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Welcome to Lovejoy Wellness. We are a Mother/Daughter Team of holistic practitioners that promote an We approach life with a "Be the Change" attitude.

What is "Wellness"According to the University of California Riverside Wellness is a lifestyle. A way of living that encourages good physical and mental health. It is a balanced lifestyle that includes an emphasis on the body, mind and spirit. Lovejoy Wellness provides a variety of resources and healing modalities to our community through teaching classes, volunteerism, and individual mentoring. Fo

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Go have some fun, maybe ask a child to help you, and see things from their perspective :) ❤️

Timeline photos 09/23/2022

Timeline photos




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Give yourself permission to slow and be present for the simple things.



We were not created to be perfect; we were created to be real. Real people make mistakes, take wrong turns and disappoint themselves and others even when they’re doing the best they can. But we were created to grow and learn and evolve. So with that in mind, we need to be lovingly gentle and forgiving with ourselves whenever we reflect upon the past. And then we need to turn out attention and energy into using what we’ve learned as we love the people in our lives and embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead with hope. ❤️ Begin with Yes
(Thanks Tim Boynton for the picture)

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Bio-X4: A Powerful Way to Help Maintain a Healthy Immune System

I don’t usually share things like this but this information is so important and right on the money. There are a lot of other really good
Products you can use but her stuff is convent and works.

Understanding What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain 09/20/2020

Understanding What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain

No judgement, no preaching. Just facts we are all facing together, and maybe some solutions to issues we didn’t know before 😉👌

Understanding What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain The brain uses more energy than any other organ in the human body and glucose is its primary source of fuel. But what happens when the brain is exposed to an excessive amount of sugars in the …

E-Motion 04/26/2020


One of the best Documentaries I have ever seen on understanding and healing physical pain and emotional stress. So Helpful!!!
Honestly the most helpful resources next to a personal therapist guiding you on how to release negative e-motion causing on going and pain filled side effects.
Check it out "E-Motion" on Gaia

E-Motion Imagine a world where the trapped emotions, fears, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences we hold in our bodies are the source of everything that ails us. E-Motion creates new paradigms in the way we approach our health.

11 Herbs You Need to Know for Immune Support 03/31/2020

11 Herbs You Need to Know for Immune Support

Good information shared by my vet smart and dear friend Alicia 🙏💗

11 Herbs You Need to Know for Immune Support There are many excellent herbs to support immune health and function.* From Astragalus to Goldenseal, Olive Leaf to Oil of Oregano, learn from Gaia Herb...

Immunity Shots Without a Juicer 03/26/2020

Immunity Shots Without a Juicer

Just thought I would share 💗

Immunity Shots Without a Juicer Immune boosting juice shots with fruit and vegetables that can all be made quickly without a juicer. They are perfect for when you need a bit of a boost. Includes recipes for a ginger shot, beet shot, …

Healing the Emotional Body | Ascension Lifestyle 01/05/2020

Healing the Emotional Body | Ascension Lifestyle

Good morning, I saw this and thought what a wonderful way to start the new year.
Let’s heal together.

Healing the Emotional Body | Ascension Lifestyle EMOTIONAL WELLBEING So many of us were taught conditional love. We have believed for most of our lives that we have to earn love in order to be deserving. We may have felt that we needed to look a certain way, act a certain way, or change some aspect of who we are in order to fit in or be accepted..... 08/14/2019

Panic Attacks and Anxiety Episodes Linked to Vitamin Deficiencies in Groundbreaking Study

Good read 😊 With approximately 40 million adults across the United States experiencing anxiety each year, scientists and researchers have dedicated their careers to trying to better understand…



What if?

In the US, the very same blood test can cost $19 at one clinic and $522 at another clinic just blocks away — and nobody knows the difference until they get a bill weeks later. Journalist Jeanne Pinder is making that data public.

Watch the full TED Talk here:


This is not diet culture, this is physiology and a real Issue for people with greater amounts of weight on their bodies.
Many times we don’t realize how much stress our knees take, this helps to understand.😊

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This looks really good! I I am planning on doing this course after my vacation 💗 good skills to have and use.

