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Grand Rising!!

Start your day off with a rising affirmation. And a few words of encouragement from me!

Have a blessed day!

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Grand Rising!!Start your day off with a rising affirmation. And a few words of encouragement from me!Have a blessed day!

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Raw quartz

Grand rising soul family!I hope you are able to receive this affirmation with the most love!

Grand Rising beautiful humans!Each day you have the power to create the exact kind of day you want to. I hope you enjoy ...

Grand Rising soul family!! Start your day off with an affirmation, you will be amazed how well the day goes!

There is such a thing as heaven on earth. And it can be wherever you make it. (Promise) For me, Uno Dam is one of those ...

Grand Rising!Do you feel this lions gate energy? These affirmations are so on point, I hope you enjoy!

Meet us under the big tree right outside of ART 634 for kids group guided meditation!We will be meeting from 6:30-7:15pm...

Grand Rising!!You have the power to make today whatever you want.Will you enjoy this affirmation with me and let it help...

Grand Rising!! And happy Monday!

Grand Rising! Enjoy this affirmation for the collective.

NingXia Red is by far one of my favorite whole body supplements!!I drink about 2oz everyday and it has absolutely change...

Grand Rising!! You know what time it is!! Time for rising affirmations!Remember, you are love and you are loved!

Grand Rising soul family and happy Friday!! We made it to the end of the week! I hope you enjoy this affirmation.

I really hope you enjoy this sacral chakra sound bath on this new moon! Remember, manifestation is constant! Life is wha...

Grand Rising soul family!! Enjoy this rising affirmation!

Adult group guided meditation is happening tomorrow!!There are two different gatherings9:00amAnd6:30pmWould you like to ...

Grand Rising!!! You have the power to make today whatever you want. What will you make it?

Kids group guided meditation is this evening from 6:30-7:15 pm. If you would like to join us, send me a message!

Grand Rising!! Let us use this rising affirmation a a tool to help us start our day off the way we want it to!!Enjoy!

Grand rising!!! Today is going to be an amazing day! Enjoy this rising affirmation for the collective.

The great day protocol is crucial to my Rising routine I get it in everyday sometimes twice a day. These four different ...

Grand Rising!! Enjoy this beautiful affirmation!

Grand Rising!! Enjoy this affirmation for the collective! The affirmation card I pulled today is the same one from earli...

Grand Rising! And happy Monday!Enjoy this rising affirmation and allow it to help you set the tone for the day.

Grand Rising!! Here is our affirmation for the day, along with a couple words of encouragement!