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So much unlearning to do and subconscious patterns to break as an adult. Something I work on every single day.

Nobody Is Normal: A New Animation Reveals What Lies Just Beneath the Surface of Being a Kid 07/12/2022

Nobody Is Normal: A New Animation Reveals What Lies Just Beneath the Surface of Being a Kid

Gentle reminder, none of us are “normal” and when you finally take off the costume you’ve been hiding in, the right people will find you.

Also, your authenticity invites others to be authentic, too.

I love this video and have used it with children I’ve taken through the spiral, but I feel it’s equally relevant to adults as well. ❤️

Hope you’ve all had a happy Monday!

Nobody Is Normal: A New Animation Reveals What Lies Just Beneath the Surface of Being a Kid However weird you feel inside, you're not alone. That's the literal message of this delightful animated short created for the UK children's charity Childline — a 24-hour hotline that helps kids navigate bullying, abuse, s*x education, and pretty much any other stressor you can imagine. Directed by...


Hello everyone! I am excited to announce Guided Awakening has joined Amanda Monk Coaching at Practical Magic in downtown Green River.

Amanda and I will divide days at Practical Magic. This space allows me to provide more privacy to you, the client, as you receive energetic or coaching services making it more comfortable for you.

You can still reach me via messenger or text me personally.

Location: 274 E 2nd North, Green River. (Alley behind the Red Feather, also locatable in google maps under Practical Magic).

Park on the cement pad by the door or in the gravel lot across the alley.

I’m excited to serve you in this new space.

Message me if you’d like to work together to create more magic in your life. ✨✨✨

Photos from Pocket Rocket Astrology's post 06/30/2022

This made me laugh!





I saw this on another page (credit at the bottom of the image). It was initially like a little kick to the gut.

For years I was my kids’ harshest critic. Any failure or struggle they had, I saw as a failure of mine and my criticisms of them, were really my anger with myself.

They had to live a life of walking, breathing, eating validation for me. They weren’t given room to make the mistakes that are human and how kids learn. I robbed them of that. It’s incredibly unfair. It made them feel like s**t, and me too because I knew it was not what they deserved. My obsessive need for perfection was projected on to them- innocent, learning beings. I was overbearing and hated myself.

As they grew I realized they were slowly turning into me. Having internal panic over mistakes or errors, texting me in the middle of the day to tell me a test hadn’t gone as they hoped, but they’d already made arrangements to make it right. WTF?! I 🙋🏻‍♀️ created that anxiety, that fear of not being perfect. They were hustling for my validation, just as I was hustling for the validation of others, too. It was an ugly cycle.

One day I decided enough was enough. Watching them become me was the most painful experience I had as a mom. I could see them wearing the smile and brave face, but I could FEEL them drowning inside. I began my healing journey by starting with reiki, then bars and support from an incredible group of women. Through that support I was able to learn about The Spiral, and it dug deep into my shadows and called me out on every little pattern. All the things I kept falling back to, I now understood why. I’ll tell you, the ability to choose my reactions and know my triggers has changed my life, along with all of those around me. I found as I allowed myself to feel and be okay with mistakes they began to be okay doing the same. It was like I had erased the story and was re-writing it before my eyes. (Don’t get me wrong, they will definitely have 💩 to clear from me, but at least I’ve shown them it’s okay to do so AND have begun that process for them).

People who knew me well, my family or those I worked with 5 years ago, would be able to share the difference. My life is now about living not being inhumanly perfect. It’s made me a better wife, colleague, human and mother. My life is so much lighter now.

The Spiral changed my life in all the best ways possible. I now know how to clear lines between myself and others, clear energies that are impacting my life, and do clears time manifest the things I want in my life.

If you’re ready for some incredible change through all areas I’d life, reach out- the 🌀 spiral might be for you.

If you’re struggling with a certain person in your life, reach out- a line clear ✂️might what you need to cut energetic ties.

If you’re struggling with one thing in particular, reach out- maybe a root clear is what you need. 🧘🏽‍♀️

If you just want to clear out your chakras to raise your vibration and feel better, reach out- a chakra clear might be what you need. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍.