This is how to set healthy boundaries with others.



Saving for later

The only thing stopping corporations from putting sketchy chemicals in our food is the honor system. -- Zooey Deschanel & The Farm Project


Food Network

So easy and so yummy

Exercise your green thumb this winter. Grow your own sprouts...indoors! 🌱 (Follow HGTV for more like this!)


Uplifted Life

If you have chronic pain, sleep issues, a child with sensory issues, ADD/ADHD, Autoimmune Disorder, Headaches any kind of Pain or inflammation issues, YOU have to watch this. This is not fake news. I do this. I teach people to do this. I teach my grandchildren to do this. NOW There is SCIENCE to back it up!!! I can't even tell you how important this is. Please, Please watch this and take care of you!!!

The secret to health may be right beneath your feet. Most of us know that chronic inflammation causes illness. Did you know that grounding may have a powerful effect on the body's inflammation response?

This looks like an interesting documentary

Check out Uplifted Life for more life-transforming content! 💙 05/25/2017

7 Remarkable Benefits of Milk Thistle - How To Grow, Harvest & Use It Milk thistle, regarded by some as a w**d, is actually a very beneficial herb that can help a number of conditions. Here's how to grow, harvest and use it.


EDS Wellness

Nice arrival 🏞

'I'm a Doctor With Chronic Illness. Here Are 12 Things I Wish People Knew.'

RP The Mighty


The Ehlers-Danlos Society

"To anyone who has ever said (usually with a slightly confused-sounding tone), “But you don’t look sick?”

You are right. Sometimes, I don’t look sick. In fact, sometimes I can look quite well. It even confuses me on the days when my face looks healthy, as often it is so far removed from how I actually feel in my body."


So very true!!!

Challenge yourself this


Hello Beautiful Face

Common table salt, or sodium chloride, is recognized as a toxin by the body - a cellular poison - and the body wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. This places an unnecessary strain on the body's elimination organs. Sodium chloride also dehydrates the body, causing cell death. Sodium chloride also causes cellulite and what cannot be excreted gets converted into uric acid and deposited throughout the body, leading to arthritis, gout and kidney and gallstones.
So be sure to choose Himalayan rock salt or a good quality sea salt (the more grey this looks the better, as this denotes a natural drying process and lack of refining).


The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Good Information :)

After eating a meal, you generally feel full and satiated. But how, exactly, does the brain become aware of what has just transpired in the digestive tract? The vagus nerve plays a key role in gut-brain communication, and new research has recently revealed the importance of two specific sensory neurons. Read more:


The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

Great Article

Posts about the gut microbiome are always very popular, which demonstrates how interested people are in learning more about this important topic. Science magazine has recently published a special issue all about the human microbiome, and this is a great resource for those of you who want to stay up-to-date on the latest research. Read an excellent overview of the special issue by a reviewer at Scientific American magazine:


The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

The role of the circadian clock in human health has always been an interesting topic of study. In a recent publication, researchers from Texas A & M examine how consumption of certain saturated fats potentially disrupt the body's internal clock, resulting in what they describe as cellular "jet lag," which could lead to a higher incidence of metabolic disorders. Read more:


Inspired Divas Tribe

Don't use the weekend as an excuse to neglect your body. Stay strong, stay inspired, commit to your CT!



When you eat legumes, pulses, and vegetables rich in resistant starch, you're feeding not just your human cells, but those bacterial ones that live in symbiosis with us. Nourish your single-celled corporeal occupants and they'll help you to live longer...seems like a fair deal to us.

More info:


The Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute

PLMI President Jeffrey Bland, PhD is a respected nutritional biochemist. Confusing and often conflicting reports about nutrition that appear regularly in both the scientific and mainstream media have moved him to launch an ongoing video series he calls "What Should I Eat?" You can watch his latest video on this subject here:

The news website Vox has published an article that does a very good job of describing some of the reasons WHY nutrition science has become so complicated in the modern era. Several noted nutrition experts provide their perspectives.





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