored to be able to provide this class again in May. This class is excellent for learning to help with issues many women have including headaches, low back pain as well as massage for pregnancy and fertility. This class is an over-view but it is wonderful. If you are interested in the full Gentle Birth Method curriculum I will be teaching that class in September.

On Mother's Day weekend the 500-hour massage students get a break and I am offering a continuing education class. You need not be a massage therapist to join the class. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caUR5pT5ur4

You're super busy, 🙅and you need CE'S! - https://mailchi.mp/4064c624e9fb/youre-super-busy-and-you-need-ces


Massage Appointments

Yes I'm busy with the massage school, but I will not give up my clients!
Appointments are available Tuesday through Thursday 10 AM to 6 PM.

brendamessling.com Relaxation, Relief and Renewal with a special massage appointment which is focused on your needs. Pain relief with stress relief. RELAX and FEEL better today whether you suffer from back pain or ne…


5min Pelvic Reset sequence

For years I have struggled with an imbalance and instability in my pelvis which has caused a great deal of pain among other things. Chiropractic adjustments were generally helpful, but rarely did the relief last for long. Massage can also be helpful to relieve spasm but what your pelvis needs for optimal health is more holistic.
An imbalance and weakness in the pelvis can cause a number of problems - low back pain, knee pain, sciatic pain, constipation, bladder incontinence, discomfort during sex, prostate problems, low energy, uneven gait, inability to sit cross-legged as examples.

Attention to posture is crucial and knowing what your habitual patterns are that may be contributing to the problem and correcting them is vital in the long run. However, there are some exercises you can try that may help in the short term if you will do them on a regular basis. I found this 5 minute video online and I highly recommend watching it and then grabbing a book and a soft belt and trying the exercises out.

It is possible to get a great amount of relief in a short time.


Do you suffer from lower back pain? Or how about hip/knee/ankle/foot pain? Chances are you have a twisted pelvis, which is much more common than you think. T...

Today I worked with a gal with some major pain and numbness in her right arm. She said she'd had suffered with it since Christmas. Many of us tend to let ourselves deal with pain or discomfort expecting it will just get better eventually. Sometimes its a good strategy but there is a point when you finally decide to have someone else evaluate what's going on. As good as our doctors and chiropractors can be they aren't trained to evaluate the same things massage therapists do. My client today had lived with the muscles in spasm and pinching the radial nerve in several places. It may not have begun this way but when the nerve no longer moves as it should between the muscles it can get glued down in other places. Since the pain was fairly sever I first got an idea what position she could lie in that was most comfortable and began to expand on that. It was a challenging and successful session but one time is not going to be enough. We were able to release a great deal but for full ease in her shoulder we will work together again this week and I will refer her to a fellow therapist for follow ups if she needs them as she is not from the Fayettville area.


Creative Healing for Women module

My 18 hour class on Stephenson's Creative Healing for Women is coming up on May 12th & 13th, 2018 at the Black Brook School of Massage. Register before April 28 and save $45.00.


Alternative Health: pregnancy

This article is a few years old but it talks about the use of Creative Healing within the protocol of Dr. Motha's Gentle Birth Method program. Those of us who do Creative Healing need to continue to spread the word on this modality as it has helped so many people around the world.

telegraph.co.uk Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson are fans. The holistic obstetrician Gowri Motha talks through her stress-relieving pregnancy programme, The Gentle Birth Method


Gentle Birth Method Foundation Clinic at the Whittington Hospital

Congratulations to my friend Dr. Gowri Motha ObGyn for her newly approved Gentle Birth Method Foundation at Whittington Hospital!. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cN5XPQSq-E

Yoga, reflexology, creative healing, self hypnosis, visualisation, baby massage and parenting for pregnant mothers and partners.


Creative Healing for Women module

Upcoming class at the Black Brook School of Massage and Creative Healing. Creative Healing for Women. This special class is offered to anyone who would like to join me in learning how to help other women with digestive issues, menstrual issues, menopause, back pain or headaches. We will also do a face lift and it is quite amazing to see the results after just 10 minutes.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caUR5pT5ur4

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What is Creative Healing?

If you are curious about what Creative Healing is check out our short video overview. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM5k5UnVDnc

youtube.com This was our first video and still has the energy that was captured so well by our model Katie.

Health News Digest

In the Gentle Birth Method, Dr. Gowri Motha has several recipes that include turmeric. There are benefits for young women who are pregnant but even more so tumeric has major benefits for older women. Check this out.

Hmmm.. Interesting.. I never thought about it that way!


Creative Healing Digestive Techniques

The movements I use in my Wholistic Women's Healing Massage are wonderful for tuning up the digestive system and relieving abdominal pressure. It works by detoxifying the digestive organs and encourages them to work more efficiently by increasing circulation and freeing tension in the abdominal cavity. This treatment can support you during pregnancy or if you are trying to lose weight.


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Creative Healing Massage

Wholistic Women's Healing Massage is a time tested

Wholistic Women's Healing Massage is a time tested

Wholistic Women's Healing Massage's cover photo


Creative Healing for Women module

I teach classes but also offer Creative Healing for the Gentle Birth Method. The digestive Tune-up is great for women of all ages to helps decongest and detox the organs for weight loss or as support for pre or post natal clients.

