Karas Health Care, Fayetteville, AR Video March 12, 2015, 4:33pm

Videos by Karas Health Care in Fayetteville. At Karas Heatlh Care, walk ins are ALWAYS welcome for treatment of most minor injuries and illnesses. Same day appointments available.

Moment of the week!!!!

This was a 32 year old man that had accidentally shot himself with a BB gun more then 20 yrs ago and had not problems until now
Dr Karas safety removed it and the patient couldn't be any more happier!!!!

Karas Urgent Care

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Karas health care

Celebrating Dr.Karas Birthday a day early at the Lowell location along with Mothers Day with a great cookout.

Procedure Removing Metal Piece from Patients Face Karas Health Care is here to serve our community 😀

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Moment of the week!!!!This was a 32 year old man that had accidentally shot himself with a BB gun more then 20 yrs ago a...

Right Leg cyst Removal by Dr. Rob.The cyst was on the patient's leg or 20 years! It was 3cm wide!

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Cauliflower Ear after drainage procedure

Cauliflower Ear before drainage procedure

Toenail Removal

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