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My desire is to help you find health in every area of your life - naturally! Contact me! Let me be your mentor in this exciting journey!

MY TESTIMONY: In early 2012, I was an active, yoga-loving, stay-at-home mom and full-time college student (finishing my degree in Early Childhood Education.) I was in CONSTANT motion! Traveling with my husband, socializing with friends, and being a complete OCD woman with a house that had floors you could eat off. I was a 90 to nothin’ ball of determination! My son turned 2 in July of that year. I had planned his party to a T, inviting all our family and friends! It was one of the last "social gatherings" I would experience for a while... In late July, I woke up one morning, put my feet on the floor, and felt a searing pain at the bottom of my spine. I tried to stand up and found that I could not straighten my upper body more than 40°. I had experienced a lot of pain in my life up to that point - but this? This took the proverbial cake. My husband promptly took me to the first of 13 specialist that I would visit. The first doctor was a "Spine Specialist," one of the most highly regarded in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The doctor ran MRI's on my low back and we awaited the results. I just KNEW that they were going to come in and tell me that multiple discs had exploded and he would be removing shrapnel from my spine! Instead, the doctor returned and told me that there was "nothing wrong with me." He commenced to give me 5 prescriptions - two of which were narcotic painkillers! He instructed me to take them for pain, and to schedule physical therapy with their office. Then my husband rolled me back to our vehicle in a wheel chair. Needless to say, I came to the prompt conclusion that if this specialist could not diagnose the problem, I refused to be his pill dumpster! I immediately began my search for another professional who might help. The next 8 months were a blur of doctors, imaging (CT scans, MRI's, X-rays, etc.,) injections, and every alternative therapy we could conjure to EASE the pain I was experiencing. I want to point out here that the pain first manifested in my low lumbar, as I mentioned before. However, over time, it spread lower to my tailbone area and radiated through my hips, groin, buttocks, piriformis (the muscles that attach to the top of your hips on each side,) my hamstrings, my quads, and even into my calves. I would lie in bed, writhing in pain, praying that God would make it stop or just take me home. When you're in that level of pain, your mind begins to play tricks on you. You feel as though you're "losing" it - or that you are somehow watching yourself from the outside. I know all of that sounds extreme - but I am simply being honest. It felt as though I was in labor. The difference - in labor you have the reassurance that the pain WILL let up - if only for a moment - and that it will eventually stop. This pain would NOT stop - despite pain medication - and despite any and every treatment we sought. There were days that I could walk, if only short distances. Any medicine I was on barely took the the edge off - and even WITH it, I found myself in excruciating pain and in bed for days at a time. Eventually, leaving the house was no longer an option. I began dropping classes that weren't online. I would stay inside for weeks, only leaving to see a new doctor, or to visit an existing one. Throughout these months we tried: acupuncture, Osteopathic Manipulation Therapy, Active Relief Technique, 6 rounds of injections into my lower back (one set took place IN the doctors office - a series of countless needles with no anesthesia, another took place in a surgical area, again with no numbing medication.) The doctors tried caudal epidural injections, steroids, pain medication injections, the list goes on. I did physical therapy, TENS units, and heat and ice. At varying points I was told that I had a fractured but "healing" tailbone, that I had SI Joint pain, and that I had "bulging discs" in my lumbar. None of the diagnosis correlated with the level of pain OR my symptoms! FINALLY, in March of 2013 we found a Neurologist/Spine Specialist who specialized in low lumbar and PELVIC pain. During the first visit I told him that I wanted NEW imaging, as the prior images were taken during the acute phase of the "injury," whatever that "injury" was. (I had done my research and knew that, during acute injuries, swollen ligaments and tissue can often distort MRI results, since the swelling often appears “white” in the images, and can affect the readings.) The doctor fully agreed, and suggested a brilliant idea. A set of PELVIC images. Something NONE of the other doctors had considered. It was during this time that he also suggested I see a Neurologist who would conduct an electromyogram. If you don't know what this is - it's a test that consists of needles being injected through the skin and INTO the muscles (in my case my calves, feet, and thighs) to measure the damage or irritation of the nerves. It was at this appointment that the neurologist who performed the electromyogram “slipped” and eluded to the preliminary diagnosis. He said, “I wish I had better news, but I feel that the only real option is to remove the coccyx.” I was in shock. This Neurologist worked VERY closely with my