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[08/14/20]   Happy Friday,
Arkansas covid information.
626 new cases as of covid-19 Friday, including 189 in correctional facilities. The state also reported five more deaths, bringing the toll to 587. Hospitalizations down 7 to 466 (this number was over 520 about a week ago) and patients in vent 113.
We have had a slow week as far as covid goes at the clinic and jail. We have had under 10 positive cases all week and no hospitalizations.
The long and short is that it was a good week and Arkansas is trending down! Still need prayers for the people in the hospital though.
Get outside and have a great weekend!
Dr. Rob

Thank you Jane Anne Designs for custom making our Karas Health Care masks!! They are super soft and comfortable! Thank you!

[08/11/20]   Arkansas Corona Update:Monday's numbers were as follows:
There was increase of 645 over Sunday. Saturday saw 772 new cases, while Sunday saw 572.
- Deaths were up 11 to 555.
- Hospitalizations declined by six to 508.
- Pulaski County with 61, followed by Sebastian with 52, Garland with 50, Saline with 43, Jefferson with 40, Craighead with 32, Benton with 21, and Independence with 20 and Washington County not in the top 10.
Both clinics have not had very many positives, only 1 out of about 50 of our Rapid Tests have been positive over the last 6 days.
We have 2 patients in the hospital from last week but have not sent anyone to the hospital this week so far.
So, much slower in Northwest Arkansas, statewide hospitalizations trending down. That's good news.
Schools about to start; let's hope this virus continues to surprise us and even with schools and University opening up we continue to see it slowly fade away.
Remember, your health is your responsibility. Exercise, get outdoors, eat real food, and take a little Vitamin C, D, and Zinc. And most importantly, stop watching the news and arguing on facebook.
Dr. Rob

[08/03/20]   Arkansas Covid Information: Since yesterday about 780 new cases, 11 new deaths, bringing the state’s death toll to 475. There are 513 people hospitalized with over a hundred on vents. I really am praying for this number to start going down.
In Northwest Arkansas we aren't as high as we were and there is bed space at the local hospitals.
In the clinics we had 15 out of about a hundred of our send outs come come back positive today and 4 out of 20 of our rapid swabs positive today. We sent two people to the ERs for possible/probable admissions from the Lowell Clinic today. Also last week we did end up having one admission to the Hospital from the Lowell Clinic and they have already gotten out.
Our Gates/NIH study is currently on hold. We may also become a study site for a Henry Ford Hospital study with outpatient Hydroxychloriquin. I am talking with them again tomorrow.
Everybody remember it's a great day to be alive.
Dr. Rob

[07/29/20]   Covid information from Northwest Arkansas
Arkansas total numbers from yesterday:
New cases since 7/27- 734
Deaths - 428
Patients in the hospital 501
Patients on ventilators - 110
Those last three are highs. Though we're trending down in northwest Arkansas, central Arkansas and Fort Smith seem to be picking up.
Locally about 10 to 15 positives total from both clinics a day but a younger healthier infected group. We haven't sent anybody to the hospital in 3 weeks. We have had a few more poultry plant workers test positive.
What we can do about Corona is simple. Unfortunately, it's not as simple as masks or using hydroxychloriqine. We need to get outdoors and get our heart rate up a little everyday, eat real foods not from packages, and get a good night's sleep. That's what we can control.
If you're overly worried come talk with one of our professionals. It is the last week that you'll be able to see, Kat, the face that has greeted you at Karas Health Care in Fayetteville for the last 6 years. She and her husband have bought a house in Minnesota and moving onwards and upwards with their family!
Dr. Rob

