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Not Made In China


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Mission Statement

This organization is not xenophobic, not against a race, not against Chinese people in China or abroad. But don’t wish to financially support the Chinese communist government agenda and heavy handed tactics against even their own people. Please read our official mission statement.

Recent events have brought into sharp focus some of the very real risks from our highly-interconnected world. Not just in terms of the speed with which the pandemic has jumped from China to our North American shores but, as importantly, in terms of the availability of the critical materials needed to fight the COVD 19 pandemic.

We have become dangerously dependent on China for much of the world’s critical manufacturing capacity. From pharmaceuticals to protective equipment and right through to the many day-to-day items that we regularly purchase in our daily lives. This dependency is exacerbated by the sometimes questionable quality of the products we are sourcing from Chinese suppliers who tend not to observe our higher standards around product quality, employee safety, and environmental stewardship.

Our governments are starting to recognize these challenges and risks to our own economies and are slowly starting to act. We can all do more though to help ensure that we are buying quality products from known sources manufactured by countries with whom we share a strong bond of kinship and shared standards for living healthily and well.

We are setting up this site to help consumers and businesses find quality manufacturers and suppliers of goods that are well made, safe and cost competitive; goods from companies that maintain a strong local manufacturing presence and that meet all of the criteria that we know are important to us as consumers.

If you are a local company interested in joining our soon-to-be-launched directory please subscribe today. If you are a consumer who wants to ensure that your dollars support the companies whose products and values align with yours then please sign up today. This site is free for all to access and use.

Please also share this with your own network of family and friends. Together we can build something great.

Important Facts

• China controls the manufacturing capacity world-wide across the critical sectors, which we need to survive

• Healthcare supplies, medicines, critical telecom infrastructure – all are China dominated

• We need local, trusted suppliers that reflect our values and offer safe quality products, that respect the environment and our own health.

• Not Made In China will bring together companies and consumers to help bring our business back home and help our own economies.

POLICY NOTICE: If your post contains foul language, racism, or is divisive, such as politics between Democrats and Republicans or Liberals and Conservatives it will be deleted. We are not here to debate internal politics. Rather to take an educated stance moving forward on how to stop supporting Communist China and bring business to all other economies in the world other than communists, especially China. This is a global site, be welcoming to those from other countries.

How can you make a difference?

• Sign up today as a local company providing products and services "Not Made In China!"
• Sign up today as a concerned consumer, who wishes to support these businesses by shopping for products “Not Made In China!"
• Share with your network and community now!

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Sign-Up by sending us a private FB Message/TXT with your e-mail address, we will notify you there, when you can register your businesses and products for free listings. We will be digital marketing your businesses and products!

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