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Dr. Goodkin is a five star rated chiropractor with over 20 years of experience who provides exceptional service. His mission is to help his patients live happier, healthier lives and to increase your overall quality and enjoyment of life.

We provide State of the Art Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy for back, neck, and joint pain as well as rehabilitation for sports, martial arts, and accident injuries. Our practic is home to the NASA-inspired Sigma Ultralign spinal diagnostic and treatment system. Enjoy painless, non-invasive adjustments with computer-controlled precision. We also offer cold laser therapy to help reducing swel

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Dr. Paul Goodkin

doctible.com 05/07/2018

Review From Verified Patient

doctible.com Everything is going good, one session at a time. Stretching helping and adjustments also.

doctible.com 05/07/2018

Review From Verified Patient

doctible.com After 5 years of dealing with chiropractors with my issue, Dr Goodkin was able to spot it and diagnose it in one visit. Thank u.

doctible.com 05/07/2018

Review From Verified Patient

doctible.com It’s very simple. I roll in with pain, I walk out feeling good. The magic touch of dr Paul Goodkin

doctible.com 05/07/2018

Review From Verified Patient

doctible.com First visit with Dr. Goodkin. Very impressed! Loved his equipment that allowed me to see on a screen where I was out of alignment, gently adjust me and then see my correction on the screen.


The game has now changed in the chiropractic industry! High tech diagnosis is now here. I am one of the ONLY offices in South Florida to have this technology! Call my office today so I can show you how quickly we can get you feeling your very best with the state of the art ULTRALIGN system.

www.doctible.com 02/16/2018

Review From Verified Patient

www.doctible.com Very happy with the help from everyone in office thank you

doctible.com 01/25/2018

Review From Verified Patient

doctible.com Dr. Goodwin’s expertise was appreciated, but, more than his ability to help me, he was honest with his diagnosis; he told me he has done all he can for me. It was refreshing that the doctor was straightforward with me and did not have me come in for additional treatments that would be unnecessary.

doctible.com 01/23/2018

Review From Verified Patient

doctible.com Dr Goodkin is a super cool guy, made me feel right at home! And fixed my issue right up, I feel great!

www.doctible.com 12/18/2017

Review From Verified Patient

www.doctible.com Dr. Goodkin and his staff are the best. Accommodating, professional and highly skilled.

[10/02/12]   A strong core is vital to good health, athletics, and to general well being. I've done some research on the "best" core exercise and came up with the "dragon flag". It's pretty advanced but Bruce Lee considered it a staple to his routine. Here's the link. Enjoy.


[10/02/12]   Thyme and garlic have antibiotic properties, and have been used to treat infections caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites for generations. Cloves of crushed garlic were often provided to wounded soldiers on the battlefield to prevent infection. Add these spices as often as possible to everyday foods for increased health.

[09/28/12]   Bodyweight exercises can help you stay fit at home, or on the road with little or no equipment. Here are a few of the best bodyweight exercises for maintaining muscle strength and endurance, or creating a great interval training routine at home. Mix and match the exercises to create the perfect workout for traveling, home fitness or simply adding a bit of variety to your typical exercise routine. I found the following article to be great!


[09/24/12]   Think about adding some swimming to your fitness routines. Swimming recruits all the major muscle groups, including the shoulders, back, abdominals, legs, hips, and glutes, she says. And because water affords 12 times the resistance as air in every direction, it really helps to build strength.

[09/20/12]   Several journals site stress as a leading cause of disease. The reasons are several fold and the effects of stress affect the entire body. One of the big indicators is adrenal fatigue. You can look up adrenal fatigue at your leisure, but its a big deal. A simple test here can determine if youre suffering from it. If so, adjustments and a natural supplement can do wonders for you. Look it up and contact me with any questions.

[09/13/12]   Many people with acid reflux actually have weak stomach acid, which makes digestion of protein and fat difficult. This problem is compounded by the use of antacids, and many prescription drugs for acid reflux. Investigate adding digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid before meals to increase nutrient absorption, and minimize acid reflux. Or there may be a misalignment in the nerves innervating the stomach, which can easily be corrected with an adjustment!!

[09/13/12]   The study of more than 32,000 men found those who lifted weights for at least two and a half hours a week were 34 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes, a chronic disease linked to complications including blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure and cardiovascular disease.

Professor Hu, Harvard School of Public Health

[09/12/12]   Swimming works your whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength, endurance, posture, and flexibility all at the same time. Your cardiovascular system in particular benefits because swimming improves your body’s use of oxygen without overworking your heart.