There are so many ways I can facilitate change for you. Reach out. 💞


Wow! This is powerful, and a beautiful and eloquent way of describing what can happen during The Spiral. I especially like:

“Ironically, when a woman claims and accepts her shadow, that which she rejected and suppressed about herself transforms from being dysfunctional to being a strength and the energy that it was previously draining from her becomes available to her. Such a woman gives others permission to accept themselves as they are, her own freedom becomes contagious.

Through being openly relaxed in her Power she empowers others.”

If you haven’t reached out, do it! You won’t regret it. ✨💕✨💕✨

When a woman awakens and starts to own all of herself, letting go of the need to cover up or defend herself and instead accepts all of her idiosyncrasies, fears, wounds, false programs, flaws, icky moods, fat thighs, sweaty armpits etc and supports her unique imperfect self instead of judging, rejecting and wishing that she were different or like somebody else, she has entered the promised land of freedom and self empowerment.

She starts to drop the posing, defence mechanisms, competitiveness, jealousy and all the false gods that she previously used as crutches, false images or places to hide parts of herself... What is left is a Woman of Strength, courage, fortitude and a woman that is compassionately understanding towards others because she is able to give to others what she has given to herself... She becomes fearlessly authentic, she finds her Voice, there is no longer shame, therefore she no longer needs to hide or change any part of herself... She's able to overcome any fears of rejection for being true to herself.

Ironically, when a woman claims and accepts her shadow, that which she rejected and suppressed about herself transforms from being dysfunctional to being a strength and the energy that it was previously draining from her becomes available to her. Such a woman gives others permission to accept themselves as they are, her own freedom becomes contagious.

Through being openly relaxed in her Power she empowers others.

Author : Caroline de Lisser

Artwork: Barbara Glatzeder


I have a few spots left for my next round of The Spiral.

I could say a million things about what this process did for me, but it would sound unbelievable except for those who’ve experienced it too.

Somethings that shifted for me-
- a freeing sense of individuality. I FINALLY was comfortable being me.

-BOUNDARIES- I learned to say no which cleared a lot of resentment and anger out of my life.

- Joy! I couldn’t find it before because I was living to please all others except for me.

- Harmony in my home. I’m not kidding when I say, it is RARE to hear me yell anymore. It came from an injured place within. Once I figured that out, I felt so much better. My home is happier when everyone is not walking on egg shells waiting to set me off.

-I only seek validation from within myself. No more tireless hussles seeking approval of others.

- Actually allowing myself to FEEL my feelings, then identify my emotions and not just listen to my brain. My connection to self is incredible.

- An understanding that my intuition is my best asset in all things. I used to just listen to my brain, and not my body. I’ve found when I ignore what my body is telling me I end up disappointed. I understand that they aren’t separate entities and are in fact meant to work as a system, not different departments.

Truly, I could go on and on expressing all the wonderful changes, but I feel they’re best experienced than just heard.


This! Success in progress! You’re not broken, needing fixed. You’re on a mission of discovering the true you. Be gentle with yourself ♥️.


Happy Mother’s Day to all women. Whether or not you have carried human life in your own womb, you are the nurturers, the lovers, and the creators. You have given without condition out of love to others. You support and sustain life and beauty.

Happy Mother’s Day.


A majority of us carry the burden of some trauma. No one is deserving of trauma and yet a majority of us carry some. While we may not have deserved it, it is still our responsibility to heal. No one out there walking this floating rock can heal you. That falls on YOU. Can people support? Absolutely. At the end of the day though, the healing is your responsibility.

If you find that you continuously work hard to achieve your goals and dreams, yet it just not happening, take some time to reflect.

✨Are you trying to reach the stars while being held captive by your past? ✨

How often when things don’t work, are you placing yourself in the role of the victim? All of us do, at one time or another. Ultimately we cannot change what has happened in our past. What we can do, is allow ourselves to jump off the perpetual hamster wheel of victimhood and work on healing and supporting the hurt child within.

It’s very difficult to move forward with ease when you’re energetically taking up residence in the past.

Don’t be your own captor anymore. Break free and get those damn stars. They’re waiting for you. ✨✨✨✨


Repost from my personal page, a reminder to keep working on you and loving yourself. Change is possible.

I am overwhelmed by the kindness and love that has been shared with me today through text, video chat, email and Facebook. Today I took the day off because I thought, “I am 40! I deserve this.” Lol!