new surgeon/Spine Specialist, and I realized that the neurologist already KNEW the diagnosis – and that I was likely to receive the results at my surgeon’s office that week. I remember driving myself home that day (painfully,) and bursting into tears. I was shaking so badly and crying so hard that I had to take the next exit off the highway. I found a gas station, parked, and lost it. I remember crying out to God…“Please, don’t let this be true!” Just then, I heard His still small voice, “Trust Me.” I calmed a bit. “Lord, I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will go wherever you want me to go…Please, just show me your will, and give me the strength to carry it out. Please let it be in black and white...” Again, I heard Him, even stronger, “TRUST. ME.” I began to feel His peace fall over me. My hands stopped shaking, and I said, “You’ve brought me this far, Lord. I do. I trust you.” I took a deep breath, and I felt complete serenity. I wasn’t fearful. I wasn’t worried. I finally accepted the idea of surgery - if that was His will. That week I saw my surgeon. The diagnosis was true. My tailbone had dislocated completely. A normal tailbone curves at a gentle 50° angle. My tailbone, however, was curved at an interior angle - 90° OFF from its normal position. Essentially my coccyx was at a 140° angle - pointing at my belly button and threatening to puncture my colon. He also found that I had a VERY old, VERY significant lateral fracture at the base of my sacrum - directly above my tailbone. He knew it was at least 10 years old because the fractured bones were smooth and there was a TON of scar tissue around the area. This was alarming, since I DO NOT recall sustaining an injury! However, this old, nasty bugger had made my tailbone unstable over time. He surmised that the ligaments and tendons around the sacrum and tailbone had slowly become more and more taut over the years until they finally pulled my tailbone out of place completely. The only solution? Remove my tailbone. A surgery called a coccygectomy. It’s very rare and only happens in about 1% of patients with tailbone pain/injury. Next, he pulled out my MRI images. It hit me like a stone – they were in BLACK AND WHITE. As I looked at my disfigured tailbone – that tiny bone that had caused so much pain for so long, the doctor handed me his report. Written in black and white. I didn’t blink an eye when I told him to schedule the surgery. A coccygectomy is one of the more painful surgeries one can have – with one of the longest heal times. The surgery took about 5 hours, and the pain afterward was more intense than it was BEFORE the surgery. (Although the pain was different. It was “surgical pain.”) I DID feel that someone had “snipped” a rubber band that was pulling every muscle in my legs. I stood a bit straighter, but we were told that time would tell. I was told that the heal time would be 6-8 weeks. After 6 months, there was little improvement in my pain level (the pain was no longer in my tailbone, it had traveled to my sacrum and across my entire lower back.) I was still walking abnormally – hunched over and unable to straighten my body completely. My surgeon finally referred me to a physiatrist (a specialist who works in muscle, bone, and nerve rehabilitation, as well as injuries which affect the way one moves.) During my time with the physiatrist, he ran even more images and found that because I had walked so awkwardly for so long, and because of the immense stress on my lower back, I had developed Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction. Short description of the disorder: Your hip bones (ilium,) attach to your sacrum at the lower part of your spine. There is a joint that holds the two together called the “sacroiliac joint.” The joints have a cartilage layer covering the bone. The cartilage allows for some movement and acts as a shock absorber between the bones. When this cartilage is damaged or worn away, the bones begin to rub on each other, and degenerative arthritis(osteoarthritis) occurs. SI Joint pain can be debilitating, he told us. SI Joint injuries can be dealt with, primarily when the problem is caught early on! However, the longer the problem goes on, the more difficult the "damage control…." Amidst all the above, a few months following the surgery I began to feel extremely fatigued. It began with not being able to get out of bed until mid-morning and progressed so quickly that I could NOT get out of bed. It was as though my entire body was paralyzed, with muscle pain that seemed to come from my bones! I would lie in bed, staring at my arm and WILLING it to move. It was literally like my body wouldn't listen to my brain. I would TRY to drive to appointments (before the exhaustion became full-blown,) and would begin to FALL ASLEEP at stop lights. WITH MY SON IN THE BACK SEAT. I would get out of bed to use the restroom, and crawl back to bed, breathing as though I had run a 10K. I told my physiatrist about the bone pain, fever, and exhaustion. He – as well as my GP, advised that “It takes a lot of energy for your body to heal. It’s normal to feel tired after an invasive surgery.” When I could no longer FEED MYSELF, I INSISTED that my GP do blood testing to determine the cause of the symptoms (fever, exhaustion, muscle pain and weakness, etc.) After a gamut of blood tests he found that I had post-viral