Jen Kohler, Iowa City, IA Videos

Videos by Jen Kohler in Iowa City. Jen Kohler. Embody Energetics. Master Quantum Numerologist, Creator of The Co-Op CommUNITY.

Thrive, the Membership and the Power of Three

Whit, Jen and Jen will be chatting about the power of three and THRIVE! Ready to thrive and prosper? We've got you <3

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Thrive, the Membership and the Power of Three
Whit, Jen and Jen will be chatting about the power of three and THRIVE! Ready to thrive and prosper? We've got you <3

Thrive and Prosper Numerology Readings
Hi, my name is Jen Kohler! I help heart-led healers, visionaries + leaders to transform their life and business through ...

A cuppa with Jen Squared
Join me and Jennifer Dadigan for a conscious conversation!

Thrive and Prosper Numerology

Thrive and Prosper
a 4 week program to shift your wealth consciousness.

Weekly Forecast!
Coming in hot with your channeled weekly forecast

Interview with Embody Reiki Master Teacher, Mary Powers
Mary will talk to us about why she chose Embody Reiki and what her journey has looked like

The Daily Pulse
Connect into the infinite Source Energy that is available to all today and allow anything that is not serving to transmu...

The Daily Pulse
Have faith and put your creations into the world.Let people see the real you. Not everyone is meant for you.Develop Self...

Feeling Stuck???
Let's talk about how I can help you to move out of stuck and into FREEDOM!

Frequency Friday Forecast!
Join me for our numerology forecast for the upcoming week!

Weekly forecast and card pulls!
Check in with me about the energy of this coming week! 2/4-2/10

Quantum Numerology Forecast and Card Pulls <3
February has an energy of momentum to it that will feel undeniable and fast-moving! Lean into what you have been creati...

Interview with Embody Reiki Master-Teacher Chantel Tauteoli
Join me as I interview one of my Embody Reiki Teachers!

Full Moon Reading
What are you ready to release? Join me for a quick Full Moon Reading

Do you resonate with the King of Hearts?
Join me as I discuss who I work with and why!

Clearing and Activation
Come relax, let go, clear away any cobwebs and activate health, wealth and vitality in your life.

How Reiki Changed My Life
Join me as I talk about how reiki saved me and allowed me to shift my state of consciousness.

Do you feel like you belong?

What does Wealth and Success Mean?
Let's talk about Wealth Consciousness and Prosperity. Are you ready to dive into what is possible for you?

Embody Your Sacred Success Workshop
Join us to workshop! Belonging and Wealth Activation

The Weekly Pulse
Join me as I tap into the collective energy for the week of 8/19-26

Embody Wealth Consciousness. Expect miracles!

What does living ceremony mean to you? Join Kyla Clapper and me as we discuss <3

Card Pulls and channeled messages
Come and play with me!

Are you ready to leave behind victim consciousness ?

What a beautiful journey this year has been. I have been working on so many amazing upgrades in my business and tonight ...

HEAL with Jen, Conscious Conversations with Renee Zukin!

If you get caught up in over thinking today, get out of your head and into the body! Begin again..Allow new ideas and in...