What have learned in my 30’s that’s valuable leading into my 40’s?

This birthday, I step fearlessly into the next decade of my life, which is huge. A majority of my life I have functioned from a place of fear, anxiety and paralyzed will (frozen with fear). I was so worried about people I loved being harmed or disappointing them. I was working to death to make sure I did things to make others approve of me or like me even if i sacrificed my own peace. I spent nearly 40 years being all the versions of me that I felt others wanted.

Sometimes when I think about it, it makes me sad. I think how much time I wasted pushing others away, closing my heart off, and being angry. All of it was a way to keep myself in a perceived sense of safety. I found the more I said yes to others views of me, the worse these things became. I became so closed off that I didn’t even know how to describe what I was feeling. The more I said yes to them, the more I ultimately said no to me and my true self. I used to really judge myself for that, but have found that doesn’t help either. I have forgiven myself and know that isn’t who I choose to be now.

The last half of my 30’s I tiptoed toward my genuine self. I slowly played with what “me” actually was. In the last 2 years, my journey was shoved into overdrive as I watched my children slowly scooting over to the path I was so desperately trying to escape from. I have learned so much about myself in the last 2 years. How incredibly empathetic/ empathic I am when I choose to not be closed off, how intuitive I am when I trust my self and listen to the feelings in my body, how full of love I am when I choose to see things from a perspective other than my own instead of draining my energy in judgement.

I have owned my quirkiness, my silliness, my love, my WEIRD. In doing so, I have found I feel so much better since I’m not rejecting myself every damn day. I feel better when I see the wonderful things about myself instead of putting myself down. I have owned my big energy in this world, no longer working to dim my light for the perceived comfort of others.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m so freaking excited to embrace my 40’s. To walk into this decade knowing who I am, owning it and celebrating it is so empowering. Good riddance to all the decades before. I’m ready for 40, the real question is, is 40 ready for me?!

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🥰🥰🥰!


Kinda fun! What is yours?

Danelle: An enchanting champion who likes to escape to the sea.

Hubby: A rebellious protector who yearns to be free.

Man child: An adventurous protector who loves to cuddle.

Female child 1- A serious ruler who likes to escape to the see.

Female child 2- A driven controller who likes to understand.

Female child 3- A mysterious advisor on a quest for creativity.


Who’s ready to live instead of just survive? What if I told you, I could help you start to learn to do just that, even from the comfort of your own home?
Let me help you kick the subconscious programming, so you can begin to live your life as you want it, not as others have told you to.

8-9 weeks, you and I, disposing 💩 that holds you back. ♥️


Being kind doesn’t equate being nice. Nice is a politeness that not all deserve. Often times it keeps people comfortable in behaviors they should be uncomfortable with. If you’re acting like an ass, it’s not my responsibility to make you feel comfortable doing so. For the sake of myself and others I’ll say something.

I work HARD everyday to treat others with kindness. I urge my kids to do their best to treat every living being with kindness, but I will never ask them to be nice for the sake of someone’s comfort if they’re being made to feel uncomfortable.

This meme to me represents that. It’s my job to treat others with love and kindness. It is not my job to be a doormat and have no boundaries.


Dr.Dain Heer has an amazing book called “Being You Changing the World.” While I journey through my spiral I read this book. It was like someone had been watching as my life unfolded.

Never feeling like I fit in, and always changing myself to accommodate others views of “normal.” It was exhausting, lovely, and sad.

As I moved through my spiral I began to realize who I was, since I’d lost myself in the disguise of what “the world” expected versus who I truly was. As I was deconstructing and reconstructing this book supported my process in the most powerful way.

Being who you truly be, at your core is what changes the world. It creates a ripple. When you allow your light to shine bright, you may inspire another to burn bright, as they were meant to, and then they do the same for another. 1X1 we slowly create lasting change.

The image below, in my point of view, is changing yourself back to who you be or healing yourself, and discarding all the programmed BS and disguises you’ve gathered to fit in the collective perspective of “normal.” Change to be you, and that will change the world.

How many of us do you think are wearing a costume to fit in? What kind of world could we create if we all ditched the masks and allowed our true selves to come through?

Photos from Guided Awakening's post 03/17/2022

I was visiting with my husband last night about the kind of mother I was, before my spiral, and the kind of mother I am since completing my spiral.