Epstein Barr which led to myalic encephelomyolitits (sometimes called chronic fatigue syndrome.) Epstein Barr is the very virus that causes mononucleosis. About 97% of the population carries it. Similar to the flu, one can come into contact and never have symptoms. However, once your body is exposed to a virus - that virus ain't leavin'. In my case, my body (like 97% of us,) already CARRIED the virus. The kicker is, very very rarely does the virus "re-activate." Extreme stress, prolonged pain, these are things that can trigger the "dormant" Epstein Barr. Once it is triggered, it's there. It does not go away. It does not shut off. My doctor explained that, essentially, I have mono. All the time. The only difference? I'm not contagious. The cure? Nothing. “Eat better, rest when I’m tired, try to gradually start physical therapy, and take a spectrum of vita-green vitamins.” At this point, the problem became, I cannot walk = inability to get out of bed. Days that I CAN walk to any degree, I am SO EXHAUSTED that I end up too weak to continue walking. It was a vicious cycle of pain, fatigue, pain, fatigue. This is when I hit my preverbal “bottom.” I could no longer take ANY classes. I was forced to drop out of school. I could no longer take care of my then-two-year-old son. We had to send him to a private sitter/homeschooler four days out of the week. I am blessed enough to have a mom and a mother-in-law (who has been as close as a mom,) who each took shifts - driving 6 hours from Arkansas all the way to TX - to take care of my son when he was at home, and to basically feed me, help me shower, cook meals, clean, all the things you don’t THINK about until you find yourself unable to do them. When family couldn’t make the long trip to help, my husband found himself working 12-14 hours a day, coming home to take care of our son, taking care of me, and running a household. Most men would have turned tail and RUN AWAY! I praise God that He sent me the husband that I have. I would not have survived physically, emotionally, or mentally had it not been for the Lord, the prayers that were sent up for my family during this time, and a Man of GOD that the Lord saw fit to bring to me. I am so grateful and humbled by how God worked in the situation. I firmly believe that NOTHING happens in God’s world by mistake. I also feel that God doesn’t “make” bad things happen. I do believe that He “allows” things to happen in order to slow us down enough to hear what he's been trying to tell us. Those days in bed, the times that I cried out to God, were all moments that drew me closer and closer to Him. I think of it this way; as a mother, if my son is hurt or in pain, I RUN to him. I don’t casual look on and say, “You’re ok….it’ll get better….” No. I run to him as fast as I can and I hold him. I comfort him and promise - with everything inside - me that he’s going to be alright. THAT is exactly what my God did for me. I’d never felt Him closer to me than when I was at my lowest. “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18. I firmly believe that every moment of this journey, every tear that I cried, every prayer that I prayed, was heard – and He responded by giving me peace, patience, humility, and finally compassion for others that I DID NOT have before. Today I can EMPATHIZE. Sympathy says, “I understand what you’re going through…I care.” Empathy says, “I’ve FELT what you’re going through. I’ve been there. And THIS is what helped me…” Walking (or even crawling!) through this bad situation forced me to be still and humble. In bad situations we can choose to become bitter, throwing blame at other people and cursing the situation. (Admittedly, the cursing did happen a time or two.) Or we can choose to keep going and know that we are learning SOMETHING – we’re being shown something in our suffering that has nothing to do with us. It has to do with experiencing something, so that we can HELP OTHERS when we come out on the other side! That’s the strange and beautiful part of suffering. I began to gain a small bit of energy over the next six months or so. However the pain was still there. I still had to take medication in order to function/get out of bed – only to walk like an 88 year old instead of a 31 year old! As God was granting me strength bit by bit, I heard an idea that never occurred to me. If we are God’s kids, we should ASK HIM for things that we need! Hello?! Most people know about this concept, right?! Well, apparently I didn’t. Every time I prayed, I prayed for others, or for guidance. My prayers were always very humble/reverent (which isn’t a bad thing! Every kind of prayer has a season.) Someone said, “When my kids ask me for things – they ask for eeeeeverything at the same time! They aren’t afraid that they’ll ask for the wrong thing. I’m the parent. I know what they need and when they need it! Why is our Father in heaven any different? We need to stop being fearful, and ask God for the things that He has promised us in His Word. When you pray – go BODLY before the thrown of the Father…And when you do, go in the name of Jesus!” What a concept! So that day, I nervously decided to pray that way. I said the words, “God, I come BODLY to your thrown in the name of Jesus. You know the pain I’ve been in. And you know every hurt I’ve felt. Your word says that, ‘by your stripes we ARE healed!’ I pray that you manifest your healing!” And when I prayed that way, I felt every hair on my body stand up! I knew something was happening. I just didn’t know what. About four days following that pray, an old and close friend of mine emailed me. She said that she knew I was going through a lot, and that I had been on her mind…She told me about some oils, homeopathic oils that she wanted to “try on me.” My first questions were, “Do you sell them and how much do they cost?” Ha!!! You can imagine that through ALL the above stated, I’d had many friends and acquaintances who have, with good intentions, tried to sell me vitamins, minerals, shakes, cures of every sort. Sufficed to say – I had become VERY CYNICAL when it came to “magic cures!” She told me a small bit about Young Living Essential Oils and how they had helped her, her family, and her loved ones. I knew my friend to be, dare I say, a bigger cynic than I! She said that all she wanted was to come over and TRY them. If they worked, great! If not, no harm no foul. I could agree to that. I knew there would be no “hard selling” from her. She came over a couple of days later and told me more about the process of the oils, the uses, etc. We caught up on life, laughed, joked, and finally I said, “Ok, let me try some of this stuff.” On this particular day I hadn’t left the bed. My back was angry, and my entire lower body was following suit. I stiffly stood up and began rubbing Valor directly on my SI Joint, continuing to talk to her about life and whatnot. Next, I began to layer Panaway over that. As we spoke my mind jolted. I immediately thought, “Ok, Kristin. Calm down. This is just a placebo effect. You’re hoping too hard that this stuff will work. This feeling is just in your head…” Before I finished rubbing in the Panaway I began to stand straighter. I finally layered on Peppermint. At this point, the pain had subsided to the point that I was standing completely straight, the pain in my SI and low back felt as though it was literally melting. The muscles across my low back loosened. In less than FIVE MINUTES, the pain had gone from a 7 to a 2! I stopped talking. I stared at my old friend, unable to say a word. Standing straighter than I had in over a year and a half, a huge smile swept across her face. I walked to the other side of the room, my stride sure and painless. I turned around and walked back – tears now filling my eyes. I moved my HIPS back and forth. I leaned down and TOUCHED MY TOES. When I felt confident that what I was feeling was real, I began to cry – tears rolling down my face. I told her, “I can’t believe this. This isn’t real….I feel like an idiot – crying like this!!” She responded, “Don’t! You’ve hurt for entirely too long…Just enjoy it.” I cried more, walking. WALKING. I felt that a light had started to shine again. All the things that I had silently let go off – the idea of having more children, being able to play with my son, the fear of never being able to run again, began to slowly wash over my brain… When my husband came home, I went straight to him, my face stained with tears, and walked around the kitchen. He couldn’t even speak. He just watched me as I leaned over and touched my toes again. With his mouth open, he finally said, “How?...What did you do?” I told him about the oils, talking 90 miles an hour. He just listened, still in shock. That day I ordered my starter kit. Since then, if/when the pain begins to break through, I reach for a bottle of what I fondly call my “healing oil.” I'm weaning myself off of any pain medication – the only thing that helped me walk (though NEVER without pain.) Since I’ve found Young Living Essential Oils, I feel as though a spotlight has been cast into our home. I continue to find new and amazing ways to help those around me. People I know see me walking and immediately ask me what happened. I tell them simply, “God answers prayers. I’ve been using Young Living Oils. And now I can walk…” There was still the issue of the “Chronic Fatigue.” I’ve been drinking NingXia Red since the beginning, and my energy level is increasing more and more every day. I am out of my bed! I play with my son! I look forward to creating a new life (hopefully a girl ;) ) with my husband one day! And it’s all because an all-knowing, all-powerful God who LOVES me (and each and every one of YOU,) spoke to a friend, who spoke to me, about Young Living Essential Oils. I’ll never be the same after that prayer, and I’ll never be the same since that miraculous day when I first used my “healing oils...” That, my friends, is why I’ve made the decision to reach out to other people. There are too many of you who are suffering, and have suffered for TOO LONG. You are NOT MEANT to live with pain. We were not made to hurt, or be ill, or feel emotionally and spiritually sick. God has so much more for you. If I can walk again, I know you can. It took me a moment to take one step – a choice to try something that just might help me. I will forever be grateful that I did. Ask me questions. That’s why I’m here. Life is cyclical, and it’s my turn to give myself to this process. It's my turn to help! Blessings and Wellness! Kristin D. Pinkerton *My story and the information I share is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease/illness. My story is quite simply my experience - and is the same experience I wish for you and your loved ones!

