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Chinese medicine practice: opened in 1994 in West University, Houston. Dr. Kathy Tang has over 20+ years of experience dealing with various conditions.

Houston's most sought after Acupuncturist Kathy Tang, treating major athletes from Olympians to the Houston Texans, Rockets, Astros, to anyone with any medical condition! She is renowned for her work on fertility, often getting Christmas cards with baby pictures that she "helped" conceive. She is also known for her work with cancer patients getting chemotherapy, helping them with side effects, boosting their immune system, and helping prevent hair loss, nausea, and muscle loss! She was dubbed "the needle lady" by many, and has helped thousands of people with anything from chronic pain, to lupus, to weight loss, and addictions!

Operating as usual


Cheng Ruan, MD

Today, for the first time in the US, my staff and I at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine will be screening people for antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19.

This is great timing since 2 days ago, Methodist Hospital just 15 min away was the first in the US to perform convalescent serum therapy, which is basically attempting to transfuse antibodies (immune system bullets) against COVID-19.

This is monumental because what Houston Methodist Hospital did was using the blood donor of someone who has recovered from COVID 19.

But now we may be able to target those who either showed mild symptoms or no symptoms at all and developed high levels of antibodies to fight COVID-19.

This is a fighting chance.

If you’re a Houstonian, now is a great time to be proud 🙂

Note: at this time, we have not opened this testing to the general public. Stay tuned since this may change throughout the day. Thank you!

[03/18/20]   I am open during this time!

I am still doing acupuncture. However, If you have fever or any other symptoms of viral infection, please stay home! I can mail u the specialty formula for herbal therapy!

To help avoid direct contact, I will mail these herbs to you.

1. Immune system support formula
2. Cold/flu formula
3. Inflammation and pain formula
4. Allergies formula
5. Happy herbs (mood support)
6. Anxiety and stress fighting herbs
7. Kidney function support herbs
8. Hair loss herbs
9. Hormone/thyroid balance formula
10. Urinary infection herbs

I will not be seeing patients if you have been flying from out of town over the last 2 weeks.

Thank you everyone!

Either call me at 713-661-0849 for any questions or to order or text me at 713-367-4773


Science with holistic healing!

How I like to practice medicine....

Integrative health described using biochemical pathways of the body.

These are some of the slides for my Metabolic Mastermind Course at Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine for patients to be truly empowered to make life changing decisions.


TR Acupuncture and Herb Clinic


ProLon FMD

My son is on!

Fasting Mimicking Diet for men

Happy Men's Health Month
1. Why Being Hungry may be a good thing.
2. Lose fat while maintaining lean body mass
3. Mindfulness for men
4. How to succeed with the fasting mimicking diet

Live with Cheng Ruan, MD! Special talk for Men's Health Month


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD

Always take care of your health.


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD


Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine


Cheng Ruan, MD

I tear up every time I see the brave men and women of our armed forces in the airport being reunited with their families.

I tear up because there are many families who cannot be reunited with their son/daughter/father/mother because they lost their lives for us.

Today, as we soak up the sun, eat hot food off the grill, and dip our toes in the pool, we must remember that it's more than just a day off from school or work. It is a day to remember and celebrate the lives of these brave souls who fought for us so we can be free.



Cheng Ruan, MD


Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine


Cheng Ruan, MD

Things don't go wrong so you can give up. It happens for a reason.


Cheng Ruan, MD

Building self-discipline is difficult but not impossible. Stay focused!


Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

It's about the effort you put in towards changing for the better.


Cheng Ruan, MD

Be good to yourself.


Cheng Ruan, MD

Be better than you were yesterday.


Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

Spread kindness. 🙂


Cheng Ruan, MD

Be who you want to be.


Cheng Ruan, MD

Happiness is a choice.


Cheng Ruan, MD


Cheng Ruan, MD

Live a happier life. :)


Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

Eat whole and real foods.


Cheng Ruan, MD

Each day we live is a gift.


Cheng Ruan, MD

Hard days are what make you stronger!


Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine

Take good care of yourself!


Cheng Ruan, MD

Focus on the positive things!




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