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I was just in the area and hoped to stop by the shop and it's gone 😞
Do you carry FRESH St. John's Wort? And dried Arnica and dried Calendula?
Kate, I was in the other day and was telling you about dock seeds and how they could be ground and used like... and I couldn't think of the word.... the word is buckwheat. Just thought I'd finish the thought.
I had a lovely time stopping in for a visit today. I'll definitely be back...often. Can't wait for the herbalist lessons to start! :)
This is one of the gorgeous knitted hats Kate creates !
Come visit! Of Earth & Air in Hillsboro!!! Kate, the owner is AMAZING💜 She made this gorgeous knit number on my head.
Just a friendly reminder, all of those lovely tea pots and sets you see in the store are for sale. I bought this one a while back and am settling down to some earl grey.
Wondering, do you offer Reiki? I am an attuned second level Reiki practitioner and would be interested in offering part time services. Even one day per week to see how the service would grow. My reiki web site is LoveReiki.net. Blessings!
Remembered to take a few pictures of the incense burner we spoke of. There are more pictures on my fb page if interested in seeing it more in detail including the makers mark.

Of Earth & Air is Washington county's source for the finest bulk herbs, teas, essential oils as well Finding them is also a service we provide.

We specialize in providing the Washington county area with the finest in bulk herbs, loose teas and essential oils. Our goal is to help people connect with accurate information and to provide a source for all of their alternative healing needs. If you don"t find what you are looking for please let us know.

Operating as usual


Just a quick update. We are making steady progress toward rebuilding inventory so we can actively fill orders. I have gone back to a M-F 7:30-4:00, so massage is available weekends (outcall only) best to text me @ 503-997-9845. We miss you all!


Just checking in with all our friends, the website project is taking longer than expected. Still in the works, meanwhile since I can't do massage on the internet (wow, scary thought) I'm now working Thurs.-Mon. 2-9pm @ Elements Tannesbourne 2167 SW 185th 503-828-1311


Hi Everyone,

The move is going great! However, if the lady that bought 50 jars last week and was interested in the herb shelves sees this please contact us, we've misplaced your info. 503-997-9845 or 503-734-6979.


Just a reminder that the store front @ Of Earth & Air will be closing permanently this week. Saturday 8/19 @ 5 pm. We will then be transitioning over to our website www.ofearthandair.com and we look forward to continue serving you from there. All phone #'s will remain the same and you can call for local p/u to save shipping costs. Come see Kate on Saturday for some last minute supplies, everything in store will be 25% off that day only! If you need gallon glass jars they're only $1.00 ea. no limit.
It has been a great pleasure and a privilege to serve and get to know all of you and we hope to take all of you with us on this next big adventure.

Thank you for your years of support,

Kate and Thomas


Just a reminder that we will be closing doors on Saturday Aug.19th (closed the 18th). All crystals, jewelry, amber & tyedye are 25%off.
All contact info remains the same. Once we're through with the closing we will start updating the website,. You can call 503-693-3600 and place orders. The site, ofearthandair.com should be up and functioning by the end of September.
Thomas will be doing out call massage, call 503-997-9845 to make an appointment and he will come to you.


It is time for a long overdue update

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters for 16 years of business! Sadly we must announce that in spite of all of your help Of Earth & Air will be closing the doors on our storefront on August 15th.
This is by no means an end to this journey, We are planning to focus on our website and to that end, we are looking for a shed (Tuffshed or?) to create a packaging space at home. The Go-Fund-Me program has been updated to help the cost.Closing sales are happening now!


An update for all of our amazing supporters: We have finally been able to place some orders for herbs and oils. So, if you have been waiting for these things, it may be a good time to check in.

Click here to support Rescue Of Earth & Air by Thomas A. Westran 03/09/2017

Click here to support Rescue Of Earth & Air by Thomas A. Westran

We could really use your help.

Click here to support Rescue Of Earth & Air by Thomas A. Westran Rescue Of Earth & Air      We run Of Earth & Air to help people in our community, through low cost alternative healthcare options including massage, essential oils, herbs & teas. We also carry non-health care items such as jewelry, figurines, candles, soap and unique clothing to help pay the bil...


Some Wise Advice:
1. Don't use his name; When you post or talk about him, don't assign his actions to him, assign them to "The Republican Administration," or "The Republicans." This will have several effects: the Republican legislators will either have to take responsibility for their association with him or stand up for what some of them don't like; he will not get the focus of attention he craves; Republican representatives will become very concerned about their re-elections
2. Remember this is a regime and he's not acting alone;
3. Do not argue with those who support him--it doesn't work;
4. Focus on his policies, not his orange-ness and mental state;
5. Keep your message positive; they want the country to be angry and fearful because this is the soil from which their darkest policies will grow;
6. No more helpless/hopeless talk;
7. Support artists and the arts;
8. Be careful not to spread fake news. Check it;
9. Take care of yourselves; and
10. Resist!
Keep demonstrations peaceful. In the words of John Lennon, "When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you - pull your beard, flick your face - to make you fight! Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor."
(Copy to paste to your wall - wider than sharing)

Timeline photos 12/17/2016

Timeline photos


15 Crochet Dream Catcher Ideas for DIY 08/29/2016

15 Crochet Dream Catcher Ideas for DIY

15 Crochet Dream Catcher Ideas for DIY Hello, everyone. Prettydesigns will show you something magical today. They can bring you good luck and filter out the bad things. Can you figure it out? Yes. To


It has been a while since we had a FREE MASSAGE FRIDAY! Just a reminder if you stop by and mention FB today you will receive a Free Chair Massage, schedule permitting of course.