[07/23/20]   Arkansas Numbers
A little over a 1000 cases reported today, remember our commercial turn around time on most tests are about 10 days.
- Pulaski County(Little Rock) 113. Washington (76) and Benton (73) Sebastian (65) and Crittenden (43).
480 hospitalized 107 on a ventilator, both of these numbers are lower than Monday's numbers.
Our total positives and acuity (seriousness) of Covid cases are down in the clinics. We haven't admitted anyone to the hospital in over 2 weeks.
Covid Beds available at all 4 local hospitals in NWA. The trend I'm seeing personally is good.
We are testing for Covid at both clinics. Fayettevile 9-12 then 2-4. And Lowell until 4 pm with a lunch break from around 12-1.
Please be nice to our staff in person and on the phone. It's very hot outside and we've been very busy for months facing Covid daily.
Yesterday a person was not nice to our staff and was throwing around that he was a "friend" of mine. I texted him that the next time I see him I may have to punch him in the face and to quit f..ing bullying my staff. Please realize I take care of my staff who then in turn takes care of you.
Dr. Rob

[07/21/20]   Arkansas numbers:
There are 488 (this is a record) hospitalizations, with 110 (this is a record) patients on a ventilator.

Pulaski County 110 Washington County 62, Crawford County, 46, Benton County, 45, Sebastian County, 30, Jefferson County, 29, and Saline County, 24

We're slowing down a bit in the clinics with about 10 positives each day for the last 2 days, and our percent of positives is going down. Also we have not had to send anybody to the hospital in almost 2 weeks.

In reviewing the county numbers it looks like other areas in the state our having more cases as we here in NWA are trending slightly down.

If you are getting overwelmed with all the news stories and have questions or concerns come in or schedule a telehealth visit. Hopefully we can alleviate some of your unwarranted concerns.

Stay active and get your sleep. We're going to get through this.
Dr. Rob

[07/17/20]   Happy Friday,
So we've had about 25 positive cases the last two days. Most of them from our rapid tests. Everyone has been pretty young and healthy and this is the first week in 6 weeks or more we haven't sent anybody to the hospital for Covid. My ER physician colleague that works part time for us said that he has also seen a decrease in the number of Covid cases in the ER this week in Northwest Arkansas. I haven't seen the Arkansas numbers for today but our hospitalized Covid cases are at their highest still. I'm hopeful our Arkansas hospital numbers will start trending down in the next week or so. Starting next Friday we will be able to enroll positive Covid patients in the Gates Foundation study. Patients will need to be over 18 with at least one risk factor, eg., Diabetes, Coronary Artery Disease, Obesity, COPD, High Blood Pressure, or over age 65. We will still prescribe our normal regimine to the patient, they will get paid, and they get a pulse oximeter, every other day nursing visits, and daily calls. The patients will be randomized to a low dose blood thinner or placebo. I think it's a safe and good study and should be helpful. Have a great weekend. Dr. Rob

[07/14/20]   Good Afternoon,
Arkansas with 794 new cases today with Little Rock leading the way followed by Washington County. There are now 445 patients in the hospital and 91 patients on vents. Looking back through the Govenor's charts it wasn't to long ago when we were under a hundred hospitalized patients and almost under 10 ventilated patients. I hope the acuity starts to go down as I believe the hospitals are nearing Covid capacity.
That said, our clinic acuity is going down. We have had 10 rapid positives today but haven't sent anybody to the hospital the last two days. We have had no lab results from our send out commercial lab in 48 hours which is very frustrating.
We are still testing folks at both clinics and still doing primary care medicine as well.
And just a friendly reminder-symptoms of Covid seem to be initially Sore Throat, Headache, Body Aches/low back pain, and fatigue. Fever and Cough are not as common. Shortness of breath is after a week and bad sign of major illness.
Also friendly reminder to take your Vitamins- C 1000 mg twice a day, Zinc 50 mg twice a day, and D 5000 units twice a day prophylactically (preventively, to help you have a nice functioning immune system).
Lastly, starting next Friday we will be taking part in a randomized controlled trial from the Gates Foundation that looks promising. I will give more details on this later in the week.
Dr. Rob

Poison Ivy

“Leaves of Three, Let it Be!” The traditional summertime mantra for hiking, canoeing, exploring, and gardening. In Arkansas, we have both Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, which have a characteristic 3 leaf pattern, and contain urushiol, an oily allergen.