You see, all I ever wanted was to give my kids the best I could, let them know I loved them with my whole heart and give them all the things I didn’t always have as I grew. I wanted them to feel safe, loved and know that their emotions were safe with me. And you know what? I had the best intentions but was failing horribly. My intent definitely didn’t outweigh my impact.

In the first picture I loved my kids. I loved them so much but had this unhealthy, might I say toxic, way of showing I loved them. I was always on them nagging them about EVERYTHING. I wanted them to have the best, so they needed to be the best. I smothered them with attention, mostly negative, because I was just helping them fix their errors, right? Then when they would break down because of my pushing I had zero emotional intelligence to understand why, and I would become cold and distant. I knew well enough that it was my doing, but was too prideful and embarrassed to admit my fault. I was keeping them clothed, fed, told them I loved them, they had good grades and they were all terrified of me. The dance of where are moms emotions this week, day, moment, second? They lived on egg shells because they didn’t know what kind of reaction they were going to get from me at any moment.
Did they love me, absolutely. Did I love them? So much it physically hurt. I was stuck in wanting to be the best for them, but not wanting to be too attached because what if something happened to them? What if they died and I would have to grieve them. If I wasn’t attached too much, it would hurt less right? This sounds crazy as hell, but that is where my mind was all the time. Stuck in a cycle of fear and a giant tower of walls built to keep all feeling out.

Fast forward a few years and low and behold, they were turning into me emotionally. NOOOO. This is the last thing I wanted. I knew how screwed up I was. I knew how much my chest and gut ached to sooth others but I couldn’t show it, it was weak. I would find the girls crying hiding in their rooms. I would tell them it was okay to cry if they needed, but they wouldn’t openly. Jane especially. It hurt so much.

I was telling my sweet friend about it, and she told me, “Danelle until you show them it’s okay, they won’t. They have to see it’s okay, before they will feel safe to do so.” Ugh! I DID NOT cry. However, I knew she was right.

She was offering the Spiral as a new practitioner. I immediately offered to be one of her Guinea pigs. I had no idea what it was, but I knew in my heart I needed it. I also knew this friend would be blunt as hell with me. I need brutal honesty, and I knew she could give me that. I also knew she was intuitive enough to know if I was BS’ing.

I discovered so much about myself while working through my Spiral. I realized how much of what I did was for others, not me. I learned that I was controlling so much out of fear, that I was hindering my kids ability to learn to make choices and learn to control themselves. I still remember her saying to me, “who in the hell do you think you are controlling everything when it comes to them? What are they going to do when you’re not there to control and make choices? Are you setting them up for success?” OUCH. I felt seen and called out.

My need for control had nothing to do with their success and everything to do with my need to be in control because my inner world was chaos. I was keeping them from being themselves, to give me peace of mind. I was making them afraid of telling me anything because how would I react if I wasn’t in control? It wasn’t pretty.

Through my Spiral I learned a lot about me. Why I was the way I was, and when you stripped away the trauma responses who I really was underneath all the crap.

Fast forward to the more recent photo. Turns out, I’m a much more loving, intuitive, empathetic momma than I ever imagined I could be. These days other than the normal chaos that comes with being a family of 6, I’m pretty laid back. I have apologized to my children and husband for not loving them the way they deserved, and me not loving me the way I deserved either. However more than that, I have shown them each and every single day that I’m changing. That I’m not going to yell at the drop of a hat. That when they’re crying I’m going to hold them and listen instead of tell them to suck it up. I’m not in constant fear, and so I’m more present to be with my family.

My healing has healed our family. It’s made us stronger, it’s made us more comfortable to be exactly who we are unapologetically. I am grateful every single day that I chose me, so that I could choose them.

I am currently have some openings for The Spiral. It’s 8-9 sessions clearing s**t so you can find the real you. I have worked with children and adults. I offer sessions either online so that you can stay in the comfort of your own home, or in person if you’d prefer.

Payment plans are available. Invest in you. I promise you won’t regret it.

PM me for details.

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I have a few spots left for my next round of The Spiral. I could say a million things about what this process did for me...
This! Success in progress! You’re not broken, needing fixed. You’re on a mission of discovering the true you. Be gentle ...
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