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[04/23/20]   Cox and AT &T are not playing nice AGAIN. If you need to reach us please email us:
[email protected] and we will call you!!

[03/18/20]   Need a virtual doctor’s appointment? Call the clinic and we will schedule you. Sending love to all. Stay safe, be healthy.

[03/16/20]   Starting today: Telehealth options!

[03/04/20]   Good Morning! We are having technical issues with our phones. If you are having trouble reaching us, please email the clinic at [email protected] and we will be in touch ASAP. We are here!!

blog.luriechildrens.org 12/02/2018

Antibiotic Overuse: Here’s Why You Should Care

Please understand, just because I don’t prescribe your child an antibiotic does not mean I don’t think that they are ill.

blog.luriechildrens.org November 12-18 is U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week. This week is part of the Centers for Disease Control’s efforts to improve antibiotic prescribing and use among healthcare facilities, physicians and farms. As stewards of CDC’s mission, Lurie Children’s encourages and promotes … Read More



Exciting news at Rainbow Pediatrics!
Dr. Sharkey is now offering online video visits via eVisit! Get quick treatment from healthcare provider without leaving the house. To enroll go to:


smartbrief.com 12/06/2013

Review: Exercise cuts diabetes risk in children, teens

Put down the iphone/ipad/whatever and get out and play in the snow!

smartbrief.com Exercise helped reduce fasting insulin levels and curb insulin resistance in children and adolescents, an analysis in the journal Pediatrics indicated. The findings back exercise training as a means of diabetes prevention and treatment in young patients, researchers stated.

smartbrief.com 12/06/2013

Measles cases increase threefold in U.S., CDC officials say

This is why I insist that all my patients be immunized. These illnesses are coming back due to people not immunizing their children. Ninety-eight percent of reported measles cases in the past year occurred in unimmunized children. This is a potentially fatal yet vaccine preventable illness. Where is the outrage?

smartbrief.com CDC officials reported Thursday a nearly threefold increase in the annual average of reported measles cases this year, with 175 confirmed cases and 20 hospitalizations. Since 2000, the disease had been eliminated from developing in the U.S., but people who traveled abroad brought it back into the co...

[09/13/13]   Flumist now available!

[11/10/12]   Please keep Mrs. Carmen in your prayers. She is having surgery this week and will be out of the office for a few weeks.

[09/10/12]   Flumist and flu shots for older kids now available, still waiting on baby flu shots. Call Monday for your appointment!!

[01/17/12]   Everyday, I learn something from my patients and their families. Today, I ask all parents of boys and girls to get the HPV vaccine for their children, sooner rather than later. Cervical cancer is a preventable form of cancer. I hope that I never have to diagnose it again.

[10/26/11]   Wow! I think something changed in the air today... much more illness today compared to the last few weeks. Wash your hands everybody, cold and flu season is on its way!

[10/22/11]   Please help us welcome our new nurse, Keri Harmon! She is an experienced pediatric nurse, has two children, and recenetly moved here from Aspen, CO!

[10/11/11]   Having a great Tuesday! Please come see us for your flumist/shot if you have not yet done so!

[09/28/11]   So sad that Laura is moving on to greener pastures. Does anyone know of any good nurses looking for clinic work?

[09/16/11]   Happy to have Carmen back from Hawaii!! We were not sure that she was ever coming back...

[08/20/11]   Good Saturday Morning! Go enjoy your day!

[08/17/11]   Good Morning! We now have our flumist (for children over two with no history of asthma) and our regular flu vaccine in for older children. We do not yet have our "baby flu shots". Call today -- and, yes, we do vaccine parents!! 966-4664

[07/19/11]   Summer is flying by fast!! Do you back to school or sports physicals? Are your child's immunizations up to date? Call today. Appointments are filling up fast... don't be caught in the last minute crunch.

[06/05/11]   Last week of school-- finally!!!

[03/11/11]   Long winter. Too much illness. Dr. Sharkey is need of Spring Break!!

[02/10/11]   Big shout out to the good Dr. Paul Henry for letting my husband borrow his bobcat to plow my parking lot since my landlord refused to do it! (However, both my husband and Dr. Henry are leaving town tomorrow to go skiing without me, so it's the least that they could do! :)) Thank you both and have fun on the slopes!

[02/01/11]   We will be closed today due to weather. Everyone stay safe and warm.

[01/20/11]   Just closed for the day. Stay well!



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