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Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery


It saddens me cause I wasn't able to afford my 100$ I have part cusyyif my granddaughter and each month I get my visiteand i have to rent car right get her 6hr round time. My car isn't that dependable so being on disability and raising a grandson my funds are limited but some how so why I will find means to get that 100$ can't wait to be able to change my life for the better for my grandkids..thank you mr. Roberston for your support
I have left a message for my medical doctor but haven’t gotten a call back yet. I was prescribed Prednisone for my back. Isn’t this something we are not supposed to take? He knows I’ve had my surgery.
Thanks to the Roller team for being here as such an important part of my journey! Love these people!
I had WLS on 11/7/19. This team gave me my life back. I hit goal weight on 8/8/20. I have also lost another pound this week. I am forever thankful for Dr Kwon, and the rest of the Roller team.
Was anyone else concerned about how bloated their stomach was after surgery? I’m three days post-op and my stomach is 3x the size and hard as a rock.
How long after surgery was it before your first bowel movement?. I had surgery July 1 and still haven't had one
Question??... I came in on Wed. fir my 2-3 hour visit feeling great!!! Hadn't been out if my house in cpl months due to corona, they did my scope that evening I got a rattling in my chest an a non productive cough, is this normal because I don't like feeling like this... Thank you in advance for any answers
Hi my name is Kristina. I am 24 and today I took the first step towards weight loss surgery. I am more then ready to get this surgery so I can be healthy. I am so glad there is a support team here every step of the way. My family supports my decision and I’m ready. Thank you roller weight loss for all ur doing and all that you do to help me.
Loaded up on this got the Berry Cherry & cucumber lime
Getting my chest X-ray.... Wow can't believe it's already almost time fir appt #2
Here's what I done today first visit is the 20th... So excited
I made it two my second goal of 130 and today I woke and weighed this 😳 omg!! Thank you Roller Weight Center for always being there for me. RNY 5/28/2019 HW 220. Yeah!!!

Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery offers the most sophisticated modern weight loss surgery techniques available to help you reclaim your health. Visit us on the web at

Operating as usual

Is it Super Saturday or what? 😀 Welcome to the down #400lb club Shane Durham! 🌟 Great job! 👏🏼💯💪🏼

“Dr. Roller thank you and I love tell my story in hopes it will inspire others. I have shared with a few people that i felt may benefit from WLS and it has changed their lives and I feel a moral obligation to put other people at ease and eliminating those fears and give them the courage they may be lacking and reassure them this is an option and an amazing tool , DEATH DOESNT HAVE TO BE THE OUTCOME OF OBESITY.”

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NSV - Non Scale Victory

Weight loss surgery is about more than just losing weight. It’s about enjoying the little things in life. It’s about living life again. ❤️ We are proud of you Jim Norwood!!! 👏🏼💯🤩

“Super excited on my NSV. At my heaviest I was in 5-6XL shirts. I have officially moved to XL and hopefully by the end of the year I should be a L. Holy cow what a great feeling.

I went to Dillard’s and really racked up on clothes during their 40% off already 65% off clothes and shoes!” - Jim Norwood

#Teamroller #healthyliving #timeisnos

Happy Women in Medicine Month!!🥳 We're so thankful to have three AMAZING female physicians at Roller Weight Loss - Dr. Kristin Roller, Dr. Jaime Dutton, and Dr. Jessica Pries!💙

All the women at Roller Weight Loss are committed to helping you live your BEST life. They're a critical part of the most advanced weight loss surgery group in the region!💪👏

These women are outstanding doctors and role models. Thank you, Dr. Roller, Dr. Dutton, and Dr. Pries!😍

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Live Q&A Highlight!

Our doctors LOVE answering your questions during our live Q&As!😍💙

Check out these clips from our recent Q&A with Drs. Josh & Kristin Roller joined by Dr. Jaime Dutton, where we talk about some of the questions involved with weight loss surgery. Roller Weight Loss has a passion for helping Northwest Arkansans take control of their weight and reclaim their health!💪

Got more questions about bariatric surgery or Roller Weight Loss? Watch our free online seminar today!!

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Drs. Josh and Kristin Roller are so excited to welcome another Fellowship-Trained Bariatric and General Surgeon, Dr. Noe Rodriguez, to one of the nation’s most accredited, advanced, and diverse weight loss surgery groups! 🥳

Dr. Rodriguez comes to Roller Weight Loss from Ohio’s world-renowned Cleveland Clinic, where he completed his fellowship training in advanced laparoscopic and bariatric surgery. He graduated from medical school in 2004, before spending three years as a clinical research fellow in the laboratory of Metabolism & Nutrition at the University of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston.

