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Eating healthy is not enough.

The goal should be to be to be in the best physical shape that we can possibly be in.

The best financial shape we can possibly be in.

The best spiritual and mental shape we can possibly be in.

I call it wholistic health (not holistic health) for a reason.

Everything touches everything. And if you’re failing in one of the aforementioned buckets it has the ability to destroy everything you’ve built it the other buckets.

I made more money the healthier I ate because my mental clarity went through the roof.

My stress levels go down the more I exercise.

Everything touches everything.

Eat healthy but don’t exercise? Your healing with stagnate.

You’re spiritually strong but don’t take care of your body? Your health issues will creep up on you.

Eat healthy but don’t make enough money? The lifestyle may become unsustainable or the stress could eat you alive.

Make money but don’t eat right? You’ll only be able to enjoy that money for so long.

Don’t let my words overwhelm yourself by trying to fix everything about your life at one time. Take it one step at a time. And if right now that focus is eating right, then do just that.

However, don’t forget that the ultimate goal should be the best version of self in all aspects of life. And anything you do to help yourself trend in that direction is a W.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper never forget that perfection doesn’t exist, only the pursuit of perfection does. And we should never stop the pursuit of being the best we can be in all facets 💯


Timeline photos 09/01/2022

Timeline photos

Watermelon is packed with vitamins A and C, plus - being high in fibers - it promotes good digestion.
You can eat moderate amounts of watermelon if you are craving for something sweet.
And because watermelon is over 90% water, it can also keep you feeling full longer!


I’ve been eating 2 watermelons per day (yeah you read that right)- one for breakfast, one for dinner, and some grass fed beef with avocado and a little rice for lunch.

Everyone always wants to know what to eat. Where to buy it. If seedless is ok. What about veggies. Lah di dah.

Don’t overthink it. As long as most of your calories are coming from THIS section of your grocery store you’ll be more than alright.

All the foods in this section of the store are living foods with fiber, H30, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. They will detoxify your body, cleanse you, heal you. These are the foods nature designed us to eat when our creators first put us on this planet.

When you start venturing into the aisles of grocery stores you begin to see the ultra processed foods. The zombie foods- foods that should be dead if it weren’t for man intervening. Foods that need toxic preservatives like BHT in order for them to have a long shelf life. Those are the foods that cause the diabetes, the cancers, the high BP, etc.

Make sure at the absolute minimum 50% of your calories come from raw foods. For me that number is closer to 75%, and when I’m actively detoxing, it becomes 100%.

And if you have more questions about eating to live, just go get volume 2 of The Meal Plan directly from our site. It’s not expensive and I don’t say it to be a salesman. I say it because it literally has everything you need to get started on this journey- from 150 recipes to meal plans to chapters of info. It’s 5 star rated for a reason.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we must remember that living foods will make us feel alive because they’re electric. Make these foods apart of your daily repertoire and let the magic happen from there 💯



Sea Moss

A c**k (rooster) wakes up at sunrise every single day.

Your man’s should too.

Not getting morning wood is one of the earliest signs of heart attack and strokes 😳

Sure, ED can be caused by other factors desensitization from circumcision, prostate problems, or anxiety. But the main cause is clogged arteries from high cholesterol foods which cause plaque build up throughout the entire cardiovascular system.

A few things to do to fix it are:

1st is to eliminate inflammatory foods that are high in bad cholesterol, usually found in dairy and meat.

2nd is to get more sun so that the bad cholesterol can be converted into vitamin D.

3rd is to exercise and manage stress.

4th, and arguably most important, is to up the intake of omega 3s, specifically DHA.

DHA cleanses the arteries and entire cardiovascular system, removing plaque while also lowering bad cholesterol levels.

And the absolute best source of DHA? Many think it’s fish but the truth is the fish only get DHA from the sea w**ds they eat. So getting it directly from the source is the most powerful and cleansing way to get it.

Sea moss, especially Irish Moss (aka Chondrus Crispus) is the absolute best source of DHA on the planet. And it has even more than that Caribbean yellow stringy moss, which is less nutrient dense and sometimes even fake.