Once this oil gets on your skin, it can cause an allergic reaction to the skin with redness, itching, swelling and blisters. The severity will depend on how sensitive each person is. Urishiol can be washed off with soap and water - if you do this promptly enough after exposure (like 15 minutes or less), you can potentially avoid an allergic reaction, or lessen the severity of the reaction. That’s why it’s particularly important to be able to recognize these plants. If you come into contact with Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, you can take steps to lessen your possible future misery! According to the Arkansas Native Plant Society, Poison Ivy and Poison Oak can be encountered anywhere from foot to head level, as these plants grow on the ground, but can also climb with vines.

If you were wondering, Poison Sumac doesn’t grow in Arkansas - we do have other kinds of Sumac - just not the poisonous kind.

There are, of course, other plants that have a three-leaf pattern, but if you’re not familiar with the plant, and it’s got three leaves like the pictures...don’t touch it. If touching the plant is unavoidable, wash with soap and water as soon as possible. Don’t forget to wash any clothes, shoes and tools you were using as well.

If, despite your best precautions, you still end up with the itchy, miserable rash, come and see us at Karas Health Care! We’ve got several treatment options for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak, and we will get you feeling better!

[07/10/20]   Good evening,
About seven hundred new cases in Arkansas today and 4 more deaths. Could not find hospitalization but yesterday they had increased by 36.
We only had 2 hospital admissions this week that I know about, and only about 10 positives in the last two days. That said our lab told us two days ago that there is a national shortage of developer and our return times on testing are now 7 to 10 days. So I'm pretty concerned as this really changes practice for us and for the last two days we have basically been following the cdc recommendations on whom to test. We do have a number of the 15 minute tests but we have to use these strategically.

So, I'm optimistic for our clinic base of patients but have a feeling the hospitals are still pretty full and the positives are now at other clinics representing a different new demographic.

[07/08/20]   Good Afternoon,
For Arkansas -Hospitalizations fell from 369 to 358, but deaths now 305. Seventy-nine people are on ventilators.
It seems like our clinic positives are trickling down a little; hopefully that's not just from our lab being closed over the holiday weekend.
We've only admitted 2 so far this week; both poultry workers. That said, I don't have a good feel on how the Covid beds in the area are holding up.
The feel good story of the week is I called checking on our patients at the hospitals yesterday and our youngest one, a 44 year old healthy guy, who had been on a vent and still pretty sick was no longer in the hospital. I messaged my friend who was taking care of him to see if he had been discharged home or was no longer with us. Within 10 minutes of messaging my friend the patient showed up in our parking lot, alive! He had spent 20 days in the hospital but had finally gotten better and released. He came in for follow up. He was extremely happy as were we. He looked very weak but he should make a complete recovery!
Ready for hospitalizations to start going down,
Dr. Rob

[07/06/20]   Good afternoon,
Arkansas numbers:
337 hospitalizations
82 on vents
Four hundred plus new cases today and deaths continue to rise.
Office busy as usual on Mondays. Still lots of positives. We had a long weekend but still had staff not feeling well today. Tested quite a few of us for Corona and everybody negative. Unfortunately/ Strangely, 3 coworkers tested positive for influenza A today. That's just bizarre.
No new hospitalizations of our patients today. We also had some new positives at the jail in a quantities unit.
So not the Monday we were hoping for.
Dr. Rob

In observance of the 4th of July Holiday we will be closed Friday July 3rd and Saturday July 4th!
We will resume normal business hours on Monday July 6th!