Dr. Rodriguez also speaks fluent Spanish. We are SO excited to better serve our Spanish-speaking community in NWA!

Bienvenidos, Dr. Rodriguez!! 💙

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #DrJoshRoller #BariatricSurgery #WeightLossSurgery #Surgeons #WLSCommunity

Happy Labor Day! Drs. Josh & Kristin Roller and the team at Roller Weight Loss are proud to serve the hardworking men and women of Northwest Arkansas!💪❤️

Go outside today, get hot and sweaty, and enjoy one of the last days of summer!☀️😎

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Selfie Sunday!!! We love our patients & watching their AMAZING Journeys towards healthy lives!! ❤️💯🌟
Congrats Mary Shawn! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

“I’ve never posted. This photo is almost a year apart. I had RNY on Dec 9th 2019. Best decision I have ever made. I’d like to say thank you to the most amazing team around. My 9 month appointment is coming up. 😊. I love the new me.”


Weight loss Surgery is about enjoying life again & all of those Non-scale victories (NSV) that you that come when the weight is gone! 🤩#Teamroller , the most experienced & accredited surgical team in the Region, will be with you every step of the way! 👏🏼💯🌟 Here is Julie’s NSV! 🙌🏼

“If you’ve been on the fence about surgery or are starting your journey, here’s a NSV almost 3 years out that happened today.

My husband accidentally locked us out of house today so he had to pick me up and push me through our only unlocked window which was the super tiny kitchen window and I fit with room to spare!

Thanks Dr. Josh Roller and your team for my amazing tool and this amazing outlook on my life!”

[09/04/20]   Thank you for your patience this morning. Our phones are back up and working!

Happy 41st Birthday to Dr. Kwon! It’s been an awesome 9 years... great Surgeon, Partner & Friend! 😎💪🏼💯

What do we hear all the time at Roller Weight loss? I wish I would have done this sooner... It’s time to live your best life! #Teamroller

Congrats Morgan Simmons on an Amazing journey!!! ❤️💯🤩

“The time has come.
I can officially say, that I have lost 100lbs.
I don’t have much to say, other than I could absolutely NOT have done this without Dr. Josh Roller and his team at Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery.
I’m forever thankful for my life saving surgery and my supportive surgery partner and loving husband, Ricky Simmons for going on this journey with me!! 💞
I’m happier and healthier than ever. 🖤
Neat things I can do now that I hadn’t been able to do in over 10 years:
•I can play with my 2 year old on the floor and get back up.
•wear Small/Medium clothes instead of XXL
•go on long walks and not die
•my feet don’t hurt after work
•my back doesn’t hurt and I can breathe while washing hair at work. (I was so big I couldn’t reach the clients head without leaning over the sink. It would literally cut off my air and I couldn’t breathe. It sucked)

There are so many other small things that I notice all the time. I just can not be more thankful for this tool I’ve been given.

Please enjoy some “before and afters” and some of the most unflattering pics of myself that I could find🥴😂

Highest Weight: 230
Current Weight: 130

Surgery Date: 12/27/19”

We are calling on YOU, Team Roller! We have been selected as a finalist for the 2020 Best of the Best Awards, and we need YOUR help to win. Here is how you can help...

- Follow this link to the Best of the Best Awards page (
- Click the "Beauty & Health" category
- Scroll down the page and select "Weight Loss Services" from the menu
- Vote for Roller Weight Loss & Advanced Surgery

Then make sure to leave a comment and share this post with your friends!! We would not be where we are today without the support from the members of Team Roller. Thank you for being part of what truly makes us the best of the best💙😉

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Drs. Josh & Kristin Roller are so excited to welcome Fellowship-Trained Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Jessica Pries to the most advanced Weight Loss Surgery Group in the region!

Dr. Pries graduated from KU School of Medicine and completed her Minimally Invasive Bariatric Fellowship at the University of Missouri. Her high level of training makes her a great fit to join one of the most accredited & experienced Weight Loss Surgery groups in the country! Welcome to the team, Dr. Pries💙

#RollerWeightLoss #DrJoshRoller #TeamRoller #WeightLossSurgery #WLSCommunity #BariatricSurgery

When you're hot & thirsty 🥵, make sure you choose a ZERO calorie option like Gatorade Zero! 😀 It works great for all occasions & helps avoid those unwanted calories! 💯❤️👏🏼

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“I was very active in sports during school but once I got married and had kids, I let myself go. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 13 years ago. It wasn’t until my primary care doctor looked me in the eyes a year ago and told me that if I didn’t get control of my diabetes and weight, that I would not live to see 50! I was 47 at the time and was taking 4-5 different meds for my diabetes. She recommended me for WLS.

