Heavenly Harmonies & Bodies

Heavenly Harmonies & Bodies uses tuning fork therapy to gently release emotional trauma and to address physical ailments and pain.

Heavenly Harmonies & Bodies uses vibroacoustic therapy and specialized energy work to gently release emotional trauma and to address physical pain and distress.

Operating as usual


It took a few months to get everything set up, but now Heavenly Harmonies is ready to start serving the community!


Introducing our new clinic:

Your Heart Chakra Needs More Cowbell!

Not just an internet meme anymore, this is a multi modal clinic designed to give you a tune up while sampling our services at a discounted rate on the following Sundays from 1:30 to 4:30

July 1, 15, 29

August 5 & 19

Station #1 The Vibroacoustic Therapy Table
Vibroacoustic Therapy is a non-invasive approach to addressing physical, mental and emotional aspects of health. In this clinic the frequencies and vibrations which are transmitted through the use of special transducers will be specially calibrated to give you an intensely relaxing experience that will melt stress tightened muscles to putty as every cell in your body is rejuvenated from the vibrations.

Station #2 The Tuning Fork Table
Acutonics is the non-invasive methodology of incorporating the clinical use of precision calibrated tuning forks, symphonic gongs, and chimes paired with the Chinese meridian system. In this clinic, frequencies will be administered to tend to your fire meridians, which are particularly sensitive this time of year. Fire meridians pertain to your heart, small intestine, and internal and emotional temperatures, so if you've been feeling like your heart needs more cowbell this is an exceptional time to come in ^.^

Adults $25
Children $10

Call today to set your appointment and guarantee yourself a space at this highly impacted clinic! Walk ins are accommodated as scheduling allows; please be patient, and if you don't want to wait, call ahead!

What a session looks like 06/27/2017

A client in the middle of vibroacoustic therapy


Reunited: A Short Film about Music and the Human Spirit

Beautiful example of sound and musical expression enriching the human spirit. One day I shall play in senior care homes, once I get my harp repertoire built up :)


Golden Retriever Splashes Around in Water

Musicians' Brains Sync Up During Duet 05/06/2017

Musicians' Brains Sync Up During Duet

The power of entrainment!

Musicians' Brains Sync Up During Duet The brain waves of two musicians synchronize when they are performing duet, a new study found.


Autistic Girl Loves Guitar

I see this kind of excitement a lot when people try out my sound table. I was vending at a fair once when three little girls (kids of other vendors) where running around like crazy. When they heard and touched the table, they immediately hopped on and camped there the rest of the day; I couldn't keep them off of it! I didn't make any more money that day, but it was worth it for those girls to be so happy. I love my job ^.^


To celebrate its relocation, Heavenly Harmonies and Bodies is offering 40% off sessions during the month of April. That's just $35 for a session! Call or email to schedule today!


On January 21 2017, 1pm at Angel Heart 4 You in Benicia, I'm giving another lecture about the physics and metaphysics of sound!

$35 covers the entry fee for an event that will answer lifelong questions such as

“How does sound work? Why do I feel all tingly when I hear that chord? How does music help people with memory problems? What is a fundamental frequency?”

These questions and more will be answered in this hour long presentation/ workshop about the power of sound. Topics will include the physics and metaphysics of sound and vibration, how sound can be used to benefit your physical health, the myriad of ways in which sound and emotions interact and how you can optimally manage them, tips for improving brain power with use of vibration, and some suggestions and observations in the use of sound for spiritual practice.

All this covered and more with practical examples illustrated on a myriad of instruments: harp, violin, voice, drum, tuning forks, sound table, and of course exotic youtube clips. Join us for a magical hour you won’t soon forget!

Sound healing sessions may be booked for after the lecture.


This month has been so busy! Why?

Because my presentation got approved for a Harbin benefit at The Center in SF on October 3rd at noon. I will be giving an hour long lecture/workshop about how sound affects people physically, psychologically, and spiritually. Live music will be supplied by myself via voice, violin, harp, tibetan bowl, and other fun/unusual instruments during demonstrations demonstrations and experimentation. For those of you who want to know what sound healing is all about, this is your chance!

Donations for Harbin will get you three days of workshops and entertainment. See you there! Visit theepichuman.com for more information about the benefit for Harbin and the neighboring communities that are suffering from the fire devastation.

More events and announcements to follow for the busy busy busy month of October. Please like our page to stay on top of all the fun things to come!

Julie Whalen, Body Harmonist and EFT Practitioner | Price List 08/12/2015

Julie Whalen, Body Harmonist and EFT Practitioner | Price List

We added some new services and have changed some prices to reflect their value. Please take a look at our updated price list by following this link:

Julie Whalen, Body Harmonist and EFT Practitioner | Price List This is a special place just for you where you can explore, learn new things, and maybe rediscover some parts of yourself you've lost on other journeys.

Timeline photos 08/10/2015

Amazing how much a sound can make a difference ;)

It's not what you say...it's how.


Free Fridays in July! Come and get your free 20 minute this week! Still plenty of time.




134 SE 5th Avenue Unit C
Hillsboro, OR

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