Dance with Stones

Dance with Stones


This Thursday - March 19th..
Thursday ~ Feb 20.. 10am
Thursday, Feb. 20 ~ 10 am
Que Bello todo, mis mejores deseos!
Maravilloso Taller realizado en Dance with Stone: “En Busca de tus Raices” Gracias por crear un hermoso lugar y seguir creciendo en el amor y consciencia!! Te esperamos muy pronto Para 2 nuevos talleres!!!! Con cariño Claudia Somarriba
No se Pierdan este maravilloso curso La numerologia nos ayuda a nuestro ser interior de una manera rápida y eficiente, si nos entendemos a nosotros mismos , entendemos la energía del universo y de la gente que amamos y eso nos conduce a un mundo mejor PLATICA DE INTRODUCCIÓN SIN COSTO EL VIERNES 22 NOVIEMBRE DE 6:30 a 7 pm AQUI EN SU CASA FANCE WITH STONES

Rocks, Art, Books and Gifts

Dance with Stones is a specialty New Age boutique, with an assortment of high-quality merchandise ranging from crystals, minerals, fossils, arts and crafts to jewelry, body care, books, candles, collectibles and other high-quality products handcrafted by local and international artisans that warm heart with the connection of spirituality and geosciences. As well as Life Coach and helping Services, offering the necessary holistic services to live an abundant life, in perfect balance of body, mind and soul, inspired in the structure, surfaces and vibrational properties of the rocks and other holistic techniques.

Julieta Wilson is a retired geologist after 41+ years in the oil industry, where started the love for the stones. Julieta also is a mother of three wonderful sons and grandma of three beautiful grandsons. Additionally, Julieta is a certified Life Coach by American Association of Wellness and Human Potential and healing therapist with angel, certified by Tania Karam. Julieta is also student and a practitioner of Course in Miracles (ACIM), as a survivor of cancer for more than 20 years she volunteers helping women fighting with this disease. Active member of professional association of Houston Gem and Mineral Society (HGMS), American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) , Houston Geological Society (HGS), Sociedad Venezolana de Geólogos (SVG), and the Community Organizations of Latin Women United in the Light and Team Pink Empower.

Come in and visit us! We are located at 14761 Memorial Drive in Houston, Texas.

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Crystal quartz pendulum keys to its power are clarity and simplicity. It raises the vibration of the user and opens up the channels for healing and communication. Get your own crystal quartz pendulum in our shop!

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What does your crystal collection look like?

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Happy helping!

Federico Eriksson, a holistic healer with more than 30 years of experience will be imparting a class, in Spanish, in our Amethyst Room this Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm to 4pm.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Houston Food Bank, and Hermanitas de los Pobres – Venezuela via Philanthrartist.

Space is limited. Due to social distancing requirements, only 8 attendees are allowed in the room. However, we will be offering this class via Zoom for everyone else.


Dentro de ti está la capacidad de sanarte y de ayudar a otros a sanar. Aprende cómo canalizar energía universal y cómo usarla.

Este curso te ayudará no solo a aprender técnicas milenarias, sino también técnicas modernas efectivas que funcionan en la actualidad.

Plan de Estudio:

Conoce a tu instructor
El Aura
Los Chakras
Energía Universal
Apertura de Chakras (dos días)
Diagnósticos (cómo diagnosticar)
Tratamientos y mejores prácticas
Invitación – sana con integridad y sana al mundo.

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Thanks Fede Eriksson, for sharing your healing experience. Excelent workshop!

Hola! Esta es la organización sin fines de lucro a donde se van a donar los fondos del seminario “Sanando con Energía Universal”. Participa y ayúdanos a ayudar.

Hola! Esta es la organización sin fines de lucro a donde se van a donar los fondos del seminario. Participa y ayúdanos a ayudar.

Use code may2020 to get 20% off online or come on in!
We are open 11-30am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Happy Friday! Elevate your space with a rainbow maker. This is our Chakra Guardian Angel rainbow maker!

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The perfect gift to give is our Boho Stack Bracelets. There are so many different assortments to choose from

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The Amethyst Water Bottle is a beautiful blend of functionality and art! Making it easy for you to benefit from gemstones everywhere you go.

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What's your preferred stone? Amethyst or quartz?

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Let us know your grad's birthday, and we can tell you what her birthstone is and send you a few products with that stone in it.

We just added earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Find the best gift for you grad on

The ultimate relaxation is treating yourself to a luxurious meditation bath bomb! Get one through our website

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Online Store is Now Open!

