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So true, anyone else


Healing Hugs



"Navigating grief through the holidays while parenting is like being the head stewardess on a flight that is experiencing great turbulence. Your job is to smile, pretend everything is okay—and will be okay— for the passengers," writes contributor Lynn LaPlante Allaway



How beautiful

A California mom's photo of the tattoo she got to honor the baby she lost to miscarriage is resonating with parents across the Internet. 🌈


Yes, you know they would 12/29/2015

64 New Year's Resolutions for Grievers

Print and keep! Good reminder any time of year. Like many, I have a love/hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions.  On the one hand, they can be a great kick in the butt.  But on the other, they have the potential to make you feel like a total failure when you…well…fail.  Just the same, we thought coming up with a list of 64 grief resolution… 12/17/2015

Remembering Ornament: A Holiday Grief Activity for Kids & Teens

What do you do to honor loved ones during holidays? today we are talking about a holiday grief activity for grieving children that I promise is cheap and simple. Now, just so we're clear, I am the WYGer who 09/25/2015

Driven: Photographs Taken at the End of Life

What are your thoughts? I especially find the hands beautiful. To me they symbolize the beauty and strength found in love. [photo by Stacey Gilmere] “I didn’t really analyze it. I felt driven to do it.” ~Annie Leibovitz Some people just feel driven, this is the only way I can explain it.  Some people feel driven to photograph a moment because it’s beautiful or awful or anything in between. [photo by Rhonda Novack] Some… 09/25/2015

Viral 'Rainbow Babies' Photo Post Brings Emotional Topic To Light

Symbols of hope and community for those who have lost a baby.. "There's such a healing that comes from a rainbow baby."


Encouragement for those who have lost a loved one. 07/08/2015

PhotoGrief - Sharing Snapshots of our Grief

Great idea. Language is limited when it comes to expressing the experience of grief. How could one truly explain the depths of their pain or accurately describe the memory their loved one’s smile? Sometimes there just aren’t the right words and sometimes you d 06/24/2015

The New Normal: Navigating Life After Harris' Death I am supposed to be your sister for the duration of our lives. I am not supposed to tell funny stories about when we were kids at your funeral. I am not supposed to sit on the cold ground, peering into a giant hole at a casket we chose for you out of a brochure. On February 19, 2015, our worst-case scenario became a reality.


Hugs to those missing their dads today.

The zillion father-child photos in your newsfeed feeling like a little much to handle? Social media can be a raging grief trigger - no shame in logging out for the day!


What's Your Grief

Sending good thoughts to all those struggling this Father's Day! 06/18/2015

Avoid Going from Bad to Worse in a Crisis

Grief is a crisis. Go gently and seek support. No matter how bad things are, you can always make things worse. ~ Randy Pausch But, as Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, also pointed out, “at the same time, it is often within your power to make them better.” When things are not going well, what...


So true... be kind to yourself. 06/18/2015

Graffiti Wall: A Grief Activity for Kids

Would you consider this? This grief activity for kids is appropriate for school aged children and young teens who enjoy drawing and creative expression. 06/17/2015

School starting age: the evidence

This very interesting. And again shows the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual benefits of play. Part of why I love play therapy so much. Earlier this month the "Too Much, Too Soon" campaign made headlines with a letter calling for a change to the start age for formal learning in schools. Here, one of the signatories, Cambridge researcher David Whitebread, from the Faculty of Education, explains why children may need more time to deve… 06/16/2015

Making the Same Mistakes as Our Loved Ones

Wondering, is this true for you? It’s 10:30am and the girls are still in their pajamas. Actually, I’m still in my pajamas as well. This is a little lazy, but only slightly out of the ordinary thanks to our comfy-casual dress code. The minute anyone hits the door it’s off with the pants and on with anything that has a forgiving wai… 06/16/2015

Sesame Street and Grief: talking about grief before it was cool.

Great job Sesame Street! What do Sesame Street and grief have to do with each other? Well, you may or may not be aware that Sesame Street was talking about death and grief long before the internet was filled with resources for grieving kids. 06/15/2015

Billy Bob Thornton Gets Incredibly Candid About The Lasting Impact Of His Brother's Death October 3, 1988 is the day everything changed for Billy Bob Thornton.

The Oscar-winning actor was 33 years old at the time, having recently filmed a few roles on both the big and small screens. Wi 06/15/2015

Funeral Homes Increasingly Using Dogs to Comfort Mourners

Great Story! I hope the idea spreads. : ) 06/15/2015

She was tired of just letting the depression consume her. So she set up her camera and took these.

Don't be ashamed to ask for help. She had an uncanny sense that she should document her recent bout of depression. I'm glad she did. Photos by Alicia Shao. 06/14/2015

9 Creative Ways to Preserve Handwriting

I love these ideas! My grandmother's recipes are a treasure. My dad had the most perfect penmanship. He attributed it to his Catholic school education, the nuns beat it into me, he would say. Whether he was writing with his left or right hand, his handwriting was better than most people’s. As the story went, he broke his right arm three times in a year ...


Healing Hugs

Do you agree?

“It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”
― Rose Kennedy


How many if us feel guilty when we laugh, as if in doing so we diminish how great our loss is. I encourage you to find things that make you laugh.

Poster created by Loann with Love and Healing Hugs


Brilliant idea

Mom adds sandbox to boy's grave so older son can play with his brother: 03/07/2014

Healthy Grieving It's important to keep the connection alive. Just because a person's form has left this planet doesn't mean that the relationship is over. 03/06/2014

Healthy Grieving When someone you love leaves the planet, you are no longer quite the same person. Wishing to return to your old self is an exercise in defeat. Instead, recognize that you are growing into a new self. This new self will integrate love, loss and cha...


Healing Hugs

As I sit here and whisper, I miss you, I believe somehow you can still hear me.


How good are you at letting the pain flow?

Some days will offer a deluge of feeling, a storm of emotion. Let the rain fall and the tears shed. Don't try to resist a rainy day -- just let the rain fall and know that emotions, like the weather, are constantly changing, shifting, cycling back, and moving.


Healing with Art




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