Daily support for a healthier lifestyle, focusing on diabetes. Inspirational thoughts, recipes, and

Timeline photos 02/13/2017

Psst......a good little secret :)

Timeline photos 02/09/2017

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 02/07/2017

What affect to you have on others?

Timeline photos 01/31/2017

I know which one I'd pick......a lot more meals for the same price & a lot healthier too :)

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Timeline photos

Timeline photos 09/15/2016

Thank you!!

Timeline photos 08/21/2016

Finding peace is difficult if you try to do it alone..

Timeline photos 08/17/2016

I pray everyday to the light :)

Timeline photos 07/29/2016

Did you know??? Surround yourself with positivity♡♡♡

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As the last week in July approaches these sale items are still available....
Why not lose inches, lose the extra bloat & regain more energy?
Easiest program I've ever tried!

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Anyone can make a change.....yes, you can start today :)

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Have you gotten off track, struggling to live by the 80/20 rule, or just need support to stay focused on your goals??
Let me help you....
I have a FREE private Clean Eating group starting Monday, July 18. It's 5 days, you can do it!
Message me to claim your spot :)

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I started a new program, for me, this week and I'm LOVING IT!!
Looking for a way to tighten up your nutrition & bump up your work outs a notch???
I have a 21 Day Challenge -YOU - don't want to miss out on.....
Ask me about it!!

7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning 03/12/2016

7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

What do you do 1st each morning??

7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning Struggling to get out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face? Every morning we get the chance to be grateful for a new day though sometimes you just aren't 'feeling it'. These 7 things will help you set the tone for a productive, happy and healthy day.

Timeline photos 03/03/2016

Do you find yourself struggling from day to day? Does your circle of friends lift you up or bring you down? Remember's powerfully true!

Piriformis Syndrome Home 02/25/2016

Piriformis Syndrome Home

I know a lot of people suffer from this...good article, good advice :)

Piriformis Syndrome Home The Miracle Stretch® Piri-Stretcher® patented therapy tool is designed for leverage and isolation when stretching the elusive piriformis muscle for relief of low back, buttocks, and radiating leg pain. Optimum control helps relax the muscle to reduce tension from the sciatic nerve for lasting relief…

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Who loves cucumbers? I do :) And after seeing this, I love them even more!

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Who else wants to eat this?

5 Secrets to Avoid Getting Sick 02/12/2016

5 Secrets to Avoid Getting Sick

Here's some good advice....avoid getting sick

5 Secrets to Avoid Getting Sick Don't let a cold or the flu slow you down this winter. Read how to build your immunity and stay healthy.

Timeline photos 02/10/2016

Here's a fun workout....

Timeline photos 02/10/2016

What choices are you making......are they good ones?

Timeline photos 02/09/2016

Goals take time but each day you can make progress :)

Timeline photos 02/08/2016

Do you need motivation to get started or to keep on track?

Timeline photos 01/13/2016

Timeline photos

Kombucha Health Benefits 01/13/2016

Kombucha Health Benefits

What is that I'm drinking?

Kombucha Health Benefits Have you heard of Kombucha, the beverage the ancient Chinese called the "Immortal Health Elixir?" It's been around for more than 2,000 years and has a rich anecdotal history of preventing and fighting cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases.Made from sweetened tea that's been fermented by…

The Secret To Strong Glutes 01/08/2016

The Secret To Strong Glutes

Ever wonder why you might be having pain or problems with your knees? Women have more knee injuries than men and here's why...

The Secret To Strong Glutes Why strengthening your hips is key for a stronger, fitter and tighter bottom.

Timeline photos 12/30/2015

Oh yeah, Happy, happy, happy

Timeline photos 12/16/2015

Life is about balance....Is yours in balance?

Timeline photos 12/14/2015

Great daily reminder

Timeline photos 12/07/2015

Yoga is SO refreshing for your health :)

Some of the benefits: improves balance, releases stress, relieves soreness for over worked muscles, and improves the circulation, oxygen, and blood flow throughout your entire body.

Timeline photos 12/03/2015

Finding peace

Timeline photos 11/24/2015

Do you despise waiting in long lines at the check out or battling holiday shopping crowds?
Give the Gift of Health to someone you care about this year and get it now, while it's on sale through December 1. You can order at

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Who have you inspired today?

Timeline photos 11/17/2015

I used to be scared that if I used weights I'd get bulked up and look like a body builder. Little did I know the TRUE benefits of using weights :)





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