Dr. Brian P. Haggerty, Chiropractic Physician, US Sports Medicine

Dr. Brian P. Haggerty has been practicing Chiropractic in the South Florida area for over 19 years and is a graduate of New York Chiropractic College.

In order to serve a wider area, Dr. Haggerty sees patients in Deerfield beach & Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A fully functional Chiropractic and Massage facility. We offer conservative treatment for most musculoskeletal problems and or injuries. Our services consist of Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Customized and General Nutrition, Custom Orthotics, Sports Physicals.


Tower Garden

Did you know a red bell pepper offers more vitamin C than an orange?


Tower gardens are great for anyone who wants to grow a garden. Especially for those who have limited space and time.

True St. Patrick's Day fans don't just wear green. They grow and eat green, too! ;)

Here's a salad-lover planting plan to get you started.

truthkings.com 11/16/2016

Anti-Vaccination Proponent Melania Trump Delivers Powerful Speech

truthkings.com Melania serves a purpose beyond being Trump's wife. Tonight's speech places her squarely as an intricate piece of campaign machinery. She's no longer below the radar, she's soaring above it in a furious jet plane. On being an American, Melania described it as, “the greatest privilege on planet Earth...

pages.messages.webmd.com 11/16/2016

Foods That Help Fight Depression

pages.messages.webmd.com Did you know chicken has the same mood-boosting effect as an antidepressant? These other foods can also help relieve symptoms.

pages.messages.webmd.com 11/16/2016

Foods That Help Fight Depression

pages.messages.webmd.com Did you know chicken has the same mood-boosting effect as an antidepressant? These other foods can also help relieve symptoms.

webmd.com 10/12/2016

Slideshow: What Is Inflammation?

webmd.com WebMD explains what inflammation is and how it affects your body.

juiceplus.com 03/30/2016

Chewables | Adult Serving | Chewables

Juice Plus+ is an awesome way to bridge the gap between what we eat and what we SHOULD eat!

juiceplus.com Juice Plus+ Orchard and Garden Blend Chewables deliver added whole-food-based nutrition in a soft chewable for even adults! Buy Juice Plus+ here.


Juice Plus+

Did you know that raspberries contain more Vitamin C than oranges and are high in dietary fiber? http://ow.ly/Yb4Uc

towergarden.com 02/26/2016

How to Get a Head Start on the New Growing Season

towergarden.com Spring is so close that you can practically hear the bugs buzzing and birds singing, feel the sun’s reassuring warmth on your face, and smell the cheerful aroma of blooming flowers.

tampabay.com 02/21/2016

Community garden is People Helping People's first project at Kass Circle

tampabay.com SPRING HILLA garden grows at Kass Circle. It's lush. It's picture perfect. And it's putting fresh vegetables on communal dinner tables and into the hands of those in need.

snip.ly 02/11/2016

Indoor gardening being used to teach healthy living at CPS school



Fruits & Veggies—Have A Plant

vaxtruth.org 02/03/2016

Less than 30% of Congress Admits to Vaccinating Their OWN KIDS!!!


vaxtruth.org This is HUGE!!! In a story released yesterday, NBC “News” reports on the results of their poll to United States Congressmen and Congresswomen. NBC...

huffingtonpost.com 02/02/2016

What To Eat After You Work Out

huffingtonpost.com By Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD As a sports nutritionist, I consult for pro teams and privately counsel professional and competitive athletes in numerous sports, as well as fitness enthusiasts. Pros ...

everydayhealth.com 01/26/2016

The Building Blocks of a Healthy Diet

everydayhealth.com Certain foods can make a healthy diet even healthier by helping to build up your immunity to illnesses. Learn about 10 immune-boosting super foods.

towergarden.com 01/23/2016

You Can Garden in January (Even in a Blizzard)

towergarden.com This winter, skip the slightly slimy supermarket salad greens and grow your own fresh, delicious produce instead with the Tower Garden Grow Lights Kit.

juiceplus.com 01/22/2016

10 Fruits and Vegetables to Help Reset Your Body After the Holidays

juiceplus.com If you overdid it during the holidays, it’s time to help your body reset. Learn the best fruits and vegetables for to replenish your system.