Mission: It is my firm belief that human beings were not designed to live with pain, sickness, and emotional illness. I know that YOU were meant for more than that! We have been given everything we need on this Earth to live in health, wholeness and abundance! Young Living Essential Oils are a gateway to discovering how nature - in it's purest form - can allow the human body and the spirit to thrive! Since my own healing - brought about by a Mighty God, and through the help of Young Living Essential Oils, I have made it my mission to share this gift with anyone who aspires to live the way each of us were DESIGNED to live! Life is cyclical. When we are blessed, it is most often our cue to give back! Sharing my experience, strength, and HOPE with you is my way of following that cue. Contact me, ask me questions, and see for yourself how Young Living can make a difference in your life, as well as the lives around you!

[11/30/16]   If you are beginning to believe that essential oils can do just about anything - congratulations! You're right!

You're likely in the 99% of Americans hoping to lose fat via controlling your appetite. Turns out Young Living can help with precisely that! Using only your sniffer...

"Aromatherapy, such as sniffing peppermint oil before meals, may help with weight loss in two ways. First, certain smells may help suppress the appetite and cause you to eat less. For example, in addition to peppermint, sniffing bitter orange may also help decrease appetite and reduce cravings, according to the National Center for Complementary and Alternate Medicine (NCCAM). Aromatherapy may also change a person’s mood. Some people are emotional eaters and reach for food when they feel depressed, stressed or angry. Inhaling a fragrance which has a calming affect on the mind may help decrease emotional eating."

Happy sniffing, friends! 😀

[11/07/16]   We just experienced our FIRST earthquake! And I gotta say - my family has never appreciated our Stress Away Essential Oil more than we did tonight! Between my puppy and me - the freak out mode was admittedly high. (I'm used to tornadoes/moving wind. The GROUND moving is a whole nother story!)
Ten minutes after using our oils, here we are! Calm, centered, and resting! Happy days!
How do YOU deal with stressful situations?

2016 Product Guide v.1

Hello Young Loving lovelies! I've not had access to my page (FB battle!) I'm SO GLAD to be back in control - and so much has happened! Here are a few updates!
∆ My little family and I have relocated to Arkansas to be closer to family, and have built a new home out in the country. We JUST moved in and we're grateful to finally be settled!
∆ A lot of fun changes and new oils have arrived! I urge everyone to check out all the exciting new lines, diffusers, and more in our products catalog below. ❤
∆ My phone number has NOT changed - and you can now contact me once again on this Pink Family Oils page or via email at [email protected]!

Here's our new catalog!

What have I missed with YOU, my loves?? The 2016 Product Guide is an A-Z reference for all Young Living products. With prices, informative features, how-to-use tips, and detailed descriptions, the Product Guide makes it easy for you to learn about and share Young Living Products!

[03/03/16]   Post workout and my husband felt a DEFINITE charlie horse coming on in his hamstring! He immediately went for the oils and used PanAway and Peppermint. Five minutes later he walked by smiling, "Feels great!" The muscle relaxed and we can enjoy the evening! What are your post or pre-workout oil/s??

[02/18/16]   Earaches are the WORST!
Especially when your child has one!
My son woke up at 3:30 a.m. this morning crying and cupping his ear in pain.
It was "GO TIME" on the oils!
Side note! There are a few oils that we call "hot" oils. (Plants and herbs that are naturally spicy or strong, like cinnamon and oregano.) YL oils are VERY potent, 100% natural plant extracts! Meaning a bottle of 5ml YL Lemon Essential contains approx 100 lemons!