We are excited to let you know that our online store is now open. We invite you to browse our products on

We are adding new products every day. As you know, we have a lot of products. If you don't see what you need, please call us and we can take payment over the phone. Then, just stop by to pick up your order.

Get to know your spirituality and how you can enrich it further, visit us today! Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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Enhance your current level of spirituality through our products and services. Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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Mother's Day Gifts - 20% off in all items -

Experience the wonders of new age's stones, crystals and gems through our place. Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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In the beginning of this new season all the magic of spring will conspire to realize every desire of your heart with infinite abundance in health, happiness, and more. 🌷
Dance with Stones will be opening Tuesday April 28, 2020. The new temporary hours of operation will be 11:30 AM - 6:00 PM Tuesdays through Saturdays. This schedule will be followed until further notice. DWS will be following Harris County's guidelines including requiring masks while in public. We hope everyone and their family are safe and healthy. Dance with Stones is committed to providing a safe and secure environment while visiting the store. Thank you for your continued support and business, we hope to see you soon.

Que el inicio de esta nueva estación toda la magia de primavera conspire para realizar cada deseo de tu corazón con abundancia infinita en salud, felicidad y más.
Dance with Stones abrirá nuevamente sus puertas el próximo martes 28 de abril de 2020. Temporalmente, las nuevas horas de operación serán de 11:30 a.m. a 6:00 p.m. de martes a sábados. Este horario se seguirá hasta nuevo aviso. DWS seguirá las pautas del Condado de Harris que incluyen el uso de máscaras en público. Esperamos que junto a sus familias estén seguros y saludables. Dance with Stones se compromete a proporcionar un entorno seguro mientras dure su visita en nuestra tienda. Gracias por su continuo apoyo y negocio, esperamos verlos pronto. 🌷
Phone: 832.243.1659

Are you curious how to use new age stones and crystals? Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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Are you curious how to use new age stones and crystals? Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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Are you curious how to use new age stones and crystals? Learn more about what these crystals, stones and gems can do for you and your spirituality at!

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Do you have a friend that is fond of collecting mystical crystals and stones? Purchase your gift from the Dance with Stones boutique! See our products and other services by visiting our shop or check our website:!

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The nature's mystical gifts like the stones and crystals have their innate healing benefits. Learn more about what these stones can do for you at!

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Have you been hearing about the benefits of taking in New Age beliefs into one's life? Come and visit us at Dance with Stones!

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Dance with Stones will be close until the Harris County's "Stay Home - Work Safe Order" is lifted.
We supported The Texas Department of State Health Services (Texas DSHS) #StayHomeTexas. slow the #COVID19TX spread. One person can cause or stop countless Texans from getting #COVID19. One person can make a huge impact on protecting our healthcare system and essential services.

Are you interested about the world of new age beliefs? Come and visit Dance with Stones to satisfy your curiosity.
Learn more at!

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Are you looking for the perfect energy to strengthen your Immune and Respiratory System ?
Natural Stones have been used for millennia in Crystal Healing, which is a technique used in Alternative Medicine based in Energy Therapy, using their resonance and vibration.

Natural Stones have been used for millennia in Crystal Healing, which is a technique used in Alternative Medicine based in Energy Therapy, using resonance and vibration of the Rocks.
Another use of stones is in accessories, such as jewelry or home decoration, taking advantage of their beauty by wearing them and feeling the good energy.

Rocks, Art, Books & Gifts.

Come experience the energy of this space with us! The Navona Travertine Brushed & Chiseled French pattern Tile floor creates a positive, happiness effect while also being very grounding at the same time. Travertine has a purifying effect on the energy field of this space. Our products enhance the effect on the energy for the space and will enhance the energy of those who enter. Travertine with its yellow rays can be used for new efforts, new beginnings, and new projects when the objective is not necessarily the growth of something physical. Yellow crystals give you the power to solidify new interests and new relationships. Travertine has subdued fire energy but is generally used in the center of a space to bring cheerfulness, light, and energy to the entire space. Yellow is the color of the middle of the year, the middle of space, the sun, and the light energy. Travertine is used in meditation to open doors to inner thought. It will allow the flow of the Universal Life Force and ease you into the meditative state. It will activate your thinking processes, and help you process images from your deep mind. Due to Travertine’s connection to healing waters and hot springs, it’s also thought to have properties related to cellular regeneration and restoring the body in times of depletion. Overall, travertine can be used for the following: • Purification and energy cleansing • Confidence and the solar plexus • Boosting the auric field • Healing and clearing out each individual chakra

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Online Store is Now Open!
First Workshop at Dance with Stones




14761 Memorial Drive
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Opening Hours

Tuesday 11:30 - 18:30
Wednesday 11:30 - 18:30
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