Kelly Dorfman

Kelly Dorfman is a licensed clinical nutritionist and author of the award winning book, "Cure Your Child With Food" (Workman 2013).

Kelly Dorfman, M.S., L.D.N. is a licensed clinical nutritionist specializing in targeted nutrition therapy for complex medical conditions. She is a popular workshop leader who has been featured on CNN and Fox News. Her award winning book, ‘Cure Your Child with Food?”(Workman 2013) has been translated into seven languages and is available as an audiobook.

Disease-modifying properties of long-term lithium treatment for amnestic mild cognitive impairment: randomised controlled trial. - PubMed - NCBI

Nutritional lithium shows some promise for preventing Alzheimer's disease. Since we have got nothing when it comes to treatment, now might be the time to think about prevention steps. Br J Psychiatry. 2011 May;198(5):351-6. doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.110.080044. Randomized Controlled Trial

How Animal Welfare Leads to Better Meat: A Lesson From Spain

There is a lot of debate about the amount and type of meat that should be included in a healthy diet. Some say none, others say plenty but skip the carbs. Despite the hundreds of thousands of words written on this subject and voluminous 'research', I could not find a single study comparing diets made up of different quality of meat. Not type (red vs. white) or quantity, but diet and lifestyle quality of the animals we depend on for food. A results of a diet full of factory raised and processed chickens and pork might differ dramatically from those of humanely raised and organically fed animals. We can't prove it but it is kinder for everyone, makes sense and to quote a frequently used trope by comedian Bill Maher, "I just know that it is true". Spain's stress-free Ibérico pigs produce healthier, tastier ham—and modern food science explains why

Oral Nicotinamide Prevents Common Skin Cancers in High-Risk Patients, Reduces Costs

If you have had skin cancer, vitamin B3 (niacinamide) may prevent recurrence. Niacinamide helps repair DNA damage caused by UV light and reduces UV-related inflammation according to a recent review paper. The prevention of common skin cancers and precancers is possible by taking an inexpensive, widely available, oral pill twice daily. The pill—the vitamin B3 supplement called nicotinamide—cut the rate of new squamous-cell and basal-cell skin cancers by 23% compared with placebo after 1 year among...

A Common Food Additive Is Linked to Insulin Resistance. Here's What That Means

Propionate, a common mold inhibitor and anti-browning additive found in bread, pizza, cereals, cheese spreads and many other processed foods increases insulin levels and risk toward obesity. The less processed food, the better. A common food additive called propionate could alter metabolism in ways that could increase the risk of diabetes, a preliminary study suggests.

Every Minute 70,000 People Google Health Questions; Alternative Medicine Content Now Vanishingly Rare

Google is censoring alternative and functional medicine information in favor of pharmaceutical sponsored information. Consider Bing, DuckDuckGo or other search engines. Many health websites have been buried by a new Google algorithm update. Natural health options are out there, but not if you use Google.

No one believed him when he said he hadn't been drinking. Then researchers found his body was producing alcohol

Bad yeast problems in adults now sometimes diagnosed as auto-brewery syndrome. Kids can generate alcohol, too but unfortunately are usually given mental health diagnoses instead. The man, whose case was reported in a recent study, had a rarely diagnosed medical condition called auto-brewery syndrome, also known as gut fermentation syndrome.

Doctor Recommended PhosChol Liquid Concentrate

Attention liquid phosphatidyl choline users! Nutrasal has come out with a tasty version of phos choline. You need to use one tablespoon to get the same dosage as one tsp. of the yucky tasting liquid but if you are having trouble getting it in, check it out. At the moment, it is only available at their website: Doctor Recommended PhosChol is 100 percent pure Polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC). Pharmaceutical Grade - There are no other products on the market as pure or as effective. PhosChol is the holistic and physiological way to optimal health and wellness

Your coffee pods' dirty secret

In response to those now wondering about plastic coffee word: polystyrene 100 percent convenient. 5 percent recyclable.

Plastic Tea Bags Release Billions of Microplastics Into Every Cup - D-brief

Are you getting a few billion itty bitty pieces of plastic with your fortifying cup of tea? Make sure your tea bag is not made of plastic. Researchers find that steeping a single plastic mesh tea bag releases billions of microplastics and even smaller nanoplastics into your beverage.