And sea moss will help the entire reproductive system because it also contains lots of iron and zinc, zinc being the mineral that men need to replenish the most as much of it gets lost during ej*******on.

1 oz of our raw moss will be a 1-2 week supply and it comes with clear instructions on how to make it into a gel. Buying raw moss and making it into a gel yourself is the best way to do it because you’ll get more for your money this way and it will be fresher.

However, we also sell the gel on our site too, and also our Jammy Moss, which tastes just like a delicious strawberry or mango jam but with all the healing properties of Chondrus Crispus.

Place orders today using the link at the bottom of the post. Free shipping anywhere in the US and international shipping options too.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we should understand that a c**k crowing at dawn are the signs of a happy rooster. Change the lifestyle and add more DHA food sources to the diet to keep that man as strong as he can be 💯




Some people stay sick because they’re always bxtching. Always complaining. Always hating. Always blaming others. Never taking accountability. Always pointing out what’s wrong without ever mentioning what’s right.

Get in the habit of expressing GRATITUDE. Some people pray. Others meditate. You can even express this gratitude to someone else. But being thankful for what you have and the situation you’re in will make you happier.

I love starting my days with controlled breathing while thinking about everything I’m grateful for. Doing so becomes my North Star to help me navigate throughout the day and withstand natural stresses that come about in my life.

And studies show that happier people live longer. And it’s not rocket science. The happier you are the more serotonin you produce, and higher serotonin levels equate to better functioning body processes, a stronger immune system, reduced inflammation throughout the body (which is the root cause of almost every disease), more energy, etc. If you don’t believe me just Google “Do happier people live longer?”

You can eat all the fruits and herbs in the world but if you’re always negative that low vibration energy will prevent the body from healing.

If trauma prevents you from expressing gratitude it is ok to admit you need some help. Work hard at finding the right person or professional to help you work through those blocks.

And to give yourself the best fighting chance make sure to accompany that therapy with getting sun, eating well, exercising, and sleeping well too. All are key to boosting serotonin productions.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we must understand that being a hater or bitter bxtch will bring us one step closer to the grave. Make it a daily habit to express gratitude for the blessings in your life, even the ones that may be harder to see. It will help to change your perspective on things and will make you happier, and happiness is the cousin of health 💯

P.S. One thing I am grateful for is the community we’ve built here. You guys give me energy and I even learn from you guys too. Thanks for walking this journey with us 🙏🏽



That myth that we need 8 glasses of water a day? It’s straight bullshxt. It originated from a food and nutrition board saying that people need 2.5 liters of water per day. But it left out the next line: “Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods”.

I’ve always preached that it’s way more important to EAT our water, instead of drinking it. And that’s because water from fruits and veggies is the cleanest on the planet because it’s been perfectly cleansed by a plant that acts as a filter. That water also contains key electrolytes, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and sugar, that water alone lacks.

Most people are chronically dehydrated because their diets consists of dry axx foods, which require water in order to be digested. And so you keep eating those Popeyes biscuits which are drier than these jokes I keep sliding in these posts and now your body pulls water from your kneecap to digest it and now you got a sore knee. Or it pulls it from your brain and now you got a headache.

On top of EATING your water, just drink when you’re thirsty. Your body isn’t stupid. Even a roach knows when it needs water. Just drink natural spring water when you’re thirsty and don’t drink it when you’re not. Simple as that 🤷🏽‍♂️

Me personally, I drink more water in the summer months (maybe close to a gallon.) but in winter I might go a few days without having any because I get enough from my diet.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we have to stop listening to outdated and nonsensical advice. Just listen to your body and eat in accordance with mothers nature and you’ll have everything you need to thrive 💯



You don’t feel horrible in your 30s, 40s, 50s etc because you’re getting older and some of these diseases just happen to run in your family. You feel horrible because you have a whole bunch of inflammatory habits!! Eating inflammatory foods causes inflammation. Not getting enough sleep causes inflammation. Drinking coffee causes inflammation. Stress causes inflammation. Alcohol causes inflammation. Caffeine causes inflammation. Smoking causes inflammation. Sedentary lifestyle causes inflammation.