Please have a wonderful and safe holiday with friends and family!
-Karas Health Care

New cases since 6/30 - 420
Deaths - 277
Patients in the hospital - 275
Patients on ventilators - 72

About the same. Admitted 1 to Mercy this morning and got their last Covid bed. Northwest Springdale and Bentonville had no free Covid beds at the time. Sent 74 year old patient to Regional ER this afternoon. Hope she will get admitted.
I swabbed myself today and tested negative. Been feeling fine but have had lots of exposure. Will post the swabbing.

Have a new recommendation for folks on top of our vitamin recommendations. I should have remembered sooner but haven't used for years. There's lots of good medical literature on gargling and nasal washing decreasing risks of upper repository infections and decreasing viral symptoms.




Background: Gargling to wash the throat is commonly performed in Japan, and people believe that such hygienic routine, especially with gargle medicine, prevents upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). Its effectiveness, however, has not been established by clinical trials. Design: Randomized controlled trial carried out in 2002-2003 winter season and analyzed in 2003 and 2004.



Salt water solution could treat COVID-19 symptoms | The University of Edinburgh

A study involving a simple salt water solution which may help to reduce the early symptoms and progression of COVID-19 has launched today. The ELVIS COVID-19 study builds on a trial, published in 2019, designed to identify a low cost and easily accessible intervention against the common cold.. It found that participants who gargled and cleared their nose with a salt water solution reported ...


[06/29/20]   Good afternoon,
I didn't post Friday because I took the day off.
Today's state numbers
New cases since 6/28 - 439
Deaths - 265
Patients in the hospital - 300
Patients on ventilators - 63

We had 35 new positives from Saturday. We didn't send anybody to the hospital today. We have five patients in 3 different hospitals. We've had total of 3 patients of ours pass away so far.
I don't like the hospital numbers going up. As of last week northwest Arkansas had a total of 90 covid beds and were pretty full; 40 at Washington Regional, 30 at Mercy, 10 each at Northwest Bentonville and Springdale.
Not all ICU beds are covid beds and not all covid beds are ICU beds. Initially patients don't need ICU if they're doing alright on oxygen. The problem when the Covid beds are nearly full is it's harder for the ER doctors to admit patients and instead of erroring on the side of caution and admitting them, they may send patients home that aren't able to care for themselves very well because they have a low health IQ.
I read up some today on meat packing facilities across the world and its about the same as here. Corona thrives in those environments. Germany last week has had to re- lock down an area because of an outbreak at a meat packing plant.
Also there is no motivation better for getting your diabetes and obesity under control than potential imminent death!
You can't control the wind but you can adjust your sails
Dr. Rob

Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks

Veterans Health Care System of the Ozarks (VHSO) is partnering with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) to conduct a drive-thru COVID-19 testing for Arkansas Veterans and their family members/caregiver. The drive-thru testing will be held on Saturday, June 27, 2020 from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. in the parking garage at 1100 N. College Avenue Fayetteville, AR 72703. Signs and individuals will be on site to help vehicles with directions.

Arkansas Veterans and their family members/caregiver will proceed in their vehicles for a drive-thru COVID-19 testing. They will complete paperwork with an employee of VHSO. The Veteran and their family member/caregiver will then be instructed on how to self-swab their nasal passages by a trained healthcare professional. Per ADH, test results will take 3-5 days.

The Veteran and family members/caregiver will then self-swab while the trained healthcare professional watches to ensure it is completed correctly. Self-swabbing consist of place the swab in one nasal passage and turning a couple of time then holding for 15 seconds. The same process will be completed in the other nasal passage. Once the swab has been completed the Veteran and family member/caregiver will place their swab in a tube then a biohazard bag. The testing will be complete at this point and they may leave campus

There is no fee for testing. Testing is free and provided by ADH. Veterans do not need to be enrolled in VA. They only need to be a Veteran.

VHSO wants you to know that we are trying to do our part and help stop the spread of COVID-19. Safety is the priority at VHSO. We are looking forward to being a testing site for our Veterans and their family members/caregiver.

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