Join the worldwide screening of The Need to GROW

Calling all garden/organic food nerds and environmentalists! One more day to watch the fascinating documentary, 'The Need to Grow,' for free! Finally, a conversation about doable solutions to climate issues rather than all the dire warnings. Must see. The Need To GROW is an award-winning documentary, narrated by Rosario Dawson, focused on cutting-edge solutions to build a new food ecosystem and regenerate our planet's dying soils. Celebrate its worldwide release, for a VERY LIMITED TIME, for no charge!

Paw paws, a fruit originally from the south are now growing further north. They taste like creamy mangos. The paw paw festival in Frederick, Maryland every September celebrates this soft fruit you basically have to grow if you want to eat it. (Not available at Whole Foods or Safeway.)

The Science

Allergic reactions to the popular (but not healthy) Impossible Burger could be from GMO soy and strange soy by-products. #notahealthfood The Impossible Burger is manufactured from two different methods of genetically engineering soy products. This "impossible in nature" union is neither healthier nor more environmentally friendly than other kinds of non-meat burgers. While Impossible Foods, the company behind the Impossible Burger, h...

Home | HPV Vaccine On Trial

The death rate among those getting the HPV vaccine is 5 times higher than the death rate from cervical cancer in areas of the world with the highest death rates from this disease. Time to challenge this questionable vaccine. For more information check out the new book: The HPV Vaccine on Trial.

A Shadowy Industry Group Shapes Food Policy Around the World

No-surprise reason food policies rarely do much of anything to help consumers. The International Life Sciences Institute, with branches in 17 countries, is funded by giants of the food and drug industries.

Intestinal serotonin and fluoxetine exposure modulate bacterial colonization in the gut

Prozac (fluoxetine)alters gut flora, at least in mice. The gut microbiota regulates levels of serotonin (5-HT) in the gut, affecting the mammalian nervous system. But does 5-HT affect the microbiota? Here, it is shown to increase the relative abundance of spore-forming members of the gut microbiota and enhance mouse colonization by Turicibacter sanguini...

Nutrition Strategies to Support the Biochemistry of Behavior, Cognition and Development Recording - Maude LeRoux

My online course on supporting the biochemistry of behavior, cognition and development through the Maude LeRoux Academy is now available for self-study. This 5 session recorded course is designed to help medical professionals, teachers and caretakers help children reach their full potential by identifying those who could benefit from nutrition intervention. Children can be eating foods that interfere with development or be missing nutrients needed t...

Will Drinking IPAs Give You Man Boobs?

I was asked by a journalist to comment on man-boobs, of all things. Your favorite beers might be responsible for some embarrassing fat accumulation.

The active ingredient in Round Up is glyphosate. Many commercial breakfast cereals and wheat products like bread and cookies are contaminated with this herbicide. If you are having tummy aches, excessive gas, joint pain or one of the many other possible gluten intolerant symptoms try consuming only products made from organic grains and monitor your symptoms. #glutenfree #gluten #glutenfreevegan #nutritionists #gastritis #jointpain #ibs #nutrition #guthealth #healthyfood #eatorganic #organicwheat #organicfood #nutritionist #microbiomehealth

One way I use elderberries at home (from my big elderberry plant) is to make fruit leather for the grandkids. Delicious way to keep them healthy when they visit. Elderberries do wonders for your immune system. #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #immunebooster #immunesupport #elderberry #elderberrysyrup #nutrition #nutritionist #nutritionformindandmood #healthykidsfood #eatorganic #wholefoods

A healthy diet is the foundation of a happy life but only the beginning of that journey. #nutrition #nutritionist #quotes #quotestoliveby #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #happiness #happinessquotes #happinessbegins #consciousness

It is elderberry season and I have been busy making syrup. If you are lucky enough to have a source of elderberries, here is how it is done.

A simple strategy to improve your mood in 12 minutes

Feeling down? Try some kindness towards others. A small study found loving thoughts projected outward is a mood lifter. We all have a remedy -- a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate -- for lifting our spirits when we're in a bad mood. Rather than focusing on ways to make ourselves feel better, a team of researchers suggests wishing others well.