My first appointment with Dr. Roller was in June 2019. Just with diet and exercise per the program, I was completely off all diabetic meds prior to surgery. No more shots! I had Modified DS surgery in September 2019. The picture on the left represents me at my heaviest at 382+ In June 2019. The picture on the right is currently at 258. I still have about 60 more to go.

This has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I have so much energy and feel fantastic! I can now keep up with my grandkids. If you are wanting to lose weight, Team Roller is the best around. Great service and friendly folks! Thank you for giving me my life back!” - Jim Norwood

Way to go, Jim! If you’re ready to take the next step towards getting your health back on track, reach out to the Roller Weight Loss team today. We can’t wait to hear from you💙

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #WeightLossTransformation #WLSCommunity #PatientOfTheWeek #HealthierLifestyle

I can’t say enough about how amazing this young lady is... strong, determined, and dedicated to getting her life back! 👏🏼 amazing job Tabitha Laurie Winkle!!! 💯❤️🌟 #Teamroller 💪🏼

“F2FF! Had my 9 month follow up today, and I have exceeded my goal. They expected a 60% excess weight loss and I gave 'em 67%!
I can't tell you how crazy it is to literally be HALF THE PERSON YOU USED TO BE!!!!

The struggle? The pain? The set-backs? The negativity from others or from within? The inconvenience of juggling what little time you have between work/home/life because you are relying on your own meal prep instead of grabbing drive-thru? Initial feelings of mourning the loss of a loved one because you have to sever that unhealthy relationship (let's be honest, AFFAIR) with food?
Worth it. All of it!

Just remember, when it gets super hard and you feel full of regret (and BELIEVE ME, I DID!!!) Just know..... this, too, shall pass.
It gets easier. You WILL see results.
Just follow the program, even when in doubt. The scale will eventually move. Your body will change. Your energy will return. Don't give up!
Having a bad day? Ate something you shouldn't have or skipped a workout?
It happens. 🙋
Tomorrow's a new day! You've got this!

I've lost 269 lbs from my highest weight.
I'm down 244 lbs since my first Roller weigh-in last September.
And I have lost a total of 199 lbs since surgery 9 months ago!!!
(Well, according to my scale at home. And we shall go with that one instead of Roller's scale, since at home I only weigh naked and after a bm! 😄
Roller's scale added 3 lbs - fully clothed - and I reject that 😄)”

ProGranola is a great alternative to other, sugar-packed granolas. Per serving, ProGranola has 97 calories, 12g of protein, 12g of fiber, and ZERO sugar.

It is great for a healthy snack, without all of the unwanted sugar!!

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Roller Weight Loss Live Q&A | Behind the Mask

Join us for another live question and answer to get your questions answered!

“FTFF, on a Thursday! 208 lbs gone! If I can do this, anyone can!” - Jim Lambert

Way to go, Jim!💪🏼 Ready to start your transformation? Give us a call and let us help you get back to living life💙

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #WeightLossTransformation #RWLTransformation #WLSCommunity

Patient Interview with Anne

Meet Anne and hear what drove her to have the modified duodenal switch at Roller Weight Loss!

#TeamRoller #RollerWeightLoss #ModifiedDuodenalSwitch #BariatricSurgery #WLSCommunity #WeightLossSurgery

Are you ready to really get to know the surgeons of Roller Weight Loss? Join us this Thursday at 6PM on Facebook Live to get all of your questions answered about the surgeons of Team Roller!💙

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #TeamRollerLive #BariatricSurgery #WeightLossSurgery #Surgeons

“Do you remember that moment when you were sick and tired of being sick and tired, when you looked in the mirror feeling like you were stuck in a fat suit, embarrassed to be the “fat mom” or had trouble playing with your kids? These are just a few of the things that drove me to the decision to have Gastric Bypass surgery.

In January 2019, my journey with the Roller family started. I knew I needed to do this for myself and was determined to be healthy for the first time. I was 325lbs struggling with borderline diabetes, insulin resistance, and PCOS. I was willing to make any change needed to never be overweight again. I worked through the next 6 months to qualify for surgery through insurance and made all necessary changes recommended to my lifestyle. I was dedicated to the process.

July 1, 2019 was the day I was given a new life. In September, I found out I was pregnant (highly not recommended lol). I was worried it would impact my surgery negatively and worried about my journey with my pregnancy. I partnered with my OB and Roller throughout the entire pregnancy. I stayed active, ate healthy, and focused on my pregnancy continuing my appointments with dietitians. In July 2020, I celebrated my 1-year post-op having lost 160 lbs, my new son, and my new and healthy lifestyle never changed throughout the events or stressors of life. I had proven to myself no matter what happens I CAN live a healthy lifestyle.