[09/11/12]   Start using acai! Not the cheap stuff found at cvs but good high quality stuff found at quality markets like fresh market or whole foods. It's packed with antioxidants which have been shown to neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are those little buggers that cause aging, disease, etc. Research has shown that the health benefits of acai outweighs those found in both blueberries and pomogranites.

[09/11/12]   Cross training is a great way to condition different muscle groups, develop a new set of skills, and reduce boredom that creeps in after months of the same exercise routines. Cross training also allows you the ability to vary the stress placed on specific muscles or even your cardiovascular system. After months of the same movements your body becomes extremely efficient performing those movements, and while that is great for competition, it limits the amount of overall fitness you possess and reduces the actual conditioning you get while training; rather than continuing to improve, you simply maintain a certain level of fitness. Cross training is also necessary to reduce the risk of injury from repetitive strain or overuse.

[09/11/12]   Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients, experts say. It may not be the cure for the common cold (though it's thought to help prevent more serious complications). But the benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.

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We all know that exercise is essential to living a healthy lifestyle. It's the best way to lose body fat, because exercise boosts the metabolism and encourages the body to burn excess calories. Physical exercise revs up your heart and gets your lungs pumping at their maximum capacity. You'll have healthier bones when you exercise, and you'll look good and feel great about yourself. Exercise gives you increased stamina, making it easier for you to keep up with life's busy pace.

[08/29/12]   I cannot overstate the importance of kettlebell training. From UFC fighters, to swimmers, to the weekend rec league athlete, to the person that just wants to feel better. Some of the benefits of training with kettlebells rather than traditional weight equipment:

Provide a quick workout - 30 minutes or less - that targets all your major muscle groups.

Increase core stability. Serious athletes understand the importance of increasing the strength and stability of one’s core, especially the abdominal and back muscles.
Let you combine cardio and strength training. The kettlebell workout involves a circuit that gets your heart pumping while it strengthens muscles.

Simplify your workout. Instead of having to use several machines or several weights to work all your muscle groups, you do it with one kettlebell.

Save money. Once you are properly trained, you can workout at home on weights that you can buy for the price of a couple of months at a corporate gym.

well.blogs.nytimes.com 08/27/2012

Can Athletes Perform Well on a Vegan Diet?

Found the following article to be very interesting. If you're happy with your diet and get the desired physical results out of it while training then great. However, I often hear that vegetarian/vegan athletes need to change their diets to be competitive. Obviously, I don't agree, its all about making good non meat choices. You can read for yourself.

well.blogs.nytimes.com Is going totally meatless and dairy-free advisable for serious athletes -- or for the rest of us who just want to be healthy and fit? Gretchen Reynolds talks with three fitness experts.

[08/23/12]   Our bodies require a minimum amount of water each day to maintain a good level of hydration. A properly hydrated body will increase your body's cell communication, resulting in better health. In our bodies water transports elements (hormones, chemical messengers and nutrients) to vital organs, which, in turn, produce substances that are made available to the rest of the body. Without proper hydration, the brain, which is 85% water cannot do it's job properly.

The following functional, healing benefits are assisted in our bodies by drinking plenty of water every day. (the opposite to these will result from not drinking enough water every day):

Increased absorption and utilization of nutrients

Increased oxygen availability to the cells

Increased detoxification of the body as a whole

bbc.co.uk 08/22/2012

Cereal bar healthy image 'a myth'

Thanks, Tati for sharing this article!

bbc.co.uk The image of cereal bars as a healthy snack is a myth, according to a study that found many contain high levels of fat and sugar.

[08/22/12]   Lots of people are taking supplements. I think its a great idea considering a lot of our food is engineered and modified. However I get concerned when people supplement the fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, and K.
Small amounts of vitamins A, D, E and K are needed to maintain good health.
Foods that contain these vitamins will not lose them when cooked.
The body does not need these every day and stores them in the liver when not used.
Most people do not need vitamin supplements.
Megadoses of vitamins A, D, E or K can be toxic and lead to health problems.

[08/21/12]   The body is a miraculous organism, performing millions of functions non-stop using available materials, and making substitutions as necessary. The body is designed to win, and to survive. Under duress, it will shift resources from less vital functions to vital ones to sustain life. Work with the body when ill to maximize it's efficiency rather than fighting it, and trust that all symptoms serve a purpose that can reveal the nature of imbalance in the body.

[08/20/12]   Eating protein after a training session is like throwing lighter fluid onto the fire in that wood burning stove. When choosing your protein, remember that fewer legs equals leaner protein. In other words, fish have no legs and are a lean and healthy source of protein. Turkey and chicken—also healthy choices—have two legs. With anything that is or comes from an animal with four legs, be selective.