93 percent of medications contain 'potential allergens' - Medical Daily Journal

Allergic reaction? Check your medicines. A recent study of over 42,000 prescription meds found 93% contained ingredients that were potentially reactive to some people. Alongside the active components in medicines, there is almost always a list of other ingredients. Manufacturers add these inactive components for a number of reasons. For instance, they might make the drug more easy to absorb or stabilize the compound. Or, they could simply enhance the way the produ...

US military chiefs ordered to reveal if Pentagon used diseased insects as biological weapon

Sometimes there really is a conspiracy. Lyme's disease explained? US lawmakers have voted to demand the Pentagon discloses whether it conducted experiments to “weaponise” disease-carrying ticks – and whether any such insects were let loose outside the lab.A bill passed in the House of Representatives requires the Defence Department’s inspector general to i...

Research Proves Oxybenzone Endocrine Disruptor; FDA to Remove GRASE Status from 14 Sunscreen Ingredients

Are there endocrine disruptors in your sunscreen? Avoid those with oxybenzone, a popular ingredient for over 30 years that not only destroys coral reefs but may also be tough on your hormones. Parents who want grandkids should no longer use sunscreens containing oxybenzone, octocrylene and octinoxate on children - these endocrine disruptors are likely losing their GRASE status from the FDA and have been proven to absorb at greater rates than previously expected. They impact fertility and....

Executive Order Signed To Streamline Approval Of GMOs

More GMOs on the way. #buyerbeware GMOs and related substances have been pushed heavily by the industry. Now to the frustration of health conscious Americans the president has just signed an executive order to streamline approval of GMOs.

Canadian International Pharmacy Association - Verifying Safe Online Pharmacies Since 2002

Medical money saving tip of the month: Check what you are paying for medications against prices at a certified Canadian pharmacy. ( It is a little more trouble but you can get brand name medications and often choose their source (Canada vs. India or China). Brand name medicine can be available for close to co-pays for generic medicine here or the medicine could just be half price or less. CIPA is a online pharmacy verification and certification service. Since 2002 CIPA has continued to verify and certify safe pharmacies in Canada and around the world.

From dialysis to hospitals, U.S. health care is full of monopolies

Part of the reason for rising health care costs may be that a few companies now monopolize the industry. For example, one company controls 64% of the market for syringes. Markets are consolidating out in the open and behind the scenes.

Fresh Air For May 16, 2019: The Dark Side Of Generic Prescription Drugs

Generic drugs pose undisclosed risks. A must-listen podcast below on Fresh Air
or read journalist Katherine Eban's new book: Bottle of Lies. Hear the Fresh Air program for May 16, 2019

Can CBD Really Do All That?

Excellent overview article on CBD: its history, promise and challenges. How one molecule from the cannabis plant came to be seen as a therapeutic cure-all.

Eat Food. All the Time. Mostly Junk.

Thought-provoking story about the two sides of the food revolution. How the “food revolution” turned us into snackers, guaranteeing the demise of healthy home cooking

Nutrition Strategies to Support the Biochemistry of Behavior, Cognition and Development - Maude LeRoux

Check out my course for La Roux Academy on Nutrition Strategies to Support the Biochemistry of Behavior, Cognition and Development: Description: This course is designed to help medical professionals, teachers and caretakers help children reach their full potential by identifying those who could benefit from nutrition intervention. Children can be eating foods that interfere with development or be missing nutrients needed to crea...

What we aren't eating is killing us, global study finds

To be healthy, you can't just avoid the bad stuff a worldwide study found. Poor diet is the top risk for death and disability around the world, according to a new 27-year global study of 195 nations.

The Challenge of Going Off Psychiatric Drugs

The slippery slope of labels and medication...a cautionary tale. Millions of Americans have taken antidepressants for many years. What happens when it’s time to stop?

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction with Icosapent Ethyl for Hypertriglyceridemia | NEJM

Now that a prescription version of fish oil is available, suddenly research finds prescription level fish oil really does prevent heart disease. The REDUCE-IT trial found those taking the fish oil 'drug' were 25% less likely to die from heart disease or have a heart attack, stroke or unstable angina. Luckily, the same level of fish oil is still available OTC. Original Article from The New England Journal of Medicine — Cardiovascular Risk Reduction with Icosapent Ethyl for Hypertriglyceridemia

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