Because of this, we avoid our eyes, and never pour oils directly INTO the ear canal.
With that in mind - this doesn't mean we can't utilize them for earaches!
Here's what I do:
~ Remove a small section of cotton from a cotton ball. It should be big enough to gently SIT at the opening of the canal without falling out, but not TOO small that it penetrates the canal itself.
~Add 1-2 drops of Young Living Thieves (a blend of very powerful anti-viral and antibacterial oils.)
~Add 1-2 drops of Young Living PanAway (super effective for pain!)
~Place it gently at the opening of ear canal, neither letting it fall out or drift inside.

I did just the above for my son.
He woke up at 6:00 a.m. for school and his pain was gone!
Painful situation avoided for lil man - stressful situation avoided for mom.

When Good Meds Go Bad

Reflexology is an amazing way to target specific areas of pain/issues within your body - and with sound (and growing) research that continues to pour in from the medical community, it's becoming more "fact" and far less "fiction" for patients. It is certainly a practice that many have discovered to be incredibly beneficial!
I was raised by a mother who believed strongly in the benefits of reflexology - and it is something I've studied and now practice on my son! Even as an infant I would gently squeeze his feet (not focusing at that time on any particular points.) And as he's gotten a bit older, he will often absent-mindedly put his feet on my legs while watching TV, hoping for a foot rub. Lol! (Kind of funny coming from a 4-year-old!)
Today he is struggling with some congestion, so we have been using our trusty Thieves, RC, Raven, and other YL oils. Tonight I began to massage some Thieves Essential Oil on his feet. (For a lowdown on the fabulousness that is Thieves, hit the link below!)
I began rubbing his reflexology points. I told him to just nod his head if there were any places on his feet that felt sore/tender. Without exception, each tender area correlated to specific points - namely his lymph nodes, lungs, sinuses, etc.
Talk about a perfect blind test! A child (who, by the way, has never even heard the word reflexology,) providing confirmation that these points truly do correlate to the "troubled" systems/areas of his little body!
This is why I'm so passionate about what I've been blessed to do! Healthy son, hubby, and wife - healthy LIFE! "At least 2 million people become infected with bacteria every year that is resistant to antibiotics..."  ▪Center for Disease Control, Threat Report 2013 I do not miss it. Being sick. I shouldn't b...

[08/16/15]   Get set, friends! Ya'll ready for Round Two of our "Water Blast Challenge??"
Startimg tomorrow - August 17th (Monday,) until the last day of the month (August 31st,) I am challenging anyone who wants in, to UP your water intake substantially, and see how your body reacts! The amount of water (ONE gallon a day,) I chose after a lot of studying, as well as convos with multiple doctors.
This is all about accountability - about cheering one another on - and feeling like a freaking ROCK STAR when you've finished strong - looking and feeling your absolute BEST! :)
SHARE your experiences as we go, post before and after pics. and even more importantly, do it all on this page!

For THIS challenge, I'm upin' the anti! :) I'm gonna be hookin' ya'll up with some FREE stuff - just for getting involved and giving it your all! :) Oils, surprise gifts, samples - I'll randomly and (ask my team about this --->) EXCITEDLY be giving stuff away. ;)
So let us know you're here! Feel free to introduce yourself! We're all in this together - and we want to hear from YOU! Our last Blast was un.REAL. We heard from people whose complexions did a 180 (bye bye blemishes!) Others found their digestion had gone back to normal after years of issues...Many even reported sleeping better! I'm pumped to see what round 2 brings!
Ready for that green light on Monday?! Share share share this post! Let's beat last years numbers and make a change - from the inside out! :)

[08/14/15]   To all the families out there - this is a super huge time of the year! My son is starting kindergarten...And it still hasn't sunk in yet! It's difficult to let go of our kiddos after so much time spent together. One thing I DON'T have to worry about, is whether he will catch any and every bug that comes his way!
My little family is still going strong with NO sick visits! August (this month) puts us "sick-free" for EIGHTEEN MONTHS! I never thought I would see this phenomenon in my own family! It's all through prayer, along with having the tools we need - tools that aid our bodies' immune systems, give us energy, and play a HUGE roll in our overall health!
My family is a testimony to what Young Living is about!
You deserve to feel 100% confident in your child and your family's health!
Ask me how! I'm passionate about seeing families thrive and seeing others blessed...Let me show you how EASY it is to change everything!