Timeline photos 06/03/2016

Timeline photos

Join us for a Summer reading program this June through August!


We haven't done a Free Massage Friday in a while. I'll be here 'til 6pm, stop by and mention FB for a free chair massage

Timeline photos 04/25/2016

Timeline photos

Register | Beltaine in the Grove 03/18/2016

Register | Beltaine in the Grove

Register | Beltaine in the Grove Beltaine in the Grove Registration And what you're paying for May 12th – 15th, 2016 Bulk of activities are held on May 13th and 14th!   You can arrive as early as May 7th! When you register and pay to come to Beltaine in the Grove, you are not purchasing access to the festival.  The festival itself…


I just spent three days doing my Continuing Education and as usual I learned some amazing new tricks. This year's theme is Myofascial Release techniques for TMJ, Head, Neck and Jaw. This has given me new tricks and review of information to help solve not just TMJ and headaches, but also migraines, difficulty swallowing and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I look forward to sharing this new knowledge with all of you!


Happy Friday 13th! It's a FREE MASSAGE Friday, so stop in,mention FB and claim your free 5-10 min. massage


Finally, it's time for a FREE MASSAGE FRIDAY!!!!!!! Stop by and mention FB for a 5-10 min chair massage, subject to availability.

Timeline photos 10/29/2015

Timeline photos


Today marks 11 years in our current location! Time for a "Free Massage Friday" Thank you all for your years of support.


It's time for a Free Massage Friday! Come by and say hi.



Please join us for the PDX Pagan Family Picnic

Sunday July 19th, 2015
Creston Park, Site B

Come join us for the Gathering of the Tribes! This is a family event. Here is where we take the time to enjoy reacquainting with each other, or meeting new people and welcoming them into the community.

A time for families to join in food and community in a relaxed atmosphere at the park. Everyone is welcome!

It's Potluck Style! Share with your community!

Bring drums, musical instruments for everyone to enjoy!

Here is the link for a map of the park.


New Interview! 06/21/2015

New Interview!

Join. Raven on 6/29 @ Of Earth& Air for her workshop Intuition Development 101

New Interview! New Interview! 06/20/2015by Raven Leave a Comment New Renaissance Bookshop — Portland, Oregon’s premier metaphysical bookstore — interviewed me this week for my 6/27 workshop, “Learning How To Embrace Your Gifts”. If you’d like to access the iContact copy, the link is here. ——— “I will always see Ta…


It's a Free Massage Friday, stop by and mention FB to get yours.

10 Outrageously Effective Exercises That Really Help To Ease Lower Back Pain 06/19/2015

10 Outrageously Effective Exercises That Really Help To Ease Lower Back Pain

Here are some of the exercises that Thomas teaches his clients, facilitating self-care is a major part of his practice.

10 Outrageously Effective Exercises That Really Help To Ease Lower Back Pain Knowing the right exercises to ease lower back pain start with a basic understanding of which muscle groups support and connect to this often over-stressed area of the body, as well as the most common causes of soreness and tension in the lower back. Ideally, core muscles such as the abdominals and…

Summer Solstice 2015 06/18/2015

Summer Solstice 2015

Summer Solstice 2015 Open Ways serves as an introduction to, and, an anchor for pagan communities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest; a forum for the exchange of scholarly, practical, or experiential information, knowledge, and wisdom; a tool for instruction and communication; a “journal” of events, announcements, idea…


Come join us for this fun 3 hour workshop with local author Raven Mardirosian

with Raven Mardirosian

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 1-4pm, $30

Of Earth & Air
Hillsboro, OR
(503) 693-3600

What does it mean to be intuitive or a healer? How can we come out of the “woo” closet and offer our gifts to the world?

Intuition Development 101 explores ways to understand our intuitive abilities in a comfortable, safe environment. Raven will also share her story from The Reluctant Tarot Reader and how she became a Tarot reader after decades in the fundamentalist Christian church.

This is a laid-back class for those interested in discovering intuition, healing and acceptance of your gifts. Questions and stories are welcome!

Raven Mardirosian is a sought-out Tarot reader and teacher who has given thousands of sessions to clients worldwide for a decade. She became a Reiki Master in 2014. Raven is the author of the bestselling memoir, The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade. Her essay, “Christian LGBT Kids: You’re Part of the Plan” is included in the New York Times anthology, It Gets Better. She’s written 7 other works of non-fiction and created a relaxation DVD with Dr. William Kelley, An Hour of Peace. Raven developed and hosted the BlogTalk radio show, “Tarot Talk” and is in the midst of writing her 9th book, Home: Thoughts on Belonging.

[email protected] / shivayawellness.com

Mobile uploads 06/11/2015

Mobile uploads

4,000 Years of Medicine :)) !! True or false?! 🍎💪🌿


To all of you wonderful people that have been trying to vote for Of Earth & Air, please keep trying, the Chase site has been difficult to navigate, our web developer said that it took like 10 attempts to get through, she said that persistence pays off and she got best results by entering Of Earth in the search bar and letting it self complete. I know that many people have tried unsuccessfully, but please keep trying, we still need 200 more votes by 6/15




269 E Main Street
Hillsboro, OR

Opening Hours

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm

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