[08/17/12]   Obviously over eating is a health concern. Under-eating can be a mistake as well. Not eating regularly through the day causes a disruption in blood sugar and insulin levels which can promote fat storage and lower your metabolism. Yes, re-read that, under-eating causes you to store fat! Under-eating deprives your body of essential nutrients and leads to muscle breakdown to provide energy. Under-eating also places you at risk for binge-eating which can lead to weigh gain. Eat something every four or five hours.

[08/16/12]   Ive always said that if you want to prevent or even reverse osteoporosis, lift weights!! Not massive weight, just enough to stress the muscles. As muscles stress, they stress the bones they attach to. The only reaction bone has to being stressed, is to get thicker (the opposite of osteoporosis). I challenge you to compare the side effects of weight training to the side effects of the 3 most popular osteoporosis medications!!!!!!!!!

I found this interesting article on the Harvard Medical school site...

If you’ve never lifted weights in your life — and many people haven’t — why should you start now? The answer is simple: Muscle tissue, bone density, and strength all dwindle over the years. So, too, does muscle power. These changes open the door to accidents and injuries that can compromise your ability to lead an independent, active life. Strength training is the most effective way to slow and possibly reverse much of this decline.

Having smaller, weaker muscles doesn’t just change the way people look or move. Muscle loss affects the body in many ways. Strong muscles pluck oxygen and nutrients from the blood much more efficiently than weak ones. That means any activity requires less cardiac work and puts less strain on your heart. Strong muscles are better at sopping up sugar in the blood and helping the body stay sensitive to insulin (which helps cells remove sugar from the blood). In these ways, strong muscles can help keep blood sugar levels in check, which in turn helps prevent or control type 2 diabetes and is good for the heart. Strong muscles also enhance weight control.

On the other hand, weak muscles hasten the loss of independence as everyday activities — such as walking, cleaning, shopping, and even dressing — become more difficult. They also make it harder to balance your body properly when moving or even standing still, or to catch yourself if you trip. The loss of power compounds this. Perhaps it’s not so surprising that, by age 65, one in three people reports falls. Because bones also weaken over time, one out of every 20 of these falls ends in fracture, usually of the hip, wrist, or leg. The good news is that the risk of these problems can be reduced by an exercise and fitness routine that includes strength training.

[08/15/12]   As a beginner, cardiovascular exercise is a great way to get in good physical condition. Once you build up stamina and strength, you can move from basic cardio exercise to more advanced forms of working out. Whether you are young or old, overweight or healthy weight, in shape or out of shape, cardiovascular exercise is good for you. Cardio exercise primarily works the muscles of the heart, improving its ability to effectively pump blood throughout the body.

It can be as simple as a brisk walk, choosing the stairs rather than the elevator, or a bike ride around your block for 20 minutes.

[08/14/12]   When discussing weight loss, it sounds silly but I always tell people to keep off the scale and simply observe how their clothes fit.

Why is it that we can lose sizes, yet the scale remains the same? Because muscle weighs more than fat...

Muscle is a denser tissue and thus takes up less room than an equal weight of fat. That's why it's possible to lose inches but show no changes in scale weight. Having more muscle means you have a more desirable body composition, or fat-to-muscle ratio. You may still weigh the same, but your body will look different, smaller, better and tighter. Though it may take you a few weeks to see measurable changes, you begin to put on muscle and burn calories from the moment you start exercising.

The muscle weight you gain also beefs up your metabolism which in turn, helps you to burn off more fat. Talk about a win-win situation! (You won't jiggle as much at your ideal weight, either.)

[08/13/12]   How are you supposed to have energy and a functioning mind if you are not feeding your body? Eating breakfast is one of the most important steps to losing weight and being healthy. Skipping breakfast causes hunger pains, binge eating and irritability. Even if all you eat is a piece of toast with peanut butter on it as you run out the door, the fuel you give your body in the morning will help you function better all day long.

Dr. Paul S. Goodkin, D.C., P.A.

Our office is located at 4750 N. Federal Highway, Suite 203, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308. We are directly across from Holy Cross Hospital on the East side of US-1.

Over the past 10+ years, Goodkin Chiropractic has grown to become a one-stop-shop for all your natural health and wellness needs, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and more. Your health is our top priority, and we have a vast network of like-minded professionals. If we feel we can’t help, we will get you to the person who can.

Originally from the suburbs of Boston, Dr. Goodkin arrived in South Florida after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. While earning grades that kept him on the Dean’s List, he played rugby on scholarship in the USA Rugby Super League.

Dr. Goodkin is still quite the athlete and regularly practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is also an avid scuba diver and dog lover. Don’t be surprised if you are greeted by Jake and Manu, his two rescued Rhodesian Ridgebacks, when arriving at his office!




4750 N Federal Hwy Ste 203
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Monday 8am - 6pm
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