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Drastically improve your health with the help of Holistic Rejuvenation. Certified health professional Josephine Rounds helps you alleviate pain and enjoy greater wellness through colon cleansing and detox treatments.

Holistic Rejuvenation was established several years ago to spread natural healing relief with others. Owner Josephine Rounds has discovered the benefits of colon cleansing after developing reoccurring stomach and colon problems, and now she's sharing this cure with you!

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We need to stop drinking tap and bottled water, that water has acid, poison, and toxin in it. Your water needs to be pure and akaline.


Holistic Heath Care, Colon Cleansing, Massage Therapy. Houston, TX.

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holisticrejuvenation.com Heal your body from the inside out with colon cleansing, massage therapy, and other practices from our Houston, Texas, holistic health care center. Pull toxins and poisons out of your body through the pores of your feet and hands with the foot and hand bath, look at a color coded chart to tell you w...

[06/01/13]   Saturday 6/1/2013 My Clients and I had the most rewarding day. We have laughed, danced, cried, and gave very warm and grateful hugs. Four people had appointments today, but 2 came along for support. Those two that came for support decided they wanted the COLON HYDROTHERAPY also. One of them also wanted the foot bath, and ear candling. He was so happy after doing Colon Hydrotherapy, He said that was the best cleansing he had ever experienced. The young lady decided she wanted the Colonic also, she was not going to leave without it, I had to work her in between another scheduled client. She also did the foot bath. Five of these Clients were new. Another client order the Certified Organic coffee. He really enjoyed being at Holistic Rejuvenation, he had already began to change his life style, he learned a lot today to keep improving his health. A lady came she was a little overwhelmed. After her session her daughter told me that her mother had lots of pain in her body. I put my pain lotion on the places where she hurt. All of a sudden she came to me hugging me and crying, I didn't know what was wrong, she said thank you so much the pain is gone. Her daughter was crying also. LORD I THANK YOU FOR BLESSING MY CLIENTS TODAY AND HEALING THEM, WITH YOUR STRIPES WE ARE HEALED ALL IS WELL

[05/31/13]   Friday 5/31/203 Today 2 clients came for their third session. They were husband and wife, I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, They always come in smiling, and they leave very energetic and with a smile. I am looking forward to serving them in the future. BLESS MY CLIENTS LORD ALL IS WELL

[05/31/13]   Thursday 5/30/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation welcomed 3 clients today. It was more than a pleasure to serve them. There were 2 new clients and one came for her last session. At the end of one of my clients session, she said I am still going, I told her I know, you have 25ft of large and small intestines, it went only about 8ft today there's plenty left to be cleansed, she said " this is crazy, she just couldn't believe that much waste is in a humans body. Now she know. Had one gentleman, he ordered the Certified Organic Coffee, he really appreciated his first session. I am looking forward to serving them for here second session. LORD THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME TO BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS ALL IS WELL

[05/30/13]   Wednesday 5/29/2013 Today was a very good day for Holistic Rejuvenation and Clients. Three clients came in today. One of my Registered Nurses came in for her 2nd session. Before she left she told me one of her friends would call soon for Colon Hydrotherapy, she also told me "You are awesome" I will be sending clients to you. I will be more than happy to be of service to anyone. Another Client came because she is going out of the Country on Vacation, and she know it's best to get Colon Hydrotherapy before vacationing. One more came for a 4th session. I went to the pool today, a lady was there for therapy. She was telling the Therapist all kinds of problems going on in her body, I didn't want to say anything, just before I left she sit near me, continuing to talk about her problems, she said I don't know what to do. I just had to say something, I told her you don't have to feel like there's no help I can help you. To make a long story short, she followed me to my office, I explained to her what I did in the office and showed her the Colon Cleansing Tables, She said I will definitely come back. DEATH BEGINS IN THE COLON ALL IS WELL THANK YOU LORD

[05/29/13]   Tuesday 5/28/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation Had one client tonight, just gotten off a plane. She came in for a Foot Bath and Colon Hydrotherapy. She's getting ready to go on a trip out of the Country with a group of Friends. I was really happy that she came to the office. Whenever some one go on vacation it serves them best to get Colon Hydrotherapy before going on vacation, believe me you will have a better vacation. I will also look forward to her coming in when she get back, I am sure she will enjoy the meals when she is away having fun and partying with her friends. She left the office smiling and energetic. THANK YOU LORD FOR THE PASSION OF HELPING OTHERS ALL IS WELL

[05/27/13]   Monday 5/27/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation serviced one person today. When she walked into the office she said she didn't rest at all last night, she was in pain from her hips down to her feet, and low back. I told her I would put some pain lotion on her after her Colon Hydrotherapy session. Before she left I put the lotion everywhere she hurt. I asked her did she feel any different, after applying the lotion. She start walking and moving around and said she couldn't move her body a certain way when she came in. PRAISE THE LORD---WITH JESUS STRIPES WE ARE HEALED---WE ARE STANDING ON GODS PROMISE--FB friends you don't have to suffer healing is here for you. ALL IS WELL