[07/18/15]   Disclaimer! I am NOT a nutritionist! I am simply a girl who has overcome a lot in my life concerning food, studied under some pretty great professionals, and done a ridiculous amount of research!
THAT said, my ears have been in pain from hearing the word "," seemingly everywhere we look.
Definition of "DIET:" To restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight.
synonyms: to be on a diet, eat sparingly; lose weight, watch one's weight, reduce, slenderize; crash-diet

Science has proven that "dieting" (referring to short periods of rapid change in one's eating habits/brief exercise routines)
If one is hoping to lose weight in a healthy manner, the most proven (and safest way) to do so is to make changes (maybe not ALL AT ONCE,) but changes nonetheless, that become a part of your lifestyle! :)
I decided to become a vegetarian in college when I began to study the average American diet, and have remained a vegetarian for over 10 years. Don't get me wrong! A choice such as that is a very personal one and I by NO MEANS press my personal eating habits on others! (I'm a southern girl who married a good southern man! He likes a good steak now and again - and he'll be the first to tell you that I grill a mean one!)
As a vegetarian (or to those who are vegan,) we have to be very careful and conscientious about getting enough protein! I opt for humus, lentils, beans, nuts, and Boca/Morning Star products on occasion.
THAT said, the longer I have been a veg, the less I've craved meat and began craving vegetables. That is a general rule for MOST things. If you push yourself to drink water when you are thirsty, you will find that your body will begin to crave water. If you begin to incorporate (fresh) vegetables and fruits into your diet, your body WILL begin to crave those foods over time. Ninety percent of the time - if one is diligent about changing at least one thing (take a walk once a day, eat fresh veggies once a day, set a goal for your water intake,) you will begin to see change. Do it long enough, and you will get excited to see MORE change!
Do NOT try to rearrange your entire life in a 24 hour period! It is not feasible, not healthy, and will only leave one feeling guilty. :( Instead, be nice to yourself! Make a change here, tell yourself you WILL exercise today - even if it's taking the stairs or walking somewhere instead of driving.
Crashing diets = unhealthy goals. :( We end up rebounding and going overboard when we feel deprived of what we want...So, indulge on occasion! Have that slice of pie (in moderation!)
Transformation doesn't happen overnight. And it shouldn't. But - one day at a time, things can change! It's NOT ABOUT A NUMBER ON A SCALE! It's about the health of our precious bodies that we carry around! We all come in different shapes and sizes! Give your body what it needs to run efficiently and properly. The long term is SO worth it - and you will have done it through habit - not through impulse!
Happy Saturday, sweet friends!
p.s. I did not delve into exercise as much as eating habits, but I will say this...Body weight training (yoga - which is great for stress relief - AND for building muscle,) is a great place to begin. Many think that cardio is the only key. Not totally true. Some cardio is ok! However, building lean muscle via calisthenics (preferably ones that focus on multiple muscle groups,) and weight lifting will burn fat exponentially faster than cardio - primarily because muscle continues to burn fat even while you are at rest! However you start - all you have to do is START! You CAN do it! :)

What Happens In Your Body When You Drink Soda?

We've heard a LOT of stories about what happens when we drink Coke. Let's wipe the slate, and get to the bottom. Of the can. As it were. Rates of soda consumption have been dropping for decades -- with 41 percent in 2002, now at 63 percent of Americans trying to avoid soda.


Ask me how much I adore "Oola" - the concept and lifestyle - as well as the 7 newly inspired Oola oils just released by Young Living! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! Oola has teamed up with the uncontested leader in "all things natural" to create an entire LINE for all seven areas of happy livin'.
"Oola is a 'state of awesomeness.' When your life is balanced and growing in the 7 key areas of life (Fitness, Finance, Family, Field, Faith, Friends, and Fun)."
Get the low-down on Oola here...And take the quick test! So fun - and informative!

