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Everyday we are bombarded with choices, decisions, opportunities and challenges. Sometimes of these feel like problems to us.. some will not.. The reason is because they force us into an area we are not comfortable with such as
-Being more assertive than we want.
-Being more accepting or tolerant than we want.
-Being more in touch with our feelings.
-Being more interactive when we want to recluse.

By understanding our type, we then understand our strengths and challenges and have the tools to tackle whats needed.

🍂Do you think that if you could understand why you thought and felt the way you did it would help to create a space with less resistance?




What is one thing you can do today to get closer to your goal?

Starting off the week with the always reliable type 1.*remember these typing are not to put you in a box, its built for ...

Starting off the week with the always reliable type 1.
*remember these typing are not to put you in a box, its built for understanding simply who we are.

Type 1s-
Core desire- to be good/have integrity.
Core fear- being bad, corrupt,wrong ,or unethical.

During childhood there was this seed planted that turned into feeling others were hard to please. As a result 1's became their own judges and critics. Developing this code of ethics internally, striving to always be better, more responsible, and constantly working on inproving themselves

Where this becomes a challenge is the constant feeling of needing to do more and the high possibility of burn out.

When a 1 is at their best they are super ethical and fair, they are honest and reliable. They will fight for the underdog and go down with the ship if its something they believe in.

My message today to Type 1's
You are good even when you are imperfect.

To find out your enneagram type-->classic test--> screen shot the results and lets talk about it!

Tonya Nichols Kellie Melissa McCall

Within Enneagram we have what is called a core motivation and core fear basically this is why we think feel and act the ...

Within Enneagram we have what is called a core motivation and core fear basically this is why we think feel and act the way we do. When we understand our motivations and fears then we can accept them which begins the transformation twards a more meaningful and less self-defeating life!


🔊🔊Starting this week.. I will be taking about each enneagram type and some type-specific strengths and challenges they face! Up first are the type 1’s... ‘the perfectionist’!


Today, lets take talk about that time you faced your fear, did something that scared you... that time you looked that challenge in the face and said.. "HOLD MY BEER, I GOT THIS"


Some questions I have been hearing alot lately is Why Enneagram and Myers Briggs?

Enneagram is the Enneagram is a tool and system designed for comprehensive understanding and integration, as well as for the purpose of holistic health -physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

Myers Briggs is assessment was designed to help people understand personality differences in the general population. While there are no “better” or “worse” personality preferences, the MBTI assessment can help people understand their strengths and blind spots and how they might differ from others.

With both tools we can deeper understand ourselves and our relationships with others.

Ok! Let’s be honest. It’s really hard starting a business with 3 kids at home... at least that’s part of it.Truth is, I’...

Ok! Let’s be honest. It’s really hard starting a business with 3 kids at home... at least that’s part of it.

Truth is, I’m struggling with how to reach out to people.


Fear.... it’s fear. I’m scared. Terrified actually.

I know in my soul I’m ready. I know how to help others reach their goals, I’m confident in myself to be an amazing listener and connect dots that keep people from getting past roadblocks. I have helps tons of people but putting myself out there in social media is like learning a new language.

Today I decided that I wouldn’t continue to live in fear. I’m just going to do it. Throw spaghetti at the wall, see what sticks.

So here it goes.

I’m Allie! I have 3 kids and 2 dogs. I have a Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies(conflict resolution) with a minor in psychology and sociology. I done extensive research on Enneagram and Myers Briggs personality types as well as worked under naturopath. So oils, homeopathics, alternative wellness- I can do that too.

My passion is this... Life is messy. Soo freaking messy. With that comes trauma, heartache, confusion, loss of self worth... but, we can overcome all that. Through understanding ourselves and releasing the pain, anger, resentment, we find understanding. For most, when we understand, we can accept... forgive and find peace and gain the confidence to reach our limitless potential!

That’s what I want to do for you! Let’s find your happiness, let’s reach those goals! I truly love when people succeed and it’s all I want for you!

Reach out!
Text me!
Call me!
Message me!

-Allie 💖💖


Right! 🙏💞

Are you ready to design your own life? What about take back control and be in the drivers seat? How about designing your...

Are you ready to design your own life?

What about take back control and be in the drivers seat?

How about designing your own destiny instead of allowing it to happen to you?

Who is this for? Everyone!

Joining Comprehensive Wellness Solutions weredoing a 21 day challenge! Come join us! Starts tomorrow!

Some of those joining already are students, parents, business owners, in successful MLM or direct sales, recent college graduates, stay at home parent, just got married, just got divorced, lost a child or parent, unhappy, financially struggling, unhappy in a career and many more. It is for everyone, even those just wanting to improve where they are.

Ready to grow? Stay Tuned. It all starts tomorrow June 16th!⠀



How do you handle disappointment? Is there a right or wrong way?


Expectations: let’s me honest. They suck. Especially when do you have an expectation of someone and they disappoint you. People get their feelings hurt and it can cause wedges in relationships.

Voicing your expectations helps tremendously.

Recently went on a family vacation and everyone had a conversation about what their expectations were..

This was probably one of the best vacations I’ve ever been on because I knew what was expected of me.

We are not mind readers. Open and honest communication is key.

Let's hear it! What are your dreams?

Let's hear it! What are your dreams?

Who's ready to set some goals? 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Who's ready to set some goals? 🙌🏼🙌🏼

Who's ready to set some goals? 🙌🏼🙌🏼


🚨So excited to start this adventure in an official capacity!

The story behind the Name:

Well, I learned early on my world looked rather different than those around me. Everything to me is a circle. Life...conversations....different seasons ... there’s a beginning a middle and an end. But what happens when events happen that affect us in a profound way. We carry them around the circle. Only to later in life have to revisit them. Those events that happened when you were a child subconsciously affect you throughout your adult life. Everything is interconnected and it’s like going back-and-forth on all these different sides of the circle, like a funnel cake. And then when you add guilt (powdered sugar) shame ( strawberry topping) and then trauma (whipped topping)... you end up with a messy dessert, much like life. The challenges we’re currently facing started somewhere.

By understanding Enneagram (motivations), then using the Myers-Briggs (personality) to understand how I process my world, I was able to grow in ways I never thought imaginable. I got the validation and I owned who I was. I was able to see where my strength were and where I have challenges.

Whether temporarily stuck in a rut or trying to work through a lifetime of mess, I want to help!


Hickory, NC

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