[05/27/13]   Sunday 5/26/13 This morning Holistic Rejuvenation had one client. Normally no Sunday clients. But if I know someone really needs me I am going to service them. He was one of my long time clients, but hadn't been in for a while. I was glad to see him. Before he left the office, he said that my clients are really going to increase. THANK YOU GOD FOR THE INCREASE. New clients are coming in every week. ALL IS WELL

[05/26/13]   Saturday 5/25/13 Holistic Rejuvenation served 6 clients today. One new client. Another for her second session. Another for his third session, this guys life has completely changed in three weeks, health has changed completely. Another guy that's been coming for years, always pay for 3 sessions when he come to the office. Another guy who is a Pharmacist, owns more than one Pharmacy, The last time he was in 2 years ago did 3 sessions. Paid for 3 more sessions, and today was his first day back to start the sessions he paid for 2 years ago. That's how much trust he has in me. He new whenever he came back his money would still be good. When he walked into door 2 and he saw the new Colonic Table, He said "Look what God has done, he was so excited, I thought he was going to Preach. Praise God. I said to him, "God Is Good" Everyone left in a very good mood. ALL IS WELL

[05/25/13]   Friday 5/24/2013 Today I had 2 clients. One of my clients was a nurse. It was a great pleasure to serve her. Lots of Registered Nurses come from different hospitals in Houston and surrounded areas in Texas to Holistic Rejuvenation. I always enjoy having Professionals come in. They appreciate the service also. My other client was my Landlord over the office space that I work out of. He came in to do some minor work in the office. He wanted to know how Colon Hydrotherapy works. He was always curious about it. I explained everything to him, asked him if he wanted to start his sessions. He was all for it. Remember "THE LORD DELIVERS TO ME THE PEOPLE I NEED AND THE PEOPLE WHO NEEDS ME" my Landlord left smiling. LORD THANK YOU FOR BLESSING ME WITH THE NECESSARY EQUIPMENT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS ALL IS WELL

[05/24/13]   Thursday 5/24/2013 Today I had one client. This guy has been coming to Holistic Rejuvenation since I started my business in 2006. He always call the day he wants to come in, never make an appointment, because he know if he needs me I am coming, that's how much he trust me. He know I am always coming when someone needs me. He has sent so many people to Holistic Rejuvenation until he didn't have to pay anything. I am always excited when he walk in the office. He had his son with him, when his Dad went into the Colonic Room, he asked me, what's my Dad going to do? I told him he is going to get Colon Hydrotherapy. He asked, what's that? I told him I will let your Dad explain it to you. When I went to start his therapy, I told him, your son want to know what you are doing. He said, send him in here I will explain it to him, and he did. That was so awesome, because when kids come from school in the evening, they go to the bath room and stay for an hour or more trying to use it. A parent should make a child comfortable enough to come to a Mom or Dad and let them know they are constipated so they can get some relief. I have kids coming into the office at the age of 10 years old to get Colon Hydrotherapy. Kids need help also. God Thank You For Our Children ALL IS WELL

[05/23/13]   Wednesday 5/22/2013 Two clients came today for their 2nd session. One of my clients had hemorrhoid problems really bad the 1st session. Today the hemorrhoids problem has begun to go away. Thank you Lord for healing. As usual, both clients were happy to come in for their session. ALL IS WELL

[05/22/13]   Tuesday /5/21/2013 Today was a very good evening for Holistic Rejuvenation. Didn't get started until 5:00pm. Holistic Rejuvenation had 3 new clients this evening and 3 regular customers. Everyone was excited to come in. Especially the new clients. They came in a little nervous, but before their sessions I always explain everything to them, they get very relaxed. Had a long time client of mine did 2 sessions instead of one today. Feeling very refreshed when she left the office. I always enjoy all of my clients. Especially knowing that they are taking control of their own health. It makes a difference when you are clean from the inside out. TY LORD FOR LETING ME BE A SERVANT TO YOUR PEOPLE ALL IS WELL

[05/20/13]   Friday 5/17/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation accepted 4 clients. Two of my clients came in, I was very surprised to see them, because I had them on the Appt. book for Thursday. I thought they had done a no call no show. Even though we had a mix up everything went smoothly. My other two clients that had been scheduled Friday at the same time were very understanding about the mix up. They waited patiently. I apologized over and over again, but it wasn't a problem they understood. Everyone was just happy they were able to get their Colon Hydrotherapy. They all left with plenty of energy and thankful. WE LOVE YOU LORD ALL IS WELL

[05/20/13]   Thursday 5/16/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation accepted 4 clients. One of my clients was one of my faithful gentleman that has been coming since 2006, when Holistic Rejuvenation was established. When he came in I told him he could enter door 2. He was surprised when he went in the 2nd colonic room. He smiled and said you have another colonic table, I smiled back and said all because of your faithfulness. You have been coming over and over again. I want to thank you for your faithfulness. Another one of my gentleman clients came for his 3rd session. Before he left he shared with me he was getting married and he wanted his Bride to get Colon Hydrotherapy before the wedding, but unfortunately it didn't happen. I am sure it won't be long before she calls for an appointment. All of my clients left in very good moods and energetic. TY LORD ALL IS WELL

[05/16/13]   How much value do you place on your personal health?

That of your family?

[05/14/13]   Monday 5/13/2013 This morning Holistic Rejuvenation received 2 clients. Very happy they came in. One lady was there for her 2nd session. She had a friend with her. The friend asked me if it was ok to be in the room with her. I said fine, no problem. My clients can always bring support with them. Second client called at the last minute, didn't feel good at all, of course I told her she could come, I wasn't about to let her suffer. When she left the office she was feeling much better. TY God For Healing. ALL IS WELL

[05/12/13]   Saturday 5/11/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation serviced 11 clients today. Three new clients came in for the first time to start their 3 sessions. They were excited to come, little nervous. They were all amazed about the amount of waste in the body. Some came in for their last session. Had a Gentleman that had been there before, but not for a colonic. He came with a friend. He had low back pain and knee pain the first time he came. I put a special pain lotion on his lower back the pain went away and never came back. When he walked in today, he said he was ready for Colon Hydrotherapy and he knew to come back to me when he was ready. I welcomed him, This gentleman was so appreciative of my services, he hugged me and said thank you. I really appreciated all of my clients today. TY ALL IS WELL GOD IS GOOD

[05/10/13]   Friday 5/10/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation had one client this morning. The gentleman was out of Dallas Texas. He brought his wife with him. I greeted them with love. Always glad to see clients coming to change their health. Before he left, he said I don't like taking medication. but everything you have here I can use it. He also wanted to know if I could help him with his smoking habit. I only told him if you continue to keep your body clean, you may just stop smoking. When his wife came in she said she convinced him to come, but she had never done a Colonic, and she felt she did not need Colon Hydrotherapy. I told her that's great you don't need Colon Hydrotherapy. Guess what, she had totally changed her mind before they left. She said next time her husband came for his 2nd session, she wanted to do it also. No one tried to convince. They both left excited. TY LORD ALL IS WELL

[05/10/13]   Friday 5/10/2013

[05/09/13]   Thursday 5/9/2013 3 clients came in this morning. A Gentleman came for his last session that his wife paid for. When he got ready to leave, he asked me how much I owe you. I smiled and said, "Your wife has taken care of all of your sessions." For you and your son. He left in a real happy spirit. Another client was in for her 2nd session. I also had a new client this morning. Before she left, after I had shared lots of info with her, "she said I sure learned a lot today." I said to her, "when you come for Colon Hydrotherapy, I will never let you pay and send you on your way, " I am going to share with you what I had to do to get my health back in order. TY LORD ALL IS WELL

[05/08/13]   Wednesday 5/8/2013 Guess who got the Certified Organic Coffee E***a today! Just straight Certified Organic Coffee, no water. I will let you in on a little secret. The Owner of Holistic Rejuvenation. The caffeine in the coffee went straight into my Liver and started detoxing my body faster. TY LORD ALL IS WELL

[05/08/13]   Wednesday 5/8/2013 Gladly accepted 3 clients today. One of them did their third session today. She did not miss a session. So proud of her. I know she will return in the future. The other one has come time and time again. She knows how important it is to have an Alkaline body. She has been coming since Holistic Rejuvenation was established in 2006. Always will welcome her with open arms. Matter of fact all of my clients are welcomed with open arms. The third one was a Massage Therapist. So glad to serve her. Even though she has studied the human body, she didn't know how much waste it carries. She was just as surprised as everyone that comes in for Colon Hydrotherapy. I wonder why the study of the Colon has not been the " TOP PRIORITY" of the Human Body. Everyone has completely looked over the importance of keeping the Colon clean. Do you realize the Colon is the most vital Organ in the body, but everyone think it is the Heart, the Colon is what affects the Heart, and all other sickness and disease in the body. THANK GOD FOR JESUS ALL IS WELL

[05/08/13]   Tuesday 5/7/2013 Holistic Rejuvenation supervised 3 clients today with Colon Hydrotherapy. Two of my clients did their third session today. I am looking forward to servicing them in the future. I have shared lots of info with them. Everything I share with my clients, I am already doing. You can eat yourself back to good health, if you learn how. My clients are learning how. It's all about what you are putting in your mouth. One young lady came in today because her Mother was very concerned about her health. She was having such a hard time not really being able to go. Her mother finally got her to get Colon Hydrotherapy. I was really happy to have her come today. She was happy when she left the office. TY LORD FOR HEALING ALL IS WELL


Our foot detox bath is a foot ionizer that pulls toxins from your body.





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