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Sherine Lovegrove Sovereignty Coaching

My good friend Sherine Lovegrove also uses Creative Healing in her practice in London, England. Sherine explains here some of the elements of the Gentle Birth Method.

A introductory video for the Gentle Birth Method which will give you a flavour of what Creative Healing is and how I apply this method of healing when supporting women during pregnany

[07/16/17]   I have been networking with others who do Wholistic women's healing massage around the world. The Joseph B. Stephenson's method has helped many women become pregnant when other medical interventions were unsuccessful. this is part of the post I received this morning from Katerina in Greece. She has been using Creative Healing since the 1990's.

"My first case with blocked Fallopian tubes was in 1994. She had undergone surgery twice for unblocking her fallopian tubes, and they would block again after a few months. She was preparing for her 3rd artificial insemination,and was referred to me by her gynaecologist for relaxing massage.
Our first CH session was given at day 6 of her cycle, and we continued at weekly intervals. During session 4 she felt a rush of energy flowing in her abdomen, and then she stopped coming, because she went on holidays with her husband.
She called me a couple of weeks later, to let me know that she became pregnant during this time, before undergoing the insemination. She hasn't had any problems with her tubes since then, and, apart from her 23yrs old son, she had a daughter. All she needed was these four CH treatments.


Creative Healing Digestive Techniques

Watch our video and get an idea of what our Digestive massage consists of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s8G23yJxi2Y

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Dr Gowri Motha answers your questions | The Gentle Birth Method

Mary Santell asked a wonderful question about how our massage can help to balance hormones. Digestive and thyroid issues can certainly disrupt your hormones but perhaps a bigger culprit is stress. I am posting an article from Dr. Motha's website on this issue.

gentlebirthmethod.com Dr Gowri Motha answers your questions As an obstetrician, Dr Gowri Motha investigated why some mothers gave birth more easily than others. Her research became the Jeyarani Way Gentle Birth Method. She now practises at the Jeyarani Centre in London and London’s Viveka Centre. She has also written Gen...

I just returned from teaching a class in Russellville this past weekend on hips, back and sciatica. What a wonderful time sharing the Wholistic Women's Healing Massage with other massage therapists.

Welcome to Wholistic Women's Healing Massage and Gentle Birth Method USA. I have been helping women with stress and pain relief for nearly 20 years. I am focused on helping couples get pregnant naturally, and have the knowledge to help you with your journey to have a natural birth,. Fertility massage is real. It balances hormones, destresses both partners and creates a bonding between the future parents because I teach you to work on each other. Together as a team you will make this new beautiful life as parents come true. If you are already pregnant and are committed to having a natural birth you will love this program also. Call me for more information. 479-856-5458

the Artful Healer

Some time ago I wrote about an experience one of my clients had with the Gentle Birth Method.

artfulhealer.com Creative Healing is an excellent modality for many reasons. I have used it for years to help people with all sorts of issues. I’m known for my sciatic treatment. It is pure Creative Healing. Migraines? Nausea? Shortness of breath? All can be addressed with Creative Healing.

[06/25/17]   Women of all ages experience back aches. Pain between the shoulders, neck pain, low back discomfort. All may be due to stress, over use or poor postural habits. No matter what the cause, massage and Creative Healing treatments may be just what you need to get these muscles to release. Yoga stretches and deep breathing exercises may also help remind you to let go of habitual tension. Let's see what we can do for you for your special holding patterns and give you tools to use to help yourself.

Each Creative Healing session includes what is known as the General Treatment. It helps to activate the lymphatic system so that any movement of fluids elsewhere in the body can be more effectively transported and recycled or expelled.. Excess congestion (ie trapped fluids) in the body whether it is abdomen, pelvis or ankles causes aches, pains and feelings of heaviness.

In order for our mother's to be light on their feet and to have a Gentler Birth the General treatment is a key factor in their program.

[06/06/17]   I am networking with Creative Healers around the globe who are using Creative Healing for women. The stories are amazing. Nadja in Austria has only been doing Creative Healing for one year and already she has helped 10 couples get pregnant who were having trouble using medical methods. This work is amazing and I would like to share it with you.

[06/06/17]   More Information on Fertility

Fertility includes both partners. A joint consultation is advised. For your first appointment it’s ideal on day 23 of your cycle. Please call 479-856-5458 for an appointment. This is of particular relevance in our modern society where parents delay having children until they have developed their careers and secured a sound financial base for bringing up children.

Parents-to-be often overlook the fact that working long hours and enduring high levels of stress can deplete tissues of optimal nutrition.

Relaxation and restoration of optimum nutrition is important as a first step towards enhancing fertility and help to restore optimum fertility in a natural way.

Even if a couple consider assisted conception, we recommend a detox regime with optimal nutrition to improve fertilisation and nourish the uterine lining for the implantation of the embryo that goes on to to develop into a healthy baby.

I offer Creative Healing specific “women’s treatment” to regularise cycles and improve fertility and conception.

For men, diet and lifestyle modification that aim to reduce stress levels and balance body imbalances, thereby improving sperm production and sperm motility. We also incorporate Creative Healing treatments for the heart and lymphatic system for overall good health. We recommend nutritional supplements for men to enhance general health, sperm quality and sperm motility.

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