My current weight is 160 lbs, from a size 22 to 6, and a 3xl to Medium. I am active with both my children, have met so many amazing people along my journey, and couldn’t be happier with my decision! As a gift to myself, I had an arm BodyTite procedure with Radiance by Roller with great results. At times, I do not recognize myself and realize I overcame the biggest obstacle of my life with the tool provided to me. I am forever grateful!” - Sarah Teagle

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #WeightLossTransformation #PatientTransformation #HealthierLifestyle #PatientofTheWeek

Amazing Bo Easton !!! 💯🌟👏🏼❤️

It has been a long time since l posted anything. I am one of those people that are almost or 3 years or even longer out. We kinda stop with cheerleading, the advice, the telling everyone of the plateaus we reach. I am not sure why but I see it from everyone that is not within a week to 2 years. With that said, I just want to share this. Today I had to make a quick run to Walmart, I passed the Men’s department and seen this hoodie, I grab a large, pitched it in my cart and never had another thought about it until I got to my truck. Then it hit me, how many times before now have I ever been into any store and looked at clothes I just wished I could buy, but even more how I wished I could just fit in to😞😞😞. If you are questioning whether it is worth it or not, please message me and let me tell you about my journey. I promise you, you will get to Roller Weight Loss and Advance Surgery as fast as you can. The Roller family is my family. ❤️❤️❤️and I love them all. From 515 lbs. to 173 lbs. yes my friend WE ARE WORTH IT!!!

If you are thinking about losing the weight and getting your life back, NOW is the time! ⏳ we are so proud of Rosita ❤️ for taking that step and encouraging others! 👏🏼 Happy retirement! 🌟

“Officially retired today. 6 months post op. I feel so much better and have energy to retire. Although it’s worth it, don’t wait until you are 65 like me to have the surgery. Do it while you are young!” - Rosita Ridge-Smith

#teamroller #drjoshroller #nevertooold #rollerweightloss

Dr. Kristin ❤️’s her #Teamroller earrings 🌟 & we ❤️ our amazing patients! We hope everyone has an amazing weekend! ☀️

#rollerweightloss #Drkristinroller #Drjoshroller
#NWAsbest #healthyliving

Ever wonder what kinds of instruments are used in the operating room? Listen to Dr. Josh talk about the instruments used by the most advanced & experienced weight loss surgery group in the Region!

#RollerWeightLoss #BariatricSurgery #WLSCommunity #SurgicalInstruments #DrJoshRoller

“Had my 9-month follow-up appointment. I’m so thankful to Dr. Josh Roller and his team for the care, support, and professionalism. If you are considering weight loss surgery, I would HIGHLY recommend you see them. It’s life-changing!!

1st picture - summer 2019...around 252 pounds

**Had Gastric Bypass Surgery in November 2019

2nd picture - today (8/3/2020)...145 pounds” - Kacee Dearman Scott

Such amazing results!! Ready to start living life again? Reach out so we can help get your life back on track.💪🏼

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #WeightLossTransformation #RWLTransformation #WLSCommunity

“I went through years of yo-yo diets, losing up to 100lbs multiple times. Now the sleep apnea is gone and blood pressure meds have been decreased to a small dose, and I expect to be off all together soon. My energy has increased substantially, and doing simple things that used to get me winded are no problem now. Thanks to the Roller Weight Loss group, I have been able to take back control of my health.” - Rick Latimer

We are so glad to be part of your journey, Rick. Are you ready to get your life and health back on track? Team Roller is here to help! Reach out to us today and let’s get your journey started.

#RollerWeightLoss #TeamRoller #WeightLossTransformation #PatientTransformation #HealthierLifestyle #PatientofTheWeek

Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery Live Seminar Registration

This is the first step in starting your weight loss journey!

We ask that each of our prospective patients attend one of our free informational weight loss seminars before scheduling a consultation. The seminar will provide you with pertinent information about your weight loss surgery options, what to expect after surgery, insurance information, and how the surgeons and bariatric surgery experts at Roller Weight Loss and Advanced Surgery can help you.

There are live seminars in Fort Smith, Tulsa, and Fayetteville. Go here to register:

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Live Q&A Highlight!
Roller Weight Loss Live Q&A | Behind the Mask
Patient Interview with Anne
#TeamRollerLive Weight Loss Surgery Q&A
Team Radiance Live Q&A Takeover
Patient Interview with Robin
Patient Update with Mike
Debunking the MYTHS of Weight Loss Surgery




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