And what these doctors don’t tell you is that chronic inflammation is the root cause of almost every single disease. Your diabetes is no different from your husband’s heart disease, your brothers prostatitis, your son’s tendinitis, and your daughter’s asthma. It’s all caused by inflammation.. it’s just that your inflammation just so happens to be in a different part of the body which causes its own subset of issues. But don’t be fooled. It’s all the same disease.

However, like my 4 year old would say, your doctor is a dummy head and so instead of treating your inflammation they’ll instead prescribe you a medication to treat the symptoms, which only masks symptoms and actually makes inflammation worse over time, while completely ignoring the fact that you have all of these inflammatory habits which is the underlying cause of the inflammation. Nothing really gets better, you learn to live with and “manage” the inflammation until you die. Sad story.

To help you get better all your doctor had to do was look at you as a whole person (aka wholistic health- no typo) and help you reduce these inflammatory habits. That means get good sleep, get sunshine, manage your stress, stop smoking and drinking alcohol and coffee, and to stop eating those inflammatory foods.

And which foods are inflammatory and which ones are anti inflammatory? Google can help you with that but just know that anything that is processed in any way, shape, or form is likely to cause inflammation. The most anti inflammatory foods on the planet are fruits, herbs, sea moss, raw veggies, and nothing (yes fasting is very anti inflammatory). Limit your diet to these things and watch yourself slowly but surely heal your body and become your best version of self.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we mustn’t forget that there really is just one disease known to man- inflammation. Stop with the inflammatory habits and watch yourself become your own healer 💯

And if you’re looking to reduce your inflammation and need some support go to our site at www.JordanRAW.com. You can either get some sea moss which is one of the most anti inflammatory foods on the planet (just 1 to 2 tablespoons per day of sea moss gel will do wonders for you). Or you can download volume 2 of the meal plan, which has 150+ anti inflammatory recipes, 240+ pages of information, and 3 different 30 day detoxifying meal plans. And when volume 3 drops soon don’t worry- you’ll get that volume for free as well, along with volumes 4, 5 etc 💪🏽


We don’t see squirrels climbing trees with type 2 diabetes!

It’s because wild squirrels eat what a wild squirrel is supposed to eat.

Ever notice that the only animals that seem to get real sick are the domesticated ones?

Dogs, cats, cows, horses, pigs, and yes, humans too!!

Once an animals had become domesticated it no longer eats its natural diet, and then eats a man made diet which is the root cause of almost all disease.

Feed a cow grass and it will be healthy but feed it grain, corn, and soy and it’ll be inflamed and ill.

The key to health is returning to our natural diets.

So what’s the natural diets of us humans?

The answer is fruit!!

Sure we’ve adapted the ability to digest other foods as a means of survival. But at the most basic, fruit is the one food on the planet most compatible with our DNA.

We share 98% of our DNA with primates who eat predominantly fruits. Human breastmilk is the highest in sugar and lowest in protein of any species. We are the only animal that can see bright vivid colors while also having sweet tastebuds. Fructose is the only sugar we can consume that doesn’t require insulin from the body. Fruit has all the water we need, all the carbon (sugar) we need, the fiber, the minerals, the vitamins while being effortless to digest.

Either eat a mostly fruit diet (70%+ calories coming from fruit) or even better an all fruit diet for a few days, weeks, or months at a time and watch how quickly we can reverse diseases, detoxify, and become our best versions of self!!

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we must understand the further from nature we become the more diseases we will have. The key to reversing disease and becoming our best versions of self is getting back to the mostly fruit diet that the human body was designed for!!

And if you’re someone who’s looking to get started on this journey but doesn’t know where to begin, go to our site at www.JordanRAW.com and download volume 2 of The Meal Plan. It has 150+ recipes that the whole family will love, 3 different 30 day detoxifying meal plans, and 240+ pages of information on literally everything you need to know on this journey. And remember, one purchase equals free updates for life, meaning you’ll get volumes 3, 4, 5 etc for free as well 🙏🏽


Being overweight is not something that should be embraced. It’s a sign that our health is not in a good place!!