[01/06/16]   "Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, 'I'm possible!' " -Audrey Hepburn

yournewswire.com 12/15/2015

30 Solid Scientific Studies That Prove Vaccines Cause Autism –...

Been saying it for years.

yournewswire.com We have compiled a list of 30 scientific studies that show a link between vaccines and autism, disproving the myth that no official research papers...

circleofdocs.com 12/11/2015

Five Myths About Chiropractic Care for Children | Circle of Docs- Chiropractic Social Network

circleofdocs.com Home Doctors Five Myths About Chiropractic Care for Children Five Myths About Chiropractic Care for Children 7584 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Chiropractors who provide care for children – and families – can attest to the many benefits of a healthy spine to a growing child. However, this relat…

juiceplus.com 12/11/2015

Breakfasts for Champions: Recipes From Juice Plus+® Customers

juiceplus.com A healthy diet calls for healthy breakfast recipes. Check out some of our readers’ favorite eye-opening breakfasts.

www.counselheal.com 12/10/2015

Specific Diets can Reduce Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Two Studies Found

www.counselheal.com Two new studies found that diet can contribute to people's risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis

news.islandcrisis.net 12/10/2015

Eating Fruits & Vegetables As Young Adults Provides Protection For Heart Decades Later

news.islandcrisis.net The consumption of fruits and vegetables apparently has long-term beneficial effects. A new research published in the journal Circulation suggests that eating more fruits and vegetables in one’s yo…

juiceplus.com 12/03/2015

Juice Plus+ Complete

juiceplus.com Now it’s more convenient than ever to add balanced nutrition to your diet with Juice Plus+ Complete. Introducing Juice Plus+ Single Serving Complete.


Juice Plus+

#OneSimpleChange: Color your plate! Try to eat all the colors of the rainbow throughout the day for well-rounded nutrition.

vaxtruth.org 11/19/2015

DTaP and TDap Vaccines Are Not Protective Against Whooping Cough & Are...

Taylor Rae Evenson you will appreciate this.

vaxtruth.org A report from TODAY Parents (11/17/2015) presents the frightening story of an Australian infant who has contracted pertussis (whooping cough). The...

juiceplus.com 11/13/2015

Four Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat More Fruit

juiceplus.com Research has found only 40% of kids meet dietary recommendations for 1 to 2 cups of fruit per day. Try these tips to increase your kids’ fruit consumption.

juiceplus.com 11/11/2015

Boost Your Skin Health: Natural Beauty Benefits from Fruits and Vegetables

juiceplus.com Boost Your Skin Health: Natural Beauty Benefits from Fruits and Vegetables

consumer.healthday.com 10/30/2015

Only 1 in 10 Americans Eats Enough Fruits and Veggies: CDC

consumer.healthday.com The foods help lower risk of illnesses such as obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, expert says

juiceplus.com 10/25/2015

What is Juice Plus+?

juiceplus.com Busy lifestyles and the abundance of fast food lead many to ask: “How do I get more fruits and vegetables in my diet?”  Juice Plus+ adds the nutrition of 17 fruits, vegetables, and grains to your diet.


Tower gardens are a great addition to any household and are especially great in apartments, restaurants, and school's to teach healthy living! Let me know if you want more information or go to www.drhaggs.towergarden.com

Wondering how you should arrange your plants? Check out this handy guide (and get more planning tips at http://bit.ly/tg-plan).

juiceplus.com 10/14/2015

Five Ingredient Recipes: 10 Easy, Healthy Recipes You Can Make with Five Items from Your Fridge...

juiceplus.com Cooking healthy meals doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover 10 easy healthy recipes using five ingredients or less.


Juice Plus+

Fall is the prime time for kale! This super veggie is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, packing nearly 700% of your recommended daily Vitamin K. What's your favorite way to eat kale? A. In a salad
B. In a green smoothie C. On a sandwich D. In your Juice Plus+

juiceplus.com 10/13/2015

Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? Chances are, you don’t.

juiceplus.com 87 percent of Americans do not eat enough fruit and 91 percent do not enough vegetables. Learn how Juice Plus+ can help bridge the gap.


Juice Plus+

Maintain a healthy heart! Research subjects who consumed Juice Plus+ were better able to maintain normal, healthy elasticity of arteries. What else do you do to keep your heart healthy?





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General information

For information and ordering of Juice Plus+ and Tower Garden, please go to our nutrition page of our main website http://www.drhaggs.com/nutrition.htm. Just follow the links to what you want and there you will find all the information you need. If you still have questions, call me 954-270-6792.
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