When Good Meds Go Bad

Hello my loves! If you've read this (very informative) post - then you might have seen the OFFER I've made - specifically to save you money - and, God-willing, change the course we're on in this country! I want to make it possible and accessible to as many people as I can! Find the offer in the article, and let me hook you UP! ♡

WE NEED more info on the increasing NECESSITY of utilizing natural tools to fight the very real (and, according to the CDC, likely inevitable) threat of viruses/bacteria. A crisis that could take us as far back as "the dark ages" when simple infections could inihilate mass populations...Sounds ominous and even radical - but often, the truth is alarming!
Find my offer in this post!
Get in touch!
I feel very passionate about informing and HELPING others find a necessary alternative...One that could change lives and create a brighter future for each of us. Take a minute. Read it. I promise you will see the hope that exists within natural, homeopathic methods! "At least 2 million people become infected with bacteria every year that is resistant to antibiotics..." ▪Center for Disease Control, Threat Report 2013 I do not miss it. Being sick. I shouldn't b...

What are Essential Oils?

What are essential oils?
How can an OIL, (used topically, inhaled, or ingested) in any way change how my body deals with pathogens, pain, stress, even skin issues??

Why are Young Living Essential Oils the truly safe, effective, "real deal?" (Compared to other "essential oils??")

After my first encounter with Young Living, I became ravenous for information! I had to know! WHAT ARE essential oils, anyway? How can they do what they did? How are they made? What makes YL different from other oils?

I did a ridiculous amount of research (and still do,) but this was the outcome. A bare bones, stripped down explanation of the whats, whys, and hows of Young Living Essential Oils!
Enjoy! What are Essential Oils? Essential Oils are natural oils that are extracted from plants/plant parts (such as roots, seeds, leaves, stems, flowers, etc.) They are volatile liquids that contain hundr...

When Good Meds Go Bad

A no nonsense read about antibiotics - the good, the bad, and the alternative. Enjoy! "At least 2 million people become infected with bacteria every year that is resistant to antibiotics..." ▪Center for Disease Control, Threat Report 2013 I do not miss it. Being sick. I shouldn't b...

The Science Behind Scents

Sometimes we forget that the mind is part of the body! When your body is healthy and firing on all cylinders - particularly after exercising - your brain responds by releasing endorphins... Oh, those lovely "feel-good" chemicals that make ya happy and "zen!" But did you know that endorphins ALSO change the way your mind perceives pain - AND act as a natural "morphine?"
Post and pre workouts can be discouraging sometimes!
"How do I find the energy to get started??"
Enter Young Living Ningxia Red, En-R-Gee Essential Oil, Motivation, Peppermint...dozens of other natural fatigue-blasters that trigger those "superman" chemicals!
You CAN reach your health goals - even through the "post-workout pain." Soreness after a crazy good workout doesn't have to discourage you from pushing forward! Young Living "Ortho Sport" is incredibly soothing for sore, achy muscles. Even everyday muscle tension. Pan-Away, Peppermint, Lavender...There are literally hundreds of uses for each.
Adding your sense of smell to these body loving, pure plant byproducts allows your brain to function at its highest capacity by further balancing the limbic system of the brain. (See more about the Science Behind Scents below...)
No matter how you lay it down - there are ONLY benefits from YL Oils!
Mind. Body. And Spirit. Centered.

www Young Living Essential Oils can play an amazing role in physical healing. Did you know, however, that science is continually discovering the mental and psychological benefits of essential oils? ...

[04/01/15]   Did you know that about 98% (or more) of the colds, flus, sickness that you/your family face are not bacterial? They are viral! So why are we treating viral infections with such an extreme amount of antibiotics? In 2013, The Center for Disease Control released a “Threat Report,” citing antibiotic resistance as the world’s most critical public health threat, stating that an antibiotic resistant bacteria epidemic would return the nation to the time when “simple infections were often fatal.” Over-prescribing antibiotics weakens the immune system, when the medication begins to attack "good" bacteria in the body. Essentially killing off the good guys that keep you healthy! Ironic, wicked cycle!

The rising threat even prompted the release of an urgent executive order from President Obama entitled “Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria,” which outlines the government’s plans to “…accelerate scientific research and facilitate the development of new antibacterial drugs, vaccines, diagnostics, and other novel therapeutics…”

Sounds like some stuff we should all look a little more into!!!
Young Living has kept my family OFF antibiotics for 13 months...
If you wanna know WHY Essential Oils work, how they can eliminate dangerous issues - and why essential oils are now being used IN hospitals all over the U.S. - take a closer look below!

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