I am not saying these words to body shame anyone. It’s always all love with me. But the matter of the fact is this.

The smaller our waistline the longer our lifespan and the bigger our waistline the shorter our lifespan!!! There is a cornucopia of statistics and data to back this up.

Being overweight also puts us at higher risk for almost every disease, from cancer to depression to miscarriages to diabetes to back pain to addiction and so on!!

And with 67% of the American population overweight and 37% of Americans being obese more people than ever are overweight nowadays due to the increase in processed foods that most of us are consuming on the daily. It’s to the point where overweight people don’t even look overweight anymore because of how many obese people there are.

I know that society now is focused on body positivity and embracing thickness but there is a thin line between self love and self sabotaging our health with poor lifestyle choices like not exercising enough or eating low quality foods.

And sure, some people have thyroid conditions that make their weight fluctuate. However these cases are in the minority, and even if a thyroid condition is present it can often be addressed with detoxing and the proper herbs.

The key to losing all the extra weight? Detox, detox, detox!! Simply going on a whole food diet will help to get the ball rolling, but going on a raw plant based diet with mostly fruit, or even incorporating fasting are the best ways to lose the weight and detoxify in a healthy, sustainable way. Exercising, good sleep, getting sunshine, remaining stress free are key as well!!

And if my words are offending to you it maybe be because my words are hitting home and making you feel uncomfortable. Everything I do is about love and sometimes we need tough love to take us out of our comfort zone!!

On this journey to loving ourselves we must understand we are living in the age of cancel culture and participation trophies where we try to force acceptance down people’s throats. However, accepting being overweight and thickness often comes with a price, and sometimes that price can be our health or our life!!

And if you’re someone who knows they need to shed weight and detoxify but you don’t know where to start, I can help. Go to our site at www.JordanRAW.com and download volume 2 of The Meal Plan. It’s the same meal plan my mom used while losing 50+ pounds on her quest to reverse her diabetes. It has 150+ recipes, 3 different 30 day detoxifying meal plans, and 240+ pages of information filled with literally everything you need to know on this journey. And when volume 3 drops soon no worries, you’ll get that volume for free, as you will with volumes 4, 5, etc 🙏🏽


It's never too late to start living well.


Bio-X4: Natural Digestion Support


Mrs. RAW woke up with her voice a little hoarse like a pony (I’ll see myself out after that one 😏) so I had to hook her up with some mullein leaf tea.

Mullein leaf might be the best herb in the world at healing the lungs and respiratory tract.

I myself don’t really get sick anymore since detoxing despite my past history of heavy w**d smoking, and multiple cases of pneumonia, bronchitis, and sinus infections. I credit some of that too drinking lots of mullein leaf tea when I was cleansing.

There’s no medication in the world that will get your lungs cleansed out like herbs will. Medications will only mask and treat symptoms while leave being toxic residue in the body that then burdens the lymphatic system.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we must understand that herbs were put on this earth to heal us. They’re nature’s natural medicine 🙏🏽

And if you know you need to detox but don’t know how, we can help you. Go to our site at www.JordanRAW.com and get the personalized detox package, which comes with multiple one on one consultations with me directly, a personalized detox plan based off of your health goals, and all the herbs and sea moss needed to cleanse. I promise you, once you get your colon properly cleansed for the first time and your lymphatic system eliminating waste via detoxing, you’ll feel so energized and cleansed and happy that your only regret is that you didn’t do it sooner than 🙏🏽


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Tell your family, friends, and everyone else that will listen-

Starbursts, Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids not only damage your DNA, but they cause cancer too!!

These candies have been recently banned in Europe for this reason. They both contain Titanium Dioxide which is used for food coloring in baked goods, soups, broths, sauces, and sandwich spreads. It builds up in the body and isn’t excreted very well.

Titanium Dioxide has been shown to be a genotoxin, which is why it’s banned in Europe. This is how it damages DNA and causes cancer.

And the other dyes in these candies, namely red 40, yellow 6, yellow 5, blue 1, have all been shown to have adverse effects, anywhere from allergies to cancer.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we must understand that these “candies” are nothing but trash. Nothing but the devil or a temptress seducing us with their synthetic flavors, only to slowly kill us. The only way we can become our best versions of selves is from eating the foods provided to us by Mother Nature!!

And if you’re looking to get started on a holistic, whole food eating journey but don’t know where to begin, go to our site at www.JordanRAW.com and download Volume 2 of The Meal Plan. It has 150+ recipes that you and the family will love, 3 different 30 day detoxifying meal plans, and 240+ pages of information filled with literally everything we need to know on this journey. And remember, one purchase equals free updates for life, meaning you’ll get volumes 3, 4, 5 etc for free as well 🙏🏽


Free Ancient Roots Book

Bountiful Boards 03/12/2022

Bountiful Boards

Bountiful Boards Celebrate spring festivities and stick to your plant-entions by creating sharable boards starring your favorite fruits & veggies.


She said that's too loud! 😆

What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do? 02/14/2022

What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do?

What Do Vitamins and Minerals Do? Vitamins and minerals are essential for optimal living. We explore everything you need to know about which you need, when to take them, and which are best.


Chicken & Dumplings For My Granddaughter

Rickey Smiley and his Granddaughter. Gotta love precious moments like this!


Canned foods cause cancer!!

About 10% of canned goods still contain traceable levels of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) which has been linked with breast cancer, prostate cancer, birth defects, and diabetes.

And this isn’t even getting into the high sodium and preservative levels used to preserve the food which raise blood pressure, damage your heart, leads to water retention in the body, and damage the kidneys and liver.

If you’re looking for quick convenient whole foods you’re better off buying frozen, as frozen fruits and veggies really aren’t that bad because they’re picked at peak ripeness which means they’re highest in nutritional content.

That being said, if we’re looking for where convenience and good health intersect, there is no better option for us than the fruits provided to us by Mother Nature.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we must cut off the food that is treated like a dead body with embalming fluid. Instead, we must eat the living foods from Mother Nature which nourish and care for us with each bite 🙏🏽


Weight loss and detoxification are 2 totally different things.

Sure, you can lose a lot of weight doing a fad diet like keto or by eating the standard American diet while cutting calories. But is losing that weight going to cleanse your colon? Unclog your arteries? Help your lymphatic system, liver, and kidneys remove toxic weight more efficiently? Skinny people get heart attacks, kidney failure, and cancer too.

True detoxification happens when we consume the fruits and raw foods from Mother Nature consistently over a period of time.

Yes, by switching to a high fruit, raw diet you will certainly lose weight. But what you’re also doing that these fad diets cannot is loading up on the key minerals and vitamins that makeup the body. You’re hydrating at the cellular level with the world’s cleanest water source, the H20 from fruits. You’re cleansing built up toxic waste on your colon walls with a high fiber diet. You’re giving your body fructose, the purest form of carbon, which literally powers every single cell in your body. You’re giving your digestive system a massive rest, which allows the happy hormone serotonin and your immune system kick into high gear. You’re giving your kidneys and liver the rest they need to more efficiently filter out toxic waste. You’re helping your lymphatic system to better move lymph waste out of the body. And so much more.

When I help people reverse diseases I’m not simply helping them to lose weight. What we are doing is going back to our natural diets which then allows our body’s to act as the self healing organisms that they are to remove toxic waste from the body, and then replenishing the body with mineral rich foods which builds up each cell with unshakeable strength.

On this journey to loving ourselves deeper we mustn’t forget that the only way to stop being sick, to reverse diseases, and to be our best versions of self is to detoxify by getting back to nature 🙏🏽

And if you want to get started on this journey the best way to do do is to get The Meal Plan directly from our site at www.JordanRAW.com . There is a lot that goes into this lifestyle and without the information you need it can be extremely difficult. We put so much time, love, and energy to make The Meal Plan everything you need on this journey. It has 150+ juice, raw food, and cooked alkaline food recipes, 240+ pages of information, and 3 different 30 day detoxifying meal plans, purposefully designed to transition you from eating the standard American diet to a natural one. And remember, one purchase equals free updates for life, meaning you’ll get volumes 3, 4, 5 etc for free as well 🙏🏽





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