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The Roots of Healing is Karen's Homeopathic and Psychotherapy Practice. Karen provides Psychotherap

Karen provides services in Iowa City, IA and internationally, via skype.


Karen is opening another location in Cedar Rapids! If you are seeking an experienced therapist check out TheRootsofHealing.com


The Barefoot Homeopath

It is a journey.
It's not a magic pill.


The Homeopathic Coach

Mental Health is the number one reason patients visited their Homeopath according to the survey 2019. Homeopathy works beautifully on so many health issues and the mind is an area of your health that it can make a huge difference to.

kellybroganmd.com 08/26/2019

The Violence-Inducing Effects of Psychiatric Medication

kellybroganmd.com After the untimely death of Chris Cornell, Kelly Brogan, MD discusses the violent effects of psychiatric medication.


Decolonize Myself - A First Nations Perspective


Safe Haven Equine Rescue and Retirement ~ Sherr


BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

The arrival of summer often brings a sense of pressure to do allllll the things. This is your friendly Friday reminder that taking a break is not unproductive, but necessary.

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Goddess Empower



The Scam of Psychiatry, ADHD, Bipolar, Chemical Imbalance

Perhaps we should look deeper before blindly trusting "authorities" with our mental health. These guys have more relevant info: http://www.cchrint.org/psychi...


The Barefoot Homeopath

Because the body partners with your mental and emotional self, it expresses underlying issues through physical "problems" as a way for you to tend to your emotional and mental imbalances. By not working to correct your mental/emotional self, the body will need to express. - The Barefoot Homeopath


Kelly the Kitchen Kop


La Luna Healing Arts


The Homeopathic Coach

Find out the latest science to explain the potent healing ability of Homeopathic medicines.


Institute of Shamanic Wisdom, Inc.




Washington Homeopathic Products


The Barefoot Homeopath

There is a rich homeopathy history in America that has been hidden.

Source: (John S. Haller, The History of American Homeopathy: The Academic Years: 1820-1935.p187)


Blackheath Natural Health

Safe, effective, sustainable medicine - make choice your voice


Surreal Gardening


Camilla Sherr Homeopathy


Canadian Academy of Homeopathy


Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC / World

naturalnews.com 02/24/2019

Homeopathy officially recognized by Swiss government as legitimate medicine to coexist with conventional medicine

naturalnews.com Homeopathy officially recognized by Swiss government as legitimate medicine to coexist with conventional medicine


European Federation of Homeopathic Patients' Associations - EFHPA

via BHA:


The American Institute of Homeopathy


Simone Denny Wellness

And what if we surrendered to our wholeness, to the truth that we are not happy all the time?

What if we accepted that we can be negative, angry, sad, crazy, mean, flat, depressed, jealous etc, etc. What if those feelings are part of what makes us whole?

We resist and judge our full range of emotions, we make them good or bad, we feel guilty for expressing them and we feel shame when people see them. We were taught this as children. As a result, we try to suppress these ‘bad emotions’ - which just feeds them even more.

When we talk about truly loving ourselves this means accepting all those bits of us that feel we ‘should not’ be - those feelings and emotions that make us feel we are not worthy of love.

When you learn to feel and observe all of those parts of yourself and acknowledge them without judgment - that when you learn to love yourself. You are not here to teach your emotions how to be, your emotions are here to teach you.


Giving Tree Counseling

magazine.britishhomeopathic.org 01/10/2019

A pioneer in veterinary medicine | Health and Homeopathy

magazine.britishhomeopathic.org Interview Spring/Summer 2018 issueA pioneer in veterinary medicineby Chris Day At 71, Chris Day—homeopathic vet and President of the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons—has a career spanning nearly five decades. From the countless animals he’s successfully treated with homeo...

thetruthaboutcancer.com 01/04/2019

FDA Approves VAXELIS Combo Vaccine Despite Infant Mortality

I don't say much on my feed about vaccines, but this is a DEADLY combination of 6 vaccines that they plan to give to infants in 3 doses. Parents BEWARE!!

thetruthaboutcancer.com The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved VAXELIS, a new 6-in-1 combo vaccine, putting profits before patients. Here's what you need to know.


The Lion's Roar

The Lion's Roar




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